It was an extraordinary specimen to say the least. The seventh cat in the series one tests.

Remarkable really. Dr Burnett insisted on raising it as a pet while the others were prepared and tested in Delta Control. And yet the little black creature had far exceeded them all.

None had received the 12th serum treatment, but this golden eyed cat... this specimen was different. Injection number 14.

The tests would begin as soon as he awoke. Concrete evidence would be collected.

If only the computer systems were as reliable as Dr Burnett's little pet.

Cat-Life GS is a singleplayer modification for Half-Life 1 that will follow the story of a scientist's pet project, XFC-71... a cat named Newton.

Special Thanks to all of the former and inactive members of Team GS... you guys did a great deal of work and we thank you for all of the content you made.

Current / Active Team:
Project Lead: lolzzz992
Programmer: [vacant]
Story Team: TheWildcat [vacant]
Level Design: Jackathan, lolzzz992
Mapping: Jackathan, lolzzz992
Animations: [vacant]
3D Art / Models: [vacant]
3D Art / Animation: [vacant]
2D Art: lolzzz992, [vacant]
Comic Artist: JimDardar, [vacant]
Concept Artist: JimDardar, [vacant]
Music: [vacant]
Voice Actors: [vacant]
Flash artist/developer: lolzzz992
Website designer: lolzzz992

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Today's news is a pretty small update. Basically there are two points to discuss and if you've been in the Cat-Life channel of the BWL Discord, then you've already heard this news like a month and change back. The only reason I have delayed in posting this news is because I have been - and still am - waiting to hear from one of your VA Auditions.

An Ugly Site Overhaul

First up, the Cat-Life hosted site is being updated and that has been a slow process. Lolzzz992 - also known as Sofia - decided to drop the flash site and focus on the wordpress blog using some add-ons and plugins to turn it into a site.

However, there have been a number of hold ups including real life issues and internet issues that have slowed down her progress. The site has been converted over to the new modified wp blog, but is not yet finished.

So basically, "pardon our mess."


You can even see the word "background" still written in there and loads of "Lorem ipsum's" in there. It'll get there eventually.

Her time on web development is actually split between the Cat-Life hosted site and her own hosted site as well. So it may take a while to get all the kinks ironed out.

Voice Actor Auditions Continue

In other news, we filled some of the voice actor roles.

The roles of Dr Leed, Scientist 2, Security Guard, Marine 1, and Marine CO are filled

Big Bad Beaver accepted the role of Dr Leed.
Fleetwood accepted the roles of Civilian Scientists 2 and Marine CO
Greekas accepted the roles of Civilian Security Guard and Marine 1

I would have announced this sooner, but I'm actually still waiting for a response from WanderingVoiceActor. He was offered the roles of Dr Hill and Marine 2 along with a possible role as Dr Dixon - we haven't had many tryouts for that role, but he sounds good in it.

This means that the roles of Dr Dixon, Scientist 1, Scientist 3, Kliener, Barney, and Dr Burnette will remain open for now as I want to get more auditions. And until I hear a yea or nay from WanderingVoiceActor or we choose someone else, the roles of Dr Hill and Marine 2 will also remain open.

We haven't received any auditions for Dr Kleiner, Barney, or Dr Burnette. Then again, that one didn't surprise us given the need for a good impression of Kleiner and Barney or the importance of Dr Burnette's role. All three are also a little more minor in terms of lines.

Once again, the audition calls are at the following links with instructions to email your submissions.

CL 3Scientists Audition Call
CL Barney and Kleiner Audition Call
CL Civilian Audition Call
CL Dr Burnette Audition Call
CL Grunt Audition Call

And once again, don't forget about the BWL Discord and it's Cat-Life channel. We're using that to coordinate the team. I've now added Big Bad Beaver, Fleetwood, and Greekas to the team group and given them access to the private channels and the file share. They now can look up the full scripts and read the full story as CLGS was planned and chat with Sofia, jimdardar, and jackathan regarding what they need and are doing on the project.

Some Teasing

Finally today, I have a bit of a tease for anyone interested. I took some of the tryouts from these guys and edited up some MP3 files to sample the way they could sound as the scenes were written.

Remember, these are NOT in-game sounds. This is just edited together in Audition as the scenes are written... with a few lines from me to fill in empty roles and a couple of quick teases for two characters I haven't discussed publicly which I am playing.

Once again, these have already been posted on the Discord for over a month.

Scene: Hazard Course - This room is the introduction room of the administrative hazard course. We can probably make out three scientists in a room with a monitoring station and exits on either side.

This scene is at the start of the skippable prologue / hazard course.

Newton is waking up after a bad dream and being experimented upon.

Dr Hill, Dr Dixon - WanderingVoiceActor
Dr Leed - Big Bad Beaver
Newton - The Wildcat - lower quality because it is already converted to HL friendly format.

Over the PA we hear...

Scene: Arrival of Marines During the course of the mod, we will find out that the military has arrived. We want a radio communication to announce this presence so that future sightings of the Marine's and the K-9 Units will be explained.

Marine 1 - Greekas
Marine 2 - WanderingVoiceActor
Marine CO - Fleetwood

Scene: Boss Battle At the end of the game, when facing the main force of evil Newton will have to defeat, science and security teams finally enter the Gamma Division. With Newton's arrival, it has lost focus and the civilians are starting to make access. They will then give Newton some instructions and armed security may try to help Newton.

Scientist 2 - Fleetwood
Security Guard - Greekas
Scientists 1, 3 - The Wildcat as a filler
AI (infested) - The Wildcat
The Entity - The Wildcat

Part 1 - The Gamma Division AI controlled by the Entity is starting to loose focus. The Science team has found their way into a control room and managed to make some headway with the computer and comms.

Part 2 - The Entity has lost control of the AI, but maintains control of most systems. The Science team is now struggling to regain control and Newton is in a fight for life.

That's all for today.

Remember, we need help. Not only do we still have VA roles to fill, but Sofia and the team could always use help with model work, mapping, sprites, even coding whenever possible.

You can usually reach Team Leader Sofia via discord.

New Site and Voice Actor Call

New Site and Voice Actor Call

News 4 comments

News: We have a new sub-site and blog for Team Cat-Life. We also have some audition calls for volunteer voice actors.

Regarding Team Cat-Life

Regarding Team Cat-Life

News 8 comments

It has been a long time since we had some news. Not much to say on this one except that we want to welcome lolzzz992 to the team. This one come forward...

2009-2010 Version Files For Those Interested

2009-2010 Version Files For Those Interested

News 4 comments

Some of the source files from 2009-2010 for anyone interested in taking a look and/or making a lite version.

A Little News: What we're doing these days.

A Little News: What we're doing these days.

News 9 comments

Check out the latest BWL Video Update for a little fresh info regarding the project. Also, thanks to EDOC_32 for all the continued work in trying to fix...

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Cat-Life Demo

Cat-Life Demo

Demo 50 comments

NOTE: This demo is grossly outdated. Please keep that in mind as it is not really relevant anymore. This is a very simple, short, and limited demo. The...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 707)
hlalpha - - 1 comments

hey so from what i can tell this mod is dead. such a shame as it seemed great. is there any chance to have a cancelled build be posted? or a sdk of all that was made for the mod?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Shadow_864 - - 370 comments

No more updates?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
The_Wildcat Creator
The_Wildcat - - 180 comments

Not at this time, no.

Pretty much nothing going on. We don't really have any active team members at the moment and I don't have time to do it all myself. If either of those changes, we'll be able to say and do more.

But even then, I won't be posting much until we have a major update like a bunch of completed maps or something to show off and announce the new team members or whatever.

Simply put, I don't want to drag people along while we aren't making any progress.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
InkyBendy - - 18 comments

Starting to look like it. We could hold out hope I guess..

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
SeanGaming - - 190 comments

Here is Cat-Life Walkthrough, this mod is incredible but is it me that the flashlight never stops or client.dll might be weird.

P.S: Play on Steam is also fine, I played this mods as Xash3D version.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
k81526238 - - 67 comments

Guys please if you can, please come back to this 😭

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
The_Wildcat Creator
The_Wildcat - - 180 comments

Just a quick link here to something our followers would probably interested in. Apparently a team in France made a game of a similar but slightly different type.

Looks promising.

Reply Good karma+3 votes
Catie - - 370 comments

I hope you come back to this one day.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
The_Wildcat Creator
The_Wildcat - - 180 comments


So, I think we're way past the point that we can call Cat-Life dead again or whatever.

I've asked multiple times now over a number of months for some updates on the project in the private discord chat and no one answers. I'm not seeing new content in the file share either. In fact, I think I'm the only one that has added anything in ages.

GreyCat stepped away until the team produces more activity and CubicTuxedo has been the only VA to actively try to get some record sessions going without any response form the rest of the VAs.

Sad truth is, I haven't heard anything from Sofia - the team leader lolzzz992 - Since January. She was unhappy because I wouldn't sign her up for something additional with some other service... related to web hosting and the hosted site I have been providing her.

The truth is, she was having issues in real-life and I don't know anything further.

She appears to be a member of the discord still, but has removed - or somehow lost - her Team Cat-Life Role. I didn't remove it and she hasn't contacted me to get it back... sooo...

Additionally, many of the VAs appear to have left and I'm not seeing many members in there.

As this is the case, I don't want to post any new news until we have a new and more active team leader.

We need someone that can organize and assign tasks and... well... lead the team.

I'm going to continue to add stuff to the file share as I have time to make new sounds or whatever, but don't expect much in terms of updates. If I have something to share, it will be on the Cat-Life channel in discord or in these comments rather then news.

That will change once I have a sudden amount of time and resources to dedicate to this OR we have a proactive team leader that is getting things done such that I have something worth while to talk about.

So to summarize, I will continue to tinker and work on Cat-Life... but until we have a driven team Leader this project may as well be dead... again.

If I have to do it all myself... it will be a very long time from now before it is done and very few of you faithful followers of this project will still care or even remember it.

Sorry for this sad news... but it is reality.

If you want to be the new team leader and you think you can get work done, let me know. And once again, the old files from 2009 are available for download here on ModDB if you want to work on what we had back then for your own personal version of Cat-Life.

I hope to have some cool and complete version of this project to post some day, but We'll need a good team leader and team to make it sooner rather then later.

Reply Good karma+4 votes
The_Wildcat Creator
The_Wildcat - - 180 comments

I worded the bit about the old files wrong. You can find the links in a news post here... their stored on 4shared.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
ewdwefqwefqweg5426@g - - 18 comments

don't say cat-life is dead. cat life is not dead yet. if you remove, I'm gonna upload this demo on moddb

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
The_Wildcat Creator
The_Wildcat - - 180 comments

I didn't say anything about removing anything. The point of calling the project "dead" is that people aren't going to hear much update news from us for potentially a very long time.

For most fans of the project, they would call that dead.

In point of fact I said "So to summarize, I will continue to tinker and work on Cat-Life... but until we have a driven team Leader this project may as well be dead... again."

This is referring to the fact that I won't be posting news unless the project is basically done or we have a new team leader who can get some real results.

We've gone through this type of hiatus several times in the past, but as soon as we had a new team lead we started posting news and such... just like the voice actor stuff. Then when the team lead disappeared, we fell into years long hiatus once again.

I don't want to keep getting people's hopes up like that.

Instead, we're going relatively silent until we see progress toward a real completion.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
The_Wildcat Creator
The_Wildcat - - 180 comments

Any more minor updates will only be posted on the public Cat-Life channel in our discord.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
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