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Hello everyone! After 2 weeks of no updates we decided to make another update list to show you what has been changed.

Some changes/updates you can see in this video.


hl 2018 11 02 14 23 46 120

hl 2018 11 02 14 23 30 453

hl 2018 11 02 14 40 04 547

hl 2018 11 01 00 46 03 966

hl 2018 11 05 11 32 07 856

DELETED FROM MOD: up00c (map with train)

hl 2018 10 08 20 48 37 014

Because it is ugly map.

Added (coding):

1. Trigger_command implemented

2. Func_wall_random (33% chance spawn)

3. Func_breakable_random (33% chance spawn)

4. Monster_*_random (33% chance spawn)

5. Added DLIGHT from bloater death effect

6. Added DLIGHT from Vortigaunt zap attack

7. Black ops from op4 has been added

8. Assassin with crossbow now drop it after death

9. Changed HUD color

10. Fixed HGrunt "victory dance" schedule

11. Shocktropper from op4 has been added

12. Houndeye will eat you after death (see video)

13. Buttons can not be activated through the wall (broken, will fix it later)

14. Func_pushable_random (33% chance spawn)

15. Func_illusionary_random (33% chance spawn)

16. ASlaves can revive dead comrades (see video)

17. monster_scientist_biohazardsuit

hl 2018 11 02 14 23 38 198

18. monster_cleansuit_scientist

hl 2018 11 05 11 22 43 591

19. Implemented houndeye AI

20. Barney does not shoot at you if you are standing in front of the enemy.

21. func_mirror (60%)

22. Co-op mode (50%)

23. Added 3 new bodygroups to barney

24. Added 6 weapon slot

25. fixed bugs with hgrunts

26. New weapon SAW (from op4)

27. New weapon M134 Vulcan

28. Fixed gonome bugs

29. Barney with shotgun added

30. Otis with shotgun added

31. Fixed pitrdrone vomit bugs

32. Added new attack to MrFriendly

33. Diablo now more faster and more dangerous

34. Headcrabs now more faster and more dangerous

35. Vortigaunts attack 2 times faster

36. Added medic hgrunt (enemy) (see video)

37. Added torch hgrunt (enemy)

38. Added m134 hgrunt (enemy)

39. Fixed hassassin_crossbow bugs

40. Changed crossbow zoom to sniper zoom

41. Fixed crashes caused by Mr.Friendly

42. monster_barney_female

43. monster_scientist_female

44. assassin melee attack (kick)

45. new effect: env_spark2

46. Added weapon rotating system (weapon sway)

47. Added zombie barney

48. Added zombie soldier

49. Added zombie construction

50. Added zombie assassin

51. Added new idle animations for barney

52. Added new idle animations for scientist

Special thanks:

  1. Trempler
  2. Supadupaplex
  3. Jonnyquattro
  4. Fury_161
  5. peNtiunλme


  1. tripmine_random
  2. monster_chumtoad
  3. kingpin shock attack
  4. support trigger_changelevel in co-op
  5. monster_barney_female_shotgun
  6. monster_barney_female_mp5

UPTeam is:

  1. Step4enko
  2. Sgt.McHale
  3. VikingCeJota
  4. Nick Altoffski
  5. LambdaGames

Thanks for reading! Constructive criticism
and ideas are welcome.

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If you want you can add scientist that can defend themsels with an pistol as allies ( just the normal one not the revolver ) and even some HEV Suits allies like in sweet half life

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Step4enko Creator

I am not sure about hev suits but i like your idea about scientist with pistols. Maybe c:

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Great mod, voted!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Wow, this looks really nice.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes

Very nice ! I like it

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

I like the houndeye "eat" animation ;) They have the mouth under their.... EyeFace? It cool👌 You can eat but you can still see the front without problem........

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

So, this is repeating after Echoes in terms of visual design, or what?

I suggest you stop doing so before you adopt its guiding colour schemes, which are so un-subtle it's just dumb.

So just don't pave all the correct linear paths with green lights and shield off everything else with red lights. And maybe grey isn't the only other colour that needs to be used on every surface, y'know, tiled floors, rubber floors, those can have colour to them.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Here, I sign your mod page :)

Half-Life: Ultimate Point signed by Peter Brev for being a quality mod.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+6 votes
Sgt.McHale Creator

Thank you!

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Mmm this mod is...Good :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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