[REMOTE] Unity Animator and Artist for PC tycoon game

[REMOTE] Unity Animator and Artist for PC tycoon game

Anywhere [PAID] Greenheart Games

[PAID] Animator

Anywhere [PAID] 800 North

Masondogg Studios needs talented developers open to the Revenue Sharing model


Stormy Peak Entertainment is recruiting!

Anywhere [PAID] Stormy Peak Entertainment

[PAID]Unity Developer

Anywhere [PAID] Taranis Game Studio

2D ASCII Artist / Animator

USA [PAID] Raconteur Games

Communications Director

Melbourne, Australia [PAID] Play Loud Games

VAStudios - Contracting Programmers & Artists [Exp/Multi]

North America - Remote Vigilant Addiction Studios

Artists needed for WWII Game (Modelers & Animators)

Anywhere Playnet, Inc. - Cornered Rat Software

Pixel Artist

Canada Fluxscopic Ltd.

Programmer Unity C#

Canada Fluxscopic Ltd.

3D & Particle FX Artists

Anywhere Inkfish Studios

2D Retro Dungeon Crawler - Generalist collaborator / artist

UK / online IAO Games

Sacrament MMORPG

USA Ferocity Unbound Core Studios, LLC

3D artist for a stealth action game

Anywhere Anywhere

3d Modeler and Animator

Anywhere Pixel Man Productions

3d Modeler and Animator (GEM2 Engine)

Anywhere Rising Empire Dev Team

Setting up a team

Anywhere/ Ireland Anywhere

Artists and Sound needed for survival FPS in Unity

Anywhere Anywhere

Game Making Position for Everyone

Anywhere in the Americas Cup of Tea Games

[Profit Share] Programmer

Anywhere My Indie Pixel RPG Project


Anywhere UbiCrystal

[Seeking] Character Modeling Artist

Anywhere Folklore Games

In need of animators and 3D modelers


Artificial Intelligence Coordinator

Anywhere Anywhere

[Rev-share]Seeking PR Lead for Indie Sci-fi RPG

Anywhere Starboard Games LLC

[Rev-share]Seeking Artists for Indie Sci fi RPG

Anywhere Starboard Games LLC

3D artist/ Concept artist

Anywhere Rhylander Dev

Fantasy survival multiplayer FPS looking for proficient modeler and/or animator

Anywhere Dabernack

Concept Artists

Anywhere Raising the Bar Development Team

"Weapon modeler" "Texture artist" "Animator"

Anywhere Aggressive Studios

Level Designer for 2D Platformer

Anywhere Relapse Games Studios

2D Artist for Zombie Survival Game

Anywhere CCGC

Team needed for game Unknown UE4

Belgium or skype Anywhere

Web Developer

Anywhere WickedStation Studios


Anywhere WickedStation Studios

Environment Artists / Prop Modeler

Anywhere Fenrir Studios

2D Environmental Artist

Anywhere Fenrir Studios

Hand Texture Painter/3D Modeler

Anywhere VoidJogos

Concept Artist/texture Artist

Anywhere Delta Games

Environmental/Prop Modelers Animators Riggers Texture Artists Needed asap

Anywhere Delinquent Games

Lead Programmer

Anywhere Relapse Games Studios

Looking for gamers w/ a good personality

Anywhere SDGT Entertainment

Unreal Engine 4 users, Blender users

Anywhere Pixelshaft Interactive (Pokémon Destiny)


Anywhere Delta Games

3D Character (Face)

Anywhere Winterstorm Sports

GameMaker: Studio programmer

Anywhere Anywhere

3D Modeler, Animator

Anywhere Storm Of Chaos-Mod Team

Programmer "living comic book engine" [royalty]

Anywhere Anywhere

Character Modeller needed!

Anywhere Deneva Game Studios


Anywhere Deneva Game Studios


Anywhere Delta Games

Game Creation

Anywhere Anywhere

Programmers, Artists and Voice Actors

Around The Atlantic Eververse Games

Animators, C++ config writers, Texture artists

Anywhere War Chronicles Inc.

[Source Engine] Looking for Mappers

Anywhere Team Abyss


Anywhere Fenrir Studios

Internships with Invisibit Studios 'Are You Game?' project!

Anywhere Invisibit Studios

Sculptor-3D Modeler

Anywhere Tectonic G Studio

[Rev share][Programmer][Graphics][Sound][PR] All talents wanted for RTS/FPS

Anywhere Gravdal Games

Additional Team Members [Animators, Modelers, and Artists]

Skype Simple Minded Games

Game Development Recruitment [Royalties]

Anywhere Anywhere

Game Programmer for UE4

Anywhere Death Pixel

[IT] [Unpaid] Looking for 3D & 2D artists

Italy Work in Progress Entertainment

Text based game content brainstorming at The ADAVA Team

Poland theADAVATeam

Player Modeler/Animator For 2D Survival Game

Anywhere Anywhere

Modeler and Animator needed (unpaid)

Anywhere, Serbia Rakija Entertainment

Shader and Texture Artist [ Royalty ]

USA Pandagon Studios Inc

Entry- Lead 3D Artist Positions [ Royalty ]

USA Pandagon Studios Inc

Blueprint/ C++ Programmer [ Royalty ]

USA Pandagon Studios Inc

Rigging/Skinning Character in Maya/3DS Max to CryEngine

Anywhere Anywhere

Unity3D Wanting All Roles]

Anywhere Jelly Doughnut

[Rev-share]Seeking PR Lead for Indie Sci-fi RPG

Anywhere Starboard Games

Looking for Unreal Programmer/Texture Artist

USA Anywhere

Concept Artists and Logo Designer

Anywhere Project Necrofection

Programmers Wanted for Zombie Game (RPG style)

Anywhere Mythillogical Games

Animators and Artists (Team or lead)

Anywhere Relapse Games Studios

whole level designers

Anywhere Relapse Games Studios

[Unpaid/Hobby] BluePrint Coder for UE4 Horror Survival FPS

Anywhere Anywhere

Looking for programmers and artists Unity 3D

Anywhere Anywhere

3D Animator

Anywhere Clockwork Knights

Needing programmer for our third project!

Anywhere Anon Studios

[ES] Programador para equipo de habla hispana

España Bocata

Mobile Game Studio Looking for Unity Programmer

Anywhere Multiverse Games

[Unpaid/Royalty] Open position for RPG project

Anywhere Anywhere

[Rev-share]Seeking 3d Artists Life+Farming game

Anywhere 3d Modeler and Animator

Gameplay Programmers [Science-Fiction]

Anywhere Anywhere

Concept Artist and UI Design [Science Fiction]

Anywhere Anywhere

O My Games Studio Looking for, Programmers, 3D artist and level designer

Anywhere Oh My Games Studio

[Unpaid] Pixel art textures for upcoming Roguelike

Anywhere / Online CeteriMedia


Anywhere Narcoleptic Fox

[IT] [Volunteer/Unpaid] Unity Game Developer

Milan, Italy Whatwapp Entertainment Srl

[UE4] Games Programmer

Anywhere Anywhere

Seeking Mappers for a Standalone Source Engine Project

Anywhere WhackJob Interactive

Pixel artist and programmer needed for turn-based urban RPG

Los Angeles Anywhere

Searching 2D artist for singleplayer game

Anywhere Anywhere

3d Artist Character

Anywhere Fifa 16 Modding

Writers wanted for interactive novel

Anywhere Anywhere

[Rev-share]Seeking Artists for Indie Sci fi RPG.

Anywhere Starboard Games LLC

Looking for: [3d modeler]

Anywhere Chapin

Experienced C# Procedural Programmer (Unity)

Anywhere Behaviour

Animation Modeller

Anywhere Xero3Games

Programmers for a turnbased game like Mario Party

Anywhere Xero3Games

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