Gameplay Programmer

San Diego [PAID] Crytivo

Music Producer for Grunge Aesthetic Game

Anywhere [PAID] Evermore Shore

Tester for mobile game volunteer

Anywhere Toolkitz Games

3D modelers + concept artists needed for RWBY fan series [unpaid]

Anywhere Anywhere

Modeler, Animator and Level Designer Needed for Eventual Paid Position

Anywhere Ascension Entertainment LLC

Looking for 3D Modeller for fast past shooting game

Anywhere Anywhere

[Revshare/Royalty] 3D Character Artist

"North America", "South America" Ratfish Studios

[Royalty/RevShare] Environmental Artist

"North America", "South America" Ratfish Studios

Looking for 2D artists for diesel-punk themed turn based tactics RPG

Anywhere Anywhere

[Rev-Share] 3D Animator @ Vambrace Studios

Anywhere MoonAttic Games

Level creator

Anywhere Personal project

[Rev Share] Seeking 2D Level Designer

Anywhere Open Games

[Rev Share] Seeking 2D Artist

Anywhere Open Games

C# Coder / Player Modeler needed

Anywhere Anywhere

[Revshare] Environmental Artist / Level Designer

USA Ughsmash Games

(REV-SHARE/KICKSTARTER) Animator for FPS Shooter

Anywhere Data7 Game Studios

QA testers for an android game

Anywhere Minimacy

(REVShare) artist looking for a programmer

Anywhere Anywhere

Many Talents needed

Anywhere Legend Gaming Studio

Multiple Artist Positions and Animators

Anywhere Studio Ruthless

Artists wanted for indie studio to work on a unique turn based PvP game

Anywhere Fire Totem

Looking for a Programmer [UNPAID]

Anywhere Anywhere

Ui Artist

Anywhere Mark

Programmer, Blueprint Technical Artist

Anywhere team Chloco

Programmers/ Coders

Anywhere FPS horror game

[PAID] 3D Artist for Video Games wanted

Anywhere Mitrech

2D Environmental Artists / Animators

Anywhere Anywhere


Anywhere Rhetoric Games

Music Production/SFX Creation

Anywhere Anywhere

Game Writers (Rev-Share)

Anywhere Anywhere

Artists (All Types) (Rev Share)

Anywhere Anywhere

Environmental Artist

Anywhere Rhetoric Games

Writer wanted for Sci-Fi adventure quests

Anywhere Anywhere

Searching for animator and concept artist

Anywhere Vinjett Games

Lead Voice Actor for Halo CE Mod

Anywhere Anywhere

Game tester

Anywhere Prism Games

Programmer [Paid]

Anywhere Rhetoric Games

Translator, German

Anywhere Correcture Games AB

Sound Engineer (Weaponry)

Anywhere Cornered Rat Software

Searching for Animator and Level Designer!

Anywhere Anywhere

(REV-SHARE) Looking For Experienced & Dedicated Unity Programmer

Anywhere Data7 Game Studios

Web designer/Front-end developer

New Delhi, India ICO WebTech Pvt. Ltd

2D Environment Artist (Not Pixel Art)

Anywhere Rice Games

Seeking Assistance for Insect Simulator

Anywhere Independent

Seeking 2D UI/UX artist & 3D weapon modler, character animator

Anywhere (Remote) Simple Minded Games

2D Top down shooter artist/animator

Anywhere Anywhere

Looking for 2d artist (Paid)

Anywhere Frozen Realm Studios

(Rev-Share) Programmer, Animator/Rigger

Anywhere Krayon Studio

Player Modeler / Modeler

Anywhere Anywhere

Level Designer/Mapper

Anywhere Cobalt-57

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