[PAID] 3D Environmental Artist for JRPG Game

Remote [PAID] Anywhere

[PAID] 3D Character Modeler Needed for JRPG Game

Remote [PAID] Anywhere

[PAID] Concept Artist needed for new PvE third person shooter (PC, PS5, Xbox)

Artists located US or Remote [PAID] Anywhere

Gameplay Programmer – Arena Sword-fighting

Anywhere [PAID] Anywhere

Voice actors needed!


Looking to build a team for an Action RPG (Rev-Share)

Anywhere Anywhere

3D Environment Artist

Anywhere Black Clover Games

Level Designer

Anywhere DNF2001 Restoration Team

GML Programmer

Anywhere LunchHouse Software

[Rev-Share] 3D Animators needed for Episodic Project

Anywhere Data7Studios

Need artists and programmer for demo

Anywhere Anywhere

Artists 3d and 2d Design

Anywhere Focused Fantasy


Anywhere Focused Fantasy

Lead Engineer

Anywhere Focused Fantasy


Anywhere Anywhere

Singer and music maker needed

Anywhere Anywhere

[UNPAID] Music/SFX artist for Highway 256

Anywhere Babuls ArtGames

3D Artist Required For a Simple Mobile Game [RevShare]

Remote FuryGeeks

Day of Days Mod team member

Anywhere Paranoid mods

[3D Artists]&[3D Animators/Riggers] Needed For [RevShare] Game Project!

Anywhere Glocktopus Studios

Looking for a Level Designer for C.O.D.E.R.E.D

Anywhere Majoris Studios

[Rev-Share] Concept Artists, 3D Artists, Animators and more needed!

Anywhere Data7Studios

UE Programmer

Anywhere Anywhere

[Rev share] Lead programmer wanted for economic factory sim

US only Honor Games

[Rev share] Creative art director wanted for economic factory sim

US only Honor Games

Gameplay Programmer, UE Programmer

Anywhere Moonbolt Studio

OST Composer

Anywhere LunchHouse Software

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