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Movie Battles II

Mod review by DreamGrower Agree Disagree

Love that mod!



Mod review by Vovabomb01 Agree Disagree

Is it hardcore yes but its perfect if you are like me and want to hoard a million bottles of vodka and 500 triggers from pistols that you will never use 10/10.


ZoneExpanded - Road To The North

Mod review by sterno Agree Disagree

the story is interesting, the gameplay is realistic, the sound too, but there are just too many inconsistencies, sometimes its too difficult (must cheat to win this game ending) , sometimes the ak sound is the same at distance than when you shoot, some items have bugs...


Operation Br0leg

Mod review by Vovangames Agree Disagree

I love this mod! :D


banana factory accident

Mod review by Vovangames Agree Disagree

Amazing mod :D


Ultimate Wad Thingy

Mod review by Vovangames Agree Disagree

Nice mod :)


Counter-Strike: Source

Game review by alexxea Agree Disagree

good graphics and optimization. just
counter strike with newer engine


Abandoned House

Mod review by Sam_Cooper Agree Disagree

Fun with cool weapons. For a first project I enjoyed it.


Mental Omega

Mod review by Yunru Agree Disagree

Awesome graphical overhaul and new units.


AWOIAF Reworked (Submod)

Mod review may contain spoilers by Ast0rath Agree Disagree

makes targaryen cavalry actually useful


Ashes 2063

Mod review by NathanDoe Agree Disagree

Really well made, polished, great music, levels, enemies and lots of easter eggs.


SMOD: Arcade

Mod review by warman! Agree Disagree

I installed this mod mostly to just play a round to see what it was like.

Ended up playing for 4 hours, and loved it the whole time.


Thunder's Leaves

Mod review by gleb4dead Agree Disagree

A good short mod, but it still have some issues. First of all, the tutorial is too long and the zombie only maps are boring. The music is bad, the new enemies is bullet sponges and what the point of moving weapons to a new key. That's all the problems i had with the mod. But there is positives like new models, unique and interesting mechanics, clever use of open space in source engine.
A little bit of polish and it could have been 9/10, but is still a good solid mod.


Dei Agminum

Mod review by BagaturKhan Agree Disagree

Keep up the good work!


The Closure

Mod review by gleb4dead Agree Disagree

Well after playing Strider mountain, I came to see if this mod any better and it actually is. First of all I chose low amount of enemies and low difficulty, because knowing how author love spamming tons of enemies on you. The mapping, cutscenes and level design are much better than in strider mountain, but it's still have this insane logic sometimes. BUT THE BEST THING, IS THE SNIPER RIFLE IS ACTUALLY SHOOTING BULLETS, MIND BLOWING. A lot of people saying that the mod uses insane amount of custom non HL content, but after playing his previous work, this was the only thing I expected. So yeah, it's bad, but it's his madman vision. Also what with those secret comics, they give me chills down the spine...



Mod review by N-spy Agree Disagree

This Mod Is Awesome Like Tons of Weapons And Enemies New Mechanics, New Features And Etc But There's couple of Issues Why I'm Rate This 5/10 That Because Sometimes Really Annoys Me Like Spawning Endless of Enemies Like Fast Zombies That Got Me Really Frustrating And Even You Added Extra Helis And Invisible Combine That Causes The Game Crashes And Started All over Again By Using Time Stop And Also Traps/Ambushes Sometimes You Make it Unpredictable And Annoying While You Introduced This Mod Already on Difficult Gunplay. It seems you Guys Just Tryin to Troll Players..Oh Yea One More Thing About this Mod Was That The Alyx And Combine Assassin Model. Why You Make Them Sexualize?! It's not Fricking Fit in The Game While The Story Are Already on Dark Tone Then You Milked it by Added Adult Stuff. It's Not Cool (Except for Enemies And Weapons) And Also The Nova Prospekt Where's Gordon Defense Himself From Bunch of Combine Soldiers Then She Just Teleported Out of nowhere After Loaded to Another Map! And Gives So Much Frustration Against With Her Dies Many Times by Combine Soldiers Even Though The Real Alyx Actually From Vent And Now We have 2 Alyx...What an Chaos. Aight That's Enough Review of New SMOD


5X - The Ultimate Balance Mod

Mod review by Releximas Agree Disagree

My opinion


Slums 2

Mod review by home132012 Agree Disagree

This is a short mod but it was entertaining. I like the pace of exploration and combat, there is no suit charge to make things hard but suit armor is weak in half life 2 compared to the first game so you shouldn't worry about that.


Doom 3 BFG: UltimateHD

Mod review by GHOZRAEL Agree Disagree


Este mod le da un aspecto visual sumamente satisfactorio. Los modelados y las texturas se ven INCREÍBLES.



Half-Life: Z-Virus

Mod review by JohnTheJugs Agree Disagree

Very Good!