Fight as a Xen alien grunt through the great levels of Half-Life: Chronicles: Episode One plus a Xen training course...

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Half-Life: Xen-Warrior 1.5
------General Information--------------------------------------------

Title : Half-Life: Xen-Warrior
Release : 1.5
Date : 31.07.2019
Filename :
Author : Werner Spahl
Email Address :
Home page : None
Description : Singleplayer episode
Previous Maps : CStraining11, GCpistol11
: HLuplink12, OFaliens12, GCdemo12
Credits/Thanks : Radioactive Software for Half-Life: Chronicles
: Valve Software for Half-Life and Resources
: Laurie Cheers for Spirit of Half-Life
: Decker and the QuArK team for QuArK
: Zoner for Zoners Half-Life tools
: Mete Ciragan for Milkshape 3D
: David Flor for SprView+Make
: Austinbots for BSPEdit

This archive also includes minor text fixes for Decay, Opposing Force
and Blue Shift: Unlocked, also the missing graph files of the latter.

------Play Information-----------------------------------------------

Deathmatch : No.
Single Player : Yes.
Skill Settings : Yes.
Map Description : Fight as an alien grunt through the great levels of
Half-Life: Chronicles: Episode One plus Xen-Course!

There is an elevator that only has a button inside. So if you somehow
missed it, just press the wall where the button was for it to return.
Also sometimes feeding on enemies continues after you have left them,
one teleporter works longline and there are two small texture errors.

------Mod Information------------------------------------------------

New Sprites : Yes (modified HUD).
New Textures : Yes (from Chronicles).
New Sounds : Yes (from Chronicles).
New Models : Yes (modified Hornetgun animations).
New Graphics : Yes (menue and splash from Chronicles with thanks).
Number of maps : Ten (five from Half-Life, five from HL Chronicles).
Prefabs used : The mod is the result of using Spirit of Half-Life,
QuArK and BSPEdit with compiled bsps to produce the
effect of playing from an alien point of view. Thus
thanks again must go to Valve and Radioactive Soft-
ware for the original maps, the credits file of the
latter team is included unchanged in extras. Also I
have to thank Laurie Cheers for his feedback, fixes
in Spirit of Half-Life and betatesting this mod :)!
BSPEdit and the Spirit 1.4 fgd are found in extras.

1.0: First release
1.1: Half-Life version compatible info added to readme
1.2: Xen-Course maps added, start and end levels modified
1.3: Close range attack, health/armor feeding and auras added
1.4: Removed missing a scripted sequence and adjusted some grunts
1.5: Added Gman auras, made some animals friendly and improved titles


Base : Half-Life, Half-Life: Chronicles: Episode One
Editors used : Spirit 1.0 "Xen-Warrior" Edition, QuArK 6.3.0
Compile machine : Intel Celeron 1 GHz
Compile time : About a few seconds

------Map Instructions-----------------------------------------------

Install by extracting this archive with use folder names checked into
your Half-Life directory. It may only work with HL or higher.

Start Half-Life, select "Custom Game" and activate "Xen-Warrior" then
start a new game. Or select "Xen-Course" for a simple training first.

If you run Half-Life from Steam, after extracting this archive inside
the game folder, restart Steam, and you will see a Xen-Warrior entry.

------Additional Info------------------------------------------------

Most of these infos are also provided during the Xen-Course training!
Gain health and armor by feeding on dead enemies. Weapons slot one is
a close range attack, weapons slot four is the usual hornetgun. While
using it, only close contact to the target or secondary fire mode can
destroy or move things. Parasitic Xen animals are still hostile, also
angry allies. Do you remember where you saw the last level before ;)?
Xen lifeforms show a red aura, Earth lifeforms a green one, others...


Authors MAY use this mod as a base to build additional mods.
(I couldn't get explicit permission from Radioactive Software because
their page is gone and I couldn't contact any of them, but it doesn't
say contrary in the textfiles of Half-Life: Chronicles: Episode One.)

MODIFICATIONS!!! If you don't co-operate, then DON'T DISTRIBUTE IT IN

This mod may be distributed ONLY over the Internet!! You are NOT
authorized to put this mod on any CD or distribute it in any way
without my permission!!

RSS Files
(Fanmade) Xen Warrior HD patch

(Fanmade) Xen Warrior HD patch

Full Version

This is a small patch to make Xen-Warrior compatible with the HD models.

Half-Life: Xen-Warrior Android port v1.1 (for Old Engine)

Half-Life: Xen-Warrior Android port v1.1 (for Old Engine)

Full Version 8 comments

Xen-Warrior port. Just copy xenwar folder to folder where is 'valve' located.

Half-Life: Xen-Warrior

Half-Life: Xen-Warrior

Full Version 20 comments

Fight as a Xen alien grunt through the great levels of Half-Life: Chronicles: Episode One plus a Xen training course...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 78)
imserious97 - - 1 comments

I have a problem with the mod where I can only attack Melee, I can't fire with my hornet gun (I have checked that my hotkeys is assigned)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Wesp5 Creator
Wesp5 - - 4,542 comments

You need to switch to the original hornetgun location in the selection menu.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
SeanGaming - - 162 comments

Here is some Xen Warrior Walkthrough, we are Alien Grunt!

Not sure if the game crashed on Xash or Steam but Xash works fine for me and it's completely playable, depending on build version.

Also, at the end.. Alien Grunt killed Gordon Freeman and taken from Half-Life universe haha.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
xdxdxd23 - - 12 comments

help game keeps crashing when I start a new game or I start Xen course
I already tried in steam version, Xash3D, Xash3D FWGS, and even the WON Version

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Wesp5 Creator
Wesp5 - - 4,542 comments

I have no problem when running this with Steam Half-Life.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
/TheWolf - - 827 comments

Will you make a HD version of the v_crowbar model?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Wesp5 Creator
Wesp5 - - 4,542 comments

Do you mean the hornet gun used instead of the crowbar? You could probably copy a HD version of it over and rename it.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
CpAreX - - 14 comments


The mod sucks. All maps are stolen from half-life echoes. Also it is very short.
But hte cool thing, is that you have allies, but you can`t comand them.


Reply Good karma Bad karma-12 votes
Wesp5 Creator
Wesp5 - - 4,542 comments

Wesp5 2secs ago

At first I was confused about the comparison of my small old mod with modern day mega mod Echoes because of course mine is much older and Echoes didn't copy any maps from me either. But then I encountered the Xen grunt using the same kind of aura effects that I used and this might have been what triggered the comment. So maybe Echoes took that idea from me, but I assume that aura was well known to many modders in the old days.

Reply Good karma+4 votes
PMDLEADERSHINX - - 544 comments

You clearly don't learn Russia, Do you even check what date mods are released?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
McBloccguy0 - - 28 comments

Half-Life Echoes was released in 2018 dummy, how is this mod stealing it? and about the short map, i agree with you

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Chapmike - - 91 comments

This mod was released 11 years before Echoes...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
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