In Megadome, you once again step into the shoes of Gordon Freeman. This time, your assignment is to go to the Megadome, the Combine HQ that oversees the rainy City 43, and sabotage the supply line to City 17.

This is my first Source project to exist publicly. It's been in on-and-off development since March 2022.

There will be some key differences between Megadome and Half-Life 2, including the following:

  • The weapon roster consists of 5 unique weapons for use in different scenarios, rather than having two weapons that fill nearly identical roles.
  • For being the Combine's highly trained military force, you'd expect the Overwatch Soldiers to be able to take more abuse than 50hp. That's only 10 more than a citizen. They will be buffed in this mod a bit in their health and will be allowed to think outside PVSs.

Comments and criticism welcome here. Thank you.

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With the storyline nearing finalization, I figured I would post a little update here.

This mod began in March 2022, and so much has changed in those 8 months. It began as a demonstration of a weapon where the gameplay would be centered around it. The idea of changing the gameplay still exists today as you are handed a different and downsized roster of weapons, each with a unique purpose. Also, as stated previously, you'd think the Combine soldiers would be able to take more abuse than 50hp. In City 43, they can handle as much as the Demoman at 175hp. The Elite are more menacing at 250hp. Perhaps these are excessive, but playtesting will tell if that is the case.

Meanwhile, there is plenty of work going into the world you'll play in. The first area is the rainy City 43, pictured here:

md 02 v20015

Another area is City 43's railyard, where the plan is you'll be able to control this little number:


This is the model version, which I recently ran through Propper.

If you've mapped for HL2, you might be aware of how trains work. You'll have a func_tracktrain travel on path_tracks. Here though, this train will be physically simulated, opening the door for a shunting puzzle using fully dynamic elements.

Not that you can't have some fun with it, though.


Those are the older brush versions. They do the job, but duplicating them entails renaming a bunch of stuff and their level of detail means they'll eat through my brush count.

I wanted to create this article to show that I didn't just make this ModDB entry and then abandon it. I appreciate any comments or constructive criticisms. Thank you.

Guest - - 699,720 comments

DAMN this looks nice! good work

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zapagoogas - - 41 comments


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Tyris_ICCR - - 28 comments

Did you modify the rain particles? They look good

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128wk Creator
128wk - - 6 comments

Yes, the raindrops are particles, courtesy of Mapbase.

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