Mod of the Year is the largest celebration of hobbyist, amateur and professional modification developers. With record attendance and a massive number of updates, releases and new projects 2010 was a year like no other, packed to bursting with goodies to make any tired relic PC game seem new and exciting again. The Modding Hall of Fame has rolled out the red carpet welcoming one and all to see the best mods ever released all in one place.

Up until Jan 1st 2011 join us and help celebrate your community, culture and give thanks to the developers by voting for your favorite projects. For the first time in ModDB history we have a press panel which sees personalities from other websites like Joystiq and Rock Paper Shotgun have their say where it counts. Welcome to the 9th Annual Mod of the Year Awards.

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Find out all you need to know about the people who will be passing judgment over this years releases for the brand new Panel Selection event. Hand picked by the ModDB staff for being extremely passionate about Modding, Independent gaming or a little bit of both.


Justin McElroy

Justin McElroy, Joystiq reviews editor, has been reviewing video games for the better part of two decades. He's previously contributed to PC Gamer, Official Xbox Magazine, PlayStation: The Official Magazine and Computer Games Magazine among others.


Joe Robinson

Joe Robinson has a videogames journalist for over two years now, and enjoying every minute of it. He grew up on PC strategy gaming, but he has always astounded by some of the things that come out of the mod and indie scene. Joe works for Strategy Informer, a multi-platform, multi-genre videogames news and reviews website with strong roots in the PC gaming and modding scene. They pride themselves on regular, quality editorial content, with their own download library for mods, maps and files to boot. Joe also claims that Strategy Informer is better than ModDB (ED: Not true).


Lewis Denby

Lewis Denby - Rock, Paper, Shotgun’s mod scene correspondent. RPS is a leading PC gaming site which covers the medium from border to border: from the super-mainstream, to the indiest of indie. And mods, of course. Lewis make sure of that.


Mike Rose

Mike Rose is a freelance games journalist and the editor for one of the biggest sites out there for all the news you could want on the Independent gaming and development scene.


Bennett Ring

Bennet Ring is the Editor in Chief of the Australian site, He has been a gaming journo for over a decade, working at such esteemed publications as PC Gamer magazine, IGN, Atomic Magazine, and many more. is Australia's most popular 100% local site, offering news, reviews, servers, files and a awesome community to boot!


T. Gantt

T. Gantt (aka KniteBlargh or knitetgantt) is an artist who experiments with ink, vector graphics, pixel art, photography, and game design. T. Gantt is also part of the team over at Game Jolt, where some of his responsibilities include writing blog posts, graphic design, featuring games, judging contests, keeping the community under control, and so on.


Geoff Gibson

Geoff Gibson is the creator and founder of He became enamored with the world of indie games after the release of Braid in 2008. Since then Geoff has come to believe that not only do they offer more monetary value than mainstream games, but also more fun. Indie developers are truly the pioneers of the video game industry. is now one of the leading indie and independently developed game news and culture blogs around the web. Launched in October of 2009, today DIYGamer consistently write more quality articles about indie games than any other website out there and we are extremely proud that so many gamers have decided to make us their home of indie gaming news.


Rhea Monique

Rhea Monique works as a community manager for an indie company and writes critical essays about video games at Hellmode. She feels Indies and mods are the ground zero of the gaming world and wouldn't want to be anywhere else.


Ashley King, Sarah Rich

2 Girls 1 Game began as a podcast but has quickly branched out to feature interviews, reviews, news, and other aspects of indie gaming goodness. Ashley and Sarah strive to bring much deserved attention to the games and their developers the mainstream sites tend to gloss over.


Phillip Marlowe

Phillip Marlowe is a going-grey gamer from London, UK. He runs (a website covering single player maps and mods for HL games) and (an independent beta testing service) and co-founded Podcast17 (a weekly podcast about VAlve and its games). Having played almost all of the 1000 maps and mods listed on his site, he still remains fanatically enthusiastic for SP releases. A self-confessed MP hater, he often gets drawn into discussions about gaming and modding and rarely wins.


William Mcmahon

William Mcmahon represent Podcast 17 and has always been involved with the Half-Life community, as early as 1998 contributing to Planet Half-Life, and various other community portals. Will also worked on various radio shows as well including Game Broadcasting Live, Game Surge Radio, Games Net Radio and Gamers United. Podcast 17 started a little over two years ago when Phillip from PlanetPhillip and Will decided the Half-Life community needed a regular audio show that showcases community content and valve news.


Scott Reismanis, Dave Traeger

Scott and Dave are the guys who keep both ModDB and IndieDB up and running, Scott being the founder and the man who creates new and exciting features for the sites and Dave who manages the content and the community of these great websites. Both have a undeniable interests in servicing the indie and modding scenes by giving the developers the freedom they deserve to showoff their hard work, however they please.