Half-Life Rally is a racing modification for the highly acclaimed and everlastingly popular game, Half-Life by Valve Software. Unlike most mods currently being made for the Half-Life Engine, the goal of HL-Rally is not to blast your enemy to smitherines with relentless repetition prone to excessive cheating and hacks, but to race cars and be the first and fastest across the finish line, out-running your opponents in any way possible to gain a few milliseconds on them.

And if you cant win straight away, fear not, as within a couple of races you can save up your credits salary to upgrade your car with a plethora of parts and options, even buying new cars, or trading cars with your fellow racers and enthusiasts. The game takes on a whole new edge when it comes to strategically spending your cash and keeping your winning record rolling. Sophisticated statistics, profiles and your on-line garage are centrally stored on our master servers, so you'll never be without your custom modified cars! (Requires Internet Connection)

For the car enthusiasts and modellers our there, anyone can submit their newly created car to our car-selectors who can make the car available to everyone from the HL-Rally master servers. Simply join a game and select your new car, and the HL-Rally Game-server will download the car model and specifications, and send it to all of the players in the game at the end of the current race! Car packs will of course be available from our Modelling Site: Under the Hood, to assist with keeping everyone updated!

In addition to online game modes, you can also play against our fiendishly clever computer opponents who should provide quite a challenge to even a seasoned driver. In addition to computer controlled opponents you can also race 'vs Clock' in time-trials and car-performance testing modes.

HL-Rally is more than just your average racing game!

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New Car Model

News 2 comments

HL Rally have a few new shots and a movie of a vehicle that will appear in the new HL Rally 2.

Visit the site for more details - Hlrally.net

HL Rally 1.1 Released

News 4 comments

HL Rally beta 1.1 is now out! Features of 1.1 include: Half-Life Rally Beta 1.1 Released 12 May 2004 Code ==== Fixed: Can no longer select model through...

HL Rally Overview

News 4 comments

From the "mods I thought I could nerver play" category, HL Rally was the first one : so ambitious, bringing so beautiful pictures from cars... I would...

HLRally Released!

News 17 comments

After a few mishaps and a slight delay, HLRally has just released our first beta to the public! Head over to and take you pick of the mirroring sites...

HLRally releasing soon!

News 14 comments

Very big news from the team at hlrally.net. A release date has been set! Get ready because HLRally is being released to the public on: April 12th, 2004...

RSS Files

HLRally 1.1 Client Patch

Patch 5 comments

This is a patch for Half-Life Rally version 1.0 Windows Client to version 1.1

HLRally 1.0 Client

Full Version 8 comments

This is the full client for Half-Life Rally 1.0 for Windows.

HLRally 1.1 Server Patch

HLRally 1.1 Server Patch


This is a patch for Half-Life Rally version 1.0 Windows and Linux servers to version 1.1

HLRally 1.0 Server

HLRally 1.0 Server

Server 1 comment

This is the full server for Half-Life Rally 1.0 for Windows and Linux platforms.

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PsyWarVeteran - - 1,912 comments

A forgotten classic.

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deadrawkstar - - 396 comments

- Status Report - Dead, but Functional - Both the Mod & Server

Install HLRally 1.0 Client, then HLRally 1.1 Client Patch
Go to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Half-Life\"
Right Click and set Compatibility to Windows XP (Service Pack 2)

------------Other things that wouldnt hurt if you need to troubleshoot ---------
-right click hl.exe, under Compatibility click Change High DPI Settings
at the bottom click "Override high DPI scaling behavior." Set to Application

-right click Half Life Rally in steam, click Properties, under launch options play around with the following options
"-normal" - Launch in 4:3 mode
"-w 800" - width screen resolution size (other sizes can be used)
"-h 600" - height screen resolution size (other sizes can be used)

------------Server Stuff ---------------------------
Install / Setup HLDS - Follow Step 1 in this guide written by the lads at Master Sword Continued -

Unzip HLRally 1.0 Server first, then copy the contents of HLRally 1.1 Server Patch into that.

Move your hlrally folder into your hlds server folder.
Right click hlds.exe and click "Create Shortcut"
add this without quotes to the target "-console -game hlrally -maxplayers 6 +map rc_sunset +port 27015 +sv_lan 0"

If you've made it this far you should be good to go, double click the Shortcut you just made, and it should start the server. However, there are more tweaks we can make...

Go into the hlrally folder
Open up "server.cfg" in your favorite notepad equivalent

Cherry pick from the following commands, add these to the bottom of the server.cfg file. I went with:
mp_joinmidrace 1
mp_numlaps 3
mp_racemode 1
mp_direction 0
addbot 3
rally_bot_skill 50

---------------- Server Commands -----------------
Allow new players to join during already occurring race
Total number of laps per round (Rally Circuit Only)
Time (seconds) allowed before each race/round begins
1=No Time Limit, 2=Time-Extension mode (Time counts down)
-1=Reverse, 0/1=Forward

:: 4.1.5 - Bot Commands

Option Values Notes Default
Adds a bot to the server
Sets the skill of the bots.
100 is the best, 1 is the worst

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Lolszakjak_moddb - - 1 comments

For anyone that has problem with mod crashing:
You need to run "hl.exe" in Windows XP (Service Pack 3) compability mode. You can choose compability in properties.

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Guest - - 695,002 comments

I tried this, it still doesn't work for me. Every version I try it with crashes with no error when trying to load into the game. Xash3D-FWGS gives me this error message:

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megakarlach - - 50 comments

You might need to use the older version of HL1, such as the one before the SteamPipe update, I did have the 2005 build of the game (which also come with WON version wrapped into 2005 Steam build, which was used by some speedrunners).

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RecycledDoom - - 58 comments

Hi hl rally people. I've got a Discord for you.

I've gotten tired of not being able to reliably find games for old Gold Source (GoldSrc, HL1, Half Life 1) mods or Source (Half Life 2, HL2) mods, so I made a discord about just that. I am also trying to make this place an informational hub. I'm trying to centralize and unite the multiplayer mod communities for all of the various multiplayer mods out there. We play a mod of the week every Friday/Saturday.

Check us out.


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MODSUX - - 25 comments

Anyone know how to make maps for it? I'd like to know

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Guest - - 695,002 comments

Whenever i start a new game it just crashed without any reason, any ideas?

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megakarlach - - 50 comments

You probably need to use the old version of HL1, anything pre-SteamPipe build or WON may work.

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Petrick - - 275 comments

Same, too bad.

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Guest - - 695,002 comments


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Guest - - 695,002 comments


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