In the first part of The Chronicles of Myrtana, you will explore the island of Archolos, originally mentioned in Gothic I. Archolos, being one of the main islands of The Eastern Archipelago, is an important trading hub in the Kingdom of Myrtana. The island is renowned for its highest quality wine, sought after and exported to all the farthest corners of the kingdom.

Thanks to the island’s plentiful natural resources and the crown’s influence, trade on the island flourished, and a vast coastal town was erected, with many vineyards and farms cropping up alongside it. These events and occurrences eventually drew the attention of the Araxos’ Trader’s Guild, which quickly established its headquarters on the island, contributing to its rapid economic growth.

On Archolos you will have the opportunity to delve into the deepest of mines, visit the tranquil Monastery of Adanos and its monks, sip a beer while listening to gossip in one of the local taverns, and discover other interesting locations whose secrets will be revealed only to the boldest of adventurers...

Rogue Mage Concept


The main purpose of this mod is to present the Kingdom of Myrtana, a proud and powerful country, whose foundations crumble under the winds of war and unrest which rage throughout its lands. Make your mark in a brutal world where your every decision has a clear impact on its environment and the lives of the characters you meet on your path.

The fires of Myrtana, once burning red and clear, now gradually fade, just like hope and faith of its people. Perhaps it's only chance to burn bright once more are not any proud kings or generals, but nameless, unremarkable would-be-heroes, who will one day take up their arms and fight for what they believe in. Perhaps even you will become one of them and forever change the fate of this world...



  • The island of Archolos - a completely new region of the Kingdom to explore, whose size is comparable to the entire play area area of Gothic 2: Night of the Raven
  • Fully adhering to the lore of Gothic 1, Gothic 2 and Gothic 2: Night of the Raven
  • Shields being a fully usable piece of equipment
  • Complex and well-written main plot with many twists and secrets to discover
  • Well-crafted and cleverly written side quests
  • Multidimensional NPCs with credible backstories and goals that they pursue
  • Humorous elements
  • New factions, items, weapons and armours
  • Professional and breathtaking soundtrack composed solely for the purpose of the mod
  • New methods for obtaining equipment (in-depth crafting system and new crafting activities, such as alchemy and cooking)
  • New animations for NPCs (such as carrying crates and wielding halberds)
  • And many more
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We'd like to invite you all aboard a trade frigate and to set sail towards the isle of Archolos - a beautiful, enchanting island of the Eastern Archipelago, whose grapes and the wine produced from them are renowned as a most delicious luxury universally across all of the kingdoms' fiefs. Although you may not be able to taste their sweetness yourselves, you can at least feast your ears with the music video dedicated to a new track composed by Kamil Jędrzejewski and performed by Paulina Cynkar (vocals) alongside Leszek Zaleski (guitar), with the final destination of this short but eventful journey being our brand new website, where you can find more information regarding our project.


Zapowiada się ciekawie.

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thePharaoh Creator

Dziękujemy i pozdrawiamy :)

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When does this mod take place in the Gothic timeline? Before Gothic 1 or Gothic 2.

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Komuchpl Creator

Approximately 10 years before Gothic 1 events. Just after naval battle with orcs at Eastern Archipelago.

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Дуже цікаво проект Хроніки Міртани, це продовження Історії Хорініса. Чи Хроніки Міртани, абсолютно новий проект?
Якщо це продовження Історії Хорініса, цікаво чому ви назву змінили?
І якщо Хроніки Міртани новий проект, на якій він стадії.
Дякую, ви всі молодці, що продовжуєте працювати і спадщина Готіки не забувається.

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Szmyk Creator

Мы только сменили назву, предположения похожи.

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So you guys will be continuing where History of Khorinis stopped, or this will be totally unrelated to what you were working on?

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Komuchpl Creator

We will be keeping assets our team members created back when we were known as 'The History of Khorinis' (members that are still with us, 31 of them to be precise). A few things will obviously change but you could say we are continuing the project. Hopefully we will be seeing two very different mods, unless of course our former boss keeps violating our intellectual property.

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So History of Khorinis will also be continuing? Awesome, now I'll have two big Gothic mods to look foward to. Hope you guys can get to release it without any more problems, so good luck!

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