Your task - to get out from the black mesa research facility

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Project: M.L.P v1.0

Project: M.L.P v1.0

Full Version 11 comments

singleplayer mod for half-life Project: M.L.P full version 1.0

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ThePrisonZombie - - 3 comments

Forgot about the camera. It should be lower a bit to make it stimulate as a pony rather than human camera perspective.

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ThePrisonZombie - - 3 comments

Kinda like it. First time i see a pony (or an alicorn) in Half-Life tho (i play on xash3d btw).

Found some bugs ,it messed the entire game. [idk if they exist on PC bcuz some not]

1.U end up start as gordon of course (idk why)[USE /thirdperson]

Find a file named "1111.mdl" at mlp/models. (That was Twilight's model)
Create a new folder named "gordon" inside the "player" folder (no caps)[this is player's normal model]
Copy / cut & paste at the folder & rename to "gordon.mdl"

(Only for xash3d) change command-line arguements to "-game mlp"(if u download the file and place it next to "valve" folder
Change player model to gordon & play.

2.Twilight itself doesn't have animation (walk,run,etc)
3.Twilight body model floating in the air (only if u use /thirdperson command)

4."Is Twilight having cracked eye or something?" (Use cam_idealyaw 180 & /thirdperson to see)[only on PC]

5.Gauss & Egon still have classic hand-held animation. (With gordon's hand)[they went unused in this mod may the cause]

6.invisible boxes/buttons everywhere on the map

Oh wait,you should add more map of course.

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sprinkey_the_gamer - - 262 comments

other furry mod >:(

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23-down - - 3,583 comments

This mod is actually very good I played through it few days ago. High quality mapping + textures in use. The only down turn is that you apparently play an alien specimen yet carry human weapons around. Well it's tricky without having a coder or custom models available.

It's way above average in it's execution. Check out my review here on moddb for this mod. I don't know what the meaning of the pony is but just ignore that picture and ban it outta your mind 'cause it's nowhere mentioned in the actual mod besides here on the moddb screenshot page. So this is clearly not a troll mod. I suppose the author just doesn't know anything about proper marketing. But about mapping he knows plenty for sure. So check it out. :)

And in case you're having white walls while playing the mod type:

exec autoexec.cfg in your console

Normally that should run automatically upon mod start. Must be a steam glitch.

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ThePrisonZombie - - 3 comments

The pony was the alien specimen by itself (idk why its just an earth pony)

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WindowsKudos95 - - 3 comments


I think you should drink bleach, this mod is autistic as ****!

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viteisgey - - 55 comments



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IOviSpot - - 371 comments

10/10 dude!

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WillIsBlack - - 658 comments

Oh, just look at some butthurt bronies voting down negative comments. Sure, EVERYONE needs to support inserting of this ******* ponies everywhere *sarcasm*.

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macedoniaUBERALLES - - 47 comments

Good Luck Buddy

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