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10 Review

Game Review by TheCosmicBrownie on Apr 14th, 2015


In Lucy's Eyes
7 Review

Mod Review by PatPeter on Apr 13th, 2015

Just finished this TCM on April 13 after two or three nights of gameplay. I have to say, this custom story was 10/10 up until the last 15 minutes of gameplay... then it tanked

+3 for that wife sprite. I literally couldn't look at the screen.
+3 for TWO CUSTOM ENEMY MODELS. So impressive! I couldn't believe it.
+2 Best voice acting in any custom story/total conversion mod that I have ever played.
+2 Map design was incredible.
+2 Match animation was incredible.


-1 Substituting matches for both tinderboxes AND the lantern? No. I can understand using matches to light candles, and then still having the lantern
-1 Night vision is broken. This happens in total conversion mods where for whatever reason it's near impossible to see without light sources.
-1 No autosaves.
-2 Using pictograms for the ending instead of maps? Terrible. Ruined the custom story for me.

Sector Six
10 Review

Game Review by hyd53Xniner on Apr 13th, 2015

Just as described, an elegant and innovative shooter/RPG hybrid.
Though still in Alpha, this is a cool game (and runs cool for those concerned about GPU heat). And it comes in an amazingly small package.

Though not a fan of shooters in general, I had a lot of fun with this one due the RPG elements. It makes for a much more interesting game than just a straight shooter.

On the shooter-side of things, the mechanics are fairly simple but there is variety in both the types of enemies and the tactics you can use based on tech skill choices.

Including tech resets was a nice touch, as was allowing the laser to be on repeat-fire by holding down the left-mouse button (saves the poor button from wearing out).

Forward to the Sky
7 Review

Game Review by E_Glyde on Apr 13th, 2015

Fun but short game. The combat is simple and does it's job. The same can be said for the music, the puzzles took some thought but are not to complex. The music is enjoyable, and I never got tired of it(maybe because of the short game length). The writing and voice acting is doable but somewhat cringe worthy at moments.

So if you came for a cute, small enjoyable game then buy this game.

Edain Mod
10 Review

Mod Review by Grommosh on Apr 13th, 2015

Been Playing Rise of the Witch-king for a Year and Now With the 4.0 version of this Mod It makes it better the it was with out it. If I were to recommend the game I would also recommended the Mod, In my opinion it does bring more to the game (in lore of game play wise) then I have experienced so far.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution
10 Review

Game Review by SV7 on Apr 13th, 2015

Great graphics
Perfect performance
Perfect gameplay
Awesome storyline
Realistic AI
A possible future for mankind

Some weapons are either useless or not powerful enough
Ammo is usually hard to find
Map could show all discovered or by area discovered stores and places

"OP" ~SV7

Transmissions - Element 120
7 Review

Mod Review by l0p on Apr 13th, 2015

This mod has some great looking maps and visual effects along with a new weapon to play with which you can use to kill enemies or bounce yourself into the air. Pretty fun but way too short as it only took me about 30 minutes to finish on the first try. Interesting concept though, need more mods with different Gravity Gun variations.

Jedi Academy - Knights of the Old Republic 2 Duels
10 Review

Mod Review by Executor-64- on Apr 13th, 2015

it promissed big, and delivered equally
Action packed saber duels streight out of kotor universe,
with authentic maps, skins and lightsabers and customization options

Persistent Sagas 793 AD
7 Review

Mod Review by Elite5363 on Apr 13th, 2015

Looks like a great mod but having it be released with no download link on the main page is kinda annoying. I've been waiting a while for this to come out and it's out, but without a download link. I know that te mod is being worked on still but, yeah.

Persistent Sagas 793 AD
10 Review

Mod Review by VoivodBG on Apr 13th, 2015

Best mod

SWAT 4: Graphical Enrichment Mod
10 Review

Mod Review by soubi4 on Apr 13th, 2015 - 1 person agrees

so good :) After years Swat 4 stays one of the best coop game ever>

You can play with Hamachi, hope for SWAT 5

SSL Mod is great, you can try it :)

GG team and big thx for your job

Quake Engine
10 Review

Engine Review by punk0x29a on Apr 13th, 2015

Concidering countless spin-offs, iterations, re-writes, branches, and most importantly the fact that it aged so damn well, one can easy say that Quake Engine is for game engines exactly that, what Unix is for operating systems. Or something like that. I'm definitely onto something here... :)

10 Review

Engine Review by punk0x29a on Apr 13th, 2015

Extremely easy to use and learn.
Very advanced and full of features.
Lua flexibility when figuring out new game combined with C speed when actually playing it.
Very helpful and forebaring community. Very alive too.
If you plan to make 2D game, this is a place where you should start. Period.

9 Review

Game Review by inszajner on Apr 13th, 2015

This game is a perfect balce of adventure and survival. Other than that the game is just fun. Too many games nowadays are not listening to their players but Grav's whole developement is based upon what the players want! Amazing game!

City Life RPG
10 Review

Mod Review by MrDodgeballWizard on Apr 13th, 2015

I have been playing this game for 2 years. Every month I play, something new is put in game. The devs keep everyone up to date, let us know of new content coming out. The admins and players are brilliant and make the roleplay even sweeter. I have made plenty of mates on here some of which are very good friends. I highly recommend this mod and if anyone needs anything in game, come find me. Consortium for life :D

10 Review

Game Review by Randford on Apr 13th, 2015

This game have a very promising concept, the switch on the Prism renew the shmup concept, and i really like the retro graphics, reminds the old school shooter :)
I voted on Steam Greenlight, i hope the game will be release soon ;)

Keep going on it !

10 Review

Game Review by fluidz91 on Apr 13th, 2015 - 1 person agrees

I tried this game some months ago during the private beta phase, and i have to say to the developers that this is a pretty amazing concept, never seen before !
Great game dudes !

Medal of Honor: Cooperative
10 Review

Mod Review by tompa82 on Apr 13th, 2015

Great work! Thanks a lot for your time making this great game even better! It´s a feature that should have been there out-of-the box, now MOH is perfected! Cant wait for the final release :)

Half-Life 2
8 Review

Game Review by mangana on Apr 13th, 2015

play this game very cool
when half life 2 episode 3 come out talk me

Sins of a Galactic Empire
8 Review

Mod Review by GenGrievous on Apr 13th, 2015

Great mod actually and a lot of fun. I found what I had played to be challenging yet not over or under done in most aspects.
However I was rather disappointed with the starbases, rather small and frankly ineffective. most of the time the AI mobbs in with a respectable fleet and even supported the base is no match. lastly the super cap for the voya or whatever...that giant spiral with 116k hull yeah that thing took me a maxed fleet as the CIS to bring down with 2 super caps of my own and 200 bombers lol maybe dial down that monster a bit. Anyways had fun playing thanks for the mod!

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