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10 Review

Game Review by TiTanEmergency on Aug 29th, 2015

Nice logic game,its really good, when you want to exercise your brain. But little bit short, I would like to spend more time with this game :(, for me its 10/10.

Final NeoDoom
10 Review

Mod Review by haywan on Aug 29th, 2015

Awesome! If you like original NeoDoom, this is a must play! Great visuals (some of the latter maps are among best looking GZDoom maps I saw so far), extensive use of functional 3D architecture, loads of deadly new weapons and even deadlier new enemies. And, know that maps from this package are HARD. Really, really hard.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat
9 Review

Game Review by BarackOshizzle on Aug 29th, 2015

This game is what Shadow of Chernobyl should have been, an open-world game with exciting locations to explore and a great story (not that SoC had a bad one).

9/10 - Because I don't believe in perfect games.

Arsenal Overhaul 3
10 Review

Mod Review by Mucky88 on Aug 29th, 2015

As a firearms enthusiast, this mod deserves a 10/10 rating. It's glorious. The attention to detail regarding the models and animations, not to mention the obscure guns that pop up every once in a while just make the whole experience worth playing again. It's fantastic.

Chronicles of Might and Magic
10 Review

Mod Review by AntoniAlamsyah on Aug 29th, 2015

10 for your hard work. Chronicles of Might and magic is a real might and magic, so don't let it dead.

6 Review

Mod Review by bluman855 on Aug 29th, 2015

Great for everything, but the Skirmish AI is Broken. If it is fixed, instant 10 rating. Hope the good work improves yoden!

Dust Experiment 2
9 Review

Game Review by James_Thurder on Aug 29th, 2015

Auctualy kinda cool game! Some levels are really good. But I am missing some shop or something like that. 9/10

8 Review

Mod Review by Thorvaldo on Aug 29th, 2015

If you like Prophesy of Pendor you'll like this. It includes a lot of fighting between minor ''knightly orders'', quests mixed with the good old M&B sandbox, special items, you carry your sons in war with you like a responsable father and you can kill people with a pickaxe.
The dialogs needs to be polished, but the labor of the modder needs to be recognized because is clear that english is not his mother language.
This mod is in the right path and it's still being actively developed by his creator, and in the future i'm sure i'll take the place of PoP!
Also, as a last thing, i want to recognize the kindness of the creator of the mod as he always patiently answers every little question in the mod's page to everyone who has any question, that's very nice of him.

Absolute HD Mod
10 Review

Mod Review by GamerStar111 on Aug 29th, 2015

Having all the mods that I want, Sikkmod, texture mods, and animation mods. Bless you creator for this mod

10 Review

Mod Review by JoeGriM on Aug 28th, 2015

Since I started playing Deus Ex, I've always wanted to have the features from biomod and shifter at the same time, but was never possible. With this awesome mod it made it possible and it also fixes and adds many new things, what's not to like? A really well deserved score, thank you.

Human Error
3 Review

Mod Review by Dark1Isaac on Aug 28th, 2015

you need GFScape to be able to play this mod plus Half life 2 episode one and two.

Birthright - a TSR Dungeons and Dragons Setting
10 Review

Mod Review by Greyehame on Aug 28th, 2015

This is a fantastic mod that substantially revises several key aspects of the game to provide an immersive fantasy experience in the Birthright setting. As a long time fan of Birthright I was excited to see this mod, and unlike many others, it is reasonably feature-complete.

-Great rendering of the Birthright setting including special attention to the bloodline mechanics and some great art for unique characters.

-Well-scripted integration of the magic system at both the personal and the realm level.

-Strong, dynamic events that create regional coalitions in response to threats from external conquerors.

-Active maintainer that keeps after bugs and updates as needed for new patches. As I understand it, the 'team' has shrunk to a single dedicated individual, so this is especially impressive.

Dustbowl - A Wasteland Adventure
10 Review

Game Review by Arnjeir on Aug 28th, 2015

Great job guys! RPGs are normally not my cup of tea, but I really love the atmosphere you've created with Dustbowl!

1 Review

Game Review by Matiasomez on Aug 28th, 2015 - 1 person agrees

I have never seen such unholy, toxic filth that is labeled as a GAME in my life.

This game is what you should NEVER do in a game, and no, saying it is an "experiment" does not ******* excuse it. You need to remember, this is a game, pushed out, in the public spotlight, to be CRITICIZED. Anothink deserves every ounce of criticism he gets for his atrocious games.

And omfg, you can just CLICK ON THE HITBOXES A MILE AWAY! You don't have to be up close. In fact, I encourage anyone to just do that. It wouldn't make a difference; you would see all the game has to offer while doing a little speed-run. Because all this game has to offer is lazily thrown together event triggers along with FLOATING TEXT, and only sometimes decent models. I mean ****, I bet any model from this game that actually looks decent is ripped from the Unity store or from another game entirely.

TL;DR - Don't play this trash, it is the most toxic, atrocious thing ever and you're much better off watching a playthrough. See? It's so bad that I don't even want to call it a game anymore.

1 Review

Game Review by Cridone on Aug 28th, 2015 - 1 person agrees

Every ******* game Anothink/Nameless (same ******* person, doesn't matter) makes should be removed from IndieDB/ModDB.

I am honestly not surprised at all that Anothink has the BALLS to call this **** here innovative and original (little bit of an ego boost there, huh?), no Anothink, this idea has been beaten to death already and executed far better then what you could ever hope to achieve. Now if you, the reader, really want an intriguing and life-questioning experience; buy The Stanley Parable. Hell, I don't even like The Stanley Parable and I can admit it's FAR better then this ****.

DBolical, please, for the love of all that is good, remove every single one of Anothink's games from ModDB. I beg of you, these games are just ******* atrocious.

The Deluge
6 Review

Mod Review by Dwarfbeard on Aug 28th, 2015

I love this mod, it's props, it's items, it's design and idea. Lots of accurate item models, Accurate Armours, Clothing and lots of gunpowder.... LOTS OF IT!

here comes my rant:
I think the stats a lot of the items are a bit too off, unlike a rapier is 32P and 15C that is completely right, i love it, but than i see something like this Halberd 32C 29P 78 speed. WTF? that speed, that damage? no wonder nobody ever takes Halberds again after they have used it once, they always take pikes or bardiches.
Now to the curved swords, i see Karabela doing 23C? seriously? that sword is ment to cut beastly and this is why it removes it's ability to thrust, while frickin turkish daggers do 31C, DAGGERS. and than all the straight bladed swords who do about 42 to 26 Piercing damage at thrust, 27 to 35 cutting. What? Look, Curved swords are ment to cut and do that better than Straight swords, not a lot but enough to be really noticable.

Now to the Armours, i love the armours in this mod, they are detailed to the point, look practical in all forms. My Complaint is, the stats! Alright one example: Scottish Breastplate 27 Weight, 22 body armor, what, there are some cloth armor higher than that, Hussar Helmet 32, really, a hussar helmet? With the big noseguard and the thick steel on top? Are you serious?

That was my rant, if there is a better guy at handling stats i would gladly give it 10/10, easily the best mod of warband if the stats are fixed, it actually probably hurts me more than you, to make this big of a post and feel sad seeing these beautiful modelled items do **** or just do a lot than they should have been doing.

The Earlier Versions on the stats if without the bugs where ten times better than now!

10 Review

Mod Review by KemonomimiEka on Aug 28th, 2015

One of the best mods out there. The new units and models blend in with the existing game perfectly.

A little tweaking on some animations could greatly improve an already amazing addition to Dawn Of War: Soulstorm's gameplay.

The only thing I can criticize is the lack of some descriptions, which would be great to determine which units to use against which race. Even just knowing what an unit or weapon is good against would do wonders.

Other than that, I always look forward to the next update. You are doing a great job, people.

FCAM (FarCry Addon Mod)
10 Review

Mod Review by R0ADKILL on Aug 28th, 2015

Great work. Fixed many unnoticeable bugs and issues , great work on MP. They could've add few more charcters for MP but it's ok.

This is a must have :D

Crusader Kings 2: A Game of Thrones (CK2:AGOT)
10 Review

Mod Review by m7mdye7ya on Aug 28th, 2015

Excellent mod really enjoyed it ,,, but i don't know if it's just me but there are lots of rebellions ,,and the tyranny thing for refusing to give relatives holdings,the concept is good but if the relatives ask me when i have at least 2 holdings not just one, even with these two little problems it still is a very good mod so thanks a lot.

Warsword Conquest
10 Review

Mod Review by jptroms on Aug 28th, 2015

great mod if you love warhammer fantasy its really fun and has cool looking characters,armor, and weapons although like all mods it isn't perfect but it still my favorite M&B Warband mod along with my favorite Warhammer fantasy mod

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