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Raising the Bar: Redux

Early access mod review by grant1424964192 Agree Disagree

Very nice mod!


Poke646: Anniversary Edition

Mod review by theguy1637952217 Agree Disagree

The gameplay is very high quality and the graphics are very good, making them especially impressive for a mod, that doesn't use Xash.


Half-Life Halloween Mod

Mod review may contain spoilers by gman999999 Agree Disagree

It was...ok...I did have some enjoyment. One concern was the witch map where you have to push some sack into the cauldron. If you don't do it right and it falls off the crates you're practically screwed and have to restart the map(or the entire mod if you don't know what the console is).

I recommend it over Cry of Fear and Afraid of Monsters because it's not tacky and cheesy :)


Buff and Shine Broken Crescent 2.5

Mod review by agert92 Agree Disagree

best mod!


Luna MOD for Desktop Girlfriend NEO

Mod review by Rus32 Agree Disagree



Resident Evil - Containment

Mod review by Taffey Agree Disagree

Fits pretty well into the old RE canon. Also, it's the old school survival horror and RE so what more could we want? The custom made FMVs are incredible and voice acting is also pretty damn good.


Headcrab Sandbox

Mod review by QwesterBOI Agree Disagree

Pretty nice gmod copy


Abysm 2: Infernal Contract

Mod review by Nimlouth Agree Disagree

Abysm 2 is a love letter to diablo and darksouls, all mounted on a doom-familiar gameplay but with not-minor RPG elements. Zelda-style (soulstyle?) exploration and questing, dungeons, progression, a great roster of enemies, even greater boss fights and stupidly good level design and superb soundtrack. You just CAN'T not play this.


Unification Mod - Dawn of War: SoulStorm

Mod review by musailem Agree Disagree

a mod with a very great amount of content and option variety and diversity


New Mission Campaign

Mod review by azzamsaziz Agree Disagree

This is one of the best mods I've ever tried. Having these campaigns extended my enjoyment of the game further, they are truly challenging and fun to experience and introduce new mechanisms that were not there before.

I wish the modder would continue to work, it's worth paying for.


The Citizen

Mod review by G-ManJunior Agree Disagree

It's not... great...


Cheat Mod WW3 Cold War project

Mod review by hostileswarm.inbound Agree Disagree

the mod is hella broken and crashes your game


Battlefield 2

Game review may contain spoilers by Algam🍞🐝 Agree Disagree

Esta de puta madre el juego


Wrath of Cronos (Hard, unofficial version)

Mod review by anjinsanroland Agree Disagree

Awesome patching for an already good but unbalanced mod.


Resident Evil - Seamless HD Project v1.1

Mod review by Kadersalad Agree Disagree




Engine review by emirkayra Agree Disagree

muk muk muk ukmukm


Resident Evil - Containment

Mod review by bigbossbalrog Agree Disagree

Very cool mod; the community is really bringing life to the classic RE games! Keep up the great work!


Half-Life 2

Game review may contain spoilers by mrdrfox96live9tails Agree Disagree

its better game


Xash3D Engine

Engine review by Tolik2007 Agree Disagree

Хороший движок


Brutal Doom Creepy Edition

Mod review by CristopherHossa Agree Disagree

If you like DOOM 64 and DOOM 3, this mod is for you