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RSS A Year in Review - Quarter Four

October through November Modification 2010 Releases.

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The last quarter of 2010 has not even finished yet! None the less here is the overview of the exciting things and releases seen on ModDB. Like many of the months in 2010 mods have seen the path to indiehood exciting, filled with possibilities! The Ball had its first commercial release on the PC by teaming up with the doods over at Tripwire. Meanwhile the staff of ModDB is hard at work focusing on the upcoming MOTY awards and other upcoming exciting announcements. While the releases might have slowed down, the news sped up with the most tickets per day since the MOTY announcement.

The Call of the Firefiles The Call of the Fireflies is a puzzle-based singleplayer mod for Crysis. There's no guns, explosions or nanosuits involved. Just an old man who follows mysterious fireflies through mountains and dark caves, sleeping villages and frozen woods, and has to use all kinds of mechanisms to open his path, while battling to stay alive in the winter cold.
Wings of the Federation Wings of the Federation isn't just any other Freelancer mod, it has a complete single player campaign. There is no other Freelancer mod that has done this! This is a unique accomplishment in the Modding community.



i dont get it ?????

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You forgot the 0.5 beta of the Star Trek Homeworld 2 mod!

Released on the 10/10/10 and soon to have v0.6 out!

Shocking! Truly shocking...

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Now this is a real shame!

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it's slightly better now, we've been added to the list!

Now all that needs to be done is to get our mod up in that features box on the front page with a pretty picture, then we'll feel reassured, assuaged, warm, fuzzy and all that ;-)

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Where is 1187!?

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Its right there, on the bottom left corner. Eleven Eighty Seven.

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what about Black Mesa?!!!oh wait........never thought we'd be reaching the end of 2010 without Black Mesa, starting to get irritating now....

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Kasumi Krystal
Kasumi Krystal

Well , atleast we tryed ...

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Guys it's not even December yet. Hell,for all you know they could release it December 30th at 11:59 P.M.

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What about Edain Mod?
Released November 7, 2010 ;)

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AvP Classic Redux

Released November 24/25

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Henley Author

Needs to be a featured release

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No Lumoria? Was released the day before this was out...

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Uh missing:

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So damned much material at one time ! How's a boy to decide...?

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Go Project Reality!!!

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