Expanding on every feature found in The Lord of the Rings, The Battle for Middle-earth II as well as boasting entirely new content. The all new single player campaign’s innovative new units will help to tell the story of the evil Witch-King’s rise to power, domination of Angmar, and invasion of the great kingdom of Arnor, home to Aragorn’s ancestors. To fully experience the evil side of Middle-earth, gamers can now play as the all new Angmar faction in skirmish, multiplayer, and War of the Ring modes.

Experience a whole new depth of strategy with upgraded War of the Ring and Create-A-Hero features. Create-A-Hero’s entirely new Troll class boasts additional weapons and armour that will allow players to have even more freedom in customizing their game play. War of the Ring, the risk-style meta-game, offers upgraded army persistence, a new siege dynamic on the Living World Map, and unified territories that serve as major control points.

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Edain Mod 4.5: The Spellbook of Angmar

Greetings, companions of Edain,

A chill wind is blowing... after we introduced you to a submod that makes the Angmar campaign playable in Edain, we now want to show you the Angmar spellbook!

As you can see, many of Angmar's old spells fit very neatly into our new structure as part of the offensive tree on the right. However, there were a few cuts we had to make:

  • Horns of Angmar was a generic buff, so we chose the much more unique Blight as the starting spell for the offensive tree. The Obelisk slotted perfectly into the defensive tree as a stationary debuff.
  • Hordes of Mount Gram was almost as generic, simply summoning a few Orcs. We decided to use the more interesting Fell Wind as the second row spell in the offensive tree and utilize the Mount Gram Orcs for a new spell instead, detailed below.
  • For the second row of the defensive tree, the choice was more difficult, as both Snowblind and Frozen Land were thematic and unique. We ultimately settled on Frozend Land and folded a different version of Snowblind into the Stronghold of the Iron Crown.
  • Driving Snow, like all weather spells, should have slotted into the third row of the offensive tree, where it competed with the trolls and the plague. It was clear the trolls needed to remain as they're a favorite among Angmar players. Ultimately, we decided the Plague was more unique than Driving Snow, acting differently from all other damage spells in the game and representing a different aspect of Angmar's theme, while ice and snow are already covered by Frozen Land and the Avalanche. Driving Snow was ultimately just another weather spell, and as part of our bid for more unique spellbooks, we had already decided that not every faction needs one anymore.

In place of these cuts, we added several new spells and changed others:

Officers of the Shadow Guard

Thrallmaster hit points are tripled and they now summon an additional horde of Orcs with every thrall horde.

This passive spell replaces your ordinary thrallmasters with Shadow Guard lieutenant who are much more durable and wield greater authority. Whenever a thrallmaster summons a horde of vassals, an additional horde of weaker Orcs appears next to him. Their increased armor also makes it much harder for the enemy to oneshot the entire horde by killing the master, thus offsetting one of the unit's biggest weaknesses. If you want to focus your strategy around large armies of cheap units, this is the spell for you!

The new free Orcs use the model of the old Mount Gram warriors.

However, if you prefer hardened elite instead, you do have a different option as well:

Turncoats of Arnor

Summon three battalions of Turncoats from Arnor to the battlefield. The Turncoats must prove their loyalty to permanently serve the Witch-king. If they don't reach rank 2 in time, they are executed.

The Turncoats are the vilest of traitors, deserting their post in Arnor to throw in their lot with the Witch-king. They're a ragtag group made up of different former Arnor units, from regular soldiers to rangers all the way up to the Palantir Guard. In battle, they can switch between blades and pikes, making them effective against a large variety of enemies.

However, there is a catch: The Witch-king doesn't simply accept anyone. To prove that they have truly forsaken their former countrymen, the Turncoats must shed blood in Angmar's name. When you summon them, you have a limited time to get them to rank 2. If you don't manage that in time, they are deemed worthless and executed on the spot.

Those who do reach rank 2 are accepted into Angmar's army, adding a battle-hardened group of elite units to your force permanently. The Turncoats can now equip forged blades and heavy armor as well. This changes their style and shows their new allegiance. When they arrive, they look largely like Arnor units, though they hide their faces behind masks and wear tattered cloaks from their arduous journey across the border. Once you upgrade them, however, they don forged plate from the forges of Carn Dûm, visibly becoming closer to their new brethren.

However, the Turncoats are never fully accepted and earn mistrust from all sides of the war. This is reflected in their passive ability:

Despised by All: The honorless Turncoats steal resources with every attack against enemy structures and loot resources when they kill enemies in battle. Allied and enemy units alike gain -25% armor around the Turncoats. Only other Turncoats gain +10% armor for every other battalion of Turncoats in the vicinity instead, up to a maximum of +50%.

The Turncoats are thus best used as a self-sufficient force. Their weapon toggle lets them fight most enemies without additional support, especially because they weaken their foes as well. The larger your Turncoat army grows, the more powerful they become, feeling emboldened by the presence of their fellow traitors. In the long term, this spell allows you to build up a more powerful army than many other summoning spells and keep it permanently - however, there is always a risk involved. If your Turncoats don't manage to prove themselves in sufficient numbers, the spell is much weaker than other options. We feel this not only adds interesting new gameplay, but also represents another vital aspect of Angmar in the spellbook: The lure of treachery that led many Dunedain to forsake their noble cause.

Stronghold of the Iron Crown

Upgrades a chosen fortress to a stronghold of the Iron Crown. All structures are upgraded to rank 3 and gain a reinforced garrison. Wall catapults gain ice munition. Enemies near the gate are poisoned. The citadel gains the abilities Sortie, Bastion of Winter and Unleash the Black Knights.

This spell may not be new, but is has gotten several new effects. The stronghold of the Iron Crown now has three active abilities:

  • Unleash the Black Knights: Permanently summons a bataillon of Black Knights. You now get your knights for free, but the ability has a cooldown, so it takes a while to muster a larger force.
  • Sortie: Allied units within the fortress gain +50% damage and movement speed for a brief duration. Persists when they leave the fortress. Tired of waiting around in your castle while enemy catapults slowly wreck your defenses? Take the battle to the enemy!
  • Bastion of Winter: Conjures a snow storm around the castle that makes all buildings and fortifications invulnerable for 30 seconds. The old Snowblind spell lives on in this ability, though slightly changed. You can no longer disable enemy buildings with it, but it has become much better at protecting your own.

Might of the Iron Crown

Lowers the cooldown of all hero abilities by 20%.

This is Angmar's central spell, emphasizing the large number of heroes this faction can field and allowing them to wield their sorcery more frequently.

Originally, we had a much more complex spell planned for this slot, but this would have gone hand in hand with a complete rework of the Witch-king. While that is still something we absolutely want to do, we felt it would have been to much for version 4.5 and would have delayed the release even further. That is why in this instance, we opted for a simpler spell that still fit the faction - but stay tuned for the all-new Witch-king in a future patch!

We hoped you enjoyed this insight into the new Angmar spellbook and look forward to your feedback!

Your Edain Team

Play the Angmar Campaign in Edain Now!

Play the Angmar Campaign in Edain Now!

Edain Mod 44 comments

Introducing the Rise of Angmar: Remastered submod, porting the original campaign to Edain with all-new missions, improvements and full use of Edain's...

Sieges in 4.5, part II: Offense

Sieges in 4.5, part II: Offense

Edain Mod 21 comments

Part II of our siege update takes a look at the offensive options, most of which were changed to have a clearer role in 4.5.

Age of the Ring Version 3.0: Durin’s Folk

Age of the Ring Version 3.0: Durin’s Folk

News 16 comments

Featuring the brand new faction Erebor as well as many other edits to our current existing factions.

Lots of new maps!

Lots of new maps!

News 21 comments

An article showcasing various exciting new maps coming in the next release.

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Age of the Ring Version 3.1

Age of the Ring Version 3.1

Age of the Ring Full Version 34 comments

AotR 3.1 fixes several bugs, most notably the multiplayer out-of-sync (OOS) that frequently occured in 3.0. It also contains several balance changes.

Age of the Ring GameRanger Patch

Age of the Ring GameRanger Patch

Age of the Ring Patch 9 comments

PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION!! This ZIP file contains what you will need in order to get AoTR working with GameRanger

Age of the Ring Version 3.0: Durin’s Folk

Age of the Ring Version 3.0: Durin’s Folk

Age of the Ring Full Version 66 comments

The third release for Age of the Ring, containing the completed Erebor faction as well as some reworks/additions to the already existing factions.

Kingdom of Arnor Patch 2.02

Kingdom of Arnor Patch 2.02

Kingdom of Arnor Full Version 21 comments

Adds Arnor as a playable faction on patch 2.02 v7.0.0 along with some tweaks and fixes for the faction.

Kingdom of Arnor V4

Kingdom of Arnor V4

Kingdom of Arnor Full Version 2 comments

Adds Arnor as a playable faction with some tweaks and fixes.

Battle Of The Pelennor Fields 2.2

Battle Of The Pelennor Fields 2.2

The Battle of the Pelennor Fields Full Version 4 comments

This is the download for The Battle Of The Pelennor Fields mod 2.2. Changes: Fixed the bug that would cause War of the Ring mode to crash the game.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 120)

Has anyone made a version of RotWK 2.02 that works with BfME2 1.09?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.



Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

can't wait to see a Iron-Hill Phalanx like in the movies.. I'm hiped for the Erebor release (Y)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

hi...i have a question,is there strategy game such az anno 1404 but whit fantasy faction like bfme ????!!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Okay,it's ridiculous,you can only get your hands on a legit copy for some 160+$ and that's just to be able to play SP or LAN,because there are no online servers anymore. So basically anything you could do with a pirated version...
I blame all this on the shenanigans between the Tolkien estate and...well basically the outside modern world. Don't get me wrong Christopher Tolkien has all my respects as a person who brought us the Silmarilion,Children of Hurin and the Unfinished tales,basically giving us access to the expanded world of J. R. R. Tolkien. But he needs to get with the times and understand the potential that could be unlocked if he just removed the stick which is stuck in his behind. I understand that he was disappointed with what Peter Jackson has done to his fathers work,but he surely understands that there could be no possible literal adaptation,it would take hours and hours of screen time and would generally not be accepted by the majority of viewers,except of course hardcore Tolkien fans. But let's be honest,that was NOT the reason he decided to refuse any further content being adapted in modern media. No,he felt cheated out of the share of loot he was promised,which is fair enough corporations are greedy leeches. But this should not be the reason to deny millions of fans from what they really...really want. These are people ready to spend hundreds and hundreds of bucks just to be able to be part of the wonderful world his father created on a new level. This would automatically increase book sales and his revenues would only grow. I myself never read anything from Tolkien before I first saw the LOTR trilogy,and I'm not the only one. He's guarding this from the world so jealously as if he created it alone,oh the irony...
Just imagine if this game and it's expansion and predecessor would suddenly hit Steam,the amount of sales the possibilities it would unlock?! And Battle for Middle earth is just the tip of the iceberg. A Silmarilion silver screen adaptation?! But no,instead we will get a LOTR tv show,which is nice but meh,not the subject of this rant.
So yeah,EA games did a good job (for once) giving us this great game,but there are still things that can be improved upon (needless to mention the balance of the factions) with the steam workshop this could be finally achieved on a large scale. Or scratch that,it doesn't even have to be the steam freaking workshops,the game just needs to be simply available for the general public within reasonable measures,and it could get a larger modding community. But...NO
It all comes down to greed.
However there is HOPE,Christopher's son Simon Tolkien has already shown willingness to cooperate with the studios,which has even driven a wedge between him and his father. So we might have to wait for the old guy to take the ship to Valinor before any progress is made.
I understand that some hardline fans might disagree with,what could be called "selling out", but we need to go with the times,the majority of the kids these days don't even know what a book is,unless it's linked to a popular movie,show or video game.
So unless we want Tolkien's world to become history,legend and finally myth we need to push for reforms.
rant over/

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Hi, here are the installation instructions if you need them.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

New SAGE Engine Modding discord server for LODR BFME and C&C games: Discord.gg

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

can u make citadelguard in Gondor?

Reply Good karma Bad karma-1 votes

Who are you talking to?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
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