Dark Interval is a restoration/revision mod that lets you play Half-Life 2 as it could have been: with custom maps, new voiced dialogue, new models and textures, all based on Valve's early concepts. The mod is released in episodes, the most recent being Dark Interval: Part I - an intro chapter to the bigger story.

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In our previous media update, we talked about postponing Dark Interval Part 2 due to sheer volume of planned new content. This update won’t include release date estimates or the “percentage” of work done so far. But we do have some tasteful and exciting things to show you.

First up is some of the Wasteland levels.

beach plant

beach under

The wasteland is a dangerous place. Two decades since the Black Mesa Incident left it ravaged by cataclysms, populated with old and new alien species, filled with poison and death.

beach soldier

beach view

Most of the wasteland maps are quite big; at their least, they compare in size with Highway 17/Sandtraps levels, but less restricted and drawn-out. Though ultimately linear, they’re still built around exploration and wandering.


I know what you may think: the open world concept can fail hard on Source, when you get flat, empty maps that bore you and waste your time on having to traverse them. We’re well aware of it, and we’re doing our best to avoid it.


Below is a little demonstration of gameplay process, recorded on a map called “Scrapland”.

While the gameplay mechanics don’t differ from HL2 is any serious way, we feel that it captures our idea and mood of the wasteland that was cut from the final game.

Disclaimer: some of the shown content is present for demo purposes only, and everything is potential subject to change. This is still work in progress.

For the maps in the above screenshots - “Beach” and “Haven” - we drew inspiration from both old maps and some concepts. Beach is reminiscent of old Depot entrance levels, while Haven is inspired by prototype wasteland maps from 2002.

Scrapland, on the other hand, doesn’t have any one prototype. Instead, it reflects the general idea of having a vast desolate area filled with remnants of old tech, junk, ruins, sand, and danger.


We started using Sketchfab and uploaded some of our models for preview. Newest additions are Consulcast Device, retextured Dropship & Camo soldier, and Houndeyes.

The alien polyps were already uploaded last year, though not shared on ModDB.

Since Sketchfab render is different from Source, the models often look a bit different from in-game (mostly they lack specialised effects).

cluster ingame

camo ingame


Our Discord is still there and you can join at any moment.

Tell us what you make of this update. We’re really looking forward to what the mod will achieve in the new year.

Dark Interval - Summary of 2018 so far

Dark Interval - Summary of 2018 so far

News 25 comments

What we achieved since the last official update. Showing progress made on updating original maps and explaining why the next installment is being delayed...

Dark Interval Part I - Patch 1.1

Dark Interval Part I - Patch 1.1

News 7 comments

Patch 1.1 is live! Full changelog at the end of the article.

Dark Interval: Part I Released!

Dark Interval: Part I Released!

News 26 comments

Part I is up! Grab the file from the Files section. Detailed instructions below.

Attention, citizens

Attention, citizens

News 6 comments

Dark Interval: Chapter II is being pushed back to find more room for improvment. Don't worry and stay tuned. Also, read the whole thing, please.

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Dark Interval Part I - Patch 1.1

Dark Interval Part I - Patch 1.1

Patch 17 comments

Patch 1.1 is live! Lip syncing, bug fixes, improved visuals, and even new main menu theme music! See description for more info...

Dark Interval: Part I (upd. with Patch 1.1)

Dark Interval: Part I (upd. with Patch 1.1)

Full Version 86 comments

Dark Interval: Part I contains 4 new chapters - Prologue, Welcome to City 17, Manhack Arcade and Kleiner's Lab.

DI Patch #1 - a patch for Chapter I

DI Patch #1 - a patch for Chapter I

Patch 1 comment

Unpack into \sourcemods\, overwrite existing files. This patch is cumulative - in includes changes from DI Hotfix #00. Patch info: - Added autosave triggers...

DI Hotfix #00

DI Hotfix #00


An extra quick hotfix for the English version. Fixes missing chapter title in the bonus chapter and missing dialogue captions in the Terminal.

Dark Interval: Chapter I

Dark Interval: Chapter I

Demo 29 comments

ZIP archive contaning Dark Interval: Chapter I. Unpack in Steam\Steamapps\Sourcemods, download/install Source SDK Base 2013 Singpleplayer in Steam>My...

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If you are going to change Gordon's arms, does this goes to HEV suit too, I'm asking this because I've seen the concept art where Gordon stands with Alyx and Maxwell I will say it HEV suit looks almost the same as in the retail one but has a slight difference on the stomach area

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This is a great mod, Its easily one of my favorites out of all the beta mods but I have a few complaints and suggestions, these are a bit small so dont get worried, for complaints , Alot of the areas in the mod feel bland and barren and With just more detail could really fix things up, give these areas some purpose to the world
some citizens need to talk, it can flesh out how the world has changed and what their thoughts are
now onto suggestions,
For one, the game doesnt feel dark enough, there are no child workers or gas mask citizens or even any kind of dark atmosphere in some areas, at times it feels like the retail game , for example, why is breen here when the consul could be? why is there no dead bodies of any one in the streets like the beta, heck where is any thing in the streets, wheres the conscripts?

next are some small details, the models need an update, the trench coat cops would do nicely, the stalkers need their beta models, kliener and barney IMO need new models to fit the environment like the beta,and the citizens still need their gas mask and suit

over all these would do numbers to the game and I feel would help it

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Cvoxalury Creator

Dead bodies in the streets? The Conscripts? Sorry but this is just Day 1 of the journey, why would there be anything like that. In the supposed "beta storyline" it's still ordinary city at first.

Breen and Consul are one and the same. The mythical non-Breen Consul was never fleshed out enough. Breen has been there for a very long time so he belongs just as much. You simply lack the knowledge here. How can you insist we add things from the beta if you clearly don't even know the beta? Download it and find the models in it "consul.mdl" and "consul_statue.mdl" and see what he looks like. You'll be surprised!

We're building our own envinronment. Do some research and come back.

Also we have very limited resources, maybe it doesn't show in our updates but we're just two people with self-taught skills, so no, we can't do everything like give all citizens custom voice over.

Maybe it would help it in your eyes, but not ours.


Also, there ARE dead bodies, on Consulcast! If you missed those, that's on YOU, man.

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Ребята, ваш проект - это нечто! Хочется взять все, когда-либо вышедшие, модификации для Half-Life 2 и выкинуть их в мусорное ведро. По атмосфере ваш проект даже переплюнул оригинальную идею S.T.A.L.K.E.R., ну или, как минимум, послужил команде GSC Game World вдохновением для реализации того, что мы видим в конечном итоге. Вы достойны высшей похвалы, ибо это удивительно и непередаваемо! Словно глоток чистого воздуха в абсолютно загазованном мире. Не хватит и миллиона эпитетов, чтобы выразить те ощущения, которые я испытал при прохождении первой части Dark Interval. Чем занимаются создатели оригинальной Half-Life 2 столько лет, остаётся неизвестным. Им, должно быть, не помешало бы хорошей порки хлыстом по спине. Что Episode 1, что Episode 2 от Valve - это не просто наглая халтура, это плевок в лицо всем преданным фанатам серии. Те люди, что делают Episode 3, несомненно, обречены на провал, особенно те, которые отказались от великого движка Source в угоду Unreal Engine или Unity. Ребята, ваш проект забрался через моё сердце прямиком мне в душу, я люблю вас! Я даже и не мог подумать, на сколько великолепной могла бы быть Half-Life 2, если бы не отягчающие обстоятельства, за счёт которых, изначальная игра вышла такой, какой она вышла. Ребята, корпите над этим проектом хоть 20 лет, но доведите его до конца. Это игра - откровение, игра - революция. Она ставит весь мировой гейминг в целом, под вопрос: что важнее деньги или душа? Ребята, вы самые настоящие революционеры гейм-движения, вы столпы тех, кому люди будут преклоняться в недалеком будущем. Дай вам Бог всех благ, вы действительно заслуживаете почитания. Буду молиться за вас, без сомненья. Dark Interval, воистину, тот самый S.T.A.L.K.E.R. и тот самый Half-Life 2 одновременно, который так хотели бы увидеть многомиллионные армии геймеров со всех уголков мира. Проект, который навсегда закроет вопрос о выходе, теперь уже, абсолютно ненужной и заранее провальной Half-Life 3. Ваш проект - это жирная точка, в хорошем смысле, во всей вселенной Half-Life. Всё, что имеет начало, имеет и конец. Давайте не дадим игре томиться боле в бесконечности. Наконец-то дадим ей умереть, ведь она этого действительно заслужила. И вознесём её на небеса, где ей самое место.
P.S. Огромная, просто ГИГАНТСКАЯ благодарность всем разработчикам мода! Я словно заново родился, ей богу!

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Успокойся пожалуйста, не надо лесть в задницу разработчикам мода 😒

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STALKER and HL2 were both developed at the same time.
Nobody were be inspired by the other!
You dont need any concept from the other to figure out that both worlds needs to be dark and dangerous in atmosphere. This can be felt in BETAs too, whether now DI was refreshed and polished or not. Same to LA!

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Окей я согласен с тем то что ты написал я тоже люблю Dark Interval и желаю Dark Interval Team удачи в их будущих начинаниях но ты начинаешь перегибать палку с Episode 1 и 2 и плюс к разработчикам (не Valve) которые делают Episode 3 это невежественно к людям из Project Borealis и Boreal Alyph, имей хоть немного скромности а не наглости и я сомневаюсь что Darl Interval Team понравится такая благодарность, обосрав всех остальных, это больше похоже на подлизывание чем на благодарность

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Hi, I wanted to ask about your dropship. In the demo video, the dropship has a very Slave 1-esque flight pattern, as a troop carrier, how does that work, are the seats on a gyroscope? That'd be cool! I'm not trying to criticize you, as previously stated, I think it's cool. Abstract was kinda the combine's thing. I'm just happy that you guys have brought new life to many abandoned and obscure concepts and models!

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A-Shift Creator

This is the original Valve model and animations, so that leaves things up to one's own imagination. Gyroscope seats are a cool idea actually, my best guess was some straps to hold soldiers during flight.

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I also wanted to ask if the Combine Guard or any other humanoid synth units were anywhere in your future plans?

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Cvoxalury Creator

We are working on the "Combine synth elite" concept, but it's still early to show here.

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Look down Cvoxalury already answered that question on that subject, about synth creatures

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As of date, this is the most complete and well-done take on the old storyline. In addition, despite being the beginning of the game, there is plenty to offer in terms of gameplay. I'm definitely looking forward to the next chapters

Apr 22 2017 by TheZealot

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