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Medieval Kingdoms Total War (Attila Version)

Mod review by themarksman23 0 agree 0 disagree

Really Really great mod! My one gripe is that there is no campaign yet. Gameplay is amazing!


Mystery Combat Man 3

Mod review by Frag_Muffin 0 agree 0 disagree

utter rubbish avoid


Warhammer: Total War

Mod review by EvildrfrogEvildrfrog 0 agree 0 disagree

Great mod, love it. I wish it had more units and factions, but that's not Jubals fault, that's due to the engine. I enjoy this better than Warhammer Total War (CA) or the Medieval 2 Warhammer mods. Great job!


Star Trek: Armada 3

Mod review by robobo88 0 agree 0 disagree



Star Wars Battlefront Republic Commando

Mod review by Tqtr 0 agree 0 disagree



Prophesy of Pendor

Mod review by TunderLight 0 agree 0 disagree

great mod with great features and even greater to come


S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat

Game review by TeraTest 0 agree 0 disagree

I think that S.T.A.L.K.E.R COP is the most polished and the best game from GSC trilogy.
- open world
- story: you have a choice that matters
- The Zone: mutants, anomalies, fractions, …
- lots of interesting side quests
- good weapon and suit upgrade system



Mod review by TeraTest 0 agree 0 disagree

- challenging puzzles
- new testing mechanics + old


Star Wars Battlefront II

Game review by MIGHTYEOGHOR 0 agree 0 disagree

I played this game on the Xbox and loved every minute of it now that its on PC and moddable having even more hours of fun!


Portal Stories : Mel

Mod review by TeraTest 0 agree 0 disagree

Very good Portal 2 modification (I have never played better Portal, Portal 2 mod).
- story
- challenging puzzles
- quality (modification was made professionally)
- soundtrack
- game length


Premonition : A Full Conversion Mod

Mod review by Sadaharu_Inui 0 agree 0 disagree

I'm giving this a 10 just to mitigate the effects of those unfair 1's, but I'd honestly rate it an 8/10 due to the lag from the big maps even on a powerful gaming machine and a few oddities that others have mentioned.


A World of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones)

Mod review by RaptorF9 0 agree 0 disagree

much better than other GOT's mods, just need to be completed ;)


S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Chernobyl

Mod review by gronenko 0 agree 0 disagree

Good job, good game.


Unreal Engine 4

Engine review by GruenerTeufel2 0 agree 0 disagree


Resident Evil 2 - Raccoon Stories

Mod review by Ktreus 0 agree 0 disagree

dead mod, dont waste your time


Day of Defeat Singleplayer Warfare Mod

Mod review by matiasleivas11 0 agree 0 disagree



Crazy Crate

Game review by Ofihombre 0 agree 0 disagree

A simple crate game, but difficult. It's just what I can say about this game, because there is nothing special.


A Clash of Kings (Game of Thrones)

Mod review by DrunkTerminator 0 agree 0 disagree

the first mod i have got


CS Remix

Mod review by MoonWatcher 0 agree 0 disagree

Great mod compilation, featuring the best mods for Clear Sky. Definitely a great modification for those who want improved graphics, better atmosphere and bigger variation of weapons.


B0ris's Sound Mod

Mod review by AndyofLanark 0 agree 0 disagree

This mod bolsters the game's immersion factor tenfold and adds atmosphere to even the worst match.