Stargate - Empire at War: Pegasus Chronicles is a total conversion for the fantastic game Star Wars - Empire at War: Forces of corruption.
This total conversion replaces every single Star Wars asset of the original game with Stargate assets. This includes units, buildings, icons, sounds, videos and so much more.

Pegasus Chronicles offers 3 playable races, the Ta'uri (alliance between Earth and the Asgard), Anubis (a mighty systemlord) and the Wraith.

Beside these 3 playable races, you will meet many non-playable ones like the Replicators, the Asurans, the systemlord alliance, the Aschen, the Ori and many more.
Each faction owns several space and land units and buildings, either well known from the series or completely new ones, invented by us.

Many new missions and adventures in the Stargate universe are waiting for you...
Space Skirmish: Released 16th of December, 2012
Pegasus Prelude GC: Open Beta since 7th of November, 2016 - Stable since 10th of March, 2019

Ground Skrimish: Open Beta since 15th of December, 2019

link to our german FAQ link to our english FAQ

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RSS Articles

Hello dear community,

It's finally time! Today we're releasing the first version of the ground skirmish to our open beta!

This is a huge step for our project and we sure did take our time to improve on the experience you had in the original mod for Empire at War. What content of the ground skirmish can you expect in the open beta? This first version of the ground skirmish contains 7 skirmish maps on which you can battle the AI or friends as Tau'ri, Goa'uld or Wraith. The first two factions are completely done while the Wraith still require some tweaking. But that’s what a Beta is for after all, isn’t it?

Here’s a list of the main features you can expect in the Ground Skirmish Beta:
- We got 40 unique ground units over all three factions - all of which are based on units featured in the series. (In case of the Wraith we had to invent some units though)
- 15 additional hero units: 6 heroes for Tau'ri, 5 for the Goa'uld and 4 for the Wraith
- 30 new base building models: Around10 for each faction, each with neat construction animations and damage models
- Completely new set of offensive and defensive turrets for all three factions
- Amazing new animations for each unit and many buildings
- Special Jaffa units with retractable helmets – just like in the movie
- Unique features such as shield MALPs, Thor’s chariot, the Tacluchnatagamuntoron (congrats if you know what we are talking about without googling it:)), or Transportation Rings which allow you to instantly travel to distant locations on many maps
- Brand new walker vehicles for the Wraith that should catch the spirit of overall Wraith style very well
- Many new “made from scratch” special abilities that are faithful to the series
- Sound effects and music taken directly from the series for the most immersive experience
- Stargate-based ground maps that were made with care to faithfully re-create iconic locations from the show. For Tagrea alone we created around 50 individual building types, including a fully animated train and the Gun Balloons that surrounded Prometheus.
- 7 ground skirmish maps total and more on the way, which will be added later
- Exceptionally stable performance especially in multiplayer – say goodbye to synchronization errors!

Ground skirmish Open beta - Gif

Everything on the above list was created from scratch for Pegasus Chronicles and next to nothing is ported from the original mod. This means no more re-skinned Shadow Troopers as Kulls or the Imperator as Anubis substitute!

What can you expect next?
- A close monitoring of your feedback on the initial release and hotfixes (if needed)
- The completion of all missing elements for the Wraith to make them 100% complete
- Addition the last few missing special abilities and fine-tuned balancing
- Release to the stable version once the points above have been addressed
- Continuation with neutral units. Right now, we have few of them ready, but of course we want even more!

But what about new Galactic Conquest (GC) maps?
Most of our planned GCs require all three main factions (Tau'ri, Goa'uld and Wraith) to have fully working ground forces. As such, we need to have a code basis first before expanding work on them.
When the point is reached that we're happy with the overall performance and balancing of the ground part we will fully focus on delivering new GC maps as well.

General info about Open Beta
Hearing about the Open Beta for the first time? Basically, the open beta is our way to present new and experimental features to you before releasing them to the stable version of our mod. It potentially comes with bugs and stuff that still requires fine-tuning but that is by design as the open beta is the place where you can help us to hunt down those bugs and provide your feedback on our ideas.

It is available both via our launcher and on Steam:

All members of our community are free to share images and videos of the open beta in all places of the World Wide Web! The only thing we would like to ask for is to be always clear that you're sharing content of a beta version of our mod.
The full changelog is available here: Changelog

That would essentially wrap up today´s news. We are confident that you will enjoy this first piece of the ground skirmish and have at least as much fun with it as we had!

We would like to wish Marry Christmas to all of you and a happy and successful new year 2020!


sgmg logo min

What we have been up to...

What we have been up to...

News 4 comments

Thanks to a massive time investment from everyone, the ground combat is steadily progressing. And because of a restructure of our dependency architecture...

Tau'ri ground spotlight

Tau'ri ground spotlight


Happy Easter dear community! We got you a few presents...none is egg-shaped but they are at least colorful. ;)

Time for a drastic change!

Time for a drastic change!

News 9 comments

We have to inform you of a troubling development...

Goa'uld ground spotlight

Goa'uld ground spotlight

News 1 comment

After moving Pegasus Prelude to the stable version of our mod is now finally time to talk more about the ground part! Today we would like to show you...

RSS Files
SG EaW: TPC Launcher [Installer/Auto-Updater]

SG EaW: TPC Launcher [Installer/Auto-Updater]

Full Version 240 comments

The Launcher downloads and installs the mod plus all released patches automatically. You don't need any kind of other installer/download. The launcher...

Stargate - Dark Jump, German Campaign by Selmak

Stargate - Dark Jump, German Campaign by Selmak

Patch 9 comments

Stargate - Dark Jump For classic Stargate - EAW 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 CAUTION: This is NOT for FOC or The Pegaus Chronicles! German FanFic, a space campaign ModMod...

SG EaW: TPC-Patch 1.4.1 [Manual Installation]

SG EaW: TPC-Patch 1.4.1 [Manual Installation]

Patch 17 comments

IMPORTANT: This patch is available as an update for the launcher. Do ONLY install this, if you can't get the launcher to work. This patch adds another...

SG EaW: TPC-Patch 1.4.0 [Manual Installation]

SG EaW: TPC-Patch 1.4.0 [Manual Installation]

Patch 8 comments

IMPORTANT: This patch is available as an update for the launcher. Do ONLY install this, if you can't get the launcher to work. This patch adds the new...

SG EaW: TPC-Hotfix 1.3.2 [Manual Installation]

SG EaW: TPC-Hotfix 1.3.2 [Manual Installation]

Patch 4 comments

IMPORTANT: This patch is available as an update for the launcher. Do ONLY install this, if you can't get the launcher to work. This patch fixes the non-working...

SG EaW: TPC-Hotfix 1.3.1 [Manual Installation]

SG EaW: TPC-Hotfix 1.3.1 [Manual Installation]

Patch 2 comments

IMPORTANT: This patch is available as an update for the launcher. Do ONLY install this, if you can't get the launcher to work. It fixes the the critical...

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por que no portean el mod para Homeworld(RTS espacial)? tiene mayor libertad con las naves y se pude ver mejor y mayor creatividad.....solo lo digo por curiosidad

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Hey guys hope you're doing well in these coronavirus times. It kinda sucks being under quarantine but hey it's mods like yours that keep me occupied.

Stay safe and pray to our Lord and savior anubis that this blow over..... and my computer doesn't break because if it does I can't go out to buy new parts XD

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think of it this way, if Klon and co are in lockdown, they might get some work done on this :p

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Hi my friend and I have a problem with online gaming, we have both steam version of the game and the same mode SG Pegasus Cronicles we both have Win 10, but very often after a while the game throws the message Synchronization error detected and we are after the game. It does quite often 3 games out of 4.
The classic version of Stargate EaW 1.3 is running normally and this error makes it less frequent.
Please, give me an advice.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
TheSuperPlayer Creator

Hi Intermrd,
This issue is well known and seems to be related to the way Forces of Corruption MP works with Steam. The issue usually occurs when there is a lag spike or too many units are present on the map. There is nothing you can really do to fix this. What you can try is to play simple maps without many props. For some people it has helped to play the game in full screen mode. This issue also seems to occur when you tab out of the game, so i would try to avoid that. Overall there is not much we can do but we will keep an eye on the issue to see if we can improve MP stability.
I hope that these hints help you a bit.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Two questions for the mod team.

1: Is part of the future plan for any galactic conquest the ability to recruit ships/units of the smaller factions into your forces? Or will that remain an ability restricted to supergates?

2: Will there be any updates to the wiki in the future? I understand if that isn't a priority, but it would be nice to see an update with how far the mod has progressed.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Jack_Hunter Creator

1: In later GC's you will get some minor faction units as reinforcements (reward for sucessfully missions/events) or they help you as allies against your enemies, but you won't be buildable. There will be many non-playable factions in different GC's as your enemy or your friend.

2: Of course, the wiki will be updated once we released new content to the public version of the mod. Sure, there might be some things be missing here and there from the last mod versions, but as we focusing our work to finish the ground part and the next story GC (with space and ground!), we havn't the time to do this.

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Happy Chinese New Year SG Modding Team! Keep up the great work and Gong xi fa cai!

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Hey Guys, can someone make an icon for Apophis to match his outfit for after he took over Sokars fleet? Similiar to Njkz mod for the 1.3 patch of empire at war.I'm willing to pay good money for this...

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Hey guys, Callahad here. I'm back and after a rough start to 2020 ( it happened on a clear, bright day too which made it even more bitter) and by testing the ground combat for a while I can finally give you guys some constructive feedback for all three races.

First are my homeboys the Goa'uld:
- Give them more vehicles. I get that they are the infantry heavy faction but this is our lord and saviour Anubis we're talking about here. After fighting the Tauri for all this time and seeing the Wraith make giant bug tanks surely he would think of something give the sla-I mean- brave Jaffa some more for support. Here are some ideas: A ground version of the Al'kesh that opens like a clam and fires multiple Staff Artillery rounds like the vanilla MPTL artillery, a ground version of the pyramid Hatak or Tel'tak that can move and can garrison infantry but is really slow and has a one-time-use -deploy ability (basically a mobile bunker that can be permanently placed anywhere on the map to protect our brave warriors of course), alternatively why not a Hatak that when you "garrison"/sacrifice infantry inside it gains different types of staff weapons depending on what and how many types of Jaffa warriors go inside it (like regular staff weapons for normal and Serpent guard Jaffa, Anti Aircraft staff weapons if a Horus guard, Heavy Staff weapons if a Necropolis guard and etc), a support Hatak that is super weak but increases the heal rate the Jaffa around it (bullets and plasma weapons are nothing to the Jaffa!), the Giant Mobile Hatak that could play a similar role to the Gargantuant in the vanilla game and so on.
- Give the Glider tank the power to weapons ability
- Make the Glider tank be able to ram infantry since its sides look sharp (nice model by the way)
- Give the drones self destruct

Next are those pathetic Tau'ri:
- First of all, BY THE STUBBY LEGS OS APOPHIS WHERE ARE ALL THESE DAMN TAU'RI MISSILES COMING FROM?!?! I don't even see the damn F-305's since they're always off-screen and the AA isn't helping!!! <----------That's what it feels like to play other factions against the Tau-ri. At least let the AA shoot down the missiles or something. At least Anubis has shielded units. Lord have mercy on the Wraith or other Tau'ri player
-As much as I hate them, give them tanks for their end game
- The shield on the support vehicle needs a limit like shield bases. The amount of wraith I was able to "kill" with snipers and deployed MG's on a chokehold was ridiculous. It took a bombing run to break that... okay it took a bombing run AND a Bombardment
- Make the mortar teams... mortar a bit bigger so I can players can see it
- What's up with Te'Alc's damage? He takes out vehicles so easily. It's insane At least let me know about it
- The Belinsker cruiser as an ability?...Glorious. Though I suggest making Dr.Daniel Jackson a bit weaker to balance it out. It's kinda easy to bum rush him to the base and unleash it.

(Part 2 in the comments)

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Lastly the slimy Wraith:
- I don't know if this is me but when bringing in plenty of wraith infantry the game lags like crazy
- The Queens... drone... thing ability really needs more work. It's useless in a fight and is annoying to defend against I know it's not yet finished but make sure we can destroy the damn things.
- Make the Seeker bikes faster like the default Scout troopers in the vanilla game and (maybe) make them be able to run infantry over since getting hit by the pointy end would kill most things
- Give all wraith infantry Silri's drain ability from the vanilla game
- Change the portrait for elite wraith infantry to make them more distinct from the regular infantry
- Make Michael's virus ability more apparent since it' hard to tell whether it's still on.

Wraith Walkers (this segment was so long that I decided to separate it from my wraith suggestion above)
- First of all: I love the bug-like designs. They're mostly a dream come when I saw the first pitched designs a long time ago
- Make them all be able to crush infantry
- Give the scorpion claws in front equipped with light plasma cannons so they can at least defend themselves. Even the empires SPMA-T artillery in vanilla could do something similar
- Give the Scorpion damage-over-time in an area after it fires since the green particles that remain make it hard to select units to attack. Alternatively, make the greed particles dissipate faster.
- Increase the range of the jetpack ability of Chimera
- Increase life for Chimaera so they aren't outperformed by Seekers
- Increase speed for Chimera
- Make the Walkers come in pairs like for the Empire in the base game. I suggest 4 for the Chimera and Mantis, 3 for the Scorpion, 2 for the Seeker bikes, and 12 for the Harvester Walker
- Give Harvester walker both anti-infantry and anti-vehicle plasma cannons so as to give it more impact
- Suggest giving Harvester walker very large PEW! sound like AT-AT from vanilla to complement armament
- Give Harvester walker more armour
- Give Harvester walker the ability to switch between deploying troops and sucking up enemy infantry with its transport beam
- Increase the range of the Harvester walker since logically speaking it's an elevated platform and as such has a greater Line of Sight which in turn gives it greater range to attack with it's (suggested) Heavy energy weapons

(Part 3 in the comments)

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By the stubby legs of Apophis LOL!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

- And finally, for ALL the walkers, I suggest you fix their scale: the look great aesthetically but they just don't feel imposing both practically and visually. The vanilla walkers had a.... how do you say it... contour? outline? that distinguished them. For example in vanilla, the AT-ST looked and felt fast and mobile because of its long distinguishable leg and blocky head (Heck even compared to the Pod walker distinguished itself from the AT-ST with it's larger frame and three legs), the SPMA-T looked chubby and cumbersome in order to hold the artillery, while the AT-AT was large imposing and made a lot of noise as it walked (I took a good portion of the screen which added with its armour, blasters, and noise made anyone who isn't the Empire panic). In here all the walkers feel a bit too... circular? Too round? It's better described if I can show you a picture but I can't here. In other words: make the models of the walkers bigger and more imposing. In particular (and I will do my best to describe it): enlarge the Chimera and Mantis models so they could be better distinguished (they're the same size with the Seekers), make the scorpion wider, and (arguably the most important), MAKE THE HARVESTER WALKER TALLER. Like a lot taller. As in War of the Worlds Martian walker taller along with increasing the size of its "head". Oh and either make the legs for the Harvester "thin" like the legs of a walking stick or stick to the current design but make the gape when they walk a lot more noticeable so they could be more imposing (see the Hierarchy walkers from a game called Universe at War for an idea). Also, don't forget to give them a mechanical THUMP! sound every time they walk similar to what the AT-At makes to make them even more imposing along with a loud BANG! every time their heavy plasma attack hits something

General feedback:
- make crushable infantry for all factions a thing
- for Goa'uld and Wraith, since they use energy weapons, make it so that when enemy infantry dies they turn into skeletons like the mercenary units for the Consortium did or at least for one of them (maybe wraith since they technically use plasma though I want them for Anubis). Make the body-drop-dead-to-the-floor for the Tau'ri since they use guns
- The ground battles feel kinda small compared to the Vanilla. Maybe it's because in vanilla when you deploy ground units the come in pairs or threes and etc. I suggest you do that for all the races. For example, the Tau'ri marines get one basic infantry, Anubis gets two Jaffa squads, the wraith gets three squads, and etc. Same for all the vehicles

So that's all the feedback I have for now. I hope this helps Because I love what you guys did with this mod. Makes the near-decade wait worth it.

Thanks, SG modding team! Thanks for being part of my life and giving some back to this Universe!

Love you all and Happy New Year!

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Klon116 Creator

Hi Callahad! Thanks a lot for testing the living hell out of the ground open beta!

It will take the team some time to evaluate all of your suggestions but I'm pretty sure that some of it will make its way into the mod with the next few patches. ;)

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Glad to know I was useful for something. It's been a long while since that happened. Anyway, godspeed SG modding team and I look forward to finally invading planets when the ground combat it polished and ready. Especially Earth >:D

Anubis reigns!

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I dont Even find words to describe it, every stargate fan will Love this.


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