The story of Half-Life: Field Intensity covers the time from the arrival of soldiers up to the nuclear explosion in Black Mesa Research Facility. 5 hours of gameplay, 34 maps totally. The working title was "Soldier's Adventures".


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Hi everyone. After two years since the initial Field Intensity release we publish another update to the mod, with a lot of fixes and extra contents!

Download Field Intensity 1.6


Low definition (classic style) models


Field Intensity is now packed with Low Definition (classic) models for weapons and npcs! A lot of players asked for it. And with classic models made into the default option after Half-Life got the anniversary update it became even more apparent that LD is the best way to experience Half-Life. Of course the HD models option is still available.

Thanks to XF-Alien for helping us out with preparing the LD pack.

Note: If you have some old version of the mod installed, it's advised to remove the mod directory (field_intensity) before installing the new version, so the HD resources from the previous version won't mix up with the classic ones. You can backup field_intensity/config.cfg before doing so, in order to preserve your custom settings and later put it in the new installed directory.

Changes to player HUD and settings

fid1a0a0001 1

  • The default HUD color changed to teal (instead of green) as we want the mod to have its own identity distinguishable from Opposing Force. The color can be configured via hud_color console command. It also affects the text color in the Objectives window.
  • Crosshairs were redrawn for modern screen resolutions. Highres versions are used when HUD autoscale is enabled or hud_scale is 2 or higher.
  • Now the player is allowed to press the "use" button and activate flashlight/NVG during the weapon reload and deploy animations (in original Half-Life you can't do it at the same time).
  • Now the player can pick up items, ammo and weapons by pressing their Use button (in addition to classic touching).
  • Added "Satchel charge control" setting (_satctrl cvar) to allow configuration of the satchel control (Classic vs Anniversary).
  • Added "Hand grenade physics" setting (_grenphys cvar) to allow configuration of physics for throwing grenades (Classic vs Anniversary).
  • cl_viewroll was removed. Use cl_rollangle to configure the roll. Set it to 0 to disable the viewroll.
  • Added hud_min_alpha cvar to configure the minimum alpha value (opacity) used in HUD.

New area in Gamma complex


The last map of the chapter "Hazardous Environment" got a major update. In order to eliminate one more backtracking, we extended the map by a few more sections.

Other map changes


  • Improved details on some maps.
  • Fixed some issues, like misaligned/misplaced textures, bad brush geometry and spots where players could get stuck.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to get through the electrical hazard unharmed on fid1a2b.
  • Fixed exploit that allowed players to get to unintended locations on fid2a2a if the game runs on high frame rate.
  • Fixed jump that allowed players to get to unintended locations on fid2a2c.
  • Fixed a possible softlock on fid2a4 where the player could become locked behind the closed gates.
  • Fixed several exploits on the map fid2a5a which allowed players to skip the part of the level, get to unintended areas and break scripts.

NPC changes

  • Zombies and gonomes don't have damage reduction against tau cannon shots anymore (it was a consequence of original Half-Life buggy code).
  • Added a special effect when the boss's shield is being damaged.
  • Rebalanced the boss's shield a bit - its resource doesn't regenerate indefinitely anymore.
  • Now snarks are hostile to the boss.


  • Fixed barnacle grapple physics to match Opposing Force.
  • Fixed the upper rope segment incorrectly aligned sometimes.
  • Fixed ropes physics when the game runs on high fps.
  • Fixed Desert Eagle not ejecting shells upon firing.
  • Fixed the M249 cartridge belt occasionally being rendered with the wrong number of rounds.
  • Fixed spore launcher not playing a pet sound when the corresponding idle animation is played.
  • Fixed satchel draw animation sometimes not playing when the player picks up previously dropped satchels.
  • Fixed glow shell effect (applied with shockroach projectiles) not wearing off from apache and osprey.

New menu background and design

The menu interface got new fonts and colors, thanks to MariusMaximus.

You can also download the alternative menu background featuring the main character in the menu. Thanks to MariusMaximus and Decepticoin for providing the amazing artwork!

Field Intensity ported to Sven Co-op

fi c06 a1 2024 02 22 0013

The official port of the Field Intensity campaign to Sven Co-op, with proper adjustments to the co-op multiplayer environment.

Download Field Intensity Sven Co-op Port

Publishing source code of Intense Force

Intense Force is a side-project that brings some Field Intensity features to the Opposing Force campaign. Now it finally goes open source.

Intense Force branch on github

Note for translators

Subtitles colors per character are now configured in the sound/captions_profiles.txt file, so they don't mix with localization. You can still override color profiles in sounds/captions.txt but it's recommended to remove color profiles from the captions file.

Note for players

Save files from the previous versions won't be compatible with version 1.6 due to both code and map changes! If you've started playing the previous version already and want to continue playing on the new release without having to play the mod from scratch there's a solution.
Start the game on the preferred difficulty and then type the command (in console) to start a chapter you wish to continue from:

HAVE A SAFE DAY: map fid1a0a // this can be used to skip an intro
HAZARDOUS ENVIRONMENT (Gamma labs): map fid1a2b
ON THE TRACK: map fid1a3
WEAK FORCE: map fid1a4
RECOVERY: map fid2a1
THE VERGE: map fid2a3
F.U.B.A.R.: map fid2a4
DEATHMATCH: map fid2a5
DEATHMATCH (labs): map fid2a5a
DEDUCTION: map fid2a6
DEDUCTION (surface): map fid2a6a

You can also use this trick if you want to replay your favorite chapter.

Thanks for playing Field Intensity. If you find a bug or have some suggestion - don't be shy, write to the Hazard Team!

Half-Life: Field Intensity Update 1.5

Half-Life: Field Intensity Update 1.5

News 15 comments

Anniversary update after one year since the initial release. Featuring gameplay additions and level-design improvements.

Public discord server

Public discord server

News 1 comment

We invite you to join our newly created Discord server.

Half-Life: Field Intensity Update 1.4

Half-Life: Field Intensity Update 1.4

News 7 comments

Half-Life: Field Intensity v1.4 is now available! With bugfixes and improved level-design.

Half-Life: Induction 1.3 released

Half-Life: Induction 1.3 released

News 12 comments

Revisiting and updating Half-Life: Induction after many years.

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Field Intensity v1.6

Field Intensity v1.6

Full Version 27 comments

Field Intensity version 1.6. Extract the archive into your Half-Life folder, restart Steam, search for Half-Life: Field Intensity in your Library, start...

Half-Life: Field Intensity German Localization

Half-Life: Field Intensity German Localization

Language Pack

Die komplette deutsche Lokalisierung für Half-Life: Field Intensity.

Half-Life: Field Intensity 简体中文汉化补丁

Half-Life: Field Intensity 简体中文汉化补丁

Language Pack 4 comments

本模组由大锤汉化组汉化,感谢以下成员参与汉化百科全书:翻译校队参考 deck_lllot:翻译+技术支持 maikuai233:翻译

Half-Life: Field Intensity Doblaje al español

Half-Life: Field Intensity Doblaje al español

Language Pack 4 comments

Este es un doblaje al español total del mod Field Intensity. Incluye 2 versiones una para la version de Half-Life y otra para la de Sven-Coop.

[OUTDATED] Field Intensity v1.5

[OUTDATED] Field Intensity v1.5

Full Version 43 comments

NOTE: version 1.6 is released. Please download the newer version in the files section. Field Intensity version 1.5. Extract the archive into your Half-Life...

Field Intensity Traducido al español + voces

Field Intensity Traducido al español + voces

Language Pack 20 comments

Traducción al español de Half-Life: Field Intensity. Incluye las voces en español de los personajes del juego, para aquellos que quieran oírlas en...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 776)
IOviSpot - - 369 comments

Among the top greatest mods for Half-Life. Nominating for MOTY this year!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Dr.pper - - 268 comments

Hi, could you give the marines before the first Kingpin boss a fighting chance?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
CreamusJames - - 3 comments

I created this account to express my gratitude to the creators of this truly epic mod. Some people complain that it is too long and I find that silly. Just take a break and come back to it later. Don't spoil the experience by playing it in one sitting! I've played it twice now. The mod is lengthy but never redundant. Well done! Please continue the great work. I will keep an eye on your future projects. Much love!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
HenrySuperShark - - 15 comments

Amazing work! Honestly, i would call it a opposing force part two! Or maybe even better than it! I cant believe the amount of work that went into this! I liked the cool radio feature and the design of maps!

10/10 would play again!

In fact, i’ll play it again!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Ga1axian Creator
Ga1axian - - 180 comments

Thanks for playing and your kind words!

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Smash004 - - 1 comments

I got to ask this and i hope a creator maybe answer this question. In the bootcamp from opposing force, we see gman watching shephard going to the special training and we see him with a beret soldier. That's was stefan?. That would explains a lot i think O.O

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Ga1axian Creator
Ga1axian - - 180 comments

Nope. This beret soldier and Stefan are different people.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Guest - - 688,667 comments

Although I don't play the mod of half-life(so it's my first the life of playing mod), I also can say it's a great mod of half-life
It mixes the models of half-life, but it doesn't confusion.
It has the greatest level design. Clear and full.(it seems like half-life)
It mixes the story of half-life and it makes the story more interesting.
We need more mods like the Field Intensity.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
jelomanalo - - 1 comments

I need some help with the mod.
When i try to play the game(i'm already at the games main menu, clicking on the new game) i'm hit with a fatal error that says. "WARNING: couldn't open unrandom.wad"

How can this be fixed?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
FreeSlave Creator
FreeSlave - - 274 comments

Hi. Your download probably was corrupted. Try redownloading the archive. Make sure there's a field_intensity/unrandom.wad file and its size is 5 819 232 bytes.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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