What Makes Homeworld Unique? Real-time strategy is one of the most exciting and entertaining genres of gaming. These titles bring together the thrill of watching troops charge into battle on your order and the intensity of managing the conflict from high above the battlefield with the precision of a chess grandmaster. Now, for the first time, comes a game that brings heart-stopping 3D warfare to the vastness of space. Homeworld is the next evolution of real-time strategy games, delivering a fresh experience in a totally 3D universe. Homeworld gives players a new level of freedom to create new styles of gameplay while simultaneously delivering cinematic quality graphics, stunning special effects, brilliantly rendered ships and an innovative interface.

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As for beating the game a few days after installing this amazing game...

Truly one of the best Real Time Strategy of its time, I've never experienced such great literature, such narration of a novel-like story that renders such video game plots and stories of today rubbish. The unique monochrome styled cinematics added a atmosphere and retrospective feel that wants you to see even more. Gameplay was satisfying for a game of its time, though I'd thought it could use some innovations in the Sensors Screen such as a auto-target navigation instead of manaully holding the Shift key to approach enemies in 3D space. But I'm assuming this idea is implemented in Homeworld 2 even though I have yet to play it.

If theres game that deserves a remake, This game would be my first choice.

The pioneer.

One of the greatest RTS ever made and one which will live with me until the end.

A very awesome RTS game.

Ultimate space combat with an incredible story!

This game is an Epic win :D
But, thats my opinion >.>


Best cosmic strategy game in free 3D-space. Classics of the genre.




Stuart98 says

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This game is amazing!

First of all, the player is controlling a colony fleet from a desert planet that has just discovered that they are not of the planet. Early on, the desert planet is destroyed by the Taiidan, and you move on a crusade to get revenge and retake your true world from them. Movement in the game is 3d, and your mothership can build 2 dozen ships at once, with carriers being able to produce ships up to frigate in size. The game has mods galore, so if you like something space(or even aircraft) related, check this out! This game gets a 10/10 for being pretty much perfect!

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