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General Banter General Banter

The worst of moddb (jackiedub12th 7 hours ago)

Anyone looking for a UX/UI designer?...

The ModDB Bar

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Support Support

Cant Download or use mirrors (INtense! 3 days ago)

whitelist for breaking point

can't download

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Suggestions Suggestions

Future of ModDB / IndieDB (Joebama 3 days ago)

Giving an option for Groups to...

Media and descriptions - separation...

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Contests Contests

Top 5 Indie Games (etherflows 1 month ago)

AirConsole Game Contest - Bring...

Win free signed game art poster

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Cosmos Cosmos

"Making Games in a F****d Up World... (AmagnonX 1 week ago)

Is local multiplayer on PC something...

Games you regret buying

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Development Forums
Development Banter Development Banter

Kaiser and The Chaos Clockworks... (burningleos 23 hours ago)

[Survey] s there a market for...

Need help/advice with game music

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Ideas & Concepts Ideas & Concepts

Making incest cool again, Caligula... (Lato&Shelby 5 hours ago)

Title for a new Half-Life mod?

Art and Theme survey

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Pimpage & Posing Pimpage & Posing

KATCC Is Now availible for Kickstarter... (burningleos 47 mins ago)

Age Of Gladiators on Steam Greenlight...

KATCC Kickstarter Campaign

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Recruiting & Resumes Recruiting & Resumes

2D artist and animator (burningleos 53 mins ago)

Sam Foster Sound | Experienced...

Epic Music Composer working for...

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Coding & Scripting Coding & Scripting

Learning C# or Unity engine first?... (RCoriWithTheStory 1 week ago)

Programming Credentials

Choosing engine for game

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2D Graphics 2D Graphics

What is a good 2D Game Engine? (burningleos 23 hours ago)

Typical rates for a sprite artist

Maesai, a Beautiful 2D Tileset

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3D Modeling & Animating 3D Modeling & Animating

Enemy - Modelled & Rigged - UE4 (mrjohnson78 7 hours ago)

3D Artist Looking for Work

Goldsource Modelers Needed for...

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Level Design Level Design

How I do for bind a map. (Rokin 2 weeks ago)

What program should I download...

Unreal Engine Island Map

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Audio / Visual Audio / Visual

Music composer, producer, sound... (mrjohnson78 7 hours ago)

Soundfont Test: Boss Fight BGM

Sara Mears - Female Voice Actor

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Writing & Stories Writing & Stories

Looking for someone to help fix... (burningleos 1 day ago)

Need a ariter to redo my story...

Writer Team [Brainstorm Ideas/Concept...

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Gaming Forums
PC Gaming PC Gaming

Flatout 2 Mods (jrooster4040@gmail.c 4 hours ago)

Is my game good?

Total Annihilation Zero

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Console Gaming Console Gaming

Xenoblade Chronicles X: Opinions? (burningleos 23 hours ago)

What Best Gaming Console For Watch_Dogs...

Xbox 360 vs. Xbox One

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Mobile Gaming Mobile Gaming

Mission: Defender (Contour_Interactive 8 hours ago)

[Android][FREE] Mr. Candy Climber

Extraordinary Galaxy Legend: Aircraft...

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VR / AR Gaming VR / AR Gaming

Demo For Louies RPG (karmington 1 month ago)

Kumoon - Ballistic Puzzle Game...

DOOM or Super Mario 64 VR?

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Tech Support Tech Support

Need help with A3Launcher. (Reborn:X 1 month ago)

MODDB video quality DESASTER!

Oblivion crash to desktop

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