The year is 2052 and the world is a dangerous and chaotic place. Terrorists operate openly, killing thousands; drugs, disease and pollution kill even more. The world's economies are close to collapse and the gap between the insanely wealthy and the desperately poor grows ever wider. Worst of all, an ages old conspiracy bent on world domination has decided that the time is right to emerge from the shadows and take control. No one believes they exist. No one but you.

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You will reinstall this game a lot.

That is all.

Purely amazing. The story is what draws me in the most. It starts kinda meh, but after you get to Hell's Kitchen, you won't stop playing. The game play is good and there are various ways to approach it (stealth, going "gun ho", sniping, etc), and each has it's own advantages and disadvantages. My only complaint about the actual game play is that it takes a while to get used to. I don't know how many times I've reinstalled this game, but I know it's not nearly enough. 100% Recommend.

Also, I just want to say, here's to hoping Deus Ex Human Revolution is as good as Deus Ex was (and not like Deus Ex: Invisible War)


One of the best ******* games of all time

Best game ever!!!

Greatest game ever, no arguments.

+ Epic B.S.O
+ Excellent plot
+ Perfect game-play
+ Non-linear game-play
+ 20+ hours of game-play
+ Every decision, every choice, have consequences
+ Mature and dynamic story-line
+ Hard-core Mode (Realistic difficulty)
+ In-depth character customization
+ Multi-solutions to EVERY mission

- This hardly have any cons...

One of the most interesting games to be made in a long time. Though not the easiest game to play, nor the most practical. it did raise a bar for games like Fable and Black & White that would fallow in its footsteps. Choice is a hard thing to put into a game. For with each one you need to see how the player may react to each and plan for their move. But unlike chess this is a much more complicated process, and Deus EX pulls it off like few others games can.

Best game ever. Period. ;)

One of the bests games I ever played, I can make an extensive review of it but really I can say that I still find a lot of defects in the game and gameplay mostly when I consider the shooting mechanics related to the management of the skills which makes JC simply awful at holding a gun while he becomes too powerful at high skills on a gun skill tree.
the game have a lot to offer in its gameplay and storyline. but really the gameplay hasn't aged that well even if it's perfectly playable despite the shooting not being that great from a game that contain a lots of guns. I also can complain about the lack of less lethal options and the fact that the tranquilizer makes enemies ruining your stealth more than being sedated ...
A great game though with high open environments, lots of choices from the level design and dialog trees which makes the game well replayable. lots of possibilities about objects you can move, different ways to solve a given problem. In a way the poor shooting mechanics makes people more forced to think about their approach than going gun blazing. The steath mechanics are good, but inferior to thief, and the AI is however the black point as while it's workable, and not too dumb, the AI shows quickly its limits, but the game at least isn't too bad with the stealth.
The conspiracy theories and all the fun jokes (I think mostly about Louis Pan and some other kids we find through the game (I love the first one in battery park) heh enjoy the game and save the world.


Play this game, install any other wannabe "open world, lots-a-freedom" RPG game, and prepare to face-palm.

Why? Because immediately after you will think "How come back in 2000, a game was 10 times better than the **** they pull out of their ***** now?"

And after that, re-install this game later on, rinse and repeat. Unending fun, UNENDING!

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