This little thing came up as an idea/challenge of mine to make a game similar to the recently popular Iron Lung- controlling a "submarine" with little to no visual help, keeping the player in a limited space. This game however has no connection to Iron Lung story-wise.I hope you will enjoy it!

How to Play? (Recommend to try the mod first without reading this!)
In Tungsten Spider, the gameplay consists of moving the submarine/submarine spider through perilous terrain to get all of the five Objects.

Where are the bloody levers?

The Tungsten Spider is controlled by these two levers, the red one moves it in the X axis, the blue one in the Y axis.

Where am I?

Your position is seen on the map, at the crossing of the red and blue line (This works similarly like the Tactical Map in Half-Life 1, where you use it to kill the Gargantuan in Surface Tension chapter!)

Your objective is to collect all 5 objects on the map without entering the Red zones on the map (rock). Yellow areas are fine, but they will launch the Tungsten Spiders' warning system, you're getting closer to the rocks after all!

Once all Objects are retrieved, it is time for you to deliver the Sixth- just turn around. You'll know what to do.

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Warning: these steps expect you to have a Steam version of Half-Life 1!)

  1. Download the latest version of the mod (the most recent one at the top).
    Location of the file
  2. Unzip the downloaded file into your Half-Life folder (An example location could be C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Half-Life)- you will have the mod folder there!
  3. The mod should be now visible in your Steam games library (under the name Tungsten Spider)- if not, you may have to restart Steam for it to appear.This is how it should look like!
  4. Press Play and enjoy!
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Tungsten Spider

Tungsten Spider

Full Version

Full release of the mod, potential fixes to unforeseen/untested bugs may follow

BionicCoyote - - 1,250 comments

Loved it! You nailed the gameplay of Iron Lung perfectly while still maintaining some individuality! Here's a playthrough I made:

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Mirekinho Creator
Mirekinho - - 21 comments

Hello, thank you very much for the shout out! Your video was very informative, I will be sure to apply some improvements from your observations soon!

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