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Native Expanded In Nikola's way

Mod review by Aaruo 2 agree 0 disagree

********, troll mod.

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Five Nights at Freddy's 2

Game review by freddy111 0 agree 0 disagree

its pretty good but I never got jumped scared so you should add the full version



Game review by Bugfinder 0 agree 0 disagree

This game is forever in my top 10 games. It's first place for me. When I grow up, I will always remember this game as my favorite part of my childhood. Now talking about the game. The game a RPG in a zombie apocalypse and you are joe wheeler. You are a rich snob who went to a bunker to not die from the zombies. After the year ended, you start to explore the world finding new people,places, (in the sequel add more places to explore Plz like a nuke not exploded)towns,a brilliant story and love but I think power and Gold is better. Great game I hope when I grow up I become just like a great game designer you are. Review done.



Game review by ThegexDoom 0 agree 0 disagree

DOOM! the classic fps shotter of 90s i like it! shoting cyberdemons! formers sergeant and revenants !



Mod review by just_legeek 0 agree 0 disagree

Best mod, better than edain, bad that it is not finished.
I hope one day Rj will come back. Imagine guy : in 3 years and alone he did a better mod than edain where they are all of a team... So if RJ never have stopped, we would have a BFME III all by himself ;)


Ultimate Apocalypse Mod (DOW SS)

Mod review by vieira171 0 agree 0 disagree

Great! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa waaaaaaaaaagh!!!



Mod review by foxybrown 1 agrees 0 disagree

This mod uses copyrighted content from commercial games and advertise it as new content made by the mod author.
Ripping features, models, textures, sounds and all from other mods and games seems to be the way to go for modders of this generation.
I did not know that the Quake modding community went down that far and even get praise for it.
That is sad but time seems to change, oh well.


Star Wars Republic Commando Fix

Mod review by Raytastic 0 agree 0 disagree

This fixes and updates so much to this great Star Wars themed squad-based shooter! The update not only fixes the graphics to work on newer systems (without crashing) but also adds more options such as FOV and more resolutions, even up to 4K! Great job!


Stargate Invasion

Mod review by sakmet 0 agree 0 disagree

More please.

This mod has given me a chance to overtake the galaxy with some of most iconic ships ever introduced by the SG series. I deeply enjoyed the weapon effects and eagerly look forward to your finished version. You've done an amazing job so far, Thank you for it.

SG1 fanatic.


Slime Rancher Modtool

Early access mod review by Dartendal 0 agree 1 disagrees

The creator of the mod does not respect the creator's wishes for what they do allow for modding. Modding is allowed but not supported by the developers with the only request they have being that mod creators not add in unfinished/unreleased content that the developers have made, such as the Rad Slime. On forums for the game, this creator has demanded that developers stream that they are developing on Twitch or that they would demand a refund, among other, equally asinine demands on the forums.

I honestly don't know how well the mod here works but I would say supporting this particular mod developer is not wise.

Also, having read another review, I should point out that this is an EARLY ACCESS game that is also very early into its' development life.



Mod review by metafa 0 agree 0 disagree

nothing short of incredible. And with diplomacy and freelancer so much possibilities. And best of all, they just keep updating it.


Recursive Confinement

Mod review by paul84 0 agree 0 disagree

Très bonne custom story !


Dirty Bomb

Game review by KeMoN 0 agree 1 disagrees

This game is a must for all former (or current) fans of RTCW:MP or W:ET.
SplashDamage managed to breathe new life into the proven style of those games and even broaden the possible play styles. The main 5 classes still largely remain, however in those 5 classes SD provided a variety of different 'mercs', that each award different gaming techniques and player preferences.

You might still encounter some irregularities here and there, however that is simply due to the nature of it being in open beta stage.


S.T.A.L.K.E.R Clear Sky: The Faction War

Mod review by c171z314 0 agree 0 disagree

Great mod. Looks similar to a Call of Pripyat mod, but with a whole different goal(as far as I played).
Props to the developing team.

Stay safe in the Zone!


Westeros: Age of Petty Kings

Mod review by LenardThePig 0 agree 0 disagree

Lets be honest, to get a higher rate form me you need custom maps with castles, you miss alot of houses (the best one ofc) some thing are bugged etc

Good mod just think it misses something


Half-Life: Source Enhanced

Mod review by usbpetrock 0 agree 0 disagree

Presumably this wasn't the case before the 2013 HL:S update, but I have a screenshot that sums up this entire mod:


Army Men (1998)

Game review by DwatchRazgriz 0 agree 0 disagree

So much nostalgia here, I played this when I was a little kid on my dad's laptop. The game is rather basic by today's standards, buy you know what, it's still ALOT of fun.


Escape from Brackenburg

Mod review by fastrunnin 0 agree 0 disagree

Awesome mod. It perfectly replicates the atmosphere of the original Amnesia, yet still manages to stand out on it's own. Fantastic


Blood of Balkan

Mod review by Arrive 1 agrees 0 disagree

Is this mod alive ?


UPatch HD - Unofficial Patch

Mod review by sonictimm 0 agree 0 disagree

Perfect job at making AOE compatible with modern Win7-10 systems, and the resolution boost is something we've needed for years. Forget an HD re-release, with countless balance and bug fixes, as well as improved AI and modding support, UPatch is all we need.

Now go to AOE Heaven and find some new scenarios to play online with your buddies through GameRanger!

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