Canned Tuna

v 1.5, 2011 Tweak

Website (archived version): Web.archive.org

Mod was originally released in 2000.

Canned Tuna can run on both WON Half-Life and Steam Half-life.

--Description (taken from Planet Half-Life)--
The weapons in Canned Tuna are slimmed down to five. The crowbar is now an instant-gib weapon, if you can get close enough to use it. Second, you have a laser rifle that is deadly even at great distances. As you may have guessed, this would be the "sniper" weapon. The third weapon is a machine gun which uses Scarecrow's M41a Pulse Rifle model - also featured in The Gathering. This baby fires off enough rounds to perforate even the sturiest of enemies quickly and is the most commonly selected weapon for jetpack fights. Next is the mortar, a modified rocket launcher that fires high-powered rockets in a downward arc. Last, but certainly not least, is the sonic tripmine. It's basically a standard tripmine that doesn't have a laser, and you get two on each spawn. Of course, they can be circumvented via the jetpack, which is the other important new item. Simply holding down the jump button will get you airborne, but controlling the pack is a little tricky and takes practice at first. It's also worth noting that fall damage is always set to "realistic," so those who don't handle their jetpacks carefully will find themselves cratering if they don't slow their descents. Lastly, there are no weapon pickups, so the only way to get more tripmines is to die, and while you DO change out clips with the machine gun, all weapons otherwise have unlimited ammunition.

As mentioned above, Canned Tuna has more gameplay modes and fewer weapons. All of the modes are deathmatch variants, with teamplay available on some of them. One mode, Gib the Llamas, has players alternately spawn as Llamas, who have extra speed, jetpacks and crowbars, or standard players, who have no jetpacks and move more slowly. When a Llama kills a standard player, he gets extra points. Another mode has you hunting the map to pick up all of the "runes," flashing balls of light. When you're killed, you drop any you were holding. This is best for a smaller number of people, because with too many, acquiring all of the runes becomes well-nigh impossible. Still another mode spawns Half-Life monsters for you to kill. Other modes include a 1-on-1 similar to Rocket/Lambda Arena and Instagib. If you feel the urge, you can also go through the Single-Player game with the Canned Tuna weapons and (for Xen) the jetpack.

Bots are also included for times when there are fewer players available. To add bots, type "addbot" in the console.

--Changes in 2011 tweak--
* Created Steam compatible menu background
* Copied Half-Life deathmatch maps into the maps folder
* Created this readme file

--Installation Instructions--
To install, extract the folder named "cantuna" to your Half-Life directory (usually C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\\half-life)

--Slayer Mode Note--
Slayer mode (the gameplay mode that spawns Half-Life monsters) crashes Half-Life. Do not play slayer mode, ever.

--Original Author--
* randomnine

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If anyone wants to see a higher quality version of the Canned Tuna video posted on Moddb, here it is:

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Canned Tuna v1.5 (2011 Tweak version)

Canned Tuna v1.5 (2011 Tweak version)

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Canned Tuna v1.5 download. The creator of this file has no affiliation with the original author of this mod.

FeatsOfStrength - - 134 comments

22 years ago I used to play this mod on a LAN after school with two friends it's absolute insanity.

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Guest - - 698,399 comments

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Weperlol - - 84 comments

This mod can be fun with friends.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
CrazyDarkDemonMonkey - - 117 comments

if this is a singleplayer why does it acts like a multiplayer?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
HazarD. - - 59 comments

Why the hell is every mod getting updated like mad?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
feillyne Staff
feillyne - - 5,816 comments

They are published on Desura, lol, in series almost at the same moment.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Bl@cK - - 189 comments

there is another version, called "FINAL", dated 2002, with release notes about 12Kb. and if you cannot find latest version for your steam background, dont do this. ever.

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