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Halfquake Trilogy

The journey that started in 2001 has finally come to an end: Halfquake Trilogy is now available for free on Steam!

This Half-Life mod contains Halfquake (2001), Halfquake Amen (2002), and Halfquake Sunrise (2010). Key features include:

  • Over 15 hours of agonizing gameplay
  • Over a hundred sadistic traps
  • 40 original music tracks by muddasheep, Virtual Riot, LupusRex, Vino, TaskBeenden, TheNameless
  • Over a hundred fixes and improvements compared to the original releases
  • New textures by seven esteemed artists
  • 20 new easter eggs

You can read all 60 development log entries in chronological order on my Patreon blog, which describes the past year of merging all three mods into one giant project.

The soundtrack is available on Spotify and a myriad of other platforms:

You can catch a glimpse of the first part in Bolloxed's video:

Thank you everyone for supporting my mods throughout the past seventeen years. Hope you all enjoy the new additions!
Turnament is now available!

Turnament is now available!


Become the space miner you always wanted to be. Face off against Commander Neek, who would rather see you dead. Collect crystals, destroy drones, and...

Halfquake Trilogy on Steam Greenlight

Halfquake Trilogy on Steam Greenlight

News 9 comments

Right when Steam Greenlight is about to die, let's add some more to the overall death count.

Halfquake Sunrise Release

Halfquake Sunrise Release

News 20 comments

The third part of the Halfquake series has finally risen!

Introducing: Halfquake

Introducing: Halfquake

News 15 comments

A look back at the history of Halfquake, followed by new screenshots and a new trailer for Halfquake Sunrise.

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Full Version 5 comments

You: "Another boring modification for half-life?" We: "Well, we and our testers don't agree on that one... It's neither boring nor interesting, it's FRUSTRATING...

Halfquake Sunrise

Halfquake Sunrise

Full Version

Halfquake Sunrise is a Half-Life 1 modification, and the third part of the Halfquake series. You are another victim in an institute that loves to watch...

Halfquake Sunrise Soundtrack

Halfquake Sunrise Soundtrack

Music 3 comments

Consists of 20 tracks, made by gen, TheNameless, TaskBeenden, Vino and Muddasheep. Has a total runtime of over 50 minutes.

Halfquake Sunrise (Version 1.2)

Halfquake Sunrise (Version 1.2)

Full Version 15 comments

The third part of the Halfquake series has finally risen, now in a slightly updated form!

Halfquake Amen (Version 1.2)

Halfquake Amen (Version 1.2)

Full Version 3 comments

Halfquake Amen - Single Player Halflife Mod. Includes Steam support, and the addon "The Present".

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DoktorWhiplash - - 247 comments

Compared to the original half quake, the jump of quality between the two was super.I like it. A top 50 mod topper for sure.

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EZeddy - - 153 comments

I remember when Sunrise was released, I was really excited. I loved Amen SO MUCH, one of my favorite mods ever. So, I started playing Sunrise, and soon got... really bored. Amen was more like an experience game with some hardcore gameplay elements, and it was a perfect combination. Sunrise is all about hardcore gameplay, which can be really frustating in large doses. I especialy hate the beginning of the game, which is really boring and lacks the humor and atmosphere of Amen. I know, Half-Quake series are all about making the player feel like a helpless victim, but Amen did it much better, and without frustation. All in all, Sunrise was a disappointment for me. Even the music is not as impressive as it was in Amen.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
boylag - - 30 comments

Two down just one to go. Will I continue dying.

Ya probably.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
EXU_SKULLY - - 635 comments

part 4 PLEASE PLEEEEEEASE!!!! *sadism intensifies*

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
jason911 - - 17 comments

playing this soon.....

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
PITVIPER466 - - 8 comments

I luv all the 3 parts...
i also luv the hilarious comments made throughout the maps.
I myself will wait patiently in the shadows until part 4 emerges hopefully...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
SuaerBricker - - 28 comments

I just can't understand what happens at the end. LOL, I jump at somos, press E, everything goes FUBAR and I wake up surrounded by stuff unable to advance while listening to these guys?

Is that the ending?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Red_Dead_Otter - - 32 comments

After final battle you survived but found yourself under the debris from which you can't escape. But those guys think you're dead Just listen to them and wait when you die of hunger :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
tehstrelok - - 125 comments

when I played limbo, I felt reminded of halfquake sunrise so much :P

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Malastrome15 - - 73 comments

I haven't beaten Sunrise yet, but it's much harder than the other ones. But my favorite is Amen because it's so funny and is based from the comics.

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