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If it's information about Mod DB and ramblings about mods in general that you are after - then you have come to the right place. Welcome to the official Mod DB BLOG, watch this profile to keep updated, join to show your support.

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Mod jam, who's in?

Feature 19 comments

Very occasionally the stars align, and the team here at ModDB come up with an idea we believe worth exploring. In this case we were thinking about:

And it occurred to us, wouldn't it be awesome to run a mod jam of some kind. The challenge of course being picking a game to mod and what to make... but what better than a DOOM level? It is rather accessible, anyone can play the outcome using awesome mods like Skulltag or Zdaemon, there are good tools and it won't take an insane amount of time.

We were thinking of running it here plus at an event like Rezzed, and wanted to hear your reaction. Are we crazy or is this just kickass and has to be done!?

We've noticed that the vast majority of games (and mods) on our site are listed as "unreleased" despite being available via "early access" or as an alpha. This is problematic because apart from being misleading, it means you cannot search for these games to play or review them.

Whether you like early access or not (we are undecided as it seems to be a perpetual thing with many games hiding under the guise of early access), it is clearly here to stay.

Whilst our release system needs a major overhaul, the first small step is to start supporting the "Early Access" category, which we have done immediately. We encourage all developers to:

  • Update their game or mods profile to "Early Access" if suitable
  • This will automatically categorise reviews as "Early Access" or not
  • It will allow your game to be searchable in the releases section

Let us know what you think of this change. Also worth noting our Github features / bugfixes board is public for all to contribute to.

Testing new ideas

News 24 comments

The DBolical sites have undergone a number of design changes over the years with the current design (v4) launching in 2008. A lot has changed in the past 7 years with mobile, adaptive and flat designs currently dominating. Whilst we haven't adopted any of this hype, we are exploring how we can deploy a smarter, easier-to-use design.

There are a number of big areas we are focusing on, with the primary being putting the important information within a profile first. This means download buttons, watch buttons, videos, key details to appear above the fold. Step one was to consolidate our gallery system from adding a lot of vertical height into a simple bar:

Screen Shot 2015 11 12 at 11 18

This removed a lot of vertical height and duplication (the same video sometimes appeared multiple times in a profile). We know this bar of images isn't the best as it is quite small, we will work to address that in a future update. There is more coming, and we've started a public Github page for our community to report bugs and suggestions. So if you have ideas for us, send them in. Hope you like the changes, more are on the way!

Screen Shot 2015 11 12 at 11 25

Many thanks to all those budding graphics guru's that took the time to send in their work as part of our Mod of the Year logo competition that kicked off last month. We had an amazing response from the community with a great array of logos sent in. Here are the entries:

1 4 2 LogoFront512 logo moddb Mod quad 01 modDB 2015 Icon Moddb MOTY MoTY Final MOTY2 moty2015new onlinelogomaker 090615 1048 MODDB LOGOBLK questiona

We are keeping the winning logo under wrap for the time being and looking forward to revealing it, in our Mod of the Year kickoff come December 1st, be sure to keep an eye out and thanks again to everyone who participated!

A little known fact is that our DBolical plans for ModDB, IndieDB and SlideDB originate from Australia. A sunburnt desert full of snakes, spiders and a strong love for mods and indie games! For the Sydneysiders visiting, are you attending EBGames 2015 Expo on this Thursday to Sunday? We are and might be able to find a chance to say hi, as we try out assorted games and some of those fancy VR gadgets.

ebexpo aus

It be great to talk to some visitors and pick your brain. We are quietly working away on ModDB/IndieDB v5 (still many months away!) and look forwarding to hearing everyones thoughts about what they like / dislike about the sites right now. Oh and we will also be at PAX in Melbourne next month for those attending it too.

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