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The Stargate Mod

Mafia Titanic Mod

Lost Alpha //


Black Mesa //

The Chronicles of Myrtana (old khorinis) (lol)

Dzieje Khorinis (new team khorinis?) (lol)


Black mesa

R Black Mesa Uplink

R Black Mesa Surface Tension Uncut Black Mesa Insecurity *Blue shift remake*

WIP Black Mesa On a Rail Uncut
+ ?? -> rel
WIP Black Mesa Insecurity


half-life beta: (+"beta like")
λ Preliminary

λ Absolute Zero // "beta like"

λ RainFall // "beta like" Shaft

H λ L F - L I F E:

λ Half-Life: ESCAPE2

λ Sweet Half-Life

λ Edge of Darkness *not_IN_Hl_lore*

λ Tactical Espionage Action

λ Xen-Warrior of this Half-Life: chronicles

λ Arctic Incident

λ Life's End

λ Half-life Induction

λ Military Duty

λ The Evasion

λ Half-Life: Visitors

λ Brutal Half-life ]:->!

λ Azure Sheep

λ Point of View

λ Black Mesa Sideline

λ Black Guard

λ Operation Nova


λ ETC1-2 The Conspiracy In Shadow super wykonany - !TOPORNY! gameplay

λ Intolerable Threat

λ - Snark Planet (fajny pomysl, szkoda ze 90% tego dema to 'filmik' mysle ze ten mod byl by fajny jak by go zrobil, napewno leprzy niz the trap) tym bardziej ze w podobnym stylu jest zrobiony mod sweet half-life (jeden z najleprzych) + jak by zrobili wszystko po angielsku, albo chociaz napisy (ruski troche niszczy imersje) (λdaje bo inspirujacy jest, w sensie mapa i czuc ze idac tym torem mozna by zrobic naprawde fajnego moda) *new effects *

R Destination Black Mesa

R - Half-Life Zombie Edition

R - Nuclear Winter (lubie bo ma fajny klimat, wrecz pod wojne 7h)

R - Gut Reaction (troche za duzo zgrzytow, fajny klimat map, ale mechaniki niedopracowane)

R - Smart Decoy

R- Black Ops

R - The Challenger Deep 2

A - The Volcano *short, but sweet mapping*

R - Residual Life //

R - Xeno Project

R- half-Life Invasion (duzo ciekawostek)

R- Affliction (za malo (fajne bronie) "czuc smg"

R- Half-Life Before

R - (such cool concept! - but dead! :()

- The Core /TBD

- Fundation/TBD

- Nohra's Concealment/TBD

- Monorail Quest/TBD

- Fight For Life 2/TBD

- Town 17

- Meanwhile In Russia Focalpoint

-------------------------------------------------------------------Blueshift Blue Shift: Reassignment (DEAD)

H λ L F - L I F E 2

Best hl2mod:
λ Research and Development
λ Black Mesa/ (without Xen)


λ Black Mesa (Half-Life)/ (without Xen)
- Operation Black Mesa (Opposing Force)/TBD
- Guard Duty (Blue Shift)/TBD
- Hazard Team (HL:Decay)/TBD
- Black Mesa: Insecurity (Opposing Force)/TBD

- Half-life2?

Meanwhile Half-Life 2: Update Mod – Version 2.0

|HL2Beta: + Beta Based Alternate Universe.

λλλ Dark Interval/TBD
λλ Cremation
λ Insolance

- Missing Information ---->/Released 1.6/TBD->1st episode.

λ Depot

- Conscipt

-------------------------------------------------------------------7hWar/Fun Ficion Continuation
λ Opposing Force 2
- Lost Story: The Last Days of Earth
- Seven

Source Film Maker:
λ λ Nr1
λ Nr2

-------------------------------------------------------------------Half-life 2
λ Jutomaa

λ Random 17

λ Estranged

λ Call In

- The Revenge/TBD

λ Minerva

λ Calamity

λ Eye of the Storm

λ Drainage

λ Lakeside Village

λ Powerstation 17

λ Crossbow Platformer

λ HL2:From Combines
(mod is far from perfect but Combine Soldier mechanics are sooo Good *good idea and execution*)

R Riot Act

R Project 25

- Episode 17

- Power Struggle

- Momentum/TBD

- Anti-Citizen/TBD

R Antlions Everywhere (maps ok-gameplay 5/10)

- Conspiracy/TBD

R The Citizen part II

R - Triage/TBD

- Logistique/TBD

- Combine Destiny 2/TBD

- Hangover
----------------------------------------------------- Not in hl2 lore The Trap2

-------------------------------------------------------------------Half-life 2 Ep1
λλλ Dengerus World

λλ Sebastian

λ Street Stuck

λ Overflow

- The Returning/TBD

- City 17 Episode 1/TBD

-------------------------------------------------------------------Half-life 2 Ep2
λλ Mission Improbable

λλ Dengerus World 2

λλ Union

λλ - Downfall/TBD (part1 of 3 out)

λ Silent Escape

λ OTHER-LIFE: Hatch 18

λ Transmission - Element 120 (Post ep2)

λ Diversion

λ Entropy Zero

λ Precursor

λ Spherical Nightmares

R Outpost16

R Overheid

R Aurora Reinstated (nie super, ale 4 'arktyka moment')

- Southernmost Combine/TBD

- The Northern Resistance/TBD

- Fall of the Combine/TBD (Suspended ->Infra)

- Muterunaway/TBD

- HL2EP2 : Enhanced/TBD

- SMOD:Opposing Force/TBD

R Provenance

R Mesa Fallback

R Wilson Chronicles // Demo is fantastic "λ" but full release is suck hard //

- Operation Lambda/TBD

- Black Operations/TBD

D Dark Energy/ Dead!!!

λ Synegry

R Overwatch

--------------------------------------------------------------------Planetphillip Releases

λ Cannon Beach *λ only*

------------------------------------------------------------------Half-Life 2 Fan Made Comics

λλ The Adventures of Hercule Cubbage // 5 of 9

λ A Place in the West // 1 of ??

S T A R G Å T E:

Å Stargate : The Last Stand

- The Stargate Mod/TBD


Å Cs Stargate Maps

Å Stargate Mod: War Begins

- Stargate network

- Starcry/TBD

- Stargate for BF2

- Stargate network

- Portal: Prelude

- Portal: Combined Technologies


- Repercussions TBD (holy shit!)

- Portal Stories: Mel

- Thinking with time machine

R - Thinkig with time machine

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Lost Alpha In Spite Of The Death - Way of the wolf // DEAD - Call of pripyat redux - Misery The Armed Zone

MASS EFFECT: - Mass Effect 1 Updated Textures
O T H E R:

λ Black Snow

λ DayHard

- FPS Terminator

- Raindrop

- Tales from the Galactopticon

- Ivan's Secrets / dead

- Canavas

- Crossroads Episode I

- Infra

- Mass Effect: Dawn of the Reapers

- Zeitgeist

- Jurassic Life

- For Hire

- Acomnadation

R Inugrency

λ Cry of Fear

R Head Tracking

- Star Wars: The New Era

- Everything Dies


- Mafia Titanic Mod

- Lost Alpha

- Angels Fall First: Planetstorm

- Halo: Starside Intercept

- Infinity: The Quest for Earth

- Prison Island

- CryRecon:NanoWarrior
- Codename: Dead Bird
- Task Force Black

- Outerra Engine

|Probably Dead:
- The Rising

- Tear

- Divide by Zero

- Shift

|Graveyard: Petrograd Lost Hope Portal: Combat Offline: Source Derelict Coverfield Source Terminator Apocalypse

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