Dystopia is a is a total conversion of the Source Engine that places players into tense combat situations in a high-tech world spanned by computer networks. As Punks or Corporate Mercenaries, players will fight through the physical world to gain access, via Jack-in Points, to cyberspace. Cyberspace is a three dimensonal representation of the world's network. In cyberspace, players must fight off enemy hackers and launch programs to gain control of critical systems and to affect the physical world. Gameplay progresses through inter-linked physical and cyberspace objectives, and players must work together to achieve victory for their team. Players will be immersed in action-packed battles, whether as a heavily augmented combat mercenary armed to the teeth with the latest in firepower and cybernetic implants, or as a twitch-reflex cyberdecker racing to infiltrate a cyberspace node.

Modcast Episode 13, Dave, Ryan and Mike tell you all about the news and releases from the previous week.

Posted by Henley on Feb 16th, 2009

Modcast Episode 13, Dave, Ryan and Mike tell you all about the news and releases from the previous week. Included in this weeks discussion is Predator: The Head of the Jungle, GoldenEye Source, Lemming Ball Z and Rise of the Reds.



So that's it for this week modders, but don't fear we will be back next week with more mods and goss for you all to enjoy! Don't forget to send your modding/gaming questions to dave@moddb.com and we will answer the questions on the show!

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Klon116 Feb 16 2009, 8:23am says:

@ the modcast developers:

Im one of the developers of Stargate Empire at War and yeah I´m hear you have some problems with the english version of our mod because it´s still in german.

That´s right and we are really sorry about this issue but our translaters didn´t do their job and at the relase we stand there without a good translation.

But I promis there will be an english patch for our mod soon.

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RDAisGod Feb 18 2009, 7:21pm replied:

I can second that, since I'm personally working on it. So those who want an English version will finally get it soon.

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Thtb Feb 20 2009, 10:12am replied:

Ah screw the Janks ;)

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RDAisGod Feb 22 2009, 11:31am replied:

Alright! Patch has been released. Spinobreaker has put the link in his blog and it will be added to the SG:EaW news within a day or so. I know it's not perfect, but it's about 95% English. All important info has been translated and such.

Also a whole bunch of bonus units for the Tau'ri, Wraith, and Goa'uld. New GC, and several new skirmish maps, plus a unique supergate system.

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Freakness Feb 16 2009, 9:01am says:

This mp3 player sucks because it doesnt allow to skip so I'm forced to download.

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Thtb Feb 20 2009, 10:13am replied:

Yeah, if you have to close the window or post somewhere or whatever you have to start over - I am halfway in and it wont let me jump back to where I was...

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LongBottom Feb 16 2009, 9:07am says:

I have to agree with Ryan on Dystopia. The learning curve needs to be better. I got really put off because of this, I don't have as much time to play games, so learning to play them is a pain.

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spellman23 Feb 16 2009, 4:08pm replied:

While I am a big fan of Dystopia, I have to agree to a point.

I feel it's not really the learning curve. The game design is fairly simple (minus hacking) and there's plenty of breadth and depth. The key problem is the game centers around very customized maps. So, instead of an arena to play in like most games (TF2, CS, etc.) it's more about applying the game concepts to executing the map. Thus, each map is in a sense a game in itself that you have to learn what interacts with what and where all those vents go.

In the end, it's not that shooting is hard or understanding cloaking, it's the highly dynamic interaction of the maps and navigating them that gives the biggest problem.

When I host LAN parties, I setup a fly-through that I show everyone all the objectives around the map and locations of note, and it's really useful for new players.

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KindredPhantom Feb 17 2009, 8:04am replied:

If you listen to the interview on podcast17 you will find that they have a similar idea planned in the not too distant future.

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KindredPhantom Feb 17 2009, 8:06am replied:

Learning new games can be a pain but once you have learned them you find the time spent is worth it.

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PytoX Feb 16 2009, 9:19am says:

good podcast once again :D

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asho Feb 16 2009, 9:24am says:

could some body tell me what time they talk about stargate empire at war ????

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Klon116 Feb 16 2009, 9:34am says:

At 48:35 minutes

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R0b Feb 16 2009, 10:03am says:

Lol, someone's breathing heavily through the modcast :|

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Henley Author
Henley Feb 16 2009, 11:04am replied:

and that is mike damn you mike! *shakes fist*

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stenchy Feb 16 2009, 12:30pm replied:

Lazy editing by Dave; damn you Dave! *shakes fist*

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KindredPhantom Feb 17 2009, 6:56am replied:

Excuses, Excuses... :P

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OkeiDo Feb 16 2009, 10:11am says:

Nice one!

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Bird_of_Prey Feb 16 2009, 1:51pm says:

I have to agree with them about Dystopia. I really to like the game but it's really hard to tell what you're supposed to do at any given time. It's easy enough to just jump in and start fragging but objectives and the cyberspace sections aren't very clear. There is a tutorial, which is somewhat rare for MP mods, and that's a nice concept. But it's pretty much useless, I'm sorry to say. It does nothing to prepare you for what your will do in most matches. It focuses mainly on movement and the platforming that you hardly ever use. I know there's a new player's guide but I think a tutorial should give you everything you need to jump into a game and get started. No every little detail, but the basics at least. Like some of the different packs and how they're used and how to complete objectives. And the cyberspace needs a lot more explanation. Even if it's just in text it'd be nice. Speaking of text, there's not enough (for once, lol). They tell you to do something but not HOW to do it. Like when they tell you to a super jump. No explanation whatever. Ok, this is turning into a rant and we don't need another Dystopia rant. I just really do like this mod and want it to do well and to do that I think it needs some better explanation for new players.

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Zimmbous Feb 16 2009, 7:32pm says:

Hey guys, nice work on the podcast.
By the way, to defeat the manahcks in the final boss of The Great Forever Tommorow, just herd them into a could via sprinting and then fire an explosive, such as a rocket or smg alt fire grenade, into them/ onto the ground right below them. This works on the rollermines as well.
Thanks for playing/talking about my mod!

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Spinobreaker Feb 16 2009, 11:09pm says:

For the record, Im the English Lead of the Stargate Empire At War Team, there is an english text about a week away, as for it called ENglish, those are the sounds, i did the speach file
keep an eye on My blog, anyone interested, and its upto date, as soon as i know anything i post it,
ill ttyl

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Spinobreaker Feb 16 2009, 11:26pm replied:

forgot to say, the stargate modding group is a german based mod, and until i came around (and i dont speek german at all :S ) there was only german so i did eng sound and then started work on the text

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Esoj Feb 17 2009, 12:41am says:

if you listen to the interview on podcast 17 you will hear one of the developers openly admit that the tutorial is outdated and that in the future they are looking at maybe tf2 like videos to help explain the maps objectives a bit better.

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DuckSauce Feb 17 2009, 5:15am says:

LemmingBall Z is an awesome game, but immposible to play online against a good player without knowing all the things you can do.

It seems alot at first but once you learn it the game is sooooo awesome.
I myself have been trained by roughly 3 people,
1 of the devs(Loozzer), a guy who made a tutorial(reybag) and a pro(W.Raith) from all those guys I gradually learned everything.

I also have spent some time in the past training other people,
if you want moddb guys I am willing to spent some time ingame teaching you the basics, they're really not hard but the ingame tutorial doesn't do a good job of teaching them.
Just search steam community for DuckSauce if you want to add me on steam.

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KindredPhantom Feb 17 2009, 7:55am says:

Ryan you seem to have gotten a bit confused in some of the levels and the level design process and about what was said in the podcast17 interview.

The maps are largely done by a single mapper with other mappers helping out in some areas and other devs giving their input.

Only Exodus is the map that had a few of the devs working together on it after the dev working on it left the team. Exodus is the one with a laser that goes through the wall that Mike said on podcast17 that in the next version of the map the laser will go through the building instead of the wall. The wall that is destroyed is the way to the next objective and you don’t need go through a completely different area.
You talk about the dark bit in the hole on Assemble which is odd because it isn’t that dark and I wonder if it’s more to do with your settings.

The reason they have to use professional voice acting is because all the other voice and sounds in the game have been done that way before and you would be able to tell the differences between them and voices recorded in ventrillo.
The team are passionate so much so that they use a lot of their own money to keep the site and the stats website going.

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stenchy Feb 17 2009, 8:05pm replied:

Ah ok, well Mike mentioned it being a collaborative process but didn't really explain the extent of it. As for the darkness, I did make sure that I was playing full screen (windowed tends to make things darker since you can't control gamma) and went over all my display settings to make sure nothing was out of whack.

The whole point of my feedback was just to state that making the levels more accessible (to newbies) is probably the most direct way to gain traction with newcomers. There's nothing wrong with maintaining a niche community, but it seems you guys are shooting for more than that. In order to bolster playercounts in the long term, there will have to be some concessions made with regards to the complexity of gameplay. It's a fine line and I'll be watching to see how Dystopia deals with it in the future.

Just my two cents.

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KindredPhantom Feb 18 2009, 9:45am replied:

Your two cents were interesting to listen to and hopefully it will go some way to fixing these issues.

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Trestkon Feb 17 2009, 11:21am says:

I'm honoured to be the example of people incapable of talking.


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stenchy Feb 17 2009, 8:06pm replied:

At least your mod has lots of talking!

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Henley Author
Henley Feb 17 2009, 10:02pm replied:

hahahah :P

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Trestkon Feb 17 2009, 10:23pm replied:

I have leveled up my oration skills for the dev banter. I may even be able to string two sentences together!

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Wilhelm_III Feb 27 2009, 12:34pm says:

I pronounce it "I.D." also, and I'm American... Saying "Id" sounds odd.

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