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10 Review

Mod Review by ryancup on Nov 27th, 2015


S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Chernobyl
10 Review

Mod Review by DinoA on Nov 27th, 2015

The ONE and ONLY MOD that includes the all STALKER series.

Please in the next update fix the HUD when run on multi screen at 5760x1200 I will highly appreciated to see my inventory, pda etc. in the middle of the screen only.

BTW to all users: Use the the CoCdater.exe "It's safe" but it takes a while on updating once you manually click on the green button to the left "Update CoC.

Sir...your work is EPIC!

Warsword Conquest
10 Review

Mod Review by uhrtedragnarson on Nov 27th, 2015

Played it as skaven got good comps and army got smashed like a bug by dwarfs as a player of dwarf fortress that means holy **** that was fun built up joined tomb kings as vassal and loved every minute of it

Tales of Middle-Earth
10 Review

Mod Review by ryancup on Nov 27th, 2015

Finally released
Amazing mod!
Graphics, units, everything you need!
A amazing update overall.


Operation Serpent
9 Review

Mod Review by HARVESTERofEYES on Nov 27th, 2015 - 1 person agrees

For a Wolf-style mod this is a very nice piece of work. The attention to detail in all things (small and large) is often evident. I love the 'oversized' levels as I am not used to playing anything beyond 64x64 and nothing felt overdone. I respect mods that showcase new ideas or concepts rather than just throw them akimbo at a player. Very well done!

- ack

Crusader - Sacra Regna
1 Review

Mod Review by SoldierOFortune_PL on Nov 27th, 2015

version 3.0 is much much worst than previous versions, they were easy and nice playable

I was playing only 20 minutes maybe as i ciuldnt play that **** any longer

-horrible textures of armors ,there is just all stuff from few mods in ''one sack''
-vanilla scenes ,
-some vanilla music ,
-european forests in the middle of ****** desert
-horrible slow pathfinding ,
-my party of 32 people ate 1000 bread within 2 days ......

please NO NO NO NO

uploading **** like that in 2015 , nearly 2016 means lack of respect for Warband fans
I deleted mod straight away

Rise of the Reds
1 Review

Mod Review by grant111 on Nov 27th, 2015

This version 1.86 is worst than the version 1.85. What a crap, they nerf the most important faction in ROTR, which obviously is russia.

ADOM (Ancient Domains Of Mystery)
10 Review

Game Review by Mirdaroh on Nov 27th, 2015

I'm not used to review games but I have to say for Adom i'm gladly doing an exception. I've been playing the game for almost 15 years, on and off. The longevity of this gem is simply amazing. Just to say, I continue to find new ways of dying! It's a game with quite a steep learning curve, but it's able to reward the player immensely. You have to be prepared to die because, believe me, you will. And now, released on Steam, with beautiful tiles, music, improved UI and controls (though there is still some work to do), Adom continues to shine. Would give 10/10 for other 15 years.

SOCOM: Insurgency
10 Review

Mod Review by j4cknife on Nov 27th, 2015

This is the best modern socom experience since socom 2 went offline 2012. I play this every night and can't get enough. Not only is this a mod but there's a portal with automated clan matches and leaderboards. Dev stream monday nights, its a dream come true.

Rome At War2
10 Review

Mod Review by WienerSnitzel on Nov 27th, 2015

By far the best Roman mod made for mount and blade warband.
Its so much fun, single player and multiplayer is both great! keep up the great work!

AtmosFear for Call of Pripyat
10 Review

Mod Review by TrustFundKid on Nov 27th, 2015

pretty awesome.realistic weather. no glitches. atmosphere feels really nice and is compatible with most mods.

Silent Hill: Alchemilla
6 Review

Mod Review by davaco0 on Nov 27th, 2015
This review may contain spoilers

It's not a horror game. It's an adventure game with horror atmosphere. If there's no danger from monsters fear won't last long. I'm waiting for next mod or remake of this mod with creatures. Of course the game has a good plot, hard logic puzzles and great graphics and sound.

Graphics: 9/10 Great Work

Sound: 8/10 Good quality and reality

Music: 9/10 Bravo

Puzzles: 8/10 Very good but not for casual

Atmosphere: 10/10 Like a Silent Hill

Fear: 3/10 There's no danger no scary at all.

Der Schwarze Nebel
8 Review

Mod Review by MottyZ on Nov 27th, 2015

What's Good:
Another mod aimed to recreate Half-Life 2 Beta storyline.
Good amount of maps that increases hours of gameplay.
Neat map design.
Hard difficulty of the mod.
Pretty graphics (Thanks to Cinematic Mod base).

What's Bad:
Lack of scripted scenes and dialogues.
Lack of custom content.
Metro 2033 and S.T.A.L.K.E.R. materials/props.
Huge weight of mod that makes it a bit frustrating to install it.

It's not bad, but still has issues, though. Worth to play if you have spare time on installation and ~20 GB free space.

Star Wars Republic Commando Graphics Fix
9 Review

Mod Review by Hajas on Nov 27th, 2015

Fantastic Star Wars game! Is the best FPS with Star Wars theme ever made!

Sadly doesn't have COOP, which would make this game perfect!

RSCBM - Ruse SuperCrumpets Balance Mod
10 Review

Mod Review by MrTechGaming on Nov 27th, 2015

this is a great mod!!!!!! this is a great mod!!!!!! this is a great mod!!!!!! this is a great mod!!!!!! this is a great mod!!!!!! this is a great mod!!!!!!

Weekday Warrior
10 Review

Mod Review by FrainBreezed on Nov 27th, 2015

The game is amazing. The game is amazing. The game is amazing. The game is amazing. The game is amazing. The game is amazing. The game is amazing. The game is amazing. The game is amazing. The game is amazing. The game is amazing.

Crusader Kings 2: A Game of Thrones (CK2:AGOT)
10 Review

Mod Review by czf123 on Nov 27th, 2015

After the 2000x attempt at this game, tried to unite westeros as a donish prince, entire family got murdered, killed in war and impotency. 10/10 will try to not create babies with sand people again.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Priboi Story
4 Review

Mod Review by Bizona on Nov 27th, 2015
This review may contain spoilers


Ok, so I finished the game today, 27.11.2015. I played the Overhaul 3.2.5. version. Naturally I was very excited for this mod, it had such great reviews and STALKER is my favorite series ever. I was left disappointed. I am not the type of guy to obsess over graphical changes, animations and models etc. I wanted to play Priboi Story because it promised a new and exciting storyline (or so it said) In my opinion the story is terrible ! My arguments - If you don't download the walkthrough and play by it you will almost certainly end-up sequence breaking the story, finding documents that you're supposed to find later and clearing ares that you should also do later and since the respawn rate is low the remain empty. The so-called story basically gets backtracking until your fingers bleed from pushing the arrow keys, because you cleared the area and there's nothing to do anymore. The story is one big fetch quest to find different documents in different areas back and forth. I never got attached to Lt. Priboi, I don't give a **** about him, he's as empty and bland as a character that you can imagine (not that the characters in the other games are super likeable, but they gave you enough so you could imagine the rest on your own, they had PERSONALITY). And the story in the documents is just lazy, some zombie mumbo-jumbo, not interesting. Then there's the things from the lore. You kill Strelok in a raid on the Freedom base. That's it. The game doesn't even indicate that you did it in some way, it doesn't show up on the PDA, it's NOT EVEN QUEST-RELATED. He dies in the raid like common bandit, maybe not even by you. He is mentioned in the Encyclopedia and t and the vague info there suggest that he might actually be important to the story, but no, he's just there so you can take a ****** flash drive from his corpse, that's the fate of the most iconic character in the STALKER universe. As you can see I am deeply affected by this I think it is THE WORST solution possible for Strelok. Also the Monolith is in Garbage, but it's just an empty model, there's no interaction with it whatsoever. At the Sarcophagus there's like a ghost monolith or something and there'e no interaction with it either. One major things that I think the original failed to address properly was the monolith phenomena (lack of detailed explanation) and I thought the development had a great opportunity, but no they just moved the model and that's it. TOTAL ****. Also the final level (after sarcophagus) is the most anti-climactic ending that you can imagine, and if you're not careful or don't read the walkthrough you might even think that you are stuck or something, but you're not, the story is just ****. Last but not least the AI is bad, as others have said they shoot through bushes with pinpoint accuracy, often pile up on doorways and are unrealistic as a whole. The ending is just plain terrible, so lazy and cliche I won't even get into it. Other than that the game is stable, there aren't CTDs, a few new weapons which are ok, but everything else is about the same as the original game, It's not a total conversion, just there's a sleep mechanic and some cars, which are no integrated very well, because of bad spawning and mechanincs.

Rating out of 10

Story - 2 (Siderovich's story is also very poorly done)
Gameplay - 6 - because the mod promises something new but it's not there
Graphics - 8 I think it's better than the original but Priboi isn't meant to be a graphics mod
Effort - 9 - you can see that there's loads of effort put into this mod, but it doesn't deliver. Priboi Story's selling point is supposed to be its story, but that's probably it's weakest aspect. Extremely disappointed

Unreal Engine 4
10 Review

Engine Review by Nut-Wombat on Nov 27th, 2015

In our opinion the Unreal Engine is one of the best game-engines ever!
It is also very good for people who have experiences with Unity.

Renegade X
10 Review

Game Review by robocraftgamer02 on Nov 27th, 2015

Well,The game graphics are amazing.
Mostly Its remaked C&C Renegade.
And its better.
Im not wanna hurt the old game.
Keep it up.
Im mostly waiting for the updates C:

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