From far away lands of Japan, by some high schooler comes to make a Source modification that recreates storyline from 1999 or so called the Hyper-Era, based on many of its concept arts, while having some twist to keep things fresh, and tries to achieve the level of detail Psilocibinum's Cremation mod had done.

Started off in late 2017, once halted but resurrected creation I keep close at heart... Looks like you can't leave what you've left behind!! ; )

I think I'm a perfectionist, I won't leave anything unfinished, I guarantee you it will be completed even if it takes 10 years. So thank you very much for taking interest in this mod!

We do have a official discord server!

--Build2001 Team--
Mister.K : Leader, mapper
CW3D: Audio Designer
The Renegadist: Texture maker, Audio designer
Sgt. Stacker: Programmer
TeamClown: Mapper
QuakerCraft: Modeler/Animator
GLaDOS2020: Playtester

--Many Thanks--
Shockwave 101: Weapon sounds, music
Psilocibinum: Cremation mod assets

--Special Thanks--
Rapapa the Pepper: Audio Design, Models
JosephtheKP: TV model, sky_hyper01
Gyaku: Logo, Audio
TheOneEpicplayer: Zombies
Jasper C.: Pistol, SMG1
Nakelot: 357
Wolfcl0ck: skyscraper textures
Gmadador: organic citadel
Jackathan: combine soldier
Renafox: brush cars recreation
Joshua: combine soldier texture

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RSS Articles

New Members of Build2001 Team

-Sergeant Stacker(Programmer)
Not really a new member but he's officially working as our Programmer. He coded npcs and weapons. Without him, this mod wouldn't be the same.



-The Renegadist(Texture Maker/Audio Designer)
He's made a new snowy barrel and pistol reload sounds.

hyper 0040006

-Rapapa The Pepper(Audio Designer/Modeler/Animator)
He made our new "organic" citadel model and vertigo soldier dialogue which is now fully implemented. Look below for the video of it.

vert 030003

-CW3D(Audio Designer)
He's i believe has worked with Raising The Bar Redux mod as a voice actor for gman, he may do some voice
acting for it. He's done new OICW weapon sounds.

Currently a in a break but let's look forward for what he will be doing in the future.

He made an overhaul of current weapon models animations and added normal maps to them. He's currently working on making an icon for it too.

vert 040007

vert 040008

Mod Updates

- All openable doors now have hinges Yay..

vert 030002

- env_steam changed to info_particle_system

vert 030001

- New Brickwall025 textures by wolfcl0ck

vert 010000

vert 010001

As klow released textures of what vertigo might have looked like, many vertigo recreations from now on will use this one below. I'm using what wolfcl0ck provided me as diversity of the design of the skyscraper. There's pros and cons to each but i'm going to use wolf's one from now on and it will not change.

- Vertigo skybox

Added details to the street levels and barren rooftops. It will be tweaked.

vert 030005
vert 030004

- Updated Vertigo Sequence

Audio is done by Rapapa The Pepper. Sequence done by me. I know this soldier is clipping with the wall. I will fix it.

- New weapon Models by QuakerCraft

- New Hyper Era intro

Sorry for not much progress on the level designing. Lots of other stuff took my time. Thanks for supporting, i will try to keep this mod updated frequently.

If you want to chat with me or keep in touch with the mod, visit our official discord server!

Build2001 - June 2020 Update

Build2001 - June 2020 Update

News 8 comments

JUNE 2020 UPDATE Mainly focusing on Vertigo chapter. Added HDR More Props Better Gameplay Cubemaps.

RSS Files
Build2001 - Ver.3 Vertigo Second Release

Build2001 - Ver.3 Vertigo Second Release

Demo 19 comments

Second release of ver.3 vertigo chapter. Vertigo is a cut chapter from 2001 takes place before streetwar. This is a heavy remake of it, includes 4 levels...

Ver.3 Vertigo demo (PATCHED)

Ver.3 Vertigo demo (PATCHED)


Put it in sourcemods folder as always, it's for hl2ep2, no source sdk base stuff..

leak's d1_canals_02 fix

leak's d1_canals_02 fix


You may remember this iconic map from "original" leak. Unused map now playable.

Beta 2018-2019 mappack

Beta 2018-2019 mappack

Demo 2 comments

Okay, unexpected stuff i guess. It's been a full year or 374 days since last release.

Beta ver.2 (OUTDATED)

Beta ver.2 (OUTDATED)

Demo 3 comments

This is my most completed chapters of Beta mod yet. Sorry I can`t give you a full version as my schoollife is very busy.

Betav2 day one(OUTDATED)

Betav2 day one(OUTDATED)

Demo 1 comment

This is a new more improved demo of beta build2001.

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the demos had missing textures but its a demo and ill let it pass. Anyways I CANT WAIT UNTIL REALEASE! keep the mod alive!

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Mister-K Creator

Thanks! Sorry that the latest demo is flawed. Will release this year at least so stay tuned : )

Reply Good karma+1 vote

you'r mod is amazing ! keep up a good work!

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Mister-K Creator


Reply Good karma+2 votes

This looks good!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Mister-K Creator

I appreciate it!

Reply Good karma+1 vote

ohhh a another beta mod, this one look promising

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Mister-K Creator


Reply Good karma+1 vote

Hey, I loved the mod and think it has a lot of promise, since the level design and atmosphere are spot on which not many mods get. I'd like to tell you something about the beginning of the beta that not many people know. At the start of the game gman was supposed to talk to you for a little bit. Then you'd appear in a field with a city in the distance as gman continues to talk. Slowly the world would decay as the city changed into city 17 and the grass died and the sky turned green. This you probably already know. You'd appear on the train were the game fully starts. As you know you'd meet Samuel who'd give you a mask, but what most people don't know is that the scene would be a lot like hl1s opening train ride. You'd ride the train for a minute or 2 looking out at the wasteland as you slowly entered city 17 seeing combine outposts and amazing sites. The best part though is that at some point you'd see a Gargantua flip a train riding close to you. I'm sorry that this was so long, but I just thought that this was a pretty cool part and thought you'd like to know in case you'd like to implement it. Whether or not you ad it I still love this mod and can't wait to see it.

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Mister-K Creator

My mod is based on "hyper era" storyline from 1999. Sadly it doesn't have train intro. But thanks anyway.

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