The Unofficial Patch is not really a mod, but while the default basic patch mostly only fixes bugs, the optional plus patch, that can be choosen at installation, is like a restoration mod adding a lot of unfinished content, including new quests, maps, weapons, items, characters, dialogue, graphics, models, sounds and music!

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Honestly, there isn't much that can be said that can give this impressive amount of hard work enough credit. The dedication put in by all of the people working on this patch is incredible, and I truly appreciate all that is done with every single update. Wesp5 and the VTMB unofficial patch crew, thank you. Honestly, the only reason I continue to play this game is to see just what you folks put in or restore next. I have never been disappointed. Keep up the good work!

To give more of an explanation to my ramblings... Being able to take a game that on most modern rigs would shutter itself to death and making it something not only playable, but enjoyable, is an amazing feat. It would be honestly fairly difficult to play this game with just the official patches on a standard machine. For anyone who is reading this who has yet to play Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines without patching to any of the unofficial patch versions needs to. The official patches were great, but ultimately were a generous effort made by the Troika as their company went under. They didn't have the time or the resources to give their game the last polish they wanted to. With this unofficial patch, this game is getting that polish, and then some.

In short, download this patch. It's necessary, and it does this game the proper justice it deserves.

AN essential Bloodlines patch/mod. It fixes almost everything inherently wrong with the vanilla game and aims to enhance the experience as well by restoring content. Highly Recommended!!!!!

Essential for the game!

A complete must-have; thanks to this unnoficial patch, you can have the whole game (almost) free from the most fatal bugs plus it also restores the cut content which never made to the vanilla game.

You want more replayability?. Try this out!.

Shouldn't even be called the "unofficial" patch. It should be called "the only way to play this game" patch. Hell it really should be the official patch. The fact that this game was near unplayable, unintuitive, missing content, and mechanically weak at launch should completely disappear from everyone's mind. This patch simply makes the game what it always should have been. A unique gem, a masterpiece of the medium that will be loved for decades and decades. Thank you Troika and thank you wesp along with everyone that helped him out.

This mod is insane.
Bloodlines is a epic game - but in most machines, it runs choppy, bugs out, have some unbalancing.... This mod... aim to fix that all.

Well, sorry about the grammar also.
But really - if you are like me, and downloaded again Vampire Bloodlines just to replay it - download that mod. You'll want it. Give it a try, and remember to rate later!


Pietroschek says

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To my knowledge Dr. Werner "Wesp5" Spahl has focused on restoring unused, or accidentally flawed, parts of the original so-called vanilla version of the game.

Patch 8.8 includes a long list of achievements in this restoration & preserving of original storyplay & atmosphere. The patch comes in a size of below 300 MB and still manages to bring significant improvements to the entire game.

Certain fan-wishes, logic-inconsistencies, and other weirdness have been solved, too. Even a chance to join the Sabbat and see the ending film of that choice are by now play-tested and fully functional. The fairness of allowing Presence to be nearly as helpful in dialogues, as Dominate & Dementation can be, was another achievement worth noting imo. The stability of the game is improved, too, as the console reports fewer problems the CPU has to handle.

In the one week within which I had private email exchange about VTMB with Dr. Spahl I found him a friendly, cultivated, and very well informed Patcher & Person taking great care to consider each decision & consequences.

As a Nosferatu Sympathizer I must note though: He, Toreador-Style, was NOT very eager to learn from oldie Vampire Redemption and make RATS, delicious Rats, pick-up bloodpacks for the Chosen. I still hope we get portable rats in patch 8.9 though.

I still think his patch belongs to the worlds best unofficial improvements of the game, too.

My regards



The reguraly updated mod for a game that's 12 years old. Enough said!

What can i tell that isn't already been told? They fixed a lot of things and hopefully will keep doing it. All of this without any kind of payment.

"Wesp5 and the VTMB unofficial patch crew, thank you. Honestly, the only reason I continue to play this game is to see just what you folks put in or restore next."

What he said !

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