XDM is an Unreal Tournament-style Half-Life modification.


XDM features:

  • Classic Deathmatch (free for all)
  • Team Deathmatch (up to 4 teams)
  • Capture The Flag
  • Domination (up to 4 teams)
  • Last Man Standing (UT-style)
  • Co-Operative (monster DM, mission and other modes)
  • Singleplayer (possible to play any map pack)
  • Revenge modes (in all game types)

Also featuring old and new weapons, new high-quality maps, new hi-def models, flexible network code*, lots of special effects with no hi-end hardware requirements. XDM offers full set of customization options: HUD/GUI colours, chat, team names and colours, weapon slots, translatable string. All original Half-Life maps, models and sprites are compatible with this mod, even some single-player mods like Timeline 2: Iced Earth (which don't have teir own DLLs) or even Arctic Incident (now included since v.3038) are playable. Improved entity management system allows massive online matches (32 players) with tons of weapons, boxes, rockets, monsters, explosions and other stuff flying around. The mod includes optional botmatch mode with up to 31 angry HPB bots (experimental).
Don't underestimate the power of GoldSource!

This mod has been developing since 2000 (first public testing was in 2001) and lives even now!! :)
More info, help and additional downloads on official site and forum:

>) Official site: x.netheaven.ru (currently offline)
>) Official site: Screenshots
>) Official forum (international)
>) Forum on HLFX.ru (russian/english)

>) YoyTube videos Playlist (not much there, really)

XHL/XDM is a great modding platform (like SoHL), not only for singleplayer, but for all game types. Check out videos to see some of the features.

«In the end, I just wanted to make Half-Life better.» - ~X~

◊ Also recommended for playing (friendly projects):
G-man Invasion (finished)
Half-Life: Weapon Edition (discontinued)
Half-Life: Tyrian (based on XDM3036 code)

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Where's XDM

News 6 comments


best LAN-party Half-Life modification

Something has finally been released?

XDM3038 Title
About two years have passed since last release (v3.0.3.8) and, honestly, it wasn't easy time for me, as the only developer, programmer, artist, script writer, manager, hoster and tech support. Ok, there were about two and a half active game testers that helped a bit :) But otherwise, we were tight in resources at our disposal. But XDM survived!

It lives! And you may already have it.

DOM_MorpheusXL So, many wondered, where's the version 3039? Well, while it was, in fact, made, it was never released to public outside group of testers. And that test showed that much had to be done! So, here we are, with bumped version - And you, actually, could have already downloaded it. But where? Don't go to downloads section...

Two releases instead of one

HLDM GOLD megapack map MaYaCoRe_v1 As many people already know, development of XDM spawned at least two side-projects: collection of HLDM maps and player models. Because, really, who wants to play same 10 maps all the time? :)

And, a few days ago I've finally released:

And in this release of HLDM GOLD (tm) map-pack you can actually find XDM 3040 as a bonus. :)
Stand-alone version will probably be released, sooner or later...

What's new?

HLDM GOLD megapack XDM dm_deadlands_revisionIt is quite understandable that many would want to know, what exactly to expect. But it's a pain in the neck to describe and the list of changes grew too large for a news post anyway. :)

Basically, there are tens of new features, some for developers, some for gamers, about hundred of fixes, lots of visual improvements like more detailed maps, smoother models, etc., etc.

Some notable changes include:

  • with some help from the community, XDM players became voiced! :) Another small step for humanity towards Half-Life Tournament :) (voice system comes with international subtitles support and settings, new bots use it by default)
  • lots of helpful text hints, like in modern games
  • lots of map design improvements, single-player maps got better design and some more secrets and puzzles
  • easier to read player stats at the end of a match
  • performance improvements (huge NOTE: because voice sounds are not precached, which is technically impossible, they are all loaded from your hard drive in real time, freezes are to be expected on slow disks as HL does not support multi-threading)
  • (insert 50 more lines here)

Still open-source?

HLDM GOLD megapack XDM hldm_odileWell, it is true that the source code policy has changed a little, but it's for the better good!

Scared already? Don't be! Not only XDM is proudly Open-Source, it is now Forced-Source Software! This means you cannot obtain it without sources. :)

Traditionally, you are required to solve a puzzle to get to it. Hint: it's much easier this time and does not require playing.

Click "like" to continue

I don't know and can't promise to continue working on XDM, but, hey - there are still bugs to be fixed! ;)

Now arriving a-a-a-at....

PS: thanks to Ghoul-bb for uploading these videos!

X-Half-Life/XDM SDK and Source Code release

X-Half-Life/XDM SDK and Source Code release

News 1 comment

XDM3038 was successfully released less than a month ago. Now, it is time to confirm its OpenSource status: sources are being released into the wild!

X-Half-Life/XDM release after two years!

X-Half-Life/XDM release after two years!

News 7 comments

XDM is an advanced open-source Half-Life modification which features many game types such as DM, TDM, CTF, LMS and CoOp, good load of weapons, beautiful...

XDM development update: flames of fire!

XDM development update: flames of fire!


Weekly update of development progress on upcoming XDM version

//XDM3038 c: FIX after testing

//XDM3038 c: FIX after testing

News 3 comments

An update on results of playtesting and what's delaying the release.

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X-Half-Life Deathmatch Source Code

X-Half-Life Deathmatch Source Code

Source Code 12 comments

X-Half-Life Deathmatch Source Code package (updated after release)

X-Half-Life Deathmatch SDK

X-Half-Life Deathmatch SDK

SDK 13 comments

X-Half-Life Deathmatch Software Development Kit (SDK) (does not include source code)

X-Half-Life Deathmatch GNU/Linux binaries

X-Half-Life Deathmatch GNU/Linux binaries


X-Half-Life: Deathmatch (XDM) version release. Linux server + client. Binaries only, no resources.

X-Half-Life Deathmatch

X-Half-Life Deathmatch

Full Version 9 comments

X-Half-Life: Deathmatch (XDM) version release. Win32 server + client + botmatch. Fully portable offline installer.



Demo 10 comments

>>> X-Half-Life Deathmatch v3.0.3.8 ALPHA GHOUL [BB] edition <<< FILE UPDATED 28.11.2016

X-Half-Life Deathmatch

X-Half-Life Deathmatch

Full Version 35 comments

X-Half-Life: Deathmatch (XDM) version release 20140202 Win32 server + client + botmatch

Comments  (0 - 10 of 321)

i was back to a place you seem to knee ... hlfx.ru where they look not to like so much your job and doubt about it quality..

here a message to "uncle mike" that banned be in the back .. like it happened at soviets-cccp mod forum...
here is a post i wanted to make there :

here is a pm i tried to make before leaving this **** to uncle mike :

i tried to make it in my topic.. but i feel you banned me .. like it happened at sovietscccp .. you are like them exactly or so .. when you look ******* : this not you the faulty.. but like them you wait to hit in the back and steal their work .. ****** uncle mike.. you are not worth having friends or family.. or in soviets-coop land..

trou 2 fiotte sac a purrin .. t es qu une merde de juyffards raciste..


here is a post i tried to make in the uncle mike topic about his work :

so no one is able to find the bug in the map ? that makes explode the engine ?
will there be soon some updates ?
i ask because "i am starting my files filtrations , selections and concentrations" for my fabulous giant mod...
i ll say more in my topic about my "deleted mobdb page" i still search a dev for my dlls ..
and now it starts to be so good and so much smelling money.. that i am willing to give some money to those ready to produce them.. moreover these days with the "world confination" : money is easy to make.. as a uncle myself, i wonder for how much you can make the job uncle Mike ?
or a friend of you make the dlls using spirit of half life and you make a updated xash3d : i pay two or three persons max .. let me know the amount you would want or like ...i think 300 euro is fair , may be up to 500 with a maximum of 1000 ..[ per devs or mappers ] for a max budgets of 2000

i know that : like at soviets cccp or github or moddb : i can do hard to read post about bugs i report...
i find them so easily...

here is another exemple with a mod i find as good as the famous gearbox : opposing force : https://www.moddb.com/mods/half-life-echoes

i wanted to say more about my mod but i feel : i will not be understood correctly these days .. i wait for some to get back to life

it is like "stairs : first i made a post offering the job and money.. then saw i was banned from "topic" ; then adapted the post for my own topic...but saw i was unable to do post... THAT IS THE FAMOUS TRANSCRIPTION OF FREEDOM OF SPEECH CAPITALIST BUT SOME UKRANIEN-RUSKIES NAZIONISTS..
THEY HAVE IT : THE SAME AT SOVIETS-CCCP... but not here where buried posts are still read-able$

then the PM to the "hlfx.ru SNIPPER motherfock"
i give the best of it here.. may be he ll come answer and ask for the job and money and bugs

Reply Good karma Bad karma-2 votes

some snippers are not so easy to have coming and "openly" talk about what they did "in their past in their "forum" " they have secrets stickies for "internal 's propagandas" mothersfock...mothersfock... but are not easy facing enemy in the eyes... mostly when it only report the truth... : me myself & I

Reply Good karma Bad karma-2 votes

Love the XDM mod. Thank you for the continued development!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Forced-Source Software! that is a good TAG .. i love it ;'] is there any linus F-S
dev here ? i take 5 ;']

Reply Good karma Bad karma-2 votes
~X~ Creator

Dunno why you got downvoted o_O
I think this is a development model of the future )
Btw, did you actually get the code? (not many people figured out how)

Reply Good karma+4 votes

i think that come from some haters from "soviets coops" mod or their friends from mobdb or hlfx.ru.. [:8 [ with the help of some "fbi 's chinese" they turn my life impossible.. ] i am the one that was in the beta svencoop team , made they-hunger coop [ not for sc 3.5 that was never published.. ] for sc3 .. i was banned from beta team just after i gave it.. so after a month i published it [ my work using only "available" they hunger maps and ripenting them ] and was banned , deleted from sc forum.. but they know and follow me.. to steal my work.. that is always top quality.. like your ? ]
i crawled all github [ where there are a lot of dumbness..and false programmers..] then i went back to hlfx.ru.. [read my recent posts there .. ][i saw you were a uncle mike old friend....] then i crawled the web and found your excellent mod in a very good site with good old hl mod and newer either : http://gamer-lab.com/eng/goldsrc/Source_code_mods?cp=2#pageslider i am a bit provocative .. but like i wrote there :

about my "philosophy" of life and friends..

read above posts either..

about my mod


with some people if you are too generous.. they start to have bad "manners" .. like that happened to me at svencoop/soviets-coop forum..

to re-center my post on its goal..i search someone able to create the dlls for me . by now i selected all maps i ll use and mostly all mods..
the last thing i can add to what you can read at hlfx.ru forum or here.. is that i plan to use heart of evil and they hunger ep3 for the "hazard course"
i work hard so the dlls i want will be a hard job.. but it will be "the Mod to play.." to feel "what was hl in the years 200* 's
basicaly it opposing force with few monsters coming from sweet halflife and few others/with some maps entities of mods i use . but i have a lot of ideas like players playing aliens..

i hope you ll be interrested , with your all team..i hope to make money and pay us all a little for our efforts.. as well as porting the mod to source2 [ not so much to vr ]

Reply Good karma Bad karma-4 votes
~X~ Creator

Nope, sorry. It is impossible to legally make money with valve SDKs. Also, writing code is not an easy task and may take years.

Reply Good karma+4 votes

Forced-Source Software! that is a good TAG .. i love it ;'] is there any linus F-S
dev here ? i take 5 ;']
but none from russia or others thieves-lands without copie$-right$
that was "fan art" to make so long post.. you know ascii or @ ski ;'] have fun working a lot to progress with bad teachers.. i think you simply missed the BEST OF THE BEST : THE YODA OF STAR WARS in computing... good luck and sleeps lazzies

Reply Good karma Bad karma-3 votes

that is funny that all my posts are receiving negatives vote.. that is certainly why they keep readable..because some dumbos are doing this to some posters .. by the way in these days where "life and scientists" are making the top of the news.. i feel my game is gaining "energy" and interest.. it lacks only a little little short amount of money to be put on the market.. that makes me very happy..and a bit sad : can you tell me why you and your others friends like uncle mike and few others .. [ like some porting hl to vr..at GitHub : lambdavr [?] ] that are pretending being developers.. you do nothing except Roaming & SCAMMING ? I MEAN REFUSING THOSE ASKING FOR HELP TO DO THE JOB .. .. i mean i can not understand if you really are programmers why you do nothing ? i do not ask you to be the best one.. but i am sure that being good at something : needs hours or years of practice .. like the life evolution and those who are cable of flying : nobody knows how it takes but after billions of "jumps" that started to fly for birds.. while those who never jumped will never fly .. i hope you and your band will reconsider its positions.. and help me have a great weekend and confined week , soon the end of first trimester.. year...century ...may be.. ?? he he funny thing this virus..

Reply Good karma Bad karma-3 votes

let me add few words : to the post beside it.. i found a lot of criticals bugs in all those "programmings" made by the so famous friendly team of mobdb=hlfx=sovietscoops here and at githubs.. but no thanks.. i think it is an "honor" to work for me that help to progress and its the smelling bad for those hiding in their forum like some jews in usrahell $$ surely dreaming of soon living in the usa and new-york in particular... that is funny to see the "new chinese virus" birthing from nowhere in france-spain-italy and then later in new-york while all planes are down from month... this virus is the perfect "weapons " for killing the new yorkers that lived 2001 and are sicks because of the asbestos.. i hope that the 5 billions the sylberstein earned for free during this event will be used to fight and help stoping the virus to spread accross usa... what an horror had become the palestine in the hands of nazionists , they like the walls and war styles ... usrahellss looks like the germany of 1945... and new york looks like the famous country gift of god.. no ? may be a mod on this could be a better subject for motivation of you and your friends.. at soviets coop or decay-mod they are all jews what about hlfx ? that COULD BE INTERRESTING TO MOD in VR showing how terrorists made 2001 and covirus19 with the help of ******* like trump or gwbush...

Reply Good karma Bad karma-4 votes

i was thinking of selling the game [ that uses a lot of assets from gearbox.. ] like an other gearbox games .. that should explain why mod mod is "deleted here" they like soviets-coop or decay : that are or were using "only" gearbox models or maps "freely" despite copyrights.. for the dlls : i have a lot of codes..plus you and your friends of xash3d are "used" to handle it..NO ? that is scam ? a twenty years old sdk .... if only valve could make them : the dlls at reasonnable prices.... if you prefer other engines : i like cryengine [ from the day i played prey [2] .. ] that is free of use for assets others than gearbox i want to use.. i think they never been protected.. and like half-life : are public-domain.. [ after 10 years and copyrights protection ] too bad you did not have enough time.. may be "after the confination time" you ll have no more job and still some need of money.. i am willing to give small amounts.. even during months or years... we can not compare your and mine "currencies" euro is very very "expensive money.." and very rock solid..

Reply Good karma Bad karma-4 votes
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personal favorite half life mod

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