TECH DEMO - Version 1.0

Half-Life Arrangement Tech Demo (Ver 1.0)

TOP 100 of 2016

· Total Half-life conversion.
· Great singleplayer campaign, with complex story involving lots of characters and locations.
· Realistic and fun gameplay.
· Drastically improved AI.
· Unlockable content.
· Player profiles.
· Dynamic sound tracks.
· Bump and specular mapping, realistic flashlight and lighting.
· Post-processing effects.
· Tons of weapons & items with different dynamic customization and addons.
· Non lethal weapons and NPC surrendering system.
· Rainbows: An operative system which allows the player to interact with computers in a way never presented on game's history. Take a look here.
· Easy to customize game options.
· Particle systems.
· Stealth mode (you can hide in shadows)
· Character growth: you can earn experience points which improves your character's skills.
· Professional level designers, programmers, composers and voice actors cooperates in the project.
· Totally new HUD which disappears dynamically and features overlays (blood splatters, raindrops and more)
· Realistic and immersive camera movement.
· Weather effects.
· LOOT system with item drops, included rare weapon skins you can customize in-game, on the fly.
· Custom soundtracks, featuring professional musicians as Rich Douglas and Marcelo Fernandez:

Enjoyed the music? Click here and here to download them!

Please visit: for full list.

Development is currently handled by:

Claudio 'SysOp' Ficara, RED_NED, Alex "HAWK" Bakanov, Joël "Shepard" Troch, Killer_Zeta, FoxTrop, with help from a dozen of collaborators over the forums :)

We wish to thank Half-Life Creations for inconditional support and ARRANGEMENT's community for always being there to help!

· 2D ARTIST, for main menu's illustration and promotional content

· 3D ARTIST, for custom props.

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We on TOP 100 thanks for the incredible support!

Since a couple of weeks before, we been teasing you with something called SSAO. What exactly is that, and why is so important? Grab a cup of tea, big explanation coming!

SSAO stands for Screen space ambient occlusion. SSAO+, which is our version, tends to corrects the artifacts of SSAO, and uses new different algorithms, while not that accurate, renders the scene in a much faster way.

A super easy explanation (borrowed from DarkSystems):

Press your hands together. You will notice that there is darkness at the connection point between both hands regardless of how the edge is illuminated. This is called Ambient Occlusion.

SSAO is a relatively cheap technique to obtain that effect in games. It tends to make the contact between objects more realistic.

Poor implementations of SSAO can back fire, and actually, decrease the quality of the scene, like in this example of Farcry 3 (the black outlines):

Here's our take on SSAO+. Please remember this is not complete and will look better :)

SSAO+ (click to enlarge)



While subtle, I can be, actually, a quite an improvement.

All those effects will be able to be disabled, in case you wish to increase your performance with ease.

LOOT system (click to enlarge)

The loot system we implemented is inspired on games like Farcry, Dying Light and Fallout. While is not exactly super complex as Fallout, is a blend beetween those and lets the player explore the contents of cabinets, boxes, containers, NPCs and much much more. This way, the player can find items to defend himself, but also, will be able to find things like rare weapon skins... so think twice before going to the next area without exploring!

The system have been successful for these games and we don't expect it to be any different for ARRANGEMENT.

That's it for today! Now is time to do arrangements for new year holidays. We wish you an awesome start of 2016, and we will meet again next year!

For those that wave not watched the video, you can find it below. Cheers!

Introducing HDR, weapon skins & gore system

Introducing HDR, weapon skins & gore system

News 21 comments

For those that still have doubts that GldSRC is not up for today standards, a couple of pictures to change their minds. Plus more info about some un-seen...

Mod of the Year 2015 - Story teaser

Mod of the Year 2015 - Story teaser

News 11 comments

Countdown is over! MOTY awards just started and here's our trailer for it.

Technical feats and thank you!

Technical feats and thank you!

News 12 comments

As many of you did see in a previous update, we are excited to share a few technical improvements we did the last couple of weeks. Cool pictures in. Take...

Help hosting the game and surprises!

Help hosting the game and surprises!

News 27 comments

The file hosting service that we use only can get us that far. Plus, some new images in a very special format you probably heard about ;) Plus GDC thingy...

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Tech Demo - Patch #1 (crash hotfix)

Tech Demo - Patch #1 (crash hotfix)

Patch 7 comments

Hotfix for the tech demo that should fix the crash. Read the full description for installation instructions.

Half-Life Arrangement Tech Demo (Ver 1.0)

Half-Life Arrangement Tech Demo (Ver 1.0)

Demo 47 comments

Not the full release of the game! Today we bring you this small tech demo, so you can see first hand a glimpse of what AM would contain. Idea for this...

Extra Original Sound Tracks (by Marcelo Fernandez)

Extra Original Sound Tracks (by Marcelo Fernandez)


Original sound tracks made exclusively for ARRANGEMENT. By Marcelo Fernandez - Enjoy!

Complete OST + Bonus songs (Rich Douglas)

Complete OST + Bonus songs (Rich Douglas)

Music 12 comments

Rich Douglas is an independent composer and audio technician focused on providing unique music and sound effects for video games, film, and television.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 1,631)
SysOp. Creator

Sorry for the lack of communication. Deeply deeply sorry.

This project is not cancelled by any means, is just we've been really busy trying to finish education/pay bills.

We are preparing a video about the past, the present and the future of ARRANGEMENT.

Again, sorry, thanks for everyone who's still checking this mod after all this years, it really means a lot.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

man I really hope the they release a map editer liker hamer or some thing for this mod or tell us how to make maps for this when its released

oh and for the love of god let me turn off that dam music it nice for the first 30 minutes but then it gets annoying

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

update when?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Is this ever going to be released? I've been waiting for this for years and I even made my own mod and still not getting released

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

shepard62fr - July 10, 2017
"Don't worry, no offense taken ^^
We know that some people have been waiting for more than 10 years. We want to finish this and ship it as soon as we can but we can't just give to you a broken build or something that you would uninstall right away because it's not fun.
We are working on it, even if it's for 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour there is always activity on the development side."

the devs are dedicating their free time to create something we all can enjoy without having to spend a single cent. they are doing it out of love for the game and for it's community, just like every other non-paid mod author. stop putting pressure regarding state of development and let them do their jobs before they loose the motivation for such

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

I kinda agree, considering how difficult it seems to be working on the mod which has so many radical changes, just like Cry Of Fear for example. But let's be honest, there has been no news since 2016. So, of course many people will be wondering about what's going on.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
shepard62fr Creator

Sorry if we have nothing fancy to show right now but we still haven't "pulled the trigger" yet ^^

Reply Good karma+5 votes

I'd say take your time. We currently have a lot of short single player Half Life experiences, with the recent ones being Half Life Echoes, so there is not much shortage of mods to play, especially with Bolloxed giving them attention.

I've waited 11 years and am still waiting for Half Life 3. Also got into map making myself and I can sympathize with how difficult it is to juggle other responsibilities along with map making.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Half-Life 3 will never come out, most likely.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Waiting for this since 2010... :(

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
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ARRANGEMENT top 100 of 2012, we did it again, BIG THANKS people!

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ARRANGEMENT's main developer just released a new action game, take a look!

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.preparing some sort of AM's demo. Yup.

Jul 22 2012

.programmer position covered! 3D modeller still wanted. Remember to check the sexy pandora Box here!:

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