In Spite Of The Death 3 is new project directed to extend and modernise the original concept of In Spite Of The Death series. You will have an oppotrunity to play as our old fellow stalker named Leshyi (Wood Goblin) and see a completely shifted world of the Zone after an enormous surge. Survive a liquidation of your clan, trick the death, rise from the dead, get an experience of being in unbelievable anomal centres, challange powers of the Zone and... Find the truth.

Development Team

Vintorez94 - level designer, SDK, sound, video
Swamp Doctor - level designer, modeller, quest creator
RazRuSchiTeL - level designer, modeller
Scarabay - modeller
Scat - various help

FantomICW - senior quests creator, scripting, textures, SDK
HitmanNew - quests creator, SDK
Strelok200 - quests creator, SDK
makdm - scripting

Skyff - plot writer, texts
Malik - designer, website
Luber - sound
Gaz1k - weapons pack
den-stash - animator, level designer, modeller
Macblack - animator, NPC models
Hakim - NPC models
gridgt - textures

Helpers and ex-members:
nikitalebedin - maps compiling, LENA_D and Konvoir41 - art works, LeShaLoST - tester, Immortal - textures, Photoreal - modeller, MaxOFF - textures, Geonesis - level designer, FaLcon - level designer, [TZP]LoNer1 - moddb page design.

Huge thanks go to che707 for his technical support!


  1. Shadows Valley new
  2. Zone's Enter new
  3. Dark Valley builds, reworked
  4. Port new
  5. Kasiyany swamps NC project, reworked
  6. Dead Lake new
  7. The Wall new
  8. Town Zorin new
  9. Agroprom builds, reworked
  10. Devil's Tract new (aka The Woods aka Polessiye aka Grimwood)
  11. Garbage builds, reworked
  12. Industrial Zone new
  13. Town Yuzhnyi new

Underground locations

  1. Agroprom Catacombs reworked
  2. X-18 builds, reworked
  3. Scientific Complex Perimeter IV new
  4. Collaider new


  1. Crematory new
  2. Bear Forest new
  3. Canyon new

All of the maps were either created from scratch, or globally reworked.
The list isn't full as there are locations we are keeping in secret and they are yet to be announced.

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RSS Articles

Hello, friends!

As of now, we are almost done with creating levels for ISOTD3, so we'll be concentrating on gameplay and quests soon. Apparently, the next few videos and screenshots will probably be dedicated to, say, anomalies, artefacts and quest elements.

And here's a presentation of the majority of our maps (with English subtitles included).

Enjoy watching!

ISOTD3 team

PHAR Mod | Release Information

PHAR Mod | Release Information

News 6 comments

Some basic info about the upcoming Phobos: Artefacts Reloaded Mod.

In Spite Of The Death Projects Update + Team Helpers Wanted!

In Spite Of The Death Projects Update + Team Helpers Wanted!

News 2 comments

Chernoby Chronicles, SGM 3.0, Darkness Shatter update | We're looking for new team helpers/members

Video | The Forest

Video | The Forest

News 32 comments

Welcome to one of Stalker's finest maps ever... The Forest.

Video | Part of an underground quest

Video | Part of an underground quest

News 11 comments

A demonstration of a new little in-game cutscene...

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Lostblue - - 1 comments

As of now, according to this video (you can find it on the official discord for Stalker 2 : inside Info -> -youtube)
The project is globaly dead. They may do a short release with little content or maybe not... But main goals won't be achieved anyways.

They will make (or had made) public it's source (especially maps and scenario).

If someone is good at speeking Russian, can you confirm it ? YouTube traductions are awfull.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Dando[SVK] - - 669 comments

Anything new? please?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Emmet.Otter - - 1,715 comments

I am painfully waiting on this as well =(

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Thundervision - - 2 comments

They are still alive, though not so much public-wise. Update on the status in the VK group by Dec 3rd:

«Greetings everyone, I contacted with one of the developers - Maks Vintorez and we had a talk about the "In Spite of the Death 3" mod.
I'm publishing this with his permission.

News about the In Spite of the Death 3: the mod's locations set has been completely re-thought resulting in some of the locations being dropped out. Those most likely will either be shared as a build with another team interested in them or uploaded for public use. All the remaining locations will be used to execute the mod's concept in a, so to speak, shortened way and following mini-mods releases, like it was with the vol. 1. Well, how much of desire the team will have to do so.»

- Is there a chance to participate in the mod's testing?
- There is, if it will be needed at the last stages of development.

- I see. So the Valley of Shadows will not be used in the vol. 3?
- Can't reveal the list of locations.

- I understand. What caused such silence? It's been almost 2 years.
- Developing has been progressing very slow and with breaks, lack of good news and the future seemed very unclear.

- Regarding the unused locations, will it be possible to have an access to them only after the mod's release?
- Nah. If the team decides to release it for public use, then before the release.

- Is it meaningless to ask about the release date?
- Yes indeed, nobody knows the date at all.

- What about the "Path in the Darkness", "Valley of Whispers" and other mods continuation in the vol.3? Or it's also unclear?
- Can't give you a solid answer. Something will be implemented, as far as possible. But the main priority is still the vol.3 of the "In Spite of the Death".

- Got it. What was the reason behind the lack of the Valley of Shadows in the vol.2? I recall, it was said on Ap-Pro that there will be a new location instead, however, there were only Swamps and, I think, Underground on release.
- There were difficulties with connecting it. Not enough technical knowledge, if you will.

- Does the team help with SGM and Apostate/Renegade (RU: «Проект "Отступник"») development?
- Not anymore. We have already finished what we were helping with.

- Did the enthusiasm exhaust itself?
- Mainly, yeah... Good times are, sadly, over.

- What year was the most productive so far?
- 2016, I believe.

- And how many people currently are working on the vol.3? I remember there was a long list of modders: you, Swamp Doctor, Geonesis, FantomICW...
- It's 5 people.

- Are you tired of it yet? Or it's more like a hobby?
- For those who are still in the team, it's the latter.

- By the way, is the VK group curated by anyone?
- I visit it... on rare occasions.

- What do you think, will you complete the mod?
- We definitely will not be capable of finishing everything that we've planned 5 years ago.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Emmet.Otter - - 1,715 comments

I agree! We deserve an update for at least following this mod. Cmon guys, show us some hope here.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
Gleb_AA-Gun - - 1,006 comments

They could at LEAST give a heads up and say that the mod is still alive or if it died, no need for feature updates or anything, just say if it's alive or not. Quite frustrating to wait for a mod and it may have been dead for a while...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Bazingarrey - - 499 comments


Is this mod alive?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+6 votes
yakovlev999 - - 233 comments

Well, in case if anyone is still following the development of the mod or interested, there are some fresh news. One of the devs after the long silence just revealed a new location work in progress called "militari", Its an old abandoned complex near the city of chernobyl. Clicking on the link you can see some pictures.

Sadly there is no further update about the progress of the mod or any ETA about the release.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes
yakovlev999 - - 233 comments

Please guys show some lifesigns

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Guest - - 687,512 comments

so in spite of the dead its dead ? oh the irony,

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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