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Hi everyone, a little while ago we released the 1.4 update for Dystopia. It's been in the works for a long time and contains a ton of changes - just about every weapon received balance tweaks, almost every map has been updated to be more fun and streamlined, graphical improvements, sounds, optimizations, you name it.

As always, Dystopia is a free mod for the Source engine and can be grabbed on Steam here.

Check out the massive changelog below!


Bug fixes:

  • Animation is no longer carried over when changing weapons, firing or reloading (so a player firing a weapon and then switching to the katana will no longer make it look like they swung the katana, or a reload animation hiding an attack etc.) One exception to this is katana swings, which continue to play through weapon change.
  • Looping spider grenade sound effect should be fixed
  • Better lag compensation between fast moving players
  • Cyber players will now always transmit their position to one another (so map optimization will not interfere with cyber trail visibility)
  • Players should no longer briefly appear floating somewhere in the map when they're respawning
  • Infinite stealth bug fixed
  • Client command that would make stealth more visible removed
  • Floating HUD icons now fade in opacity when getting very close (so your screen won't turn blue when being very close to a breakable objective etc.)
  • Fixed some stat tracking inconsistencies with implant energy use
  • Improved weapon attachments on player backs so there should be less clipping
  • Fixed some implant icon color inconsistencies (coldsuit, IFF info)
  • Switching to the rocket launcher while it's reloading no longer causes it to spam the draw weapon animation
  • Decreased the comically large size of ejected shells from machpistol, smartlocks, assault rifle, mk808 and minigun
  • dys_ragdolls console command now actually works to hide bodies and gibs to improve FPS, and has been added to the multiplayer advanced options menu
  • Holstered weapons no longer float in the air for a short time after killing someone
  • Disabled primary weapons from being holstered as they were causing a huge FPS loss
  • meatspace.cfg now execs when you respawn (so if you're dumpshock killed, you won't be running around meatspace with cyberspace cfg executed)
  • Fixed rare end of map crash
  • Fixed bolts seeming to vanish in mid-air when landing a direct hit
  • Fixed cyberspace/meatspace microphone not working (being able to hear meatspace sounds while in cyberspace -- a super old feature that broke a while back)
  • Cyber microphone now has 384 range and volume scales as the source is further away from your meatspace body
  • Fixed FPS drain involving muzzleflashes
  • Fixed various beam weapons not showing up with r_drawviewmodel 0
  • Fixed old graphical issue involving sparks, blood and ragdoll dissolve effects using the wrong materials
  • Weapon model sway should no longer cause jitters with high ping
  • All hitscan weapons should no longer play multiple clientside effects (i.e. multiple ion cannon beams) with high ping
  • Fixed looping sound bug if player jacks out while ICE mine is tracking them
  • Jumping up and down ramps is now much more consistent with regards to velocity reflection (i.e. bouncing down ramps or jumping high up off of a ramp)
  • Fixed cyber bubbles not showing up if you were spectating a player in cyberspace
  • Fixed a bug where the spectator GUI would go away for spectators on round change
  • Fixed leg boost charge being on the same sound channel as spawn sound effect
  • Fixed bug where cyber movement code locks you on the ground, and velocity impulses (i.e. explosions) wouldn't launch you into the air unless you're already airborne
  • info_target entities now reset on round_restart (this was causing issues with env_laser and other entities breaking on round change)
  • Double-clicking or pressing Enter will now properly load the selected preset
  • The defending team is now correctly declared the winner when a round ends due to timelimit, so the right info_camera will be chosen
  • Fixed screen jitter when spectating a player who is crouching and bunnyhopping
  • Can now change loadout after spawning even if the spawn point has it's model disabled
  • Fixed bug where stealth would render improperly if a ragdoll of that class type existed
  • Fixed server crash involving removing or killing a cyber_ice
  • Fixed looping sound bug when firing tesla with 1 ammo left


  • Dystopia has been ported to Source SDK 2013
  • Radial damage indicator for both meatspace and cyberspace
  • Implemented soft collisions for teammates
  • Weapon ammo icon now changes color to reflect weapon status. If you can't fire a weapon due to cooldown, reloading, or switching weapons the icon becomes darker.
  • Cyberspace sound effects for jumping and bouncing off of walls
  • Many objects in the maps can now be "cracked" with a cyberdeck in meatspace, see the map changes for more information for which ones and how they behave
  • Made crouching faster (time to crouch/uncrouch from 400 ms to 150 ms)
  • Added crouch sliding: landing while crouched and over your class speedcap lets you slide along the floor for a bit.
  • Changed chat colors to stand out a bit more
  • Lowered mp_startdelay default from 90 to 40
  • Players no longer emit weapon pickup sound effects on spawn
  • net_graph's graph is disabled when cheats are off as it could be used to detect a spawn wave or other important events
  • Inflicting self damage now causes full knockback as if you had no armor
  • Escape or movement keys now close the loadout menu
  • The HUD spawn timer now plays short beeps when a spawn wave is coming
    • This can be controlled with console command dys_spawnbeep
  • The Voicecomms Globals menu now has Sorry, Thanks, Affirmative, Negative
  • Team spawn wave timer now caps at 18.0 seconds
  • Spawn timer now sits at 5.0 seconds if there isn't anyone in the spawn queue
  • Removed the redundant (and now broken) spectator bar that was brought up via +duck
  • Improved spectator controls (+jump will no longer go into a spectator mode that relies on a player if there is no player)
  • Added energy usage to the HUD energy bar
  • New sound effects for almost every weapon in the game
  • Toned down distance volume for AR and Smartlocks
  • Chat macros (such as $H, $a, etc.) can now be used in global chat
  • Added Ukrainian translation
  • The "Spectators:" text on the scoreboard now shows how many spectators there are total
  • Added server command and callvote "forcespec" which forces all players on teams to spectator (requires mp_stopwatch 1)
  • zoom_sensitivity_ratio should now store it's value between sessions


  • Implemented weaponbob. Can be controlled via the dys_weaponbob cvar, accepts values from 0.0 (off) to 1.0 (full bob)

    • Weaponbob effects can be fine-tuned with dys_weaponbob_jumpkick and dys_weaponbob_velocity, both of which also accept values 0.0 to 1.0
  • Made the cvar for the Half-life 2 weapon sway non-cheat protected (cl_wpn_sway_scale)
  • If turret is both thermal and invincible it is now named "invulnerable turret"
  • HUD icons (objectives etc.) now rest on a circle on the hud when not visible, pointing in the icon's direction, this can be controlled with dys_draw_hudicons_offscreen
  • HUD icons now "pop" in when appearing on screen, this can be controlled with dys_draw_hudicons_pop
  • Added muzzleflashes for Boltgun, GL, Basilisk, and tweaked some existing muzzleflashes and tracers
  • Boltgun bolts now have a tracer trail
  • Disabled dys_ragdolls_firstperson by default
  • Ragdoll and gibs now respect gravity properly and don't act floaty
  • Weapons now apply velocity to ragdolls on kills, so deaths look more visceral
  • Gibs now look more burnt/bloody
  • Added dys_cyberbloom to enable or disable cyberspace bloom effect
  • Teammates health bars are now green by default, can be set back to red with dys_draw_relative_healthbar_color 0
  • ICE mines now actually animate (after all these years!)
  • Cyber projectile weapon now uses the ICE mine model since the combine ball one is gross (temporary?)
  • Cyber trail texture improvements (hard edge softened when being created, new texture, width reduced to 36)
  • All guns and projectiles with trails (basilisk bomb, GL grenades, cyber projectiles) no longer have a visible "squiggly line" effect near their creation point
  • Cyber hitscan beam now fades out and looks better
  • Gun firing effects now only play once on a client regardless of latency (so no more multiple ion beams)
  • Ion Cannon and Laser Rifle have new impact particles (since fading decals broke)
  • New Thermal Vision effect on players and weapons as the old shader was causing a crash
  • Updated player hands/arm materials
  • Toned down white flash spawn effect and shortened the duration
  • Round end cameras should now display the proper angle and orientation
  • New rocket launcher rocket model
  • Some slight IFF tweaks/improvements:
    • Teammates energy bars are smaller
    • IFF corners no longer overlap with players names/bars
    • Implant icons above players heads 25% smaller
    • Thermal vision implant now displayed above players heads with IFF info
    • IFF box corners now shrink if very far away so they don't overlap
  • HUD tweaks/improvements:
    • bright gray borders are now dark corp blue/dark punk red
    • removed the "Zoom" text on radar
    • Made the spawn timer and dead teammates icons higher resolution, and punks now have punk red icons instead of yellow


  • Katana:

    • Block timings tweaked to allow for faster katana fights:
    • Delay before next attack/block after releasing block reduced from 0.5s to 0.25s
    • Stun duration without WR from 1.25s to 0.5s
    • Stun duration with WR from 1.0s to 0.25s
    • Light katana now swings 25% faster and deals 25% less damage
  • Shotgun:
    • Each shell now fires 10 shots for 5 damage each (previously 7 shots for 8 damage each)
    • No longer has a random amount of recoil
    • Now reloads automatically (can be controlled via dys_autoreload)
  • Laser Rifle:
    • Slightly better at shorter range (minimum optimal range from 768 to 700, lowest possible damage up close from 10% to 20%)
    • Ammo dispensers now dispense 30 ammo at a time
    • Starting ammo increased to 120, max ammo increased to 150
    • Improved weapon screen, now displays damage of last shot and charge bar is back
    • Can now specify zoom fov with dys_zoom_fov_laserrifle
  • Boltgun:
    • Reload speed reduced from 1.5s to 1.2s per bolt
    • Bolts no longer have a 0.1s delay before they can be discharged
    • Now reloads automatically (can be controlled via dys_autoreload)
    • Added tracer trail to fired bolts
  • Smartlocks:
    • Secondary fire now easier to hit (uses a 2 unit wide hull rather than a zero width line - half the size of an ion beam)
    • Made the smartlocks more "uzi" like: they fire twice as fast and have half damage, half spread, 48 ammo per clip
    • Lowered starting and maximum smartlock reserve ammo to be in line with AR (2 extra "clips" to start with, maximum of 3)
    • Now applies maximum stealth penalty when firing (same as other weapons)
    • Maximum angles before the pistols stop tracking a player increased
    • Gun positions now transition smoothly when losing/tracking a target (visual only)
    • Ejected brass now uses standard bounce sound effect, not shotgun shells
  • Assault Rifle:
    • Firing sound effect now pitch shifts upwards as rate of fire increases
    • Added a cool-off sound effect when rate of fire resets
    • Secondary fire is now a shotgun attack that fires 5 bullets at once in a wide spread (WIP/prototype)
    • Now has a slight viewkick while firing (as with all weapon recoil, it's visual only)
  • Grenade Launcher:
    • Detonate delay reduced from 0.4s to 0.3s
    • Max ammo reduced to 16
    • Grenades should no longer stop you dead when hitting you in the air (still seems to happens rarely). EMPs and Frags have this same functionality.
  • MK808:
    • Can now fire constantly by holding down the fire button
    • Can now set zoom fov with dys_zoom_fov_mk808
  • Tesla:
    • Ammo changed to 120 starting, 200 max, 40 given at a time from ammo dispensers
    • Tesla ball max ammo used reduced to 20 (from 30)
    • Tesla ball max delay reduced to 3.0 (from 6.0)
    • Primary fire range reduced from 1024 to 768
    • No longer applies knockback on either of it's attacks
    • Cooldown after firing secondary is now the same regardless of whether you hit a wall or actually fire the weapon
    • You can now primary fire 0.25 seconds after firing a tesla ball regardless of charge amount (max primary fire delay was 2.0 previously)
    • Primary fire beam effects improved, they don't lag behind the weapon as much
    • Primary fire leaves particles and scorch marks where they hit
    • Added sound effects for error when trying to shoot secondary (too close to wall, out of ammo)
    • Added sound effect for ball recharge/ready
    • Added startup sound effect for when the gun begins firing (like how Quake 3's LG works)
    • Secondary can now be activated by just holding down +attack2 on cooldown
  • Ion Cannon:
    • Can now set zoom fov with dys_zoom_fov_ioncannon
    • Beam and impact particle is now team colored
    • Now renders a badass railgun style swirl effect. Can enable or disable it with dys_draw_ion_swirl
  • Rocket Launcher:
    • Rockets will now lock onto stealthers if the user has thermal active
    • Rockets that are not being guided by either laser or fly-by-wire now have their velocity doubled
    • Changed rocket cam FOV from 50 to 90, making it easier to aim FBW rockets
    • Rocket now locks on for 0.33 seconds (up from 0.25) upon touching someone with the laser (NOTE: Rockets still cannot lock onto stealthers)
    • If the rocket is locked on to someone, it's turn rate is quadrupled from 120 to 480 (FBW turn speed remains a constant 250)
    • If the rocket is locked on to someone, it no longer cares about line of sight for tracking (previously, if the rocket was behind someone, and the laser dot was on the front of them, the rocket would think the laser is behind a wall or something and not lock on!)
    • Like FBW, you can now blow up laser guided missiles by +attack, or stop laser guiding by +attack2
    • Rockets now "ignite" instantly (down from 0.3s)
    • Fixed rocket launcher being unable to fire for a short time upon a new missile being ready, and a few other bugs that could happen as a result of this
    • Fixed the last missile not guiding towards the laser dot if you're out of ammo
    • Fixed holding secondary attack to dumbfire making you stop moving for a short time
    • Improved weapon screen visuals
    • Rocket smoke trail looks better
  • Minigun:
    • Can now be spun up and fired while in the air at 75% speed
    • Slightly reduced speed penalty while spinning minigun (112 speed at max spin to 128)
    • Recoil amount lessened, but made more random (doesn't actually affect aim)
    • Base spin time reduced from 1.5s to 1.0s
    • Wired reflexes no longer affects minigun spin time (used to reduce it to 0.75s)
  • Basilisk:
    • Increased clip size to 15
    • Ammo changed to 30 starting, 60 max reserve
    • Increased total shot damage to 50 (center bullet now does 20)
    • Increased secondary fire velocity from 700 to 1000
    • Ammo screen implemented
    • Secondary fire now properly animates the weapon
  • Spider grenades:
    • Now respect player view when thrown, and are thrown with 512 velocity (makes it so you can choose where and how to throw spiders, i.e. up onto ledges)
    • Max damage now set instantly upon touching the ground rather than upon deployment (spiders start with much lower damage so when they blow up in the heavies face, it's not as painful)
    • Health reduced to 15 (from 25)
  • Cyber:
    • All cyber damage is now counted 3x for stats to make it more on par with meatspace damage
    • Shaft now has particles at the end making it easier to judge distance
    • Cyber projectile explosion knockback tweaked for enemies: it now applies less base velocity from the explosion, but adds upwards velocity (relative to the victim's gravity -- yes, you can now do perpendicular juggling)
    • Programs now no longer add a small random amount of energy usage each frame


  • TAC Scan now has 10,000 range (up from 2,048)
  • Mediplant:
    • Range increased from 256 to 512
    • Self heal cost 7 -> 0
    • Self heal amount 7 -> 4
    • Other heal cost 10 -> 8
    • Other heal amount: 17 -> 16
    • Heavies now receive more per mediplant heal than the other classes (24). Energy cost remains the same as healing any other class
    • Removed some obsolete mediplant preferential logic (it wouldn't heal teammates if your health was too low, and it wouldn't heal yourself if your energy was too low)
  • Coldsuit:
    • Now gives +25% more energy regeneration (+0.5/second) to promote use in competitive play and give more variation in decking vs. meatspace loadouts
  • Wired Reflexes:
    • Now reduces machpistol spread by 20%
    • Now disables screen shake inflicted by pain, weapon recoil viewkick, and hard landings (disabled when EMP'd)
  • IFF Info:
    • Now displays enemy energy
  • Cortex Bomb:
    • Removed delay between checking for enemies and cortex exploding, this should result in more accurate cortex checks
    • Cortex no longer looks for line of sight when checking for enemies in a 384 radius
    • Now searches for func_breakables as well as enemy players when exploding
  • Leg Boosters:
    • Can now boost you horizontally in the direction you're moving. If you're moving slowly, aiming >30 degrees upwards or >45 degrees downwards, you'll do a "classic" vertical boost.
    • You can control the degrees specified with the console commands dys_legboost_threshold_up and dys_legboost_threshold_down
    • Added a new sound effect to differentiate vertical boosts from horizontal boosts, and both sounds scale in pitch with the more charge you have
    • Vertical boosts jumps with lower charge now give you more height (max height has been unchanged)
    • Removed the "whistling" at the start of the legboost charging sound effect
  • Stealth:
    • Stealth is now less visible while moving, but more visible while shooting and taking damage
    • The sound effect stealth emits is now more audible at distance
    • You can now be fully invisible moving while crouched
    • Shortened the period of time stealthers are visible when firing when looking at them while EMP'd
  • SWT overhauled:
    • SWT weapon range reduced to 2048 (range is 1536 for everything else still, and implants are 768)
    • Projectile weapons now show up on SWT (Boltgun, GL, Basilisk, Rocket)
    • Tesla primary and secondary now show up on SWT
    • Smartlock tracer shot now shows up on SWT
    • Explosions now show up on SWT.
    • Rockets flying through the air show up on SWT.
    • Grenade bounces and spider walking now shows up on SWT.
    • Stealth, Cortex activation, and Leg boosters being charged all emit implant SWT blips now.
    • Mediplant and TAC scans now emit implant SWT blips.
    • SWT colors made more vibrant, and new colors added (Purple for implants/misc, White for grenade bounces/rockets)
    • Sound Suppressor hides all of the new SWT blips


  • Door functionality normalized on the follow maps: Fortress, Vaccine, Broadcast, Assemble, Undermine, Fusion, Detonate, Silo

    • Common doors now function as follows: 2000 speed, opened via a trigger 48-64 units in front of and back of the door, and the trigger activates every 0.1 seconds.
  • Assemble:
    • Rearranged punk spawn to be more fluid
    • Changed one of the routes towards Objective 1 to be lower
    • Objective 1 side top route now needs to be hacked open
    • Objective 1 bottom trap route now exclusively allows upper level access, and also lets the punk exit closer to the JIP
    • Corp objective 1 exit split into two entrances
    • Longer delay before Objective 2 is accessible
    • Punks now need to capture an item from the lower area to turn off a Corp frostwall blocking access to the objective screen (security is taken offline for 60 seconds on capture, the item takes 20 seconds to respawn when dropped)
    • Corps can now take a gravshaft up to objective 2 punk JIP, this is disabled when punks capture the item
    • Fixed Objective 2 laser random delay
    • Fixed punk spawn pads to be solid
    • Added a new JIP for Punks on Objective 3 with a new hackable: the giant glass screen can now be raised or lowered. Punks can also shoot at Corps who are closing data stores via this node through a big frostwall (ICE that can be shot through).
  • Broadcast:
    • Objective 1 sewer exit now leads to the objective room rather than the street, placing more emphasis on controlling cyberspace
    • Street market is now open to run around in on objective 1
    • Added a door to cyber cafe exit, making Corp deckers safe on objective 1
    • Removed turret from fire escape alley so punks can put more pressure on corps there now that corp deckers are safe
    • One of the punk jips on objective 1 (or corp obj2) is now inside the spawn and safe, but it disables if a corp jacks into the other JIP to capture the objective (to prevent node camping)
    • Objective 2 doors now start locked by default
    • Removed intruder detected system when Corps are lingering around server room after Punks have recapped 2nd
    • Removed vent system that exits above obj2
    • Added breakable wall from bathroom into obj2, it has 3000 health and either side can break it.
    • Added doors to the bathroom that closes when Corps are capturing or own obj2 (to prevent punks from abusing the breakable wall for recaps)
    • Objective 2 cyberspace reverted to the simpler old geometry
    • Huge amounts of detail, optimization, texture alignment, lighting improvement, collision work, player clipping, door overhaul, etc. Map should now look better and run better.
  • Coast:
    • Initial map creation (still dev-textured), objectives are as follows:
    • Objective 1: Punks bring explosives from their spawn to 3 points on the map and trigger them via cyberspace
    • Objective 2: Punks capture a corp key card at their spawn enabling them to take objective in cyberspace. There's hackable turrets, and a hackable/crackable conveyor belt hatch
    • Objective 3: Punks capture a certain amount of data from cyberspace, meatspacers capture a button that make getting data easier
    • Objective 4: Punks create viruses in their spawn via cyberspace and bring them to a location in meatspace, hackable turrets and hatch
  • Cybernetic:
    • Hostage cart bugs should be fixed
  • Detonate:
    • There's a gate that can be cracked open or closed by the objective 1 JIP now
    • First objective door subobjective and logic fixed
    • Added lower exit for corp 1st spawn
    • Made punk 1st objective roof a little more open
    • Added a vent from 1st objective roof to 1st objective lobby area
    • Removed turrets on the dumpster/fence side of the Corp spawn on 1st, allowing punks to jump down and enter the lobby via this direction as well
    • Obj1 doors, Obj2's green door, and the "NO ENTRY" doors leading to Obj4 can all be cracked open temporarily
    • Removed outer turrets in last obj area so the area is safe for punks to be in
    • Obj4 turrets now disable on obj3 and stay disabled
    • Removed kill trigger that activates at the final objective on obj2 recap. Now there is no defense for final once obj3 is taken regardless of recap, and Corps can freely attack it without necessarily having to recap 2nd if they took 3rd.
    • Detailing: HDR lighting toned down, new graffiti added, decal cleanup, misc. visual tweaks
  • Fortress:
    • Reactor glass health reduced to 3500
    • Changed the buttons for meatlock, you shoot them at a distance now
    • Added extra turret in last corp spawn to prevent a potential spawn camp
    • Detailing: HDR lighting tweaks, elevator room and basement work done, etc.
  • Fusion:
    • Objective 1 punk JIPs are now in a more sensible location
    • Objective 1 turrets now start active, and are closer to the objective door
    • Redesigned objective 2 piston vents above JIP a bit so you can't sit in them and emp/shoot deckers from above
    • When containment door is closed on objective 2, a gas leak is enabled at the only available exit that does 40 damage
    • Lowered health of fuel rods from 120 to 20
    • Made parking garage area more weathered/detailed, more optimization
  • Injection:
    • First punk spawn layout now more sensible, less turning and ladders to get out of spawn
    • Bridge turrets relocated to be inside the facility a bit more
    • Bridge turrets can now be shot down
    • Removed turrets outside corp first spawn
    • Removed turret from corp evacuation tunnel (opens after first is captured with a 5 second delay) so punks can use this route now
    • Added alternate route to code room on first that can accessed via crackable ladder from outside the arcology entrance
    • Added caution tape decals to objective 1 code room to display exactly where the triggers are that show the code screen
  • Lobby (tutorial):
    • Timing pass on all helpers so they play out more smoothly
    • Added some game_text to help explain more about complicated concepts
    • Made some parts block your path so you have to listen to the information and don't accidentally charge ahead and override it
  • Silo:
    • Added 10 second delay on objective 2 JIP activating to try and stop super fast-caps
    • Objective 3 corp JIP is now disabled at all times unless punks own objective 2
    • Silo doors now open on objective 2 capture (and close during the countdown)
    • Added new objective 3 hackable route that goes past objective 2 JIP and leads to a vent that you can drop down from, landing at the hallway opposite final corp spawn
    • Objective 2 spawn redesigned and a second exit added
    • Objective 2 vent hackable is now in the yellow node (contestable) and now controls whether or not the electricity is on. You can jump through the fence gap even if the electricity is on as long as you don't touch any metal parts.
    • Vent system heavily simplified, now the only vent is from storage room to control room (last corp JIP), and the vents have been raised so you can run/jump through them
    • Flush vents now clear the entire vent system with a fan kill trigger
    • Restricted corp access in cyber on obj1/obj2 so they can't go open obj3 doors
    • Playerclips, optimization, detail pass, lighting pass, etc.
  • Undermine:
    • Objective 2 can now captured by cracking the screen in meatspace (even if it's disabled). It takes 20 seconds.
    • The doors leading to objective 2 that can be hacked open or closed can be cracked open temporarily
    • Raised the delay before Obj3 ports re-open after a corp decker leaves an EU node to 15 seconds (so there is a minimum 15 second delay between a corp exiting an EU and re-entering)
    • Added a bunch of cyber crystals in obj3 cyberspace on the floating cubes
    • Moved turrets in final corp spawn to allow easier access to corp deckers by punks
    • Obj1 gas should no longer be really dark/hard to see sometimes
  • Vaccine:
    • Removed foyer door buttons on objective 1, you can now open these doors normally
    • Added turret to Corp 1st spawn to prevent potential spawn camping
    • Dock and back door are now separate nodes/screens in cyberspace (back door is in the node previously used for foyer door control)
    • Airlock room now has a wall blocking line of sight from the two corp exits
    • Detailing: redesigned punk first spawn, floor detail made more interesting, window showing visibility from objective 2 room to airlock, decals textures and lighting updates, toned down meatspace colorcorrection

Map creation:

  • Added trigger_crackable, a trigger that lets players "crack" objects with their cyberdeck. While inside, the trigger updates the players HUD as to how he can interact with it. While cracking, a progress bar will show how long until the crack is complete.
  • Added cyber_gravity_volume, which replaces the old point entity and is much more consistent and easier to use
  • dys_item and trigger_item are now fully functional and can be used in a variety of ways
  • Added cyber_gravity_align, a trigger volume which sets a players gravity alignment to a specified angle (allows for much more control than cyber_floor, useful for areas where players need to be a certain angle)
  • Added cyber_crystal, a "medpack for cyberspace". By default restores 5 energy and respawns in 30 seconds, although these values can be changed
  • Added func_brush_colorblend, which acts like a func_brush but can blend from one color to another over a period of time
  • cyber_drain with negative values (which restore energy) now plays a cyber heal sound effect
  • cyber_speedpad can now be used by players who have gravity, and emits a sound
  • Added "Bullets pass through" flag for cyber_ice which sets if the ICE can be shot through or not (defaults to off)
  • dys_ammodisp now respects angles as a valid keyfield (will no longer appear in map problems list)
  • dys_forceloadout no longer plays spawn effects
  • point_spotlight changes:
    • width can now be up to 500
    • halo now uses: sprites\dys_point_spotlight_glow for its material
    • glow now uses: sprites\dys_point_spotlight_beam for its material
  • Maps should no longer crash when missing certain entities (this should make early map work and cordon compiles easier to work with)
  • infodecal entity is now serverside only and cannot be toggled on/off. This reduces the entity data overhead and allows for many more decals to be placed on maps.
  • NOTE: SDK 2013's Hammer has a lot of issues and you may want to keep an SDK 2007 install handy. Known bugs I've run into:
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The full length trailer showing off Dystopia Version 1's features.

Dystopia MK 405 Skin

Dystopia MK 405 Skin

Full Version

Dystopia MK 405 Skin.

Dystopia Cyberspace Video

Dystopia Cyberspace Video

Movie 1 comment

dys_cyberspace.exe is a self running bink video which shows a run through Dystopia's Cyberspace environment. Cyberspace is a 3D representation of...

Dystopia Interview - Free Play 2005 [Quicktime]

Dystopia Interview - Free Play 2005 [Quicktime]


This is a 10 min interview with Fuzzy, Teddy and Termi from Team Dystopia. They came with modDB to the recent Free Play conference in Melbourne, Australia...

Dystopia Interview - Free Play 2005 [DivX]

Dystopia Interview - Free Play 2005 [DivX]


This is a 10 min interview with Fuzzy, Teddy and Termi from Team Dystopia. They came with modDB to the recent Free Play conference in Melbourne, Australia...

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eyeling - - 106 comments

Gotta love the use of Adobe Flash. Unfortunately its been discontinued so I'm not sure what that originally was as I obviously can't view it.

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CatfishD - - 18 comments

This game was so dope back in the day. RIP.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
FluffyKittenChan - - 139 comments

Looks awesome!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
trevman94 - - 3 comments

Hey is this mod still alive?

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KindredPhantom - - 290 comments

It's not as active as it once was, not even close to back in it's day.
There are however about 7 servers that are currently up.
There's also a Pick Up Game group that holds games every night.
There are a usually a few people playing during key hours, mostly on the on same server though.

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Rob12772 - - 126 comments

Currently I see 5 servers with 0 players involved. It's a shame that this game was great and active back in the day. Now it's empty with little to no activity. I hope this game will be revived some day, but I highly doubt about it.

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Malkadir - - 170 comments

Aaaah, the sounds, my poor ears ! Playing as a heavy was quite pain inducing

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Gregar - - 1,749 comments

the only mod ive seen that's still alive till this day

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Malkadir - - 170 comments

NeoTokyo is still alive too ! Particularly fridays nights.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Denker - - 26 comments

One of the most underrated mods right here, play it, love it^^

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