The goal of Half-Life 1: MMod is to refine gunplay and combat mechanics, enhance immersion factor by giving Player more options and combat opportunities as well as slightly enhance visuals and appearances of certain things using lore/original design friendly approach. Half-Life 1: MMod also offers minor AI enhancements, slight map visual modifications and pacing changes, plenty of bug fixes, slightly enhanced visuals, new weapons, combat VFX re-design, sound redesign and much much more, while keeping some of the features as an optional choice through built in options menu.

Half Life 1: MMod offers :

- Revised gunplay, dynamic weapon bullet spread, smooth recoil.
- Enhanced player and visual feedback
- Minor AI tweaks, nearly every character blinks
- New weapon animations
- Built in chapter selection system
- Revised weapon models, animated screens and eyes
- New arsenal, special weapon functions ( silencers, addons )
- Plenty of bug fixes
- VFX re-design
- Sound re-design
- Weapon foley sounds
- Restored HEV voice lines
- Slightly enhanced visuals
- Visual and pacing related map tweaks and additions
- A lot of things are optional
- Lore friendly

HL1MMod Team :

- Gunship Mark II : Mod author, code, VFX, texture edits, model edits, compiling, scripting.
- Fooltaurus : Animations, model edits and fixes.
- sgor00 : Mod page art, logos, art for videos.

Supported By :

- Slartibarty : Fixed Gluon Gun model -
- CaptainWick/Samplistt : Tau Cannon model -
- SiPlus : HL2Beta HUD base code.
- G-Cont : Skin and BodyGroup change fixes, Weapon Lag, GoldSRC engine articles.
- Sigurth : Barney Reload Restoration.
- Shaft Team : Decals, pistol reload_empty animation.
- Solokiller : bunch of game/engine side fixes.
- Admer456 : Viewbob enhancements and improvements.
-『クリスチャン』: Play testing, suggestions, help with few things.
- ~X~ : EF_DIMLIGHT and kRenderFxFullBright hacks.
- suXin : UTIL_VecSkew function and CBullet reference.
- Ku2zoff : Viewmodel near wall backing, various code snippets.
- Valve Developer Wiki : Misc tutorials and community fixes.
- Crowbar - Model compiling.
- ModDB - Hosting, promotion, home of HL1MMod.- Hosting, promotion, home of HL1MMod.- Hosting, promotion, home of HL1MMod.

HL1MMod 1.0 Credits :

- G-Cont/Uncle Mike : Some tutorials like "Weapon Lag", "Decals on pushables", etc.
- PLut : Paranoia Viewpunch.
- Ku2zoff : Impact particles code.
- Armael : Generic M4 Skin.
- SysOp : Player legs, sniper rifle.
- wonrz : LD Shotgun Remake model.
- forums : Tutorials, articles, old friends.

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RSS Articles

Half-Life 1: MMod - Version 2 Release!

Hey everyone, It's been a while since last update, time to break the silence yet again.

It's been almost 2 years since the last update and after months of code refactoring, polish and some unfortunate events, including fight for survival due to russian invasion of Ukraine, Half-Life 1: MMod is ready for release.

If you're interested in what was taking so long and what I've been going through during Spring last year ( when I started to refactor HL1MMod code base ) you can check my Patreon post.

At the end of last year I've continued my refactoring process of the mod, it needed it because I've hit some hardcoded engine limits and some issues I couldn't fully debug, plus that build had very shoddy Linux support. I had to gradually port and refactor every single feature one by one, I've also done some resource management and some additional, much needed polish.

Thanks to the help of my friends sgor00, 『Kurisuchan』, RonicTH, and Fooltaurus, Half-Life 1: MMod looks and plays as best as it can be. Without their contributions Half-Life 1: MMod wouldn't be as fun and as feature rich as it is right now. Without your support, and especially support from my Patrons I wouldn't have been able to work on Half-Life 1: MMod at all. Words cannot express how much I appreciate your support, it really means a world to me.

What's new since last update.

-Countless amount of bug fixes, stability improvements and proper Linux support, thanks to SamVanheer Half-Life: Updated fork of the original game.

-Monster specific gibs for every single enemy in the game, now they don't throw generic pieces of meat, instead they throw appropriate pieces belonging to actual monster.

-Brand new explosion effects for every single type of explosives, brand new muzzle flash effects and monster effects.

-Much fancier glow effects for weapons and monsters, Tau Cannon, Gluon Gun, Hivehand, RPG, Displacer and more emit actual accurate source of light.

-A work in progress Shooting Range map made specifically to test Half-Life 1: MMod weapons and features. Made using props from community creators, such as SV BOY from THWL, thank you guys for making and letting community use your prefabs, they made making this map quite a bit easier and enjoyable.

-Much more reactive and snappier monster AI.

-Crowbar got a swipe function, dealing x1.5 of the base damage, but taking slightly longer to re-fire, perfect way to smack those pesky headcrabs mid-air.

-Brand new fixes for character models, more security guard variations, texture and animation event fixes/additions.

-Updated and reworked map edits, especially at Unforeseen Consequences and Residue Processing chapters.

-Countless amount of small polishes and touch ups.

What's next?

-Bug fixes.

-More overhauled/touched up chapters, eventually whole game will get combat and visual changes, just like Unforeseen Consequences, Residue Processing, Questionable Ethics and Lambda Core chapters.


Because of my current situation I really don't know, I'm lucky to be alive, but that doesn't change the fact that I can't put as much time as I used to into modding anymore, for very many reasons. if I won't be able to work anymore on this project I'll just hand over it to someone else.

Now, I won't bore you with words anymore, so let's get straight to the media!

It is a special occasion, so I've made a release trailer.

Here's couple of fancy looking .gif's to show off couple of things mentioned above.

[ Half-Life 1: MMod v2 ] Gargantua Effects[ Half-Life 1: MMod v2 ] Gonarch Effects

<[ Half-Life 1: MMod v2 ] Barnacle Effects[ Half-Life 1: MMod v2 ] Tau Cannon Glow

<[ Half-Life 1: MMod v2 ] RPG Screen and Glow[ Half-Life 1: MMod v2 ] Snark Glow

[ Half-Life 1: MMod v2 ] 9mmAR animation/origin update[ Half-Life 1: MMod v2 ] 9mmAR GL Animation & Tritium Sights

[ Half-Life 1: MMod v2 ] Grenade Effects[ Half-Life 1: MMod v2 ] RPG Effects

[ Half-Life 1: MMod v2 ] Satchel Effects

Half-Life 1: MMod is available for free on Steam.

Well, that's about it for time being, I'm going to switch back to surviving and working on another project of mine.

If you've enjoyed Half-Life 1: MMod, please, consider supporting my work on Patreon, without exaggeration - it helps me survive. I don't provide any special perks apart from being put into mod/video credits because I refuse to paywall my work, but it helps to speed up development process of my projects.

Support me on Patreon!
[ Half-Life: MMod ] Version 2 Progress Update!

[ Half-Life: MMod ] Version 2 Progress Update!

News 21 comments

It's been roughly 9 months since the last update and a ton of work had been done towards bringing Half-Life 1: MMod closer to the development finish line...

[ Half-Life: MMod ] Version 2 Announcement

[ Half-Life: MMod ] Version 2 Announcement

News 54 comments

What we do here is go back, back to revive and remake the first MMod ever created, meet the second iteration of Half-Life: MMod.

Half-Life : MMod v1.0 - Released!

Half-Life : MMod v1.0 - Released!

News 10 comments

I promised you that i will release it on December 21st, so here you go - my mod instead world's end.

Half-Life : MMod Progress

Half-Life : MMod Progress

News 5 comments

Working on it, now it's time to tease you with some new features and effects!

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DO NOT DOWNLOAD PLEASE [ Extremely Outdated ] Half-Life : MMod v1.0

DO NOT DOWNLOAD PLEASE [ Extremely Outdated ] Half-Life : MMod v1.0

Full Version 61 comments

This mod aims to make half-life more enjoyable. You can get more info on mod's page or in Info.txt

Comments  (0 - 10 of 918)
Guest - - 692,318 comments

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Degeneratus - - 4 comments

Add "Addon" page, pls

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
SeanGaming - - 176 comments

As of 2024, this mod is actually good and other vanilla mods should be compatible with this in near future.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
moses-1998 - - 6 comments

how do you port models into the mmod? I was thinking of combine models.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Lbvffffff - - 10 comments

This mod is great and it only lacks 2 things

1. The ability to kick someone Like in "Brutal Half Life" (This would greatly improve gameplay)

2. Dismemberment in parts from legs to head (same as in Brutal Half Life)

And this will be something that will not replace this mod with any similar mods

Reply Good karma Bad karma-3 votes
HalfLifeFan112 - - 34 comments

This Is Supposed To Be Like HAlf Life 2 Mmod So Its Mostly Faithful To The original

Reply Good karma Bad karma+6 votes
Lbvffffff - - 10 comments

Eh, it’s a pity, of course, well, you can understand, you have to learn yourself to transfer this mod to mmod, it will take a long time, of course, but I’ll try

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
ellilldan - - 3 comments

How use mmod with xash3d on pc?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
casualfan - - 71 comments

Have any major changes been done to the maps?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
detroit_77 - - 8 comments

Does this mod support OpenAL surround setup? Any chances to support it in the future?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
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