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Desert Combat

Mod review by Askova 0 agree 0 disagree

Good mod, i didn't see any bugs or issues. The Mod's 3D is best and also the vehicles is working good. Good Job.


Forged Alliance Enhanced Campaign AI

Mod review by BlackeyeVuk 0 agree 0 disagree

Yes. 10/10. Simple modification at glance, but add needed trill to the campaign.

It basically add bigger scale battles , your allies aren't useless, they can help you, its balanced the way you have a bit easier play in a way you don't need to babysit your allies.

I follow this mod for 3 years now, and do I really love it, and creator dude is super cool.

Try it, easy to install.


Hundred Days

Mod review by N1kAbkopiert 0 agree 0 disagree

Best mod for Age of Empires 3.
With that mod, Age of Empires 3 gets alot of realistiv feeligngs..
Amazing work!


Grey Goo

Game review by Killer9169 0 agree 0 disagree

Bloody Amazing Game Best Buy i will make in 2016 True RTS cant wait to see what they do next its going to be great


Wilson Chronicles

Mod review by RedSlug 0 agree 0 disagree

I stopped playing this mod in chapter IV deciding to continue the game when it's completely finished.

This game tries hard to be like a classic HL-mod. I've to admit to be used to modern games which usually have the habit to tell the player what to do, so I needed some time to set back on the classic HL styled mod scheme: The player - Major badass D. Wilson - is thrown with no to little backstory in the midst of the Resonance Cascade chaos of Black Mesa as another point of view with no instructions what to do. This works with the classic HL-mods, where the player has to figure out what to to, usually supported by the simple level geometry.

The leveldesign is ok, with a lot of attention to details (fire prevention!), somewhat Black Mesa styled mixed up with own ideas and resources.

The audio: Considered this is a beta, missing voice actors seems to be an issues. Overall the characters seems to be quiet, absent and interaction isn't noticeable at all (like the quicksave). I lost my security guard somewhere in the elevator.

I've had some issues with the weapons: Valve isn't known to replicate exact weaponbehavior int their games, but why doesn't the 9mm Glock and the 9mm MP5 (which sounds like an AK) share the same ammo-pool? The weapons trying hard to sound pretty beefy, but the feedback feels kinds stale. The out of sync sounds and animations are quite annoying as well the slow switch to the ironsights/crosshairs.

Enemies and AI are mediocre balanced, some (like the marines in BM) feel pretty overpowered compared to HL, some just got stuck or faced to the opposite direction without noticing the player at all - which is unfamiliar in source-engine games.

The game has an - understandable - unfinished feeling and I'm not sure where to put the inconsistent art style, which is kinda mixed up, so I'll try it again when it's polished.



Mod review by KiLLeR205 0 agree 0 disagree

BEST Mod ever that has been ever made for anygame. Adds soooooooooo much stuff and adds stuff that original game doesn't have, its crazy.



Game review by Haawmed 0 agree 0 disagree

That`s a great creativity of developer!
I think this game is perfect between survival indies. 2 games in on is amazing!


Brutal Calradia

Mod review by albarone 0 agree 0 disagree

this is bad mod he is native stolen the elite troops its bad idea but good work i will rated for you


Weimar Republic Mod TFH

Mod review by Captain-Rex(501st) 0 agree 0 disagree

Good mod needs still some fine tuning but its nice


Third Age - Total War

Mod review by Rhino31 0 agree 0 disagree

I have really liked playing this mod I am a big fan of lord of the ring and the hobbit so this was the perfect mod for me


Human Error

Mod review by vedran1975 0 agree 0 disagree

i gotta say the game is amazing the chars are great the story is perfect defenently reccomend this mod


Rise of the Reds

Mod review by Dawian18 0 agree 0 disagree

disgusting optimization,lags for unknown reasons! As would not like,but the mod has not met expectations.


Half-Life : Residual Life

Mod review by flippedoutkyrii 0 agree 0 disagree

Playing this from the first release in 2002, it's amazing how many maps have been brought to life in the name of the Residual Series.

Having played through the latest build, I'm still awestruck by the level of detail while still retaining the class atmosphere and design of Half-Life.

There are some discrepancies, such as low-def and high definition models mixing and with multiple routes I have to say I got lost on a few occasions, but these are slight blemishes on a massive project.

Absolutely phenomenal work. I hope the author still has a few maps up his sleeve for future releases! :)


x16 Sprite Pack DooM

Mod review by SheToldMeSheCouldFly 0 agree 0 disagree

WOW! I've been using the x8 sprite file (doomHDv03) for the past couple of years and decided to come back and see what succeeded it. And when I saw x16 up and tried it............ DAAAAAAAAAAMN BRO! 16 is much better than 8 lol!

The author(s) of this outdid themselves. Thanks for sharing this! Makes all the difference in the world to me. And I sincerely hope support for this will continue this year and beyond. Works flawless with brutal doom 20B :-)


Thrawn's Revenge II: Ascendancy

Mod review by provokedjoker 0 agree 0 disagree

This is one of the best star wars mods i have seen in a long time for sins u guys should really keep at it.


Star Wars: Movie Duels II

Mod review by MunicipalRose 0 agree 0 disagree

One of the most incredible mods I've ever seen. It goes along with the prequel stories very well. They even took the time to recycle the voices from the movies. It's like I'm playing the films! Better than some of the official games based on the movies even.

The new HUD looks really nice, and your Force bar goes up to 150 instead of only 100, so that helps out. Saber throw is replaced with the ability to kick. It's really cool, but very hard to kick ememies. I also like that this game doesn't change the base game in any way: you still have the regular HUD and everything. Although it would be nice to use this new HUD in the base game.

I do have one complaint: you can quick save like in the base game, but it's pointless, as you can't load your saves. If you die, you have to restart the level. This is only a very minor issue though, as the missions are generally a little on the short side. Plus, in the pause menu, you can toggle God mode. Even if you don't like using cheats, you can just use it until you get to the point where you died if you're really having issues.

If you made a mod like this on the original trilogy, that would be the best thing ever. I'd even pay money for it, it I had any. Heck, I'd pay for this mode even!



Game review by VirtualBill 0 agree 0 disagree

Amazing game.
-Best growing community.
-Game barely runs.
-Good fanart.
-Amazing music.
-Outstanding and revolutionary window.
-Shrek as final boss.
-Best goat simulator 1987.


Five Nights at Freddy's

Game review by VirtualBill 0 agree 0 disagree

Bad community. Not enough furries.


Destiny Revenant

Mod review may contain spoilers by HumiliatoR 0 agree 0 disagree

I really enjoyed this one, there are so much content and never-seen action I ever experienced. Still I really can't give perfect score, because sometimes it felt little boring when some places are really empty like that space, but really effective and creative don't get me wrong!

I really loved how the story creates when Janus starts to experience whole universe in really different world. I love all the mechanics you put on this, so much content and custom textures it's freaking crazy, new stuff like that new lamp with new entities and scares and all the adventures mixed up it's just freaking awesome and unique!

I love this mod so much, even sometimes it felt little bored when walking in that town searching too much clues, if beginners play this. There are not so much hints after all what you need to find, but it's okay, I liked the challenging difficulties and beat this mod two times in a row overall and find over 20 trophies and reveal the secret chapter, which is cool, but not that exciting.

Mapping is excellent overall and content what you put into, I really didn't even regognize this is amnesia anymore, which is your main goal on this and that is my man what you achievement! I'm really satisfied what I just got through, it's not even same mods what we got, it's so much different as always Unbakarna mods have been!

Scares are freaking terrifying at times and I really love different monsters, sometimes they even get me sh*t scared and so terrified I was crying corners couple times and afraid to move on. WELL DONE! on that.

Atmosphere is really terrifying it's different, futuristic, so freaking cool overall I can't explained it any better.

I loved the ending with a boss fight and all the fights overall, what a epic fight that final one, I really experienced other game when I was doing that fight, seriously, you have talent creating fight scenes with camera angles aswell.

And lastly I enjoyed the minigames so much! Really laughable and funny ones. You really can imagine so creative ideas if you put effort on it and it shows once again.


- Mapping and textures
- Unique monsters, new ones
- Puzzles
- Music
- Atmosphere, really terrifying at times and really awesome adventure
- Camera angles (new and unique)
- Minigames
- Side quests and collecting trophies to unlock secret chapter


- Some rooms need little more detailing
- I felt bored sometimes

Overall it's really well effort mod which I really enjoyed it!
This creator put something awesomeness and different experience I never expected and this is why this mod deserves at least nine of ten!

9/10 - Wonderful adventure what everyone should experience too


Nuclear Winter

Mod review by DarkShift 0 agree 0 disagree

Interesting mod using OpFor assets for its own story, it suffers from sometimes repetitive and linear paths, but anyways you'll have great battles against Black Ops and even kill the Gman (here known as an evil russian CEO).

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