Mod of the Year

2005 Mod of the Year Results ARE IN!

Each year, beginning around November / December the Mod DB Mod of the Year awards are kicked off. For two months voting is open to everyone, and every mod is eligible (released or not) with the ultimate goal being the unearthing of this years best mod, as decided by you.

During this time, all mod profiles show a big "vote now" button. Members & guests recognise the mods they like by simply pressing the button (note. guests are limited to one vote). After 2 months of voting the competition is locked down and results tallied. The winning mods will be notified and shortly hereafter the results will be shared.

What are the winning categories?

  • Top 15 Mods
  • Top 5 Upcoming Mods
  • Top Mod by Genre
    (eg. action, adventure, driving, puzzle, role-playing, simulation, sports, strategy)
  • Editors choice awards
    (eg. best old skool mod, reinvention, story, graphics)
Top 100 of 2005

The following list contains the best released mods and indie games of 2005. Every item on this list was choosen by your vote during a 1 month period when we opened a voting booth on all indie game and mod profiles. You can also read our writeup about the top few mods of the year.

Indie Games+Indie Games

BattleField 1942+BattleField 1942

Battlefield 2+Battlefield 2

BattleField Vietnam+BattleField Vietnam

C&C: Generals+C&C: Generals

C&C: Generals Zero Hour+C&C: Generals Zero Hour

Counter-Strike: Source+Counter-Strike: Source

Dawn of War+Dawn of War

Doom III+Doom III


Half-Life 2+Half-Life 2


Homeworld 2+Homeworld 2

Max Payne 2+Max Payne 2


Neverwinter Nights+Neverwinter Nights

Operation Flashpoint+Operation Flashpoint

Postal 2+Postal 2

Quake 4+Quake 4

Star Wars: Jedi Academy+Star Wars: Jedi Academy

Unreal Tournament 2004+Unreal Tournament 2004

These mods and indie games have not made it to release yet, but that hasn't stopped us dreaming about them. These are the titles everyone wants to play, but cannot, so lets get behind the development teams and help them reach release in 2006. Presenting to you the best upcoming mods and indie games of 2005.

Indie Games+Indie Games

Battle for Middle Earth II+Battle for Middle Earth II

Battle for Middle-earth+Battle for Middle-earth

Battlefield 2+Battlefield 2

C&C: Generals Zero Hour+C&C: Generals Zero Hour

Dawn of War+Dawn of War

Deus Ex+Deus Ex

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas+Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Half-Life 2+Half-Life 2

Star Wars: Empire At War+Star Wars: Empire At War

Unreal Tournament 2004+Unreal Tournament 2004

Warcraft III+Warcraft III