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Half-Life: Ultimate Point (Update List #1)

PROJECT1 000066

Hello. This article will show you some changes, updates and other stuff...

Where did all the old content and articles go?

We decided to completely remove all old content from the mod page. There was only one reason for this: the inconsistency with the quality of the mod. So don't ask us about this anymore.


We changed the monster's AI a lot. So, Barney can use a healthcharger and pick up medkits... He will search healthchargers only when he is not following you.

hl 2019 05 24 18 43 51 952

hl 2019 05 24 18 45 58 638

As a person who has been playing Half-Life since 2004, I can say that the original Barney is the most stupid HL monster. That's why we modernized him so much. We improved his intellect, and brought his number of chromosomes, if not to 46 (like a normal person has), then much closer to this value...

Limping Barney (In this state, Barney will try to find medkits and healthchargers).

hl 2019 05 24 18 50 17 758

We also told to Barney that he could use his legs to kick enemies. At the next day it was impossible to stop him...

20190525150633 7c011ad592 gif 2


New lighting.

hl 2019 05 24 13 51 17 912 hl 2019 05 24 12 03 53 127

New glow effect for tripmine.

hl 2019 05 24 18 13 10 572 file

hl 2019 05 24 12 04 23 834


1) Sv_cheats now working after save/restore.

2) Added StickyGibs.

hl 2019 04 27 19 34 27 272

3) Pump sound of the shotgun is now ALWAYS playing after last shot.

4) Shotgun shells now eject after using shutter. // Thanks to Solokiller

5) Fixed attachment position in v_deagle.mdl.

6) Fixed attachment position in v_357.mdl.

7) Fixed attachment position in v_shotgun.mdl.

8) Egon leaves black decals on the walls.

hl 2019 05 24 19 12 23 628

20190525150003 7c011ad592 gif 2

9) Crowbar doesn't hit air two times anymore.

10) Added secondary attack for crowbar (Like in OP4).

11) Snark's deploy animation now manages to play to the end.

12) Added "First Draw" for all weapons.

13) When player is running, a special animation will play.

20190524194320 7c011ad592 gif 2

20190525140149 7c011ad592 gif 2

14) Added flag "permanent" for Env_fade entity.

15) Added new physics for weapons.

20190524202714 7c011ad592 gif 2

16) Hand grenade can be thrown for a short distance (MOUSE2).

17) Added burst mode for MP5 (MOUSE3).

18) Corpses float in water.

19) H.E.C.U. can throw grenades back to the sender.

20) Barney now can limp.

21) Barney can use healthchargers / medkits.

22) Barney can kick enemies.

23) Some H.E.C.U. can be armed with SAW/DEAGLE/PYTHON.

24) New event 5037 (Rotates the screen).

25) New event 5038 (Shakes screen).

26) Mr.Friendly can no longer kill himself with spitting.

27) Bullquids can spit 7 bunches at once.

28) Grenades can roll on the floor.

29) Kingpin became the lord of electric balls.

30) Kingpin is able to regenerate his health.

31) Added a new system for dismembering corpses.

32) Mr.Friendly's shock wave can knock out weapons from the player.

33) Tripmines now placing with unused "place" animation.

34) Fixed fOkToSpeak function in talkmonster.cpp.

35) Houndeye now can limp.

36) Gibs now float in water.

37) Sounds of NPC's steps are now strictly dependent on the type of surface they are walking.

38) Removed CO-OP mode.

39) When you cause damage to func_breakable, some materials will fall out (wood gibs and other stuff).

20190525135158 7c011ad592 gif 2

40) Mappers can set voice tones to monsters.

41) New event 5039 (Сhanges default_fov value).


VK (for russians) :

Наша группа VK:

bandicam 2019 05 25 14 19 48 466


Thanks for attention and support. We will try to release updates more often and delight you with new content. All the best.


This Week In Mods: June 2 2019

This Week In Mods: June 2 2019


The biggest mod stories for the week of June 2 2019.

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I gotta say the mod has incredible ideas that I'd love to have in my own mod. I just saw the recent messages and feel that pain as well, it would be sad to have all this coding go to waste.
Compare to mine, I am doing nothing so I hope the best for you guys.

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Taкс прошло 3 года. Где новости?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

This mod would have been a intresting fun mod :(

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Could you upload some files or code?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Yeah I think this mods ded

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes

Been awhile, hope this is still kicking!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+8 votes


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You did bring some of opfor stuff to this mod, so I would like to ask if it is possible to bring more using a rebuilded SDK for opfor or not, I do understand that it is a lot of hard coding, also do you plan on releasing the "fgd" tools for the mod? Either way, good luck with the mod!

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Looking forward to being released. There is a great effort in this mod i see.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes

Is there any chance of the updated Barney AI being released as a standalone addon? Just asking 'cause I'd love the opportunity to try this out with other mods, or even the base game.

Same goes with other unique features.

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