TNM is a huge singleplayer mod for Deus Ex based on the gaming community, finally released after 7 years of development.

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The best mod I have ever played, hands down.


this is, actually, the best mod to any game i have ever played. seven years in development was not wasted - the sheer amount of content, choices, attention to detail and polish shows more hard work and dedication than most AAA games that have come out recently.

a brilliant gaming experience has come from what was obviously one of those ambitious 'haha, this would be an awesome mod!' ideas that everyone scoffs at. you guys ******* did it! even the voice acting is well done!

everyone reading this page owes it to themselves to play this mod. it is an absolute masterpiece.

The Nameless Mod is a fantastic example of what a few guys (and a whole heap of voice artists) with 7 years and a love for a old PC game can do! 30 hours with multiple outcomes to just about every problem in true Deus Ex fashion!

A must play for anyone who owns Deus Ex!


This is the best mod of all time and nothing will ever, ever convince me otherwise.

Fantastic mod. Lots to do, and lots of fun.


It's really hard to review something which is SO good, but here goes: This is one the best mods I've ever played. Everything in the game just clicks in the right way. The story is funny and makes you addicted to it. The characters are unique and hilarious. The levels look breathtaking and the size of the levels is amazing. Very often I stopped playing just to look at the beautiful design. Gameplay is excellent (naturally, since this is DX mod after all), with nice little tweaks and lots of secrets to go around. Music is engaging and a pleasure to listen. All around, this is a perfect package for anyone who wishes to see more of DX. A perfect 10/10, I'll be coming back for this mod again and again, and so will you.

Enjoyed. every. minute. dot.

Somewhere between the snarky forum posts-style humour, ugly level design and just barren game World I had to give up. I wanted to like this mod, the custom assets and full voicing acting are commendable but it lacked any cohesive narrative structure.


alangme says

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Even though I had a bug with my graphic card I managed to continue with the game.

At the beginning it can become a bit confusing but after a restart I found the game quite more enjoyable, it manages a lot of new and improved concepts such as improved vending machines and weapons stores and I felt that I had more freedom while playing this than when playing Deus Ex.

However the plot has some weak points, I guess it's a virual reality forum, but if it's not real then I feel there's no real threat and even for the characters deep down it'd be just a game and nothing more. Maybe I'm wrong since I didn't manage to end the game due to problems with my PC but that was the feeling I had


Among the best mods I have ever played. It's on par with Deus Ex, if not better. It's not without it's problems, for example I found the weird inside jokes at the beginning portions of the story just out of place, and it initially made me think that the devs weren't really serious about the whole thing. But I'm glad I kept going and played it from start to finish, as it actually turned out to be one of the best mods I have ever laid my hands on. Superb atmosphere, very "Deus-Ex-y" feel about it. It's been a few years since I last played it, but just listening to the soundtrack on youtube gives me the nostalgic chills that very few games have been able to deliver in my lifetime. Along with Zodiac, a must play for all true DX fanatics!

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