Operation Black Mesa is a total remake of Half-Life: Opposing Force. Utilizing the Source engine, Tripmine Studios plans to recreate the Black Mesa Research Facility from the ground up, as seen by the protagonist, Adrian Shephard.

Planned Features
• As a total conversion mod, Operation Black Mesa aims to be composed custom content entirely.
• All original maps re-created and re-envisioned for better realism and gameplay.
• Some maps are enlarged / extended to create a more lengthy and immersive experience.
• Improved AI, making enemies smarter and combat more dynamic.
• More enemy encounters to keep the action fresh.
• Scripted scenes with all the original Opposing Force characters to help bring the story to life.
• Textures and models pushing the limits of the Source engine, to bring you as much artistic detail as possible.
• New voice acting, new sound assets and a new soundtrack.
• Multiplayer that will bring back the classic gameplay, but also many new features, maps and game modes!
• Guard Duty, a remake of Half-Life: Blue shift is also being developed as DLC for Operation: Black Mesa.

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That´s what you all have been waiting for, right? So here we go, some pictures to demonstrate progress throughout some of our departments. Of course, we are not showing everything, most are kept a seecret.

Our level designers are, as you can see, still hard at work... A lot of our maps are in a playable state, and everything is coming together in a timely manner. Still a lot of work ahead of us though, but we feel very happy about the progress thus far. As you can see, some places you will probably recognize, and others have changed considerably. The progress we have made is great and this year can probably be considered as one of the most productive years ever.

Welcome to Black Mesa by Chris Onorati)

(Friendly Fire by Antonín Žoha)

Of course, people in other departments are also quite hard at work. 3D artists are producing a lot of props/environmental models, ranging from small, such as toolboxes, and huge models such as the beautiful Harrier jet that was showed off in our Aniversary stream.

(Warehouse props and Harrier Jet model by Paul Hendershot jr.)

Those who have joined us in our live streams already know we are actually working very hard on improving our rock formations and displacements. We really want to make great looking outdoor areas and therefore, some of our artists focus on that particular area. Just seemingly simple rock formations as seen in the pictures below can make a great difference. Of course, not only the models but also particles, grass, plants (yes, cactus is included), sounds and skies, all of this combined together will make our outdoor areas feel flourished and alive. Speaking of skies, our "sky artist" TheComedian would like to show you his night sky progress.

(Night sky by Lander Van Hove)

(Rock formations by Tyler Barker)

Besides the progress we have shown, we are taking off on voice acting and programmers are also working very hard on many features and improvements to source engine. We cannot wait to see how that will turn out as some of these are very exciting and ambitious things that we are cooking up. Our 3D organic artists are working around the clock to pump out characters for us. It´s still a department that could use a bit more love, so if you are or someone you know is a skilled 3D organic artist, don´t hesitate to apply. Of course, we are still looking to fill other positions too. The best is to check a list of currently available positions. That link should guide you very well through the application process, just follow it.

(Vicarious Reality by Chris Onorati)

We are about to close this update, but.... We might have even more exciting things for you quite soon, who knows :saint: . Definitely stay tuned. And if you haven´t done that yet, you should join our recently launched Discord channel. And do not forget about Twitter​, Facebook​ and Steam group​ !

Opposing Force 20th anniversary

Opposing Force 20th anniversary

News 8 comments

It´s time to celebrate 20th anniversary of one of the best expansion packs every created. Join us in our live streams, multiplayer sessions and stay...

June 2019 media update

June 2019 media update

News 35 comments

Why hello there! It's Tripmine Studios on the line, and we have something to share with you.

New Year update

New Year update

News 13 comments

These last 365 days of the year went by so fast with fun and excitement achieving our goals as a team, We can all say it has been a wonderful year so...

Summer 2018 update

Summer 2018 update

News 54 comments

With summer in full swing, we at Tripmine decided to bring some more excitement to the sun-bleached days with a brand new media update!

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Operation Black Mesa soundtrack

Operation Black Mesa soundtrack

Audio 27 comments

This is our current soundtrack. It may or may not change in the future. "Oslo by night" by xhale. "Hundred Miles" by alexey v. "Weird view" by alexey...

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Hello! (First of all sorry if my English is bad) I have been following this project for many years and recently I created an account to ask random questions that makes me curious...

- Do you plan to add something that was discarded in the original game? An example could be the soldier with the minigun but it could be something else (question inspired by the future mod "Half-Life Absolute Zero")

- Will HECU and Black Ops have different weapons? If so, it would be great to implement M4A1 and MP5 at the same time (HECU with one and Black Ops with another)

- In moments of action, will you have more extended action and epicity?

-Will the HECU soldiers be more human in the term of dialogues and when fighting with enemies change their way of doing it depending on whether they are Black Ops soldiers or creatures of Xen/RaceX?

- After finishing this project, do you have something in mind with Source Engine 2?

That's all, I hope I can play this game someday if it doesn't happen... some unforeseen situations

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EvilGoodGuy Creator

1) We don't have any plans to actively add in cut content from the original games. Although we did add the flashlight weapon to Guard duty, which was cut from Blue Shift originally.

2) The black Ops will have silenced variants, just like in the original. The m4 and Mp5 will not be used at the same time.

3) Yep

4) That's the goal. So hopefully!

5) nope

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Is there a option to switch from mp5 to m4 (or m16)??

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
McSug4r Creator


Reply Good karma+1 vote

I have two question for you :)

1 Will they make race X aliens more resistant?

2 Will they say what happened to jackson? (the engineer who is with shehpard in the helicopter)

It is all, thanks for read my questions, If you notice any grammatical error it is that my English is basic

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
McSug4r Creator

1. Do you mean like they could take more damage from the player?

2. Well, the storyline is something you guys have to experience once the game is released. ;) ;)

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Been following this mod since 2010 and just wanted to drop by and say that you guys are doing a great job on remaking this game. I can imagine it can be tough sometimes but I appreciate that you still keep working on it!

I was wondering if by any chance you might finished Half-Life: Alyx and if you did is that something you might take as inspiration for your remake?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
McSug4r Creator

I believe only one of us already played through it. I´m still waiting for my Index and another member, Comedian, is in pretty much the same situation. So, I haven´t played it yet, but I have no doubts it will be perfect source material for some inspiration :).

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Nice! I think you going to enjoy the game. My mind is already blown to pieces haha.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
McSug4r Creator

Glad to hear that it seems to be a hell of a game :)

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