If you like classic Black Mesa style, allow me recommend you to download and play my modification. This one will let you visit your favorite research complex again and investigate some new areas of the Black Mesa Research Facility.

Number of maps:

Play time:
~30-40 min

Launch instructions:
To start the game, you need to move a folder "hopelessness" in your Half-Life directory, and then launch "hopelessness.bat" or "hopelessness(2).bat". Further you can start a new game.

P.S.: This is my first modification and release at all. You shouldn't expect from this one something bigger than the beginner's project.

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Full Version 7 comments

It is just another try to escape from the Black Mesa. Would the nameless scientist save himself with your help?

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HazyMan - - 176 comments

I'm seeing some negative comments about this mod...
All I have to say is that I absolutely LOVED these two mods! Thanks for these...

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noi229 - - 6 comments

Hello!Your mode awesome,but i can make this mod public for Sven Co-op in scmapdb cite?

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LT1956 - - 72 comments

Well I gave this mod as shot and found it excessively hard and not fun. Having Spawning enemies popping out of nowhere behind you and having no ammo to fight Grunts with Guns is not fun. There was potential with this mod, but they blew it, The ending of falling down a broken corridor was a weak ending.

As one person said the game is brutal and not for the casual player. I downloaded both versions and after playing the first one I Decided NOT to play the second and deleted it. Your choice and game but I would have to say PASS on this mod.

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Dmitriy-Bars - - 244 comments

I finally made an HD Pack "fix" for this mod and its sequel.
Link: Moddb.com

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Guest - - 687,512 comments

I loved it.

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fluffyDZ - - 21 comments

the mod is good i enjoyed playing through it . the mapping is good and some interesting playing mechanics and good puzzels
i'd give it 9/10
and also u didn't have to change the movement

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PieroMinaya - - 49 comments

My god this mod is so brutal...

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Dr.pper - - 268 comments

Does this mod have OpFor weapons?

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ubilλmbdλ - - 402 comments

Nope. Just pure HL style.

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IOviSpot - - 369 comments

Man i like the mod so much, the mapping is so good. Not only the mapping lol, the gameplay, I've seen you added some more cool stuff to the game

*Spoiler Alert*

It's just so disappointing that It's shorter than expected and that it ended like that... still 8/10

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