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This year was very important for Recovery, a lot of things were done, a lot of hours spent on developing: a lot of maps, code, and other content were made. This year draws to a close, but the development is still going on, and I am sure that with your feedback, everything can be improved. In addition to the words of gratitude, I would like to say another special thanks to the guys from the Hazard Team, without them Recovery would not exist. And also to the guys who write with a request to help, I see every message of yours and this is very supportive.

Also a big shoutout to the Lambda Generation guys for video about the Recovery! A lot of new people subscribed on my page after it!

At this moment, in addition to Recovery, I'm working on a few more projects in game development related to making lot of 3D models for games, and if you're interested in this industry in general - maybe we should even create a discord server on this topic?
(There would be discussed modeling and level-design).
In any case, if you have any questions on this topic, I’ll try to answer more often and maintain a dialogue with the community more actively.

P.S: Right now, I’m planning to make videos on the topic of 3D graphics (time-lapses, tutorials, etc.) If you are interested in this, subscribe to the channel with the Recovery trailer, new content will be released soon.

Please accept my congratulations for the coming holidays, best wishes for you and your loved ones. Stay in touch, there is still a lot of interesting things ahead!

Half-Life: Recovery First Teaser

Half-Life: Recovery First Teaser

News 3 comments

Half-Life: Recovery First Teaser. Thank you for watching!

New features!

New features!

News 2 comments

Greetings to all fans of Half-Life universe! I would like to express my deep gratitude for your support! The project is going to release only because...

08/05/22 Chapter "Curve Line"

08/05/22 Chapter "Curve Line"

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Seems like it’s high time to tell more details about the plot of Recovery!

Half-Life: Recovery

Half-Life: Recovery

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Half Life:Recovery turns 2 years today! Thank you very much for your support guys!

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Denzel20 - - 126 comments

is the mod still alive?, and being developed or not?

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IlaLia Creator
IlaLia - - 83 comments

Ofc it's alive

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Guest - - 696,568 comments

This thing is to much promesing, i hoppe we can see it in a future and know the fate of DR.Green. We are counting on you mate, i hoppe it gets in the top of the top of half life mods

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milkmanbeanz - - 76 comments

This looks awesome, take your time with everything (I say that because you have said you are working on a few other projects). The mapping looks straight out of an official Half-Life game, and a story Colette is awesome to see.

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IlaLia Creator
IlaLia - - 83 comments

Guys do you remember the wonderful mod - Brave Brain ?

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Koncave - - 27 comments

i was replaying old mods I played as a kid recently and I actually JUST finished it and I have to say it still holds up. Especially with it's tie ins to the official games.

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gordon_rizzman - - 1 comments

yes i have this mod!!!!

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/TheWolf - - 848 comments

Yeah. It was amazing?

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world_spawn - - 7 comments

Late reply but yes i do remember it. Was an okay mod and it seems to have some voice acting and some personal assets use if i am not wrong. I remember the mod for the cool scene where you use a mounted machine gun on some prototype controllable robot?

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Troobert_Junior - - 12 comments

It looks unbelievable.

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