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Mod Review by LaserSniper501st on Sep 27th, 2014

Terrible and very buggy. Quite alot of crashes in the campaign missions. Needs some rebalancing as well. Overall if you want a clone wars era mod for EAW:FOC, this mod isnt for you. Republic at war is far better than this one.

A Clash of Kings (Game of Thrones)
9 Review

Mod Review by Commissar_Delta on Sep 27th, 2014

A Really great mod, totally immerses you in the Game of Thrones Universe. Fight in westros, or essos, fight for kings or fight for yourself, or don't fight at all. However, their are some drawbacks. Since the mod uses the FLORIS modpack as a base, the game crashes every 5 minutes, with the same "out of video memory error" that, yeah if you lower your graphics settings, it will work for longer periods of time but eventually I always get those same errors. If there's an easy fix for that and I haven't found it, then someone tell me and I'll perhaps edit my review.

Overall it's a great mod but prepare crashes, lots of them.

9 Review

Game Review by PortalPlayerSteam on Sep 27th, 2014
This review may contain spoilers


Black Ops 2
8 Review

Mod Review by mario5110 on Sep 27th, 2014

still need some work...

Edain Mod
10 Review

Mod Review by viniart4 on Sep 27th, 2014

Very good mod im really excited for version 4.0 Mordor,Isengard everything looks great.
Its really worth downloading it, Best mod for BFME II Rise of The Witch King

Kingdom Management.
1 Review

Mod Review by ProudFinn1 on Sep 27th, 2014 - 1 person agrees

I agree with Thorusus. This is nothing more the a copy and paste Diplomacy mod. No new aspects. Barely any new weapons and armor. No New options in camp. Diplomacy itself get's a 9/10 all day, but this is supposed to be a new mod.

And so it began: The Great War of Calradia
9 Review

Mod Review by Hezshi on Sep 27th, 2014

It's Nicely Made. I like Some of it's Features and It's Balancing as it goes, progress was made into it and it has great popularity, Nice Mod. We'll have to wait and see what you add, Also, I understand it can be hard to keep up the Work, But you're doing it quite Nicely, 9/10 Seems Fair to me.

Misery : The Armed zone
10 Review

Mod Review by CDIA on Sep 27th, 2014

Excellent job compiling AND enhancing weapons from the best mods out there MP5VY! And for listening to your users and basically doing whatever they ask you to ;)

I don't have the proper words to describe how good this mod is.. all that comes to mind is: supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! :D

8 Review

Mod Review by ukato1411831788 on Sep 27th, 2014

Mod can use improvement, as it borrows way too much material from Half-Life 2 and its episodes. But it is a fun little game for those that like FPS similar to Counter-Strike/Team Fortress/Natural Selection in the atmosphere of the Warhammer 40,000 franchise.

Only one person is working on the mod, with at least 2-3 known contributors who create/edit material for it. Updates are few and far between and most of it is for addressing bugs and balance issues.

Mod can benefit from a tutorial level or something to situate new players or else they are lost and clueless as where to go and what to do when playing for the first time.

Community is mostly members of the official steam group ( and comments and discussions can help get feedback for the mod. The group also posts events to remind players when a game is scheduled. Only 1 server as of now with a maximum of 16 player slots. The server is based in the UK. If community was larger and more proactive (demand), then the mod could get worked on and improve faster (supply). Community also overlaps with the Alfa Legion Steam group, which leads to a lot of 40k-related humor and memes.

Floris Mod Pack
10 Review

Mod Review by logansmith22 on Sep 27th, 2014

This mod is essentially the best thing to ever happen to warband, warband should have been this mod instead of what the vanilla is, if you though the vanilla was a big scary world, you will be terrified when you play this, there are bandit party's that can amount to 1500 bandits, the largest iv seen in vanilla warband is 50 at the most, that's just 1 little part, there are thousands of new weapons armor, horses, and other items, new companions, the factions are overhauled, and a lot more, iv barley scratched the tip in this review, and not to mention that this mod is made out of a lot of other mods, the items are very high in quality, you can tell someone took their time to make every little thing good and the castles,towns and villages are totally overhaul.This is the BEST warband mod, period, no arguments, 10/10. THE BEST MOD FOR WARBAND, THE WILL ALWAYS THE BEST, hope they do the same thing again for banner lord!

Persistent Age
8 Review

Mod Review by Oaks19 on Sep 27th, 2014

Really good community and great weapons and armors, I stopped playing persistent RP mods but this mod might get me playing again. :)

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl
10 Review

Game Review by warrior_1 on Sep 27th, 2014

Stalker is a truly unique game.It is a fps game with such an atmosphere which no other game comes close to. It is completely open world, but has a(amazing) storyline.

Aliens: Colonial Marines TC 2014
9 Review

Mod Review by zivs on Sep 27th, 2014

Would give 10/10, but it seems quite impossible to finish the game without iddqd'ing from time to time.

I really like the atmosphere and sounds being taken from Aliens vs Predator (oh, the memories!) game - gives definitely more surprise heart attacks than any Alien game played before. Here's just way too easy to die if you are careless and have no strategy.

Didn't see any major glitches or bugs or whatever, what could drag my rating down (well, besides the fact it's way too difficult on any difficulty level).

I hope to see more coming from ACM of yours!

Tesla Breaks the World!
8 Review

Game Review by TheGoatee2012 on Sep 27th, 2014

Great art, unique style, and just good hearted fun. The controls could be tighter with a few things here and there, but overall nothing that breaks the game for me. Some people may mot like it for its difficulty, but hopefully you will consider giving it a chance due to its charm and style. I had fun!

Ninth of October - Continuation
6 Review

Mod Review by DnALANGE on Sep 27th, 2014 - 2 people don't

Not that special.
Overall Mapping = very nice!
Some of the maps did lag for me and i have quite a good pc..
The scripting was very weak imo.
The ideas were simple and not really challenging..
1 BIG minus = NO sanity potions..
Was very annoying!
In every map at least further in the story there were so much glicherydoo \ clipping!
Fix that man.. you SHOULD have seen it, there are so many of them.
Overall 6\10
Nice job.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Lost Alpha
10 Review

Mod Review by Zarryc on Sep 27th, 2014

This is not a mod, this is a game. The 4th part of Stalker series. It has great graphics, awesome story, and tons of new locations to explore. The only bad thing is the firefights, they need to be reworked.

It's Eggs
6 Review

Game Review by kabeltelevizio on Sep 27th, 2014
This review may contain spoilers

Well, this game was kinda weak. There was nothing but a single jumpscare three times and a very anticlimactic ending, which didn't really made sense at all.
Every model in the game was downloaded from somewhere else, in fact, I've seen other games with the same models on indiedb not long ago. The eggs are stolen from aliens for some reason.
The game mechanics are pretty lame too. This is more of an interactive movie, because the player has no freedom at all. This linearity kills the mood. We have to follow a path and if we don't we bump into an invisible wall. This definitely needs work.

Now, to the good things; the story is okay at best up until the ending, which -as I've said before- doesn't make sense. But it had an interesting start. On of the interesting elements of the game was the note in the church, because it connected spirituality, Christianity and aliens, and it was a absorbing subplot. Sadly, we never heard of this again, although it would've been a much more interesting story.

All in all, this was not an amazing game, and I am giving it a six mostly because of the game mechanics.

Immersion Overhaul Mutator
10 Review

Mod Review by Andreson on Sep 27th, 2014

Perfect improvement over the original game. Is worth to be included as the Classic mode!

There are few mods that were ever done as well as this. I hope it will eventually become official!

Five Nights at Freddy's
8 Review

Game Review by battle19945 on Sep 27th, 2014

one of the best and scariest horror games out there, five nights at freddys is a five nights at hell.
this game is made by a dev named scott Cawthon, he brought something fresh in the horror genre, you cant walk around and run from the monsters or defeat them, instead you need to check cameras to see where they are and if they are at your door then close it before they shove your ♥♥♥ into a freddy fazzbear costume, you have to make the nightshift from 12-6 am 5 days in a row without being caught or running out of power and yes the enemies are animatronics and they see you as one of them exept without a costume and thats against the rules at freddys fazzbears pizzeria and thats why they want to force you into a suit wich will kill you because of the devices inside the suit.

now then i have one question for you: do you dare to enter scotts twisted insanly demented haunted freddy fazzbears pizzeria, take the job, survive all nights and get your paycheck wich is 120 dolars?
or do you prefer to live and dont take the job and instead take a job to clean toilets?

well i can tell you this: it doesnt matter what you choose because ready for freddy!

Thief Gold HD Texture Mod
10 Review

Mod Review by Mixthoor on Sep 27th, 2014

This mod is a completely new experiance. After many years I can once again finish the original story of Garrett with the better graphic and thick atmosphere. Thief HD with other mod bring us the new game. Gecko has created something special. Thx taffer! Constantine would say... "Refreshment, Mr. Garrett?"

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