Half-Life Episode Two begins exactly where Half-Life ended, after accepting the job agreement with Gman, Gordon Freeman is sent back to the Black Mesa Research Facility, why? It's up to you to find out. Explore never seen before areas of Black mesa in seven chapters that will immerse you into a spooky and dark environment while you search for clues to reveal one of the darkest secrets of the facility and the reason why you were sent back in.

The Project:
Half-Life Episode Two is a horror/action single-player Half-Life 1 modification currently under development, the adventure features improved and redesigned game-play mechanics, lots of exploration and action, deep atmosphere well as a it's own unique plot set on the Half-Life Universe while partially staying true to the original Half-Life game-play.

With a restructured and improved game platform Half-Life Episode Two will feature lots of graphical improvements, extended game-play elements, a new sound platform, high quality level design, high quality models and compelling presentation.

The game will not, as of currently, support multi-play.

The Trinity rendering engine, or Raven as I used to call it before it had an official name, is now free for download with source code available, released under LGPL license you are allowed to do as you please with the code as long as credit to the original developer is kept, source code for Half-Life Episode Two however will remain indoors as of now.

Trinity Custom Edition

The Engine:
Half-Life Episode Two is powered by the Abyss engine, the successor of the Trinity rendering engine, which supports the following features:

  • Rewritten BSP renderer;
  • Rewritten Studio renderer;
  • Full multi-pass per-pixel dynamic lighting;
  • High resolution real-time shadow-maps;
  • A Particle engine;
  • High resolution textures;
  • Vertex buffer objects;
  • Advanced water shaders;
  • Detail textures;
  • High performance model manager;
  • Rewritten decal system;
  • Real-time mirrors.

The code-base is compiled in the latest C programming software and libraries using high level optimizations and support for advanced processor extensions. Vertex buffer objects are used to render world, models and particles, as a result performance is very fast.

Other advanced post process visual effects also include:

  • Aura glow-shells;
  • Motion blur;
  • Screen warmth glow;
  • Color effects;
  • Depth\Radial per-pixel fog;
  • Underwater caustics.

Due to high end requirements it is necessary that your system support at least OpenGL 2.0, as well as a fast enough processor with SSE support.

The game only supports the OpenGL renderer meaning that inferior video chip vendors might not correctly handle the game. Nvidia 5 FX series not supported.

This modification also uses the Amnesia Sound Engine, an open source sound platform, based on FMOD Ex library, available under LGPL license.

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RSS Articles

Current news

News 2 comments

After a three month old update I finally found the appropriate moment to announce what has happened during the time nothing was posted on the profile.

I joined the army and by now, I almost finished recruitment, this of course means during that time I had little time to rest let alone work on hlep2, so that means development was stopped for the past 11 weeks, but I'm currently on vacation now and not only did I decide to tell you folks whats up but also to resume development, should be easier from now on and depending on my working schedule and activities I will try to give hlep2 some time whenever I can.

The rendering engine was also updated once more, and more updates are coming, not only is the engine incredibly fast but also looks nicer.

See ya around whenever I get a reasonable amount of new content developed, just enough to post another media update.

Update 22\11\2012

Update 22\11\2012

News 7 comments

Short development updates and latest progress.

HLep2 beta gameplay video available

HLep2 beta gameplay video available


HLep2 beta gameplay video available, after a big delay I finally was able to record and upload it, enjoy.

2011 Christmas update

2011 Christmas update

News 1 comment

A media Christmas update showing recent mapwork progress along with some of the new effects supported by Trinity.

Latest news and progress

Latest news and progress

News 7 comments

A small Media update to keep the profile alive and also some news

RSS Files
Trinity rendering engine v3.08f

Trinity rendering engine v3.08f

Source Code 4 comments

This is the source code for the last public version of the Trinity rendering engine, version 3.08f. I'm uploading it here for future reference, in case...

Detail Tool v1.0

Detail Tool v1.0

Source Code 1 comment

This is another tool I developed for use with my ongoing project HLEP2. It auto generates "detailtextures.txt" for the detail file generator the Trinity\Abyss...

Texture Tool v1.2.1

Texture Tool v1.2.1

Source Code 1 comment

This is a tool I been working on for personal use. It auto generates a texture flag script for the external loader feature in Trinity\Abyss. It is very...

Amnesia sound engine version 4

Amnesia sound engine version 4

Audio Tool 3 comments

The Amnesia sound engine is a implementation of the FMOD Ex library into Half-Life as a complete replacement for the original audio engine. Developed...

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SpazJR61 - - 413 comments

another dead half-life mod

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Daburubareru - - 738 comments

...damn this look great shame it didn't came out

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Aynekko - - 666 comments

Last update was 8 years ago… Yeah, totally dead. Sadly :(

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
MR.SUPERIOR - - 368 comments

i would really love to play this
Atleast the last build that you have been working on

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Guest - - 693,250 comments

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akshatmuz45 - - 7 comments

it is discontinued because half life finished in mod half life invasion

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
PsyWarVeteran - - 1,883 comments

I recently played the demo and I loved it, too bad it has been discontinued.

I really would like to see a full version of this.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Zangetsu_0102 - - 93 comments

hey, do you still have the game files? I need the weapon models if possible.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
gareen - - 102 comments

Mod dead?

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Guest - - 693,250 comments

esta todo mal es una porqueria nadie lo ocupe

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