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10 Review

Engine Review by TheEdvinazard on Sep 18th, 2014

Amazing piece if software just think about all the mods this engine made. This review is copied from another person. blah blah blah now it must be 150 characters.

10 Review

Mod Review by xXxJuggerNopexXx on Sep 18th, 2014

It may have some small issues, and in my opinion it still isnt as realistic as I would hope, but its definatly the closest thing you can get to experience the Zones true hostil nature.
I wouldnt recomend it to any impatient "rambo" minded type of players, but its a great joy to any type of survival horror gaming fans.

Amazing imersive gameplay with very high dificulty, just to teach to any Stalker player that the Zone isnt their bitch, but rather the other way around.
Get used to dying, cause you will experience it alot, no matter how prepared or cautious you think you are. A true must have to any Stalker fan thats looking for a far more complex and dinamic experience of the game.

The Gate 2
8 Review

Mod Review by DuckyThePrussian on Sep 18th, 2014
This review may contain spoilers

i must say this game has lots of potential it has good characters,good writing and also quite some good environments. im only giving it an 8 out of 10 of course by the fact that often the game can get a bit tedious especially during the jail cell scene in which you end up having to wait for ages to be let out the cell and repeat the process a second time.
I also found myself to get lost in a lot of the maps and have at times just gave up entirely on completing the mission normally. I often find myself stuck at a dead end wandering around for ages trying to figure out where to go only to go back and find my A.I partner stuck in one spot in the middle of a hall because i moved ahead of them before they could get to their scripted position leading me to reload the save to an earlier point and then walk slowly behind the A.I partner until they reach the end of their walk path. despite the amount of bugs this game has I see some huge potential in this game becoming much better than it already is. so what im trying to say is this mod is good and you should give it a try.

Codename CURE
8 Review

Mod Review by JoshZemlinsky on Sep 18th, 2014

Having only played this for about 2 hours, i can only say that much, that i am already hooked.

This is a really great little coop mod, while maps are not the prettiest, the gameplay more then makes up for this!

The gameplay is very solid it's fast, team-based and just generaly somewhat arcady. Gun play feels really well done too, there is actually some kick behind firing a weapon.

All this combined makes it fun for hours. The classes are also very good, and feel balanced through out.
Classes are diverse and all fun to play as.

For anyone looking at this, if you are into coop games, and like shooting hordes of zombies, give Codename Cure a try!

Amnesia: Rain
10 Review

Mod Review by lazz3r on Sep 18th, 2014

Good sheit.

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Nova Aetas
10 Review

Mod Review by misieoq on Sep 18th, 2014

Really nice mod. Still some minor bugs occurs for me, but I think that in next version will be full playable for me :) And I like many features like developing village, colonizing, farming etc. - great! :)

Hopeless Night
5 Review

Mod Review by SPY-maps on Sep 18th, 2014

the mod is put well together and the mapping is decent.
Still, the zombie is so dull to have as a enemie these days in HL2 and then to think of that the zombie is the only enemie in this mod does make me think twice. I kept playing although after the 300th zombie, that needed to be killed with a melee weapon i strated to get quit bored. And the whole end, with having to look for keys in apartments, that was really anoying, all the backtracking. And it didn't make sence, why did i need to go go apartment 307, to look for a key of apartment 203, to find there a key for aparment 304, etc etc etc. It really didn't make sence, and was very frustrating. I really wanted it to end by then.
So, the mapping was decent, but the whole game play was boring.
sorry, but i really can't make anything else of it.


Warhammer: Heart of Chaos
10 Review

Mod Review by Lord_Baal on Sep 18th, 2014

So much potential! It's really a shame this is dead. I wonder if it's possible to keep working on it independently.

...... .. ........ .......... ................... ......... ......

Anno Domini 1257
10 Review

Mod Review by warrior_1 on Sep 18th, 2014

Best mod for WB.99 percent historically accurate, better tournaments, map of Europe, parts of Asia and north Africa...After you get knocked in a battle you can control one of your soldiers. Great graphics, but needs a stronger computer than native and most other mods to run nicely, without lag and crashes.

ENKI DIDILA - The First Step
8 Review

Game Review by louizon on Sep 18th, 2014

I really want to see more !
It looks awesome !

Remember Me
7 Review

Game Review by Sgt_Prof on Sep 18th, 2014 - 2 people agree

Personaly I like the game. Remember Me looks incredible and memory remixing is fantastic. Unfortunately it's supported by awful story, worse voice-acting and dull combat. It's getting boring to fight agaist almost the same enemy in same ways. I wish there's could be more weapons, more customisation. I would love to see this game reboot with new title and open world. I loved Neo-Paris setting, it feels more like cyberpunk-themed. To sum-up, Remember Me is an uneven experience that disappoints more often than it thrills.

My score Breakdown
9.0 / 10
6.5 / 10
7.5 / 10
4.0 / 10
7 / 10

Chronicles of Coldcrest : Fall of Bleak Point
5 Review

Game Review by neroham93 on Sep 18th, 2014

i love the game but i don't love the fact that i could only play it halfway through before discovering that there's files missing from the game now i'm on a quest in real life to find some character file for the white watcher which frankly sucks donkey balls i may be temped to give the game the other half of the bar when i can play the other half of the game nothing against the creator it's a great story and the concept while not completely origonal is rare in the freeware gaming world but missing files and buggy gaming ruin the experience just being fair

Garry’s Mod 10
8 Review

Game Review by LastLifeOfficial on Sep 17th, 2014

this remainds me about the good times

Amnesia: The Dark Descent
7 Review

Game Review by LastLifeOfficial on Sep 17th, 2014

amnesia :'D this is just awesome

40 000 Sins
10 Review

Mod Review by Janissaire on Sep 17th, 2014

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Wow Such Review 10/10
Wow Such Space Marine
Wow Such Big Battleship

Legends of Persia
7 Review

Game Review by Ali.unt94 on Sep 17th, 2014
This review may contain spoilers

it is very good for me

Calradia: Imperial Age
6 Review

Mod Review by warrior_1 on Sep 17th, 2014

I like the idea of the mod, but i just could not convince myself to rate this higher.Come on, i know this is beta but, muskets shooting arrows? There has been several release, but it is still there.It is unplayable for me when i see an high speed arrrow flying out of a musket.

SirHinkel's AS2 Missions
10 Review

Mod Review by warrior_1 on Sep 17th, 2014

Great, fun and challenging missions.They are not too easy, nor too difficult.Excellent maps and good scripting.I encourage SirHinkel to make more awesome missions!

Project Raptor: The Foxtrot Code
9 Review

Mod Review by Omnicr○n on Sep 17th, 2014

One of the best C&C Generals ZH mods I have played. Each General is very unique and has its own style of gameplay. New UI and hud is very clean and much easier to play. Very underrated mod that needs to be checked out! GREAT MOD!!!

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat
10 Review

Game Review by warrior_1 on Sep 17th, 2014

Incredible atmosphere, gameplay, visuals, sound, freeplay after game completion ...HUGE modding potential and lots of great mods.Great game, best of the STALKER games IMO.

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