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I just wanted to post a small update on the direction of NEURO-DOSE.

NEURO-DOSE will be a episodic project based within the Half-Life universe.

A kind of 'Black Mirror' of Half-Life lore.
The first of these episodes will be titled NEURO-DOSE: FALSIDICAL

Each episode will consist of between 4 to 8 levels,

with future episodes continuing to tell strange, dark and reality bending stories.
All based in the Half-Life universe.

Below are some WIP images of areas within the facility from episode one: FALSIDICAL


If you would like to support and follow this project please consider joining the Patron here.

Either way all support is extremely appreciated! :)

- Wheezy <3




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NEURO-DOSE - DEV BLOG 2 - Work In Progress

NEURO-DOSE - DEV BLOG 2 - Work In Progress

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NEURO-DOSE - DEV BLOG 1 - Early days

NEURO-DOSE - DEV BLOG 1 - Early days

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NEURO-DOSE - Announcement Trailer

NEURO-DOSE - Announcement Trailer

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Looks cool!

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HLA mod??? Damn I didnt expect there to be mods for it.

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Looks pretty outstanding! I love the green lighting with the combine architecture, it reminded me of the concepts for a cancelled HL mod called operation lambda. You should look at some of the combine-related art for that, they might be of interest:

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WheezyGames Creator

Thank you! :) That mod Operation Lambda looks great, it's unfortunate development stopped. Looks like a lot of worked went into it.

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This looks fantastic! 😺

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