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S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Oblivion Lost 3.1

Mod review by Harambeisalive Agree Disagree

This is a weird mod, it has amazing features that make the game harder, maybe more realistic,it make the enemies throw grenades at you,bandages only stop bleeding,drinking to much vodka can cause negative side effects like addiction,the maximum weight is 40 kg,the gun damage is realistic,the a/life feels real because you have to use good hiding places for you loot because if you have a stash in the middle of the barkeep a stalker is going to loot it,stalkers will also travel around the zone,you might see a experienced stalker in concord that is coming from the garbage,med kits heal slowly,herds of mutants travel around the zone,you can drive vehicles,stealth is viable but still hard, graphics are highly improved, the HUD is also improved,free-play is possible, blowouts,dynamic anomalies.

But on the other hand this mod has weird and buggy features

When you wake up after sleeping you camera goes crazy,blowouts happen almost every single time after sleeping,the added quest are boring like go kill zombie,or go find this item,there are some spelling mistakes because its a Russian mod,the spawns of npcs and mutants can be fun and cause huge battles (mostly in the wild territory) but can also break the immersion because npcs spawn in front of you,the added main quest is not worth trying,because this mod takes away the scripted events in pripyat the place is empty and boring,the mod takes away the military and the monolith in Chernobyl and make only put mutants and mutants.The mod also takes away all the duty and freedom outpost and add military instead.

The mod is still very fun and I recommend it even if it some buggy features


Nova Aetas

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Amazing work!


Blood for Land

Early access mod review by warmjets Agree Disagree

A very fresh, innovative mod! Loads of fun!



Mod review by SerbianForces Agree Disagree

great mod!


CKII: nobilis

Mod review by Imxotep Agree Disagree




Mod review by Podorozhny Agree Disagree

Very ambitious mod, it is a stamp for hardcore difficulty in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat
The gameplay is simply second to none, a fact. There is no similar game or mod for a game close to this. It has its flaws but they're going to be fixed with time with the communities' feedback


El Somni Quas

Game review by mugcz Agree Disagree

Best UO shard I ever seen



Game review by SpookyTheGhost101 Agree Disagree

DOOM forever!



Mod review by emilhultin Agree Disagree

THis mod is awesome with the phantasy and all of its items and many other stuff you can explore and find, many awesome factions and many to come and the community is great keep up the good work :)


Old Republic at War

Mod review by Lexfighter Agree Disagree

It has many areas of opportunity


S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Chernobyl

Mod review by DosuKinuta Agree Disagree


- Introduction
First of all, thank you so much for creating this amazing (standalone) mod!. A part of my biggest dream came true. (and for those who are going to read this review, sorry for my bad english!)

- Installation
The installer sadly didnt detect my legit copy of Call of Pripyat (cd), so I used the inno GUI application from the forum to unpack and install the mod. Its not the easiest way to install a mod, but I’ve seen much worse installers than this one.

- Startup and main menu
When I launched the mod, I was worried about the fact that it might woudnt start (because the installer didnt detect my copy of cop). However, this mod appears to be a standalone (which is really awesome!). The main menu is designed well. The faction selection is very straight-forward.

- Beginning of the game
I started 5 new game’s total to check each difficulty setting and the famous monolith faction. My first game’s fction was the monolith (on highest difficulty), the others where all with the loner (all difficulties).

Oh, I really love that psuedogiant at the start of the game when you select monolith. To make it even better, a bunch of bloodsuckers surround the area and a controller joined the battle, too :D. You might want to change the monolith’s start weapon with a more advanced one (a rifle for example?).

- AI
After getting killed by a bloodsucker who killed me in one blow, I tried the loner faction on rookie difficulty. I can understand why some people think that the AI is braindead. On higher difficulties, the game is great in every aspect. But when the difficulty is stalker or lower, the AI is easy to kill (you can just walk to the person and knife him while getting shot the whole time) and the weapons arent strong enough to actually do some serius damage to the player (the SVD from the millitary coudnt even kill me from an distance while hitting me twice!). I was suprised to find a lot NPC’s from the original games (ShoC & CS) in this mod, but a lot from COP werent included (snag for example).

- Environment
Holy S***, the mod looks AWESOME! (and even better with absolute nature & structures). It really felt like if I was playing the old STALKER games on a much better engine. However, some structures (in Pripyat, Jupiter) didn’t look like those from the origional game (call of pripyat). Also, the areas from the COP games felt really… lonely. I haven’t found one single soul exploring the surroundings in zaton and Jupiter. The stashes of the original games arent included in this mod.

- Missions (Quests)
It is awesome that the game is really dynamic, and especially this part. The random quest system really made me feel if I am the main character of my own storyline. But, I really miss those pre-scripted missions, like where you have to get that stash container for snag for example, or that you could do a raid with skull.

- Economy
The weapons and armory are really exspensive, which made me feel if the mod was not well balanced. I really liked the prices from the vanilla COP. And since money is hard to earn, it will take a really long time before you can afford a slightly better gun.

- Conclusion
I think that this mod is an really awesome mod (you can make your own story), but there is some stuff to be done before its alive (in my opinion).

There is no better mod resource than this one for modders, but it isnt as polished as call of pripyat (but its really impressive how polished it is for a mod).

If the mod would contain the original stashes, more human NPC spawnpoints and pre-scripted missions from the original games, then the mod is perfect n.n

Once again EpicTeam, thank you for creating this mod.



Mod review by JoeGriM Agree Disagree

I've used this mod various times through the years to play Thief: Gold with a modern machine and the addition of the NewDark update is just perfect. It's great to see it was still updated last year.



Mod review by Sporks? Agree Disagree

A unique and engaging mod, I dig it


The Last Kingdom (M2TW)

Mod review by Thorvaldo Agree Disagree

Very solid experience! Nice balance of troops and the campaign is very hard with some factions. I like how the magyars took the place of the mongols in the vainilla m2.


Cursed Maze

Game review by JoshMurday Agree Disagree

It's just like Ghoul's Forest... except in a maze.


Z Day Shootout

Game review by JoshMurday Agree Disagree

Pretty good all around zombie game to find on this site.


Hearts of Iron IV: The Great War

Mod review by Askebay Agree Disagree



1860s Old America

Mod review by idahomike Agree Disagree

Best mod ever ive always been looking for a civil war mod and this is it


Operation: Firestorm

Mod review by nuclearsnake Agree Disagree

The mods fun, it enjoyable(I'm not saying its bad or anything its that kind good you don't see everyday.)
the only think I wish that came with the mod was a launcher instead of clicking the main game, but thats okay.
if he/she has time to make a launcher that would be cool, but if he/she doesn't have the time on their schedule then that's alright. good game by the way, hoping for Beta 02 to come or and Update to happen.
PS. this my first time posting a review on Moddb.


Edain Mod

Mod review by ServantOfSuladan Agree Disagree

I must say... this mod has to be the most amusing mod for any Battle for Middle earth game I have ever played. From the gameplay style bringing back my healthiest memories ever of this gaming saga, to the creativity poured into what almost any faction can do with outposts, Edain mod 4.3 is the best thing ever among BfMe mods. Literally my only issue with this mod, and even then I only mean this as a constructive criticism, is that there is no playable Haradrim/Easterling faction. Hopefully this trait I see as a flaw is only a 'for now' kind of thing, because of all Armies of Middle Earth the Easterlings and Haradrim are respectively my first and second favorite in the whole mythology. Truth be told, this Haradrim/Easterling issue of them not being their own faction (split from Mordor) is the only thing that cost this mod points in my review of it here! One thing I will say is rather cool is how every Skirmish play feels like a campaign mission, from unlocking new aspects of one's chosen faction on the go, to being presented a Victory screen as though one has finished a campaign mission. Very creative idea! And very creative mod! Thank you Edain team, and I look forward to seeing you make Haradrim & Easterlings their own playable faction.