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Dw.am (Korean)

MPOSSIBILITY DREAM : (No achievement)
BLACK MESA INBOUND : (No achievement)

ROUTINE WORK : (Lost Battery) Get all batteries in Routine work.
STATE OF EMERGENCY : (Demon Slayers) Find and clean-up vent in Emergency State.
LEGAL DEFENSE : (Circle of Death, Chaotic Butcher) Find alchemy circle, Neutralize two crab field in Legal Defense (天安門 Freetibet.org 大屠殺)
ONE IS ALL, ALL IN ONE! : (Dark Golden Energy) Get the Gravity gun in Surface Storage (Require: Chaotic Butcher -or- Difficult level)
GROUND ZERO : (No achievement)
BETWEEN WORLDS AND CHAOS : (Bonus Level) Get all achievement comlete.
NO WAY OUT : (No achievement)
COUNTDOWN : (No achievement, Surface End)

NUCLEAR PORTAL + ALTAR OF SACRIFICE : (Bonus Level) Require: Dark Golden Energy

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Still developed by Korean team Radiation Studios (White Force [2002], Residual Point [2007], Residual Life 1.0 [2012], and Zombie Edition : Residual Agent [2015]).

Regular updates and new screenshots on their Facebook page.

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List of 1.7 levels :

TRAINING LEVEL : RL "Great Escape" - deleted prologue, go up to meet with Barneys, fight Xenians.

IMPOSSIBILITY DREAM : Intro/Tram Sequence (Secret : none)

BLACK MESA INBOUND : Get your suit (Secret : none)

ROUTINE WORK : Resonance Cascade occurs (Secret : Lost Battery : Get all batteries).

STATE OF EMERGENCY : Escape, find weapon(s) and allies (Secret : Demon Slayers : Find and clean up the vent).

LEGAL DEFENSE : HECU are in the place (Secret#1 : Circle of Death : Find alchemy circle, Secret#2 : Chaotic Butcher : Neutralize two fields of crabs).

ONE IS ALL, ALL IN ONE! : Bonus Level, only possible with Chaotic Butcher obtained, or mod played in Difficult setting (Secret : Dark Golden Energy : Get the Gravity gun in Surface Storage)

No secrets after this level.

GROUND ZERO : Lambda Reactor-like Level

BETWEEN WORLDS AND CHAOS : Xen-like level (Bonus Level, get all secrets in the previous levels).

NO WAY OUT : Surface Tension-like level

COUNTDOWN : Surface Tension-like level (#2)

ROUTE 2 "XEN" : save the scientist, get the door opened and run to the bomb :

NUCLEAR PORTAL : Weird mess between real world and Xen world.


ASHES OF LAUTREC : Xen level + Combine-like installation.

If you find the "Talisman", then it's ALTAR OF SACRIFICE : final boss level.

If you don't find the "Talisman", you go back to Route 1 "HEART OF NIGHTMARE".

ROUTE 1 "BLACK MESA" : Jump in the "sewers"/tunnels instead of saving scientist :

ASHES TO ASHES, DUST TO DUST : tunnels/maze-like level.

HEART OF NIGHTMARE : Big battles in larges areas with giant crystals and radioactive stuff.

CENTER OF ALL THINGS : the final battle to stop the new alien race and the crystal processing, in Black Mesa.

THE SUN EATER'S PILLAR : Combine-like levels against countless waves of enemies, to finally stop the crystal processing.


IMPOSSIBILITY DREAM (again) : Epilogue.


EPILOGUE : after credits. 4 maps and the "true" (?) ending.

Residual Life (Public version) 1.5

Stay tuned for 1.8 version.

Residual Life 1.5 (full version) release

Residual Life 1.5 (full version) release

News 3 comments

1.5/Full version of Residual Life, another side story set during Half Life's events. Old and new foes awaits you through Black Mesa's corridors, Xen...

This Week In Mods: September 16 2018

This Week In Mods: September 16 2018


The biggest mod stories for the week of September 16 2018.

Transmission 14753

Transmission 14753

Feature 17 comments

A longer show this week in which William and Emanuel are joined by Ackart of Ragnarok Arena along with Justin (Krenzo) and Mike (WarmFuzzy) of Smashball...

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rl02z2 (one of epilogue level converted)

rl02z2 (one of epilogue level converted)

Multiplayer Map 4 comments

본 버전은 half-life: residual life 에필로그 맵 일부를 데스메치용으로 실험삼아 변환한 것이기에 생활관 근방과 연병장...

Low definition grunts for RL

Low definition grunts for RL

Skin Pack 8 comments

Low definition grunts for RL (hgrunt.mdl; hgrunt_opfor.mdl; ngrunt.mdl; zgrunt.mdl)

Residual Life 1.5 crossplatform

Residual Life 1.5 crossplatform

Full Version

Bugfixed Residual Life version for Windows, Linux and OS X. Compatible with GoldSource and Xash3D FWGS.

Residual Point/Residual Life Android port v1.0.2

Residual Point/Residual Life Android port v1.0.2

Full Version 2 comments

Residual Point and Residual Life port. For Residual Point: copy rp_v1_pub_final1 folder to folder where is 'valve' located. For Residual Life: Create...

Residual Life (Test demo) 1.7

Residual Life (Test demo) 1.7

Demo 12 comments

This version may contain spoilers. that's all.

Residual Life (Public Version) 1.0

Residual Life (Public Version) 1.0

Demo 31 comments

Zip file. that's all.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 418)

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This mod is just... so incredibly expansive. I'm amazed that over all these years, you're still adding on to it. After running through the mod several times over trying to explore everything there's STILL new maps I haven't discovered! It's a shame about the language barrier, otherwise I'd love to know your design process over the course of the adding all these new map elements like the citadel-esque structure. I'm greatly looking forward to 1.8 and the secrets that come with it!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

I don't what you tried to do with the hard setting, but it's ridiculous. From 100 to 30 HP in one shock hit from a single vortigaunt? Are we being serious? And that when it's one, cause they spawn in groups of 3. I had to turn on cheats because little to no resource. So, there's a huge balancing issue.

Else, maksi988 pointed out the rest and I completely agree with him.

Looking forward to an adjustment.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Agree, mapping is fantastic but the difficulty is unfair even in normal.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Last levels are tough but with a bit of training and trial and error, can be overcome.
Especially Center of All Things. You can rush. Or you can be stealth. Sniping is the rule #1. Use crossbow. Hide. Repeat. And grenades. A lot.

Sun Eater Pillar is really hard. Too much enemies, dificulties to hide... the last fight is a total mess, there is 99% no way to finish that without cheating...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Rl02k? (Vorty in the canal, citadel is already locked.)

If that's true, (Ex) aworker's zap attack is 20 to 8(Easy) 12(Medium) 16(Hard)
(however, movement + charge speed is faster. (*1.25~1.5))

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hey, you have a few pretty dedicated fans of this mod. Some of us are wondering if we can get a written version of the story because no one can seem to really make sense of it by simply playing the mod. The mod is really great and I hope the end citadel parts get polished better and if the story made sense to me that would make it just about perfect.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

so what is 1.5? new levels and stuff?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

1.7 is the newest version. it's a test demo but it is the mod in it's entirety, the end bits just aren't polished yet.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

i don't like this , theres too many enemies , barely any health to recover , vortigaunts spawn either behind you , vortigaunts seem to take 3 close combat shotgun shots in the face in normal mode , the xen is a labyrinth of confusion .
useless rooms that only do useless events like vortigaunts spawning behind you , you can just load and skip the room and you'll save your health and ammo. annoying voices and npcs don't seem to know how to do proper grammar. every button takes 5 seconds to open , i was so confused after the first level after the train , i didn't know where to go and there were too many buttons everywhere , had to look up a tutorial. enemies everywhere no matter where and i encountered 2 gargantuas for some reason.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Yea pillar of sun-eater is now bonus level as you dislikes.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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I enjoyed this mod. The areas of Black Mesa had a very classic feel to it and every room had a sense of purpose. Even the ending just felt right. No epic boss battle, the player simply slips away through an outlet pipe and vanishes from HL history. Love it. The Cons: - Mismatched models. Some were Low-Def, some were High-Definition and some were even Super-Definition. Personally I replaced the low poly models for a more modern look. :) - Got lost a couple of times when it wasn't obvious that I had…

Mar 10 2012 by UrbaNebula

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