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So I was playing too much Half Life mods, and noticed that there wasn't a decent list of single player mods. This list is very good, but I have an even longer list with titles that I haven't gotten around to looking at yet. I'll add those when I can.

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It's a list of released and playable single player goldsource (Half-life 1) mods.

So, this list contains ONLY mods. No single maps or mappacks in a pak file. Mods only. And I will update this list when I get through some more mods. Now I have added links to their moddb profiles so you can drop comments and exponentially increase your moddb levels. Keep grinding.

  1. 1986
  2. 2009EБ (missing alot of textures)
  3. 5 worse ways to die
  4. Accidental Assassin
  5. A.D.I.Y.L beta
  6. Adam (Warning: Explicit Content)
  7. Affliction
  8. Afraid of Monsters
  9. Afraid of Monsters: Director's Cut
  10. Aggregate Pain
  11. Akimbo Half-Life
  12. Alien Blast
  13. Alternate Path
  14. Alternative Origin
  15. Alternative Way (part 1)
  16. Ashfield
  17. Assault on Roswell
  18. Azure Sheep
  19. Back in Future (Alpha)
  20. Back to Xen 1
  21. Back to Xen 2
  22. Battle for Life
  23. Be careful!
  24. Betrayal
  25. Between Two Worlds
  26. Big Lolly
  27. Big Scientists
  28. Biohazard
  29. Black Death
  30. Black Mesa Sideline
  31. Black Op Mission Demo
  32. Black Operations
  33. Black Operations Redux
  34. Black Silla Assault Demo
  35. Blade
  36. Blbej Den
  37. Blood and Bones
  38. Blood Bath
  39. Bloody Pizza: Vendetta
  40. BooM
  41. BooMario Demo (froze for me)
  42. Boreality Part 1
  43. Borked Hazard
  44. Brave Brain
  45. Breakdown 1
  46. Breakdown 2: Afterwards
  47. Breakout
  48. Buddhist Wars
  49. Bugstompers
  50. Caged
  51. Canned Tuna (only new weapons/multiplayer game types)
  52. Case Closed
  53. Castle Creep
  54. Castle Disposed
  55. Cat-Life Demo
  56. Chemical Existence
  57. ChickenMix
  58. ChickenMix 2
  59. Chinatown Demo
  60. Choices
  61. Christmas-Life
  62. Chungo (They Live)
  63. Classic Games mod
  64. Cleaners Adventures
  65. Codename HLDino
  66. Cold Experiment
  67. Condition Zero: Deleted Scenes (Retail, steam only)
  68. Construction
  69. Conundrum
  70. Conundrum 2
  71. Counter-Life
  72. Crack-Life
  73. Crowbar of Time
  74. Cry of Fear
  75. Cthulhu
  76. CWC Mappack
  77. Dalek: Unbidden
  78. Danger
  79. Dark Force (EFTD pre-release)
  80. Dark Territory
  81. DAV HL Pack 1
  82. DAV Sub
  83. DAV Train
  84. Dead Sector
  85. Death=Power
  86. Death in the Dark
  87. Death Is Dead
  88. Decay
  89. Deliverance
  90. Destination Black Mesa
  91. Discoman
  92. Doomed-life
  93. Dopusk 31
  94. Dungeon Death
  95. Dust Runner
  96. Dwell Single Player
  97. E7 Black Star
  98. Edge of Darkness
  99. Energy Testing Chamber
  100. Energy Weapons Testing Facility
  101. Engineer adventures
  102. Episode Secret Weapon
  103. Episode Power Plant and China
  104. Escape (Whitling2k)
  105. Escape (Leo Ring)
  106. Escape from Black Mesa
  107. Escape from the Darkness
  108. Escape from Woomera
  109. Espionage
  110. ETC
  111. ETC II
  112. E.T.F.
  113. Failure
  114. Far Crab Demo
  115. Faraón Part 1-4
  116. Fat Shift demo
  117. Fate Reversal
  118. Fathom 2.4
  119. Fight For Life
  120. Fight For Life 2
  121. Firefighter Demo
  122. Flat-Life
  123. Focalpoint
  124. Force of Evil
  125. Freeman Escape (French)
  126. Freeman's Return
  127. Freeman's Return 2
  128. Freeman's Revenge
  129. Freeman's Tomb
  130. Friendship
  131. Fudge-Life
  132. Gamestar
  133. G-Invasion
  134. Gman Island Part 1
  135. Gman Island Part 2
  136. Graf War
  137. Graber 1.1
  138. Ground Zero
  139. Gunman Chronicles (retail)
  140. Gut Reaction
  141. Half-Life 1.5
  142. Half-Life: Before
  143. Half-Life: Black Guard
  144. Half-Life: Borderlands
  145. Half-Life: Chernobyl
  146. Half-Life: Chronicles
  147. Half-Life: Destiny
  148. Half-Life: Dreamcast
  149. Half-Life: Emergency
  150. Half-Life Enigmatik beta
  151. Half-Life: Episode 2
  152. Half-Life: Escape
  153. Half-Life: Escape 2
  154. Half-Life FX: Single (demo)
  155. Half-Life FX: Lost in Black Mesa
  156. Half-Life: Gold
  157. Half-Life Hazardous Materials
  158. Half-Life: History
  159. Half-Life: Induction
  160. Half-Life: Infestation
  161. Half-Life: Nosferatu
  162. Half-Life: OPS
  163. Half-Life: Prince of Persia 3D Demo
  164. Half-Life: Red Alert
  165. Half-Life: Return 2
  166. Half-Life: Return 3 the beginning
  167. Half-Life: Sewer Beta
  168. Half-Life: The Alpha Unit
  169. Half-Life: The Real
  170. Half-Life: Trespasser
  171. Half-Life: Ultimate Attack
  172. Half-Life: Underground
  173. Half-Life: Uplink Extended
  174. Half-Life: Visitors
  175. Half-Life: Wilson Chronicles TUE
  176. Half-Life: Zombie Edition
  177. Half-Quake
  178. Half Quake Amen
  179. Half Quake Amen: the Present
  180. Half Quake Sunrise
  181. Half Secret
  182. Half-Starwars
  183. Hammertime
  184. Hard
  185. Hard 2
  186. Hardman - In the City
  187. Haunted
  188. Haunted Lab
  189. Haywire (Flat-life)
  190. Hazardous Course 2
  191. Headcrab BOSS
  192. Heart of Evil
  193. Heart of Evil Napalm Edition
  194. Heavily Armed
  195. Help Wanted
  196. Hidden Evil
  197. HL Baby
  198. HL Dance
  199. HL RPG
  200. HLYwood
  201. Home Alone - Not
  202. Hostage
  203. Hour-Glass (Warning: Explicit content)
  204. Icon of Hell (crashes on 3rd map?)
  205. Idol Hunt
  206. Infiltration
  207. Infinite Rift
  208. Insurrection
  209. Intolerable Threat
  211. Invasion 105
  212. Irreality
  213. Ispitatel
  214. Ispitatel 2
  215. Ispitatel 3 demo
  216. Ispitatel 4: Classic
  217. Issues
  218. Kill all Greenpeace
  219. Kleiner's Adventures (demo)
  220. Krypton
  221. Lands of Lore II
  222. Last-life
  223. Last Mission Demo
  224. Life's End (Beware of false moddb duplicate)
  225. Lunch Lady Invasion Episode 1
  226. Lv426 Episode 1
  227. Macky's Adventure (Third person)
  228. Madcrabs
  229. Malevolence
  230. Marine Invasion 1 & 2
  231. Mario Keys
  232. Master Sword
  233. McBeth
  234. Meat Blood Gun
  235. Medieval World
  236. Meth life
  238. Mission Failed
  239. Mission Impracticable
  240. Mission Impracticable 2
  242. Mission of Mercy
  243. Mission to Kill 1
  244. Mission to Kill 2
  245. Mistake
  246. Mistake -1
  247. Moonwalker
  248. Need for Energy
  249. Night at the Office
  250. No Chance
  251. No Exit
  252. Office Commando
  253. Operacja Gangantua
  254. Operation: Black Thunder
  255. Operation Firesweep Demo
  256. Operation Krautsalat
  257. Operation Nova
  258. Operations 1942
  259. Opposing Life2Life
  260. Orion
  261. Other World
  262. Outrun
  263. Outwards
  264. Padle Mesto Demo
  265. Parallax beta
  267. Peaces Like Us
  268. Phobos IV
  269. Pimp my Car
  270. P.I.Z.D.E.C.
  271. Plan B
  272. Point of View
  273. Poke646
  274. Poke646: Vendetta
  275. Portrait of Freeman
  276. Prison
  277. Prisoner Escaped
  278. Prisoner Escaped 2
  279. Prisoner of war
  280. Prize
  281. Project AMOD
  282. Project Focus North
  283. Project M.L.P.
  284. Project: Quantum Leap
  285. Project VIP
  286. Prototype 98
  287. Quake
  288. Quarter life
  289. Radiation Alert: Episode 1
  290. Radix
  291. RBHL
  292. Rebellion
  293. Red Mark
  294. Red Mesa
  295. Red Mesa 2
  296. Red Star Episode 1
  297. Redemption
  298. Reissues
  299. Rescue 9-1-Freeman
  300. Residual Life
  301. Residual Point
  302. Resistance 3
  303. Resublimation
  304. Retribution
  305. Retribution 2 alpha
  306. Return
  307. Return to Lambdacore
  308. Reviviscence
  309. Riot in Progress
  310. Robotech: Invasion
  311. Rooms (TWHL)
  312. Route City beta 1
  313. Rumble
  314. Run for Life
  315. Run from Hell
  316. Sabotage
  317. Sagharmath
  318. Santa's Revenge
  319. Santa's Revenge 2
  320. School of Terror
  321. Scientist's Adventure Beta
  322. Scientist Slaughterhouse
  323. Scramble
  324. Sector 6
  325. Sector 6x
  326. Shift-Two
  327. Shortcut
  328. Silent Zhildor Demo
  329. Sky Mesa
  330. Smart Decoy
  331. Soldier
  332. Solo Operations
  333. Someplace Else
  334. Space Lasercore
  335. Space Prisoner
  336. Spirit of Half Life (mapping tool)
  337. Stargate SG-1
  338. Stargate TC: SG-2 Alpha 3
  339. Subhumanity
  340. Survive in Catacombs 1
  341. Survive in Catacombs 2
  342. Swat mod alpha
  343. Sweet Half-Life
  344. SWHL (Star wars Testmod)
  345. Swiss Cheese Halloween
  346. Tactical Espionage Action (Third person)
  347. Technical Problems
  348. Terror Side
  349. Terrorist Attack
  350. Terrorist Attack 2
  351. Test Lab 16
  352. Test your Skill
  353. The Aztecs' Bane
  354. The Blood
  355. The Challenger Deep
  356. The Challenger Deep 2
  357. The Cupboard of Doom
  358. The Escape
  359. The Evasion
  360. The Evil Thing
  361. The Evil World
  362. The Gate
  363. The Gateway
  364. The Gateway 2
  365. The Innocent Eternity
  366. The Long Night
  367. The Lost Hell
  368. The Night Things
  369. The Night Things 2
  370. The Plague
  371. The Puppy Years
  372. The Tower
  373. The Trap
  374. The Way Is Clear
  375. The Way Is Clear 2
  376. The Unknown Menace
  377. The Xeno Project
  378. The Xeno Project 2
  379. They Are Back
  380. They Hunger
  381. They Hunger: Tactical
  382. Time to Run
  383. Time to Run 2
  384. Timefall
  385. Time Shadows beta
  386. Timeline
  387. Timeline II: Iced Earth
  388. Timeline III:Heart of Darkness
  389. Times of Troubles
  390. Todesangst
  391. Todesangst 2: der echte Feind
  392. Tokami Island
  393. Try and Try again
  394. Tucked Up
  395. TWHL Cubicles
  396. Typical Disaster
  397. Typical Disaster The Lost Levels
  398. U-Life
  400. Underground
  401. Underground Territory
  402. Undertime
  403. Unholy
  404. Unknown Faction
  405. Unnamed (needs OpenGL?)
  406. USS Darkstar
  407. USS Defiant
  408. USS Gaspra
  409. Vengeance
  410. Virtual Reality: The Real World
  411. Vlokam 1
  412. Vlokam 2
  413. Wail of Death
  414. Wail of Death 2: The Hell Master
  415. Wanted!
  416. War Crimes
  417. War Mod
  418. Windmill
  419. World War 3 mission 1
  420. World War 3 mission 2
  421. World War 3 mission 3
  422. Worst Holiday
  423. Xen Assault Demo
  424. Xen Exploration Team Demo
  425. Xen Rebels
  426. Xen Walk
  427. Xen Warrior
  428. Xtreme-Violence
  429. You are In my Army Now
  430. Zombies HL (demo)
  431. Zombie-X The Begin
  432. Zubben

Last Updated: 9 Sept 2013
It Looks Like some MODDB admin is looking for every mod he can find and adding them all to MODDB. This list will has all the links to moddb profiles of mods that have been added already, as well as any new mods that have appeared in 2013, which, so far, is about 10 or less. Guess how many new mods will appear in 2014

*Thanks to some english, french, russian, and czech sites for showing me all the totally obscure ones.

Q: What should you do over your winter vacations?

A: Play the mods!

Q: Need more mods.

A: Sure. Theres Opposing Force mods,

There's Bad Map compilations (you can find them via HL Bad Maps addons):
1. DevilMesa, All Out v2, Dismember, DO, Otage, Preludes, RBHL (6 maps), Shootout alpha 3.
2. Desert of Doom, Evil Space, freeman, a day in the life of a coward, Database, Qortez, Pillars of Pain, shortcut, They are Back (3 maps), Observatory, When the Army Came to the Office, Battle for Life (3 maps), Grunt Match, Headcrab Revenge, Killer 2, killpac, Nightshift, Rogat, Runder, Crabulator.
3. The Poseidon Incident, Stoka, hitech, Graf War (14 maps), You are in my army now, Haunted Lab, Population, Mansion, Marine Invasion 1 & 2 (12 maps), Vlokam 1 and 2 (24 maps).
4. Blood Reign, Challenger Deep (51 maps), Terrorist Attack (10 maps), Sproutch, Evil Barney, Soft Boiled, Gunz and Science, Borked Hazard (60 maps), Guitar Star (Prealpha 4) and Half-Life: Xen.
5. Betrayal (8 maps), Bow, dwedle, Downlife (3 maps), extinct from life, Final Run (3 maps), 5 Ways to Die, 5 More Ways to Die, GruntsDomain, interview, inthekitchen, LC (by Lux), locked up, Lords lair, poor Kasperg, Quilted Thought Organ, Revamp, Robot, Rum, SmashHL, snooper, SouthEastern Lan Party, Strange Findings, the arena room, the silo.

Q: I'm trying to find a mod but I can't find any working links for it.

A: Post about the mod in question on GmanMasters Dead mods list.


D: links please

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Thats....... a lot of mods !

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

not all :D

here the another list of mods

488 :O

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Great job, now try and link them! :P

I've played most of these been wanting to play 1986.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I wander how long the list will become if we include the single all player episodes that are not combined in one mod...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
2muchvideogames Author

you gotta watch out for the czech list above, I got viruses from it before.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Is there any chance that Half-Life: The Ultimate Attack run in steam?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Frik, I must have played almost, if not all of these since I got Half-life :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Impressive list.. But it seems you didn't play just 1 of the opposing force mappacks. You should do that some mappacks there are really impressive.

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looking for TWHL Cubicles since link on twhl is dead. could you give me a link plz?

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Bl@cK >840 who's more? :D

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Try to play Unnamed in opengl or direct3d mode.
World War 3 Mission 1 & 2

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if you can unpack n run WW3M 1&2 post files somewhere plz
p.s. >1000 who's more? :D

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2muchvideogames Author

ya i agree, we need unpacked WW3M 1 and 2.
Love ur site, by the way :)

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WW3 Unpacked files are on this Page:

2006 01 16

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great, thank you

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I think, I have most of HL singleplayer mods and maps ever released. At least any, which was released or reviewed on any of popular sites. Some of the maps & mods that I have are not presented on the web anywhere now, because I'm collecting HL mods since about 2001 year, and I've downloaded them long time ago (from sites or pages that already are not existing). I wish to upload them all to ModDB, but it will take a lot of time, that I don't have enough...

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Have you checked out the list of dead hl mods? If you have any then please upload them!

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Please help me to find a lost mod:
-In the begin, the player is out a Spacecraft and get new gun model into a place like maze. This where is have much "black alien" like Alien (movie 1979). The models and textures are so old (for WON?).

Sorry about my bad English.

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Lv-426 episode 1 ?

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Data1 Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

removed Saving Santa, and Subway: long fall as they are twhl maps (not mods), so they are both included in the twhl maps pack.

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same goes for HL CCTV.

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The Unknown Menace

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sector 6x

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No thats the standard Sector 6. The actual Sector 6x came from and hasn't been found yet.
I've changed the modDB page to:

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2muchvideogames Author

Hi, so I was gonna update this, but I noticed that mods have edited the article, lol. I never noticed it got edited, or even when. I was going by a standard procedure on which mods were added and what not, and this got kinda confusing. Do you mods still need me to update the article? Not sure where you all going with this. But I guess it's pretty cool that this is now the 'official' moddb reference for HL1 mods

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2muchvideogames Author

i didn't include mappacks (downloads that don't include liblist.gam)

Also, an admin removed some mods from the list without informing me. I dont want to risk adding them back unless I'd be sure it doesn't get changed again.

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All mods are still there, except 3 where TWHL maps hence added to a map pack, and some where moved to the HL Bad maps addons, and the 2 official expansions (blue shift and opposing force) aren't listed as they are not mods. Apart from that all mods should be listed there unless I'm mistaken.

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Half-life: Survivors is also a single map and therefore not a mod.

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same goes for Run, Run, Run.

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2muchvideogames Author

I'm using a very simple criteria for this list (whether there is a liblist.gam file.) You should ask me before making changes to the list. And honestly, your criteria isn't very good. I don't think it's fair to randomly judge any given mod as 'bad' for any reason. Also, just because it has 1 map doesnt mean it's not a mod. There are total conversions that have a single map. Like I said, I'm using a very simple, easy to judge criteria, while yours is kinda opinionated and not exact. I just want to know that, if I continue to update this list, are you going to edit it again suddenly.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

I've put liblist.gam files to many single map creations, as has phillip. So your criteria isn't accurate. It doesn't matter if its total conversation, single maps won't be included in the list.

As for the Bad maps, they are community judged REALLY bad ones, universally detestable, they will be in that bottom list but yeah apart from editing the bottom part you can do as you like.

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