Xash3D is a custom Gold Source build from a scratch. Xash3D overcomes obsolete Gold Source engine's limits and provides for you a new quality of gaming experience and modmaking capabilities, for example: higher limits for bsp-models, studiomodels scaling, realistic values of lighting on server side, entity patch technology support, support of additional map types, support of precaching "on the fly", support for using real HD-textures (up to 4096 x 4096 px) for maps, models, sprites and decals in any played mod and many other features...

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The list has been updated on December 22nd, 2014. Xash3D Engine was tested for compatibility with most of singleplayer Half-Life mods and maps, and for this moment the following list of mods which can be played without any incompatibility issues, includes about 500 different mods. It means that you can successfully play these mods and use all of their features with Xash3D Engine without significant differences in comparison with playing of these mods under original Half-Life engine.

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Successfully completed Half-Life themed mods (or which are using in a most part original Half-Life resources, weapons and characters):

Successfully completed total conversions, fun or horror mods (or other mods and games which are using in a most part their own resources, weapons and characters or which have a very different plot):

Successfully tested unfinished or demonstration mods (any kind of alpha, beta, demo versions of mods which have no complete storyline or which have been cancelled in development, so they can be not fully featured or can contain some inner bugs; however these mods have no incompatibilities with Xash3D):

Mods that have minor incompatibilities which can interrupt normal gameplay or completing a mod (but still almost totally playable):

  • 2009EB / A Day in the Life of a Coward / Dark Operations / Deth / HL: Paranormal Demo / Jailbreak / Misantrophy / Mistaken Identity / Mistaken Identity 2 / Retaliation / The Returning (there is a same critical issue in these mods - an unworking level transition from a first map to a second one; to overcome the bug, follow these steps: 1) start a second map of a mod - 2009eb_map2 / HLRE2 op2 / deth2 / paranormal2 / jail2 / map2 / ward / mistake2 / ret2 / SAJ2A - manually via console, 2) step back to activate a level transition to the previous map, 3) type restart into console, 4) play with working transition!)
  • Pulse Episode One Beta 1, Terrorist Attack (maps of these mods have a "leak" bug, it causes visual glitches and a problem of significant performance drops after some maps played)
  • Alternate Path (there is an issue with deep sticking in elevator, when you return from map out3 to map out2, so you'll be forced to use noclip as solution; also you need to set sv_validate_changelevel to 0, because of unstable level transition between map outside and map out2)
  • Battle for Life Beta 2.0 (remove cl_dlls\client.dll file from mod's folder, otherwise mod won't run; without this file some of new mod's features will not work, but they anyways aren't used in the singleplayer game)
  • Black OPS Redux (some advanced game options can not be configured from Xash3D game menu, but only by using console commands; some visual effects can look different)
  • Chemical Existence (you can get stuck inside a moving truck in the middle of the mod on level change - use noclip command when the truck stops to repair your position)
  • DANGER (most of background music tracks were renamed by the autor from WAV file extension to DMF, so Xash3D can't play them; also there is a small problem with primary attack of the gauss - its' beam visually shoots with deflection from real target - just ignore this)
  • Dopusk31 (you must set the original hl.dll from valve folder as main game dll in gameinfo.txt to play this mod; also disable a flashlight at levelchanges, otherwise game will crash)
  • Graf War (Xash3D doesn't support a using of custom logo decals and because of that spray paint in the mod doesn't work)
  • Hard (you can get stuck inside boxes in a moving truck on the second map of the mod - type restart command in the console to fix your position when the next map is loaded and truck is stopped)
  • Nosferatu (there is a problem with a scripted sequence at the beginning of the fifth map, in a ventilation, that causing a crash of Xash3D, so you can only use noclip to pass around this place; also there is an inner bug of the fourth map - saved games at this map will fail to load, so save your game at previous map - after a room with boxes and glass ceiling, and make a next save already at the fifth map)
  • Office Commando (changelevel bug between 1st, 2nd and 3rd maps)
  • Plasma Beta Alpha (this mod is based on the code of Arrange Mod: Rebirth mod and because of that you can find there different visual glitches; at the first start of the mod the screen will be white, you just need to restart the map once again; to play multiplayer maps change mp_entity "info_player_deathmatch" parameter in gameinfo.txt file to mp_entity "info_player_start")
  • Preview of the “Paradox” (changelevel bug between 1st, 2nd and 3rd maps)
  • Rebellion (you must set the original hl.dll from valve folder as game dll in order to play this mod - unfortunately, new weapon system in the mod is fully functional only under WON Half-Life v1.0.1.6 or earlier)
  • Space Prisoner v1.1 (after installing of the mod open liblist.gam or gameinfo.txt file in the mod's folder and correct the line gamedll "..\prison\dlls\spirit.dll" for gamedll "dlls\spirit.dll", otherwise you'll not be able to start a game; there is also a scripting error on a third map of the mod, so you'll be forced to use noclip to pass around bugged place)
  • Stargate TC SG-1 Missions (you can get some small visual and gameplay glitches while playing, but they are not interfere with successful completing of any mission)
  • Surprise! Mod v0.4 (tested in singleplayer game; there are some minor differences in visual effects, but they don't affect a gameplay)
  • Sweet Half-Life (you can experience random crashes in a fight against aliens; script with gargantua at map shl11 very often don't work as intended, this forces you to use cheats to solve the issue)
  • Tactical Espionage Action v1.1 (build 2223 or newer is required to play this mod with working interface; and there's still presenting a small problem with few missing game titles, which is not really important for gameplay)
  • The Escape (there is a couple of strange glitches on a map evasion7, but they are not interrupting a gameplay, just don't forget to download and install all of presented fixes for the mod)
  • The Hill (there is a mapper's flaw in changelevel settings between maps thehill & thesequel, it can be corrected only manually by editing of entpatches for these maps - you need to rename "bottom rung" value to "bottomrung"; after editing you new to start new game)
  • Threatening Skies Pre-Demo (aka Half-Life 1.5; you can get stuck in a roof of a train on level change between maps game010c and game010d; use noclip or restart command to fix this)
  • Visitors (you can get stuck in a moving train in the beginning of the mod on level change - type restart command in the console to reload a map with a right position)
  • X-Half-Life: Deathmatch v3.0.3.5 (this version of the mod has only minor problems with Xash3D if you are playing a singleplayer part of the game)
  • X-Half-Life: Deathmatch v3.0.3.6 (start a new game from the map c0a0с - a previous map has a critical bug; also remove all *.ent files from "maps" folder to prevent crashes, and remove fonts.wad file from XDM folder to fix a problem of invisible fonts; but the mod still has few inner bugs, which interfere with normal playthrough of the game)

Incompatible mods (constantly crashing mods or mods which can not use properly some of their important features with Xash3D):

  • Arrange Mod: Rebirth (too hardly modified and unstable)
  • Chinatown Preview (the mod crashes constantly on attempt to start a game)
  • Escape from Woomera v0.84 Beta (the mod crashes constantly on attempt to start a game)
  • Half-Life: Decay (game crashes randomly, when monsters attack your second character; so it's almost impossible to complete some episodes without using of cheats)
  • Half-Life: Gold Singleplayer (HD-textures for maps in this mod can not be used under Xash3D in that way as they can be used under Steam version of Half-Life; but remember that Xash3D has its own, more easy and productive system for using of HD-textures in any mod)
  • Half-Life: REDUX (HD-textures for maps in this mod can not be used under Xash3D as they can be used under Steam version of Half-Life, plus some advanced game options can not be configured from Xash3D game menu, but only by using console commands)
  • Project: M.L.P (the mod is totally playable, but HD-textures for maps in this mod can not be used under Xash3D in that way as they can be used under Steam version of Half-Life; but you can play if you have your own special set of HD-textures for Xash3D, or if you remove edited halflife.wad from the mod's directory)
  • Static Friction BETA Demo 1.2 (this mod is constantly crashing or freezing at the start of any map; you can play this mod with Xash3D without major problems only with removed client.dll file from cl_dlls folder of the mod, but some of the mod's FX & GUI features will not work)
  • Time Shadows Beta 0.1 (this mod requires a using of Direct3D mode, but it's not supported by Xash3D; after you start a new game, try to switch Xash3D with Alt-Enter to the windowed mode and then back to the fullscreen to fix partially mod's rendering; r_fullbright 1 cheat can help you against darkness)
  • X-Half-Life: Deathmatch v3.0.3.7 (sound system problems - most of sounds don't play properly)

P. S. Please keep in mind that all of those mods were tested with using of different Xash3D builds. It still possible, that newest builds of Xash3D can contain as some fixes for found problems, as some new problems too. It happens, because Xash3D Engine since build 1905 was seriosly modified many times while adding a support for a lot of new specific features of XashXT mod (like PhysX physics, dynamic lighting etc.). Unfortunately some new parts of a code can contain hidden incompatibilities with different features of Half-Life which are rarely used in mods. It's all about testing and developing of the engine and requires a time for fixing.


Внушительный список, правда я его видел на форуме HLFX.ру

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Qwertyus Author

Он немного дополненный + линки к большинству модов для удобства.

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Natural-Selection 1 on Linux would be great *dreaming*

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I just wanted to say that I tested Cry Of Fear and it had problems with client.dll If you replace it with hl client.dll the mod will be playable a bit. But some effects and sprinting/inventory won't work. In total - Totally unplayable, because it was made for Steam HL anyway (no WON support)

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Qwertyus Author

Yes, this mod was made with only support for Steam version of HL, so it's predictable, that it doesn't work as intended with Xash3D (because it based on GUI of WON HL). But, as I know, you still can play CoF (less or more) with Xash3D, at least old versions (1.55 or earlier), which are designed as a mod for HL. I assume you have problems with client.dll from standalone version of CoF, 1.6. But CoF v1.6 can't even work as a mod for Steam HL, because its sources were significantly modified in standalone edition (maybe because it got rid of binds to the "valve" folder from HL). Anyways, Xash3D can't support all features of CoF, even for old mod's versions, because a lot of them are linked to Steam HL GUI code that is not represented in Xash3D.

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Opposing Force can't be played if the current version is copied directly to Xash3D because of it's encrypted dlls. Older, unencrypted versions can be found on the internet, but not too easily.

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Qwertyus Author

You can get the appropriate dlls here:
I uploaded them for use with Focalpoint mod, but they are original OF dlls.

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even with these, if, say, I equip the shotgun or any other weapon, the first shot isn't animated right and the sound for it doesn't come out, even worse, the knife for example doesn't always work as soon as you press primary fire, any fix for this ?

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Qwertyus Author

Probably, you have to set
cl_lw 0
(in config.cfg or via console)

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I have no trouble so far playing HL:R 3.0. I haven't tested 2.0 at all, and I haven't tested 2.5 very much, but 3.0 seems to run pretty much no problem except for an odd random crash.

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Wait, I only just now noticed that it simply says that HL:R's textures can't be loaded. Oops. However, it is important to note that there just seem to be random maps in which they don't load. Most of the time they load fine.

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Qwertyus Author

HD-textures are not used in HL:R v3.0. They have been included in mod's folder, but haven't been set to be used by mod. So all you have seen it's just edited low-res textures from halflife.wad. You can see HD-textures in-game only in HL:R 2.0 & 2.5 (with Steam version of HL).

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