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10 Review

Mod Review by Turpow on Nov 22nd, 2015

Probably one of the best Half-Life mods so far. If you like the classic feel of old Half-Life mods, you'll love this. Instead of using the same old Black Mesa environment, the creator converted everything to an Arctic theme. Everything is remodeled and reskinned to fit the ice theme, including weapons. For example, instead of the Crowbar you get an Ice Pick, and the Soldiers use winter jackets and masks.
Combat can be tough, but balanced by the more accurate and powerful weapons in your arsenal, an Ace Pick, "Ice" Grenades, a Heckler & Koch G3, a white RPG and a Beretta.
There's no real developed story, but that's not a problem. It really feels like those old Half-Life mods, where you simply have to blast your way to freedom without any complex story, which gives it a good old-school feeling!
I totally recommend this mod for people who like classic Half-Life gameplay, mixed with a new interesting environment!

Jamie's Mod
10 Review

Mod Review by dOgE+2 on Nov 22nd, 2015

I don't even know what I even played but i liked it

Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge - Begin Disasters
3 Review

Mod Review by DaynNightHD on Nov 22nd, 2015

This game is overloaded with useless units and building. Also there is a lot of unbalanced units, Yuri become more OP
Campaign is awful, very boring to play against horde of 'WHATTHEFUCKISTHIS' units

The Unknown Menace
5 Review

Mod Review by Turpow on Nov 22nd, 2015

Feels very incomplete. Mediocre weapon and character models, boxy level design, and very hard to play because of the realistic damage. Not really worth playing.

1 Review

Mod Review by ST6 on Nov 22nd, 2015 - 3 people agree 1 person doesn't

The whole entire mod is not created by you, you just changed models and others. This can be putted to BHL add-ons section

People who give me disagree, your life is pointless and you're a thief too

Tag: The Power of Paint
5 Review

Game Review by ofihombre on Nov 22nd, 2015

This game is the anticipated prototype from Splatoon.

Der Schwarze Nebel
7 Review

Mod Review by conard on Nov 22nd, 2015

Explain myself!?!? meh, its good enough, and playable

10 Review

Mod Review by Jecky07 on Nov 22nd, 2015 - 1 person agrees

Fantastic mod with fantastic world! This is the best amateur events especially made by One Man!!! There are 100s new units to play about with and they are all balanced. Each unit reflects each side. For example, you can now make Cars for Queen which makes her more effective for speed. Another example is that you can play with monsters Aliens faction! The games speed has been adjusted so it's faster paced. You can set up a game much quicker and get into the action!
This mod is Great! But I think that Modder must to restore the "General's Challenge"!!!
Thank you very much Scanarri! Good luck in all your endeavors and creativity!

10 Review

Mod Review by Bigelow on Nov 22nd, 2015 - 3 people agree

Wowwwww! This the Best Mod I have ever seen. It's performance and graphics are very good! I love new units, dinosaurs and AI. Meanwhile new game Music in Arabian and I love it, Because I am from UAE.

FOC Alliance-Star Wars from the Clone Wars to GCE
4 Review

Mod Review by jashinbiebeh on Nov 21st, 2015

While this is my favourite mod on EAW, this is also one of the most frustrating mods as well.
-A LOT of ships from both cannon, non cannon and legends sources.
-Addition of new factions makes playing the game seem more "star warsy"

Now lets get to the frustrating parts.
-This game is VERY VERY unstable, expect it to crash like the windows 8 version of internet explorer.
-it is as unbalance as it is unstable. I defeated large fleets with only 3 EX-F star destroyers.
-More bugs than an anthill.

While most people would stop reading at the unstable bit and download a better mod.
Im more forgiving with the Cons because i was gaming in an age where they were a common part of the gaming culture.
But what i don't find amusing is the dev's attitude towards criticism. It not only reflects the views of the EAW modding community, but the future of this mod as well.
He bans people who points out flaws bugs and even those who show slight distaste for the mod, showing no integrity.
And with no bug checks or testing, the dev is just going to add more content and more bugs to the game, eventually rendering it unplayable.

In a quick TL;DR summary, Don't waste your internet quota on this mod unless you are patient and forgiving of bugs and glitches.

Generation X
10 Review

Mod Review by Arc137 on Nov 21st, 2015

For all you spoiled jerks:
Just because this mod was discontinued and never released, does not mean this mod is bad, the core design and idea and quality put into the mod is amazing, and saying this is bad because you were impatient just makes you a total selfish loser. Not only that, is that most of the mod's ideas and mechanics are being RECYCLED into the other mod: Deep Impact — a mod that isn't just to make 'zero hour better'

Half-Life 2: E3 Reconstruction
10 Review

Mod Review by buzligh05 on Nov 21st, 2015
This review may contain spoilers

this mod is cool its kinda better than missing information's e3 maps and it even include the oicw the right version and it replaces the pulse rifle just as i wanted it to do. and it has the e3 sounds but i edit the script for smg and oicw so that they use pistol ammo because i feel like i'm playing e3 and i edit the clip for the smg to make it 30 because e3. also i use a console command called zoom_toggle which lets me zoom and shoot while i zoom i wish this mod had that kind of feature. this is a great mod and you should try it.

C&C Red Alert 2: Reborn
3 Review

Mod Review by MarioAndMilesRA2 on Nov 21st, 2015

Well i was really disappointed for this mod not because the unit but the mod does not work to me i could not play this
When i try to run the game it said please insert yuri's revenge CD
I don't have a cd because i just download the pirate version of this if you could fix it i will give it at 10/10

Witch Hunters: Adepta Sororitas mod
10 Review

Mod Review by ShmigMystic on Nov 21st, 2015

Loving it...

Divide and Conquer
8 Review

Mod Review by kimsnightmare on Nov 21st, 2015

just awsome :D

VTMB: Clan Quest Mod
5 Review

Mod Review by arsxc on Nov 21st, 2015

Sadly i am disappointed with this mod. After all this hype and (high!!?!? #@) scores i was expecting something good but... no. Firs of all it lacks atmosphere very badly. There is too many "LOLs" and "*****" and sexual themes. It felt very childish and premature. After couple of quests i wanted to uninstall this crap and start with the fresh install. To create quality video game there is some proper IQ required. And this chick date-quest thing, really??! (I am talking about the clan mod thing only, not the other like arsenal mod or patch which are great!)

Antlions Everywhere
8 Review

Mod Review by edwardcrab on Nov 21st, 2015

Very nice mod. I like atmosphere and design in this mod. I like some ideas of this mod /.

New Vision
10 Review

Mod Review by Dark_Evilous on Nov 21st, 2015

One of the best mods I have ever seen for Deus Ex. Improves textures, some models, it even allows to choose renders (that means 60 fps in Deus Ex for me, and 60 fps means 10/10) and resolution of the screen and run perfectly on modern PCs. Also, no bugs and no crashes!

Verdict: 10/10.

Project Reality: Battlefield 2
10 Review

Mod Review by Timvorixos on Nov 21st, 2015

Holy **** man if you get a little high you think you are in a war personally

Xash3D Android
10 Review

Game Review by Brkge on Nov 21st, 2015

WOW 10/10! A review must be entered to justify such a high rating. WOW 10/10! A review must be entered to justify such a high rating.

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