Gameplay Programmer / Designer at Frictional Games

Gameplay Programmer / Designer at Frictional Games

Europe [PAID] Frictional Games

Sr. Game Designer

Estonia / Possible remote work [PAID] Gamecan

Net Code Programmers, AI, Physics and more developers welcome!

USA Only - Please [PAID] Masondogg Studios, LLC

Junior Programmer

Pasadena, CA [PAID] Fifi Entertainment

2d Game Animator

Anywhere [PAID] Heartquake

Engineering Lead

Anywhere [PAID] Ape Law

Seeking testers for The Next World: Planetery Exploration expansion

Anywhere [PAID] Illuminated Games

Looking for Skilled Individuals [UE4] [Sovereign Story] [Royalty]

Anywhere [PAID] Avalon Games LLC

Level Designer and Character 3D Artists, and more

USA Only, Please [PAID] Masondogg Studios, LLC

Stormy Peak Entertainment is recruiting!

Anywhere [PAID] Stormy Peak Entertainment

Senior Game Designer

Australia [PAID] Dreamgate Studios

Geeky Programmer

Anywhere Geek Sloth Games

Looking for a Lead Programmer for an Indie Game

Anywhere Anywhere

Concept Artist

Anywhere Ascension Entertainment LLC

2d Artist/Animator

Anywhere Madorium Interactive, L.L.C.

Humorist Concept Artist [Royalty]

Anywhere Oh Snap Games

Artists, Programmer for a Post-Apocalyptic Game

USA Digital Morphine Games, LLC

Looking for experienced FPS animator and a technical artist UE4 specialist

Anywhere Hard-Boiled Software

3D Modeler & Animator for a released WWII Game

North America, Europe. Playnet, Inc. - Cornered Rat Software

UE4 Blueprints Expert

Anywhere Bridge Cross Games

Need 2D Pixel Artist for new Indie Dev Team

UK UK Based 2D Pixel Artist

Procedural Programmer

Anywhere Fiddle Earth Media

{Royalty} Multiplayer Level Designer at Oh Snap Games

Anywhere Oh Snap Games

[Royalty] Environmental Artist

Anywhere Oh Snap Games

Modeller (Environmental+)

Anywhere Scramble Studios

[Royalty Share] Purple Couch seeking artists for magitech cyberpunk game

Anywhere Purple Couch

Player modeler, for mmo project everyoen is welcome

Anywhere Anywhere

Level designer Dark Storm Ascension [UE4]

Anywhere Fenrir Studios

Cyberpunk Half-Life 2 Source Mod

Anywhere, Latam preference. Anywhere

2D Artist needed!

Anywhere Embassy Studios

Black Helga games looking for Programmers

Anywhere Black Helga Games

Looking for Pixel Artist/Animator

Anywhere The Namless RPG

We need programmers

Anywhere Anywhere

Character Modeller

Anywhere Xero3Games

Team Needed for Demo Build of Sci-Fi Game - Potential Permanent Positions

Anywhere Anywhere

[Monetizable][ADS:2] Concept Artist

Anywhere Bloodguard

Programer and designer for next-gen mmo

Anywhere Project Titan

Logo Designer for Shocked Games (unpaid)

Anywhere Shockdead Games

"Butt Book" Character Artist

Anywhere Lightning Pudding Squad

2D and 3D Artists for SciFi Game

Anywhere Off the Grid Game Development

Webmaster/Web Designer

Anywhere Fiddle Earth Media

Pixel Artist

Anywhere Foxtail Games

Looking for Dev Team for Upcoming Anime RPG

Anywhere Game Artists, Programmers, Composers

Looking for pixel artist

Anywhere TrunksMcNugget

Logo Designer

Anywhere Cactus Labs

Low Poly Character Model

Anywhere Anywhere

2D Texture/Decal/Particle Effect Artist ROYALTIES

Anywhere Revelations Studios


Anywhere Revelations Studios

3D Sci-Fi Environment Artist ROYALTIES

Anywhere Revelations Studios


Anywhere Revelations Studios

[Revenue share] Programmers. Animators, Texture Artists wanted

Anywhere Rusty Gears

[Rev-share] PR wanted for Indie Sci-fi RPG

Work from home Starboard Games

Programmer needed for LOW POLY Unity Turn Based RPG

Anywhere No Sleep No Dreams

[Rev-share]Artists wanted for Indie Sci fi RPG

Work from home Starboard Games LLC

Game Designer & iOS(Swift) Developer

Anywhere FatalByte

Creature 3D Modeler/Animator

Anywhere Fiddle Earth Media

3D modeler

Anywhere Clear Sky Games

Publicity Manager/Marketing Specialist

Anywhere Fiddle Earth Media

We need Unity level designer

Anywhere Shireblast Studios

Game Artist

Anywhere DTK

Looking for 2D Artist and Animator

Anywhere Anywhere

Looking for Artists

Anywhere Team Abyss

Story writer

Anywhere Anywhere

[Texture Artist] Wanted for SciFi RTS Summer Alpha

Anywhere (US Time zones Bonus) Secret Reality

Unpaid - 3D Character Animator

Anywhere Party Llama Games

The Resurrection Multiplayer Sandbox RPG Survival

Anywhere The Resurrection

3D 2D PhotoShop Artist

Anywhere The Resurrection

Script Writer

Anywhere Lightning Pudding Squad

2D Artists Needed - Project underway

Anywhere PleXtech

Unity3D programmer

Razlog, Bulgaria ArtForge

Modeler/Animator needed for indie horror project

Anywhere Anywhere

[Unity] Enviormental designer, enviorment artist and developer

Anywhere Official KGames

[RevShare] Looking for 3D Character Artist and 2D Artist for Point and Click

Anywhere Storyyeller Games

Looking for programmer BP/C++ FAST PACE

Anywhere Ravanna Studios

Unity3D Programmer

São Paulo, Brasil Carnarval Game Studio

3D Modeler/Animator Needed for Fantasy RPG

Anywhere Pixegen Games

Human Resources Producer

Anywhere Evorlor

3D Artist, Animators and Level Artist needed

Anywhere SCOG games

Environmental Artists/Modeler /Hard Surface

Anywhere Fenrir Studios

[Unpaid/Volunteer] Animation Artists

Anywhere Fenrir Studios

War Chronicles - WW2 and Korean War Conversion ArmA 3 - Looking for 3d Artists

Anywhere War Chronicles Inc.

Concept Artist and 3D Artist

Anywhere Buildnx Games

Programmer Needed - Project already underway

Anywhere PleXTech

2D Artist for GUI portraits/icons

Anywhere Anywhere

2D Environmental Artist for Project Mittens: A Point and Click Adventure game

UK Anywhere

3D Character Designers | Programmers | Unity Level Designers

Anywhere UbiCrystal

2D pixel artist for an isometric RPG

Anywhere Anywhere

[XML Scripters] Wanted for SCiFi RTS summer Alpha

Anywhere (US Time zones Bonus) Secret Reality

[PR manager] Wanted for SCiFi RTS Summer Alpha

Anywhere (US Time zones Bonus) Secret Reality

[HR manager wanted] for SCiFi RTS Summer Alpha

Anywhere (US Time zones Bonus) Secret Reality

2D Game Artist [Volunteer]

Anywhere A Begginer Programmer

3D Environment Object Modeler

Anywhere Anywhere

Programmer [Unpaid, Rev Share]

Anywhere Party Llama Games

All Skills

Anywhere Anywhere

3D Environment Modeler needed

Anywhere Derailed Alliance

AI Programmer

Anywhere Fiddle Earth Media

UI/UX Artist

Anywhere Winterstorm Team

Programmer, Ai Programmer

Anywhere Anywhere

Gameplay Programmer [TAKEN]

Anywhere Anywhere

Looking for 1-2 C# programmers

Anywhere Big Red Planet

Looking for Programmers for Open World Fantasy FPS

Anywhere Anywhere

2D Artist and Animator [TAKEN]

Anywhere Anywhere

Proficient Programmer in Unity

Anywhere DaBestGamez

Environment Artist

Anywhere Blacklight Studios


Anywhere Winterstorm Team

3D Character Artist (Unpaid/RevShare)

Anywhere Party Llama Games

Unreal Programmer

Anywhere Party Llama Games

Concept Artist

Anywhere Clockwork Knights

Programmer Unity 3D Game

Anywhere Winterstorm Team

We need 3D Environment Artist!

Anywhere Bad Force Studio

2D Animator

Anywhere Evorlor

Seasoned team in need of a Modeler, Animator and UI/UX Artist

Anywhere Anywhere

[IT] [NON PAGATA] Programmatore JavaScript Unity3d

Anywhere Anywhere

3D Modeler

Anywhere Ubacoda

Looking for one c# and one Java programmer

Anywhere Anywhere

Amazing Team looking for more talent! at DMD Games

Anywhere Diamond Games

Creative writer/Game designer for an RPG project

Anywhere Anywhere

Character Concept Artist needed for Point and Click Adventure Game

UK Anywhere

Engine programmer

Anywhere Bio's remnant gaming LLC

Searching for people to manage a game project

Anywhere Anywhere

[Rev-Share] Voxel Generation needs artists to bring it to life! (Demo)

Anywhere Sinnergy Games

Making an Indie fighting game need programmer

Anywhere Anywhere

[Rev-share] Audio Engineer needed for Indie Project

Anywhere Starboard Games LLC

Looking for Lead Programmer for Melee/Shooter Dungeon Hybrid

Anywhere Anywhere

[Volunteer/Unpaid] Character, Envrionment and Props Artists Wanted

Anywhere Unknown Game Development Team

Seeking programmers for ambitious project

Anywhere Anywhere

[Rev-share] Looking Programmer for Life+Farming simulation game

Anywhere Programmer

Fighting game team

Anywhere Personal

[Volunteer/Unpaid] Modeler/Animator/Texture Artist Team

Anywhere Project Necrofection

Voice Actor (Small Task, Any Skill Level)

Anywhere I SHOW YOU

Story Editors/Script Writers need for Point and Click Adventure Game

UK Anywhere

3D animator for Lionhead alum studio

Anywhere Anywhere

Looking for Gamers! Create Video Game Reviews, Get Free Games!

Anywhere BasedGamer

[Volunteer/Unpaid] Programmers of all Specialties

Anywhere Progect Necrofection

Unity3D Developer

Anywhere Plawius

[Rev-Share] looking for a Construct 2 Programmer!

Anywhere Anywhere

Join Hirnbix! Godot Engine programmers needed for open source game

European Timezone is a plus Hirnbix

Voice Actors Needed!

Anywhere Slugfest Studios

2D Texture Artist Needed

Anywhere Anywhere

Concept Artists

Anywhere Cup of Tea Games

[Royalty] Searching for Programmers, Artists and Level Designers

Anywhere Anywhere

Various volunteer musicians for mobile music game (1 track per artist)

Anywhere The Freekshow

Programmers for Minigames and Boardgames

Anywhere Xero3Games

Animation Modellers for a Party Game

Anywhere Xero3Games

[Royalty] Unreal Engine 4 - Cinematic Animator

Anywhere tendogames

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