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General Banter General Banter

Are you a well rounded person? (Bravo81 1 hour ago)

The ModDB Bar

ADD: Dying Light

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Support Support

If i am logged in - all mods are... (Fry_Kickstart 1 hour ago)

Link lost between studio & games

Delete some of my old deprecated...

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Suggestions Suggestions

what blue print plan is??? (IronR0n 20 hours ago)

Warsword Conquest redone for Mount...

Missing any other specialisation

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Contests Contests

Indie Game Contest #2 Submit your... (Johni77 6 hours ago)


Early Access Promotion! Evidyon...

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Cosmos Cosmos

Net Neutrality - What is at risk? (TheLovelyRealm 2 weeks ago)

Is Wii-U worth it?

Spiral Movement from a center...

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Development Forums
Development Banter Development Banter

how determine the body part where... (TKAzA 3 days ago)

Best zero-programming game making...

Which engine should I use?

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Ideas & Concepts Ideas & Concepts

Fantasy bites... (BigBaggie 9 hours ago)

Qualities to look for in a platformer...

Empire at War FOC mod - looking...

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Pimpage & Posing Pimpage & Posing

How do you build a community? (Bravo81 1 hour ago)

What is everyone working on? #2

Sol Avenger is a fantastic game...

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Recruiting & Resumes Recruiting & Resumes

I'm looking to start an indie... (TKAzA 44 mins ago)

Looking For a Composer

Modeler Available, Looking for...

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Coding & Scripting Coding & Scripting

LUA question.... (waleed444 1 week ago)

Math in relation to programming

Help coding a "hook-like" weapon

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2D Graphics 2D Graphics

size matters? (Holmes221Baker 2 days ago)

2d and 3d animated character.


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3D Modeling & Animating 3D Modeling & Animating

'Im Makng a game about Rave Culture... (shravan001 2 days ago)

Here's My Stuff that I Had Modeled...

3D model search engine

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Level Design Level Design

Who Wants To Be My Mapper? (noRktreSS 1 week ago)

Help! New to Hammer Editor!

What is the typical workflow for...

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Audio / Visual Audio / Visual

Where and how to post job search? (Tagirijus 5 days ago)

Offering Professional Voice Acting...

Experienced composer will make...

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Writing & Stories Writing & Stories

Looking for Indie MMO bloggers... (Phoenix1747 2 days ago)

Looking for writers interested...

[paid] Need writer for RPG

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PC Gaming PC Gaming

Enderal: Skyrim Mod (TheRealJojo 1 hour ago)

Solo FPS Games

Buy Pong on Itch

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Console Gaming Console Gaming

Goldeneye - N64 (Bravo81 1 hour ago)

Who Remembers The Dreamcast...?

I just got a Sega Saturn

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Handheld Gaming Handheld Gaming

[Android] [Free] Battle of Tanks... (thoughtshastra 18 hours ago)

[Android] [Free] Dragon Slayer...

[Free][Android] Legends Within...

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Tech Support Tech Support

Download Issues for EAW Clone... (WillTheThrill99 1 day ago)

Traditional Chinese Translation...

shockwave zero hour

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