C# Developer

Anywhere, San Diego [PAID] Crytivo

[CLOSED]Need Professional Review, $60 + Game Copy

Anywhere [PAID] Red Moon Studio

C++ Programmers Wanted

Anywhere Infamous Edge

Programmer/Blueprinter UE4 [Fantasy RPG]

Anywhere Jewel Seeker Entertainment

Programmer, animator, artist

Anywhere Rosenko Games (name not final)

Sprite and texture designer for controversial oldschool FPS "TriHard"

Anywhere (ideally Donostia-San Sebastian, SPAIN) JMAA GAMES

Level Designer

Anywhere Team Amber

Level & Game Designers

Anywhere - Distributed Team Cold Furnace Studios

[Revenue Share] Looking for Indie Devs!

Anywhere Misa Game Studios

{REV SHARED} - Storyboard artist

Anywhere AeThex

Scrum Master or Similar

Anywhere Black Novel Studio

Sprite Animator

Anywhere prickle studios

Haven Revived Recruiting multiple positions

Anywhere Haven Revived

2D digital art

Anywhere Mark

{REV SHARED} - Level Designer

Anywhere AeThex

(Kickstarter/Rev-Share) General Prop Artist/Environment Artist

Anywhere Data7Studios

Concept artist

Anywhere Reqiuem Games

Character Artist and Animator

USA Anywhere

Programmer C++

Anywhere Team Chloco

[REV SHARE] 3D Vegetation/Prop Artists

Anywhere Trimatra Interactive

3d modeler/ animator for TW mod

Anywhere Myself

Lead Programmer

Anywhere Anywhere

[REV SHARE] Environment Artist

Anywhere Trimatra Interactive

Beyond Skyrim: Elsweyr looking for 3D Modelers and Texturers

Anywhere Beyond Skyrim: Elsweyr

MechWarrior: Living Legends Seeking Texture Artists and 3D Modellers

Anywhere MWLL Community Development Team

Looking for a Programmer Familiar with Unity

Anywhere WickedFiction

Animator, Level designer, Artist

Anywhere Anywhere

{REV SHARED} - 3D Modeling

Anywhere AeThex

Darkstar Studio searches motivated developers

Anywhere Darkstar Studio

[REV SHARE] Character Artist

Anywhere Trimatra Interactive

[REV SHARE] Gameplay Animator

Anywhere Trimatra Interactive

QA testers for a hyper-casual game

Anywhere Minimacy

(Kickstarter/Rev-Share) Level designer for Sci-Fi FPS

Anywhere Data7 Studios

Level Designer

Anywhere Infamous Edge

ZScript and C++ Programmers for GZDoom based game "TriHard"

Anywhere (ideally Donostia-San Sebastian, SPAIN) JMAA GAMES

[Map Designers] Wanted for SciFi RTS Command & Conquer 3 modification

Anywhere (US Timezone Bonus) Honor Games LLC

Concept Artist

Anywhere AeThex

Multiple positions for Artist and Animators

Anywhere Ruthless Games

Unpaid [Promo Artist] wanted for SiFi RTS Mod

Anywhere (US Timezone Bonus) Honor Games LLC

[Hobbyist] Programmer, Artist, Designer, Business

Anywhere Slate Games Studio

(Kickstarter/Rev-Share) 3D Character Artist Needed For FPS

Anywhere Data7 Studios

[Rev-Share] Game + Level Designer Wanted

Anywhere Enigmatic Studios Ltd

[Rev-Share] *Closed*

Anywhere Anywhere

3D-Modeler, Programmer, Level-, UI-, Sound Designer & more needed

Anywhere RedMemoriesGames

Level Designer/Mapper

Anywhere Cobalt-57


Anywhere PSR Digital


Anywhere PSR Digital


Anywhere PSR Digital

3D Artist

Anywhere PSR Digital

2D Artist

Anywhere PSR Digital

Level Designer

Anywhere PSR Digital

[Rev-Share] 3d character artist/animator

Anywhere DeadByte Studios

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