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20 comments by INtense! on Apr 15th, 2014

One of the toughest parts about succeeding when making a game or mod, is finding players for your creation. A big part of this is marketing and promoting, and we are pleased to see more and more developers taking full advantage of IndieDB and ModDB by sharing their updates with our audience. Today we reach over 250,000 unique visitors daily and it pleases us greatly that we constantly see innovative and brilliant games and mods emerge and get the publicity they deserve.

We know that a lot of developers like to track their stats (i.e. see Gang Beasts stats below and here for an example) so we've decided to improve this system.

First change is for the profile owners, the "recent referers" section should now show where all your traffic came from over the last 24hours, so you can see who is sending you visitors and writing about your game.

Second change is dissapointingly we have noticed a lot of people trying to cheat the rankings to bump their game up the charts. Admittedly it was super easy to cheat, so to combat this we've made the system ignore duplicate visitors and to reset daily not hourly. While it means it is still possible to cheat, we encourage you to play fair, as games suspected of cheating will be banned from the service - and that isn't something we enjoy doing.

We hope you enjoy these changes and as always, if there are any ways you think we can improve the site and help drive traffic to your game or mod, please let us know in the comments!

Report abuse Site downtime scheduled for next Monday

6 comments by Greg on Mar 12th, 2014

As some as you may have noticed over the past couple of weeks, the site(s) - including ModDB, IndieDB and SlideDB have been struggling at around midnight PST (7am GMT) with issues such as slow page response times, file uploads failing and other wierd bugs.

We've finally resolved the root cause of all of these and I am happy to report that the nuisance is behind us. However, to prevent the issue re-occuring, we are doing some preventative maintenance (disk firmware updates) next Monday night at 3am PST (10am GMT) on a critical piece of hardware. During this time, you will see 502 error pages. You can continue to refresh these until the maintenance is over, and the sites will come back up by an estimated 3:10am PST (10:10am GMT). 

Feel free to ask any questions regarding this in the comments and I will do my best to update you!

Report abuse Downtime scheduled tomorrow

14 comments by INtense! on Jul 18th, 2013

We have a major deployment occuring tommorow (between the hours of 8pm and 1am July 18th PST). Due to the size of the changes (mostly to the backend system), we shall be taking the site down while it is ongoing. Please expect an outage of 1 ~ 2 hours then it will be back to business as usual.

Please note: this has been postponed 24hours to the 19th of July PST

While you wait, enjoy a picture of the machines currently running this site. We shall also be posting updates on twitter, so nows a great time to follow us :) @desura @indieroyale @moddb @indiedb @slidedb. Please let us know if you have any questions about this and we shall do out best to answer them.

Report abuse Rezzed Highlights

0 comments by TKAzA on Jun 28th, 2013

The Lunar software and Project Zombiod teams were two startups that attended the 2013, Rezzed game conference, showcasing the latest in PC and Indie games from UK developers and the world.

Full video highlights, check out the full video libary at

Project zombiod made a presentation at rezzed on how not to make a game and have a news post on this, here.

Lunar software have posted their highlights from the event along with games they playtested.
Have a glance over their news post here.

Other attendees.

If you attended rezzed and have any photos to share or stories to tell, feel free to join the discussion here.
It's always good to see developers sharing their passion with like minded people and getting real support for their developments and hard work.

Change the Game

Report abuse Site Downtime

15 comments by Greg on Apr 4th, 2013

In order to improve the speed of a number of services (video streaming, image caching & loading) accross all sites, we are having to take some back end servers down temporarily.

During this time, the sites all should load, however file uploading, and some video streaming & images may not display.

Thanks for your understanding!

Feb 28, 2008
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