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10 Review

Mod Review by PR-0927 on Sep 13th, 2014

Best Star Wars strategy mod I have ever seen. Approaching studio-level quality. Nothing compares to the feeling of descending on planets, one-by-one, with an unstoppable fleet of the Empire's finest Star Destroyers.

Rise of the Reds
10 Review

Mod Review by Anister on Sep 13th, 2014

I thought that vanilla CNCG=ZH was perfect, until now.

-more units
-more factions
-more awesome

Easely installed, this mod will, i guarantee you, rock your world.

9 Review

Mod Review by jp_b36 on Sep 13th, 2014

Misery... I've been watching the mod for a long time but never got miself to download it but one day, after looking at all the images and the features and reading a lot (really a lot) of awful reviews i decided to give it a try and i must say i was not dissapointed.

I could say a lot of things about this, i could talk about the graphics, the survival element of the mod, the repair features, etc. But i have a story that resumes what Misery is really about:

I had just started my game as a Recon. After a complete failure in the bloodsucker nest quest and Grouse being ripped apart by the mutants just after starting the quest i was desperate for money. So i accepted Owl's quest to the Waste Processing Station.

I prepared myself this time, i had learned the rules of the game and understood how things worked in Misery. I got a couple of anty-personal mines and a silencer for my pistol and then i watched and waited. For days (in-game) i planned the attack. Did some simple quests and hunted some mutants during those days but everyday i went close to the Processing Station and watched. I watched the mercenaries and after some days of planning and waiting i learned everything about them, i knew how many men they had, i knew their guns, and how many exosqueletons they had i also knew their patrols and their rutines. Finally, after i got a simple night vision devise i was ready... and i waited some more.

It was a pitch black night and it was raining heavily "the perfect moment" i thought while leaving Skadovsk wearing only a trench coat and a gasmask and armed only with a TOZ-66, an old (and in really bad condition) SVD with only 3 bullets and 2 anti-personal mines i went to Preobrazhensky Bridge. From there i saw the flashlights in some mercenarie's heads i aimed carefully, i couln't afford to miss. One shot, one kill and the flashlights dissapear one by one. Soon the three bullets are gone and so i am. I dropped the rifle so i could run faster and i sprinted across the swa

Revamp Expansion Mod (RVE)
10 Review

Mod Review by caqde on Sep 13th, 2014

This mod adds tons of content to SC2 and lots of research it is well balanced and gives a new breath of life to a great game. Since I have started using this it seems impossible to think of playing Supreme Commander 2 without this mod installed.

Spawner Mod
10 Review

Mod Review by LastLifeOfficial on Sep 12th, 2014

well spawner mod it's a great mod, it gives you a lot of possibilities and the chance to do whatever you whant, it could be videos in which you select what you want to happend, like garry'smod, but in goldsource, this could gives a chance to the people that don't have a good pc so they can use this awesome mod, even it has features from half life 2, i know that this mod weren't easy to make because it has a lot of coding work in it

Ultimate Apocalypse mod
10 Review

Mod Review by kilop206 on Sep 12th, 2014

I can`t find anything wrong. Everything is perfect! This is real battlefield. That feel when 10 monoliths with army, attacks my brave Tau is incredible!

Total War: Shogun 2
9 Review

Game Review by Sotoku on Sep 12th, 2014

Can be tedious at times, but so is war.

Wish I knew a way to speed up opponent turns.

Otherwise it is a great Total War game that uses one of most interesting moments in history.

The Lost Souls
8 Review

Game Review by sncdevteam on Sep 12th, 2014

This game was fun, Unity's web browser plug-in continually crashed however.

IFSCL [Code Lyoko Game]
10 Review

Game Review by lukavasic on Sep 12th, 2014

The best code lyoko simulator HD graphics excelent programming everything is like in the show.Every update is so awesome so everyone should be patient cuz it take a lot of time to make something awesome as this is.

A World of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones)
1 Review

Mod Review by ZoidFlanders on Sep 12th, 2014 - 4 people don't

You call Cozur childish, but from what I see you're the one crying about not everyone agreeing with you 100%

Terra Nova Mod
10 Review

Mod Review by RomanGod on Sep 12th, 2014

its good but its not good ok? sorry omg im gonna do it!! im gonna eat me a lot of ice cream now and when i come back i want my puppies to be alive mr jackson or my clitoris wont be happy ill call the police and we'll have a cocktail party in a ship until we reach canada and drown the princess of the spartans

10 Review

Game Review by MHI_Spider on Sep 12th, 2014

Better than PES 2014, this one has awesome graphics and player quality! As for the tournaments, they were OK for me but the player creating panel and editing teams are very useful IMO. That's why I gave it a 10/10.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2014
3 Review

Game Review by MHI_Spider on Sep 12th, 2014

It's very heavy and difficult to play! FIFA 14 is better because it has more better graphics, players and many things. The players in PES 2014 look a bit the same. Don't play this game, it is too heavy and no FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 League I see in the PES 2014 game.

GC2 Reversal Mod
10 Review

Mod Review by Veritas on Sep 12th, 2014

Awesome mod, just briliant, both as an balancing mod to existing factions and to alow the terran as a playable faction. not to mention that the AI can always be one of all 3 factions at the same time..

Quake "Epsilon" Build
1 Review

Mod Review by foxybrown on Sep 12th, 2014

I unno, but that is a weird compilation of all the mods taken from The graphic settings are out of range and what are those funny bat files for ?
If you wanna make your Quake compilation the way you want it, you should visit this page and download most recent Quake HD files and mods:

4 Review

Mod Review by BenAbdallah on Sep 12th, 2014

it shows a bit of work ... but the whole idea of the Zombies in CoD4 was done before, twice, once better than the other ... but sadly they made this mod seem like a portable version of them, lacking in some extend but worth a shot

Le Royaume des Ombres
10 Review

Mod Review by Bludger1 on Sep 12th, 2014

This is an absolutely astonishing mod for Diablo 2. I have been following this for a good while now, but have never actually gotten around to installing it until very recently.

I must say, the work that has gone into this is very impressive. We have art assets pulled from the likes of Path of Exile and Diablo 3. I feel there is nothing wrong with this at all and by god it helps with the aesthetics. We also have a lot of new orbs and gems and so on. I find myself quite lost with all the new additions - In a good way.

The menus have been revamped and made much neater too. Pretty much every screen is redone.

The classes are changed up and we have completely re-imagined skill trees that even have tier bonuses (upgrades). Mobs have been strengthened and changed around, whilst loot has been completely altered. This results in a harder more punishing combat, but with a much greater feeling of reward (seriously, 15 minutes in at level 5 and I am already facing elite mobs that can 2-3 shot me if I don't pay attention... But then they always drop quality items).

The mod author has also created new acts with a new story. I haven't progressed overly far so I cannot quite comment on that yet. I have noticed a couple of typos, but it is really easy to ignore them.

All up, at the end of the day when it comes to Diablo 2 mods MedianXL is generally the go-to. We now have a MAJOR contender to that role now (at least in my eyes). Le Royaume des Ombres may lack the balancing and the shining polish of MedianXL, but it more than makes up for it in fun and spirit!

Thankfully too, there is very little reason to not look at this even if you are adamant on keeping MedianXL. This mod uses the D2SE tool which separates your mods and allows you to launch whichever ones you like without breaking the others. If you install MedianXL in the same way then you can have both.

This already has pluggy built-in so the quality-of-life has been greatly improved. With MedianXL you need to install thi

Autumn Aurora 2
10 Review

Mod Review by Das_P0m on Sep 12th, 2014

The best "vanilla" storyline mod there is.
Perfect graphics and settings it stuns me everytime I play it.

Its perfect and its getting better with every new patch.

Thanks for this awesome work!

10 Review

Mod Review by Joelraymann on Sep 12th, 2014

brytenwalda is a mod that doesnt simply add something to the game it changes the whole base of the game. Every frames of this mods show sheer hardwork of the modder to take time and do this huge project.It has plenty of items, factions,companion,troops etc.To put in a simply way, "You want a mod then brytenwalda is one of your choice".:)

Battle of Europe
10 Review

Mod Review by TKAzA on Sep 12th, 2014

A solid cRPG competitor with more balanced prices and ability to make many different "specs" to swap between as you please.

Sunk many hours into this mod, looking forward to see how it progresses.

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