AtmosFear is a mod for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Call Of Pripyat that tweaks and expands the vanilla weather system to be more realistic and various.

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This mod is stunning! It makes this game look so realistic. Just adds to what S.T.A.L.K.E.R is most known for, it's atmosphere.

This is a legendary mod and it's an absolute requirement for Call of Pripyat.

Probably the most game enhancing piece of quality modding work that has been done for any of the 3 Stalker titles.
An obligatory must have for any gamer than likes the Stalker series.

I must say that I never were afraid of CoP blowouts... until I got this mod. When the first blowout came, it really unnerved me. 10/10

The best graphical mod vor CoP! This mod makes the game more scary and atmospheric. The Psi-Storm are absolutely bombastic :) I wish this mod vor CS and SoC also in Version 3.0 please.

******* nice

Really this and Absolute nature 2 is all I need most days for another COP replay. Great mod and does what it says in that it adds Atmosfear lol

pretty awesome.realistic weather. no glitches. atmosphere feels really nice and is compatible with most mods.

Every time I reinstall CoP (HDD deaths, new frankenpc etc) Atmosfear3 is always my first addition to the game.

This is extremely well done, it makes me feel all Chiki Briki.

10/10 seems to be a throwaway rating on this site, but at least I'll explain why I gave this mod such a rating.

I've found absolutely NO issues when I installed this mod. No drop in performance, no bugs or crashes, nothing of that sort.

But what I truly love about this mod aside from the incredible overhaul of the weather and blowouts is the customization. Most mods offer very little customization for their mechanics, but Atmosfear has a simple yet incredibly efficient options menu. Essentially, you can control every aspect of the weather and emissions in the game. What kind of weather you experience daily, how long a particular weather type lasts or how frequently it occurs; how many times a certain emission occurs, or even an option to completely disable each of the three blowout types at your leisure. You can set how bright night time is, the phases of the moon. It's all wonderful and does what any good mod should do: let you be in control of the type of experience you want.

I don't throw 10s around all willy-nilly, I only give tens to devs who I personally think earned them. And those that created Atmosfear certainly deserve the max rating. Incredible visuals that don't hamper performance for lower-end PCs, comprehensive customization, and a clear considerance for users.

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