Stargate - Empire at War: Pegasus Chronicles is a total conversion for the fantastic game Star Wars - Empire at War: Forces of corruption.
This total conversion replaces every single Star Wars asset of the original game with Stargate assets. This includes units, buildings, icons, sounds, videos and so much more.

Pegasus Chronicles offers 3 playable races, the Ta'uri (alliance between Earth and the Asgard), Anubis (a mighty systemlord) and the Wraith.

Beside these 3 playable races, you will meet many non-playable ones like the Replicators, the Asurans, the systemlord alliance, the Aschen, the Ori and many more.
Each faction owns several space and land units and buildings, either well known from the series or completely new ones, invented by us.

Many new missions and adventures in the Stargate universe are waiting for you...
Space Skirmish: Released 16th of December, 2012
Pegasus Prelude GC: Open Beta since 7th of November, 2016 - Stable since 10th of March, 2019

Ground Skirmish: Open Beta since 15th of December, 2019 - Stable since 29th of March, 2022

link to our german FAQ link to our english FAQ

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Let's dig! Open beta patch 3.1.0

Image by afanickton

Hi everyone! Today we're updating the open beta to version 3.1.0 which comes with major changes to the "Stargate Galaxies"-GC.
Besides the following three major changes there are many more tweaks and adjustments done. We encourage you to dig for some gems in the full changelog.

Speaking about digging ... we are excited to show off the new prototype system we have been working on in the background – Dig Sites.

We feel that to make planets more interesting and special, having specific events, such as those involving spawning heroes, or special items like ZPMs, makes the game more exciting and enjoyable. One thing missing from this is randomness, not knowing exactly what you are going to get, as once you know the spawns of the heroes, then there is nothing left to discover.
Enter the dig site. Specific worlds will have unique dig site “research” options, which are somewhat costly, and take time to complete. Once they do however you will randomly be given a special reward, this could be credits, a special ship, or something more interesting.
We have implemented six new dig sites spread across the Milky Way and Pegasus galaxies (currently just for the Tauri) initially. Balancing may be required and you may see some placeholders until we are fully satisfied with the system. Feedback is greatly appreciated; you can help shape this feature!
There is a probability of specific rewards that can be given upon completion of the dig site. Currently this is a fixed probability, with the modifier that increases the chance of a better reward as you complete more digs, so as not to make it impossible to achieve the higher rewards. Once the “grand prize” of a site has been given, then the dig site becomes depleted and you can no longer dig.
five of the sites are more standard, with a subset of two more special ones in that group. We have one very special dig site which we will let you discover by yourselves.

Those new activities need to happen somewhere. Therefore, we added 30+ planets to the "Stargate Galaxies"-GC as part of a major planet layout adjustment.
Due to this change your save games will (most likely) not work after the update.

Let's dig! Open beta patch 3.1.0

While it might be possible to load the save you will most likely experience lots of bugs. Please make sure to only report bugs based on new save games!
There are more things to come to "Stargate Galaxies"-GC in future updates while we're in open beta: This includes but is not limited to a starting forces overhaul and the two minor galaxies will get a small expansion as well.

Also with this patch we're excited to introduce a custom ground map for our very home planet Earth!

Earth ground mapEarth ground mapEarth ground mapEarth ground map

We hereby declare McBaal's open! Feel free to roam around and let us know on [Discord]( what you think about the new map.

Full patch content below:

- Improved galactic icon for Corruption, Revolution and Bounty ((resolves #3531)
- Created new icon for combat armour used for all factions
- Added building and radar icon for Asuran Barracks and Asuran Command Center
- New radar icon for Genii Fighter Land
- Improved some upgrade icons such like ZPM Hive research or Adria research
- Added unit icon for Naquadah Generator MK2
- Added unit icon for BC-304 Refit
- Improved some upgrade icons such like Atlantis research, Anubis Flagship research, Moros Dreadnought upgrade

Level Design:
- Added custom map to Earth
- Fixed a typo in Kohal space map causing a crash
- Added planet prop to Map_GC_Space_Vanir_Homeworld
- Removed placeholder ground maps for Pegasus planets. Using some SW maps for now.
- Add a crashed capturable Dart to M4F_788

- Added new Daniel move speech
- Tealc/Daniel move speech minor fixes
- Added eleven new speech sounds to Aris Boch (attack, move, select, low HP, critical HP)
- Added Goauld weapon sounds provided by Dantius

- Fixes to ZPM transport and slight balance to defence bonus
- Fixed issue where ZPM would not be removed by wraith ZPM hive project
- More balancing of the ZPM defence - may need to nerf more specifically for wraith due to their regeneration
- Resized the SGC from 0.9 to 0.7
- Increased assassination cost modifier for Ashrak/Tokra
- Naquadah generator MK1 and MK2 implemented and use the same system as ZPM load in
- Fixed bug where items could be multiloaded into the same ship. Slightly modified naquadah generator unit

Stargate Galaxies:
- Added prototype of dig site system
- Major change to the planet layout. New and more planets added.
-- Integrated Icarus Base
-- Integrated Pegasus Black Hole
-- Integrated Dar Eshkalon
-- Integrated P3R_118
-- Integrated P3X_474
-- Integrated P9C_882
-- Integrated New_Athos
-- Integrated Lucian Base
-- Integrated M35_117
-- Integrated Manaria
-- Integrated P3M_736
-- Integrated Rasputin
-- Integrated Alpha Base (Pegasus)
-- Integrated Belkan
-- Integrated Sagon
-- Integrated Vadena
-- Integrated Asteroid Field (Pegasus)
-- Integrated Basis Ford
-- Integrated Cloister
-- Integrated Laros
-- Integrated M1K_177
-- Integrated M2R_441
-- Integrated M2S_445
-- Integrated M5V_801
-- Integrated M65_PL8
-- Integrated M6R_214
-- Integrated M6R_867
-- Integrated M8G_352
-- Integrated M56_768
-- Integrated Moonbase
-- Integrated Vanir
-- Integrated Kohal
-- Integrated Hanka
-- Integrated KS7_535
-- Integrated P5R_357
-- Integrated P8X_412
-- Update old (German or misspelled) planet names
-- Swap P3X_439 and P8X_412 to get a mining planet closer to Anubis HW
-- Make Vanir the new connection point to Ida
-- Remove some traderoutes around Taonas to discourage moving along the galaxy edge
-- Minor position adjustment for M1K_177
- Added missing planets to the Wraith Large Shipyard
- Reduce planet scale by .2
- Removed starbase stealth from some space-only planets (Adara, Tobin, Thaltus ect.) but also added it to others like Black Hole, Nebula or Maelstrom
- Added Orilla to Asgard Shipyard
- Added Replicator and Ori wake up code for Wraith AI as Goauld
- Fixed bug where supergate would not spawn in Tauri GC if you defeat the Ori quickly
- Adria and Ori AI chain modified slightly. No more duplicate Adrias.
- Adria implantation will now take control of all Ori forces and planets when research complete. Have increased cost and duration of upgrade given that this could give you a big chunk of the galaxy. Also made it so Ori Ai activates if you take SSG before AI normally wakes.
- Added and fixed some Ori AI activation events in both Goauld and Wraith event chains
- Added Wraith AI activation in event of Ori or Replicators becoming active
- Removed Adria spawn from Supergate - now done via script
- Fixed potential bug where you could destroy Ori and not get the supergate
- Made the Goauld Eyes, and Wraith Bioreactor compatible with new ZPM loading system
- Fixed wrong zoomed terrain image for Iratus Bestiola
- Wraith Rebel Heroes must die before Wraith get theirs
- Langara can now build standard mines
- Disable gate raid to Earth (Iris)
- Created a combat armour upgrade used for all factions and added it to Vadena
- Balanced defence of items more
- Added the MK2 naquadah generator as a limited buildable unit on Earth
- Naquadah generator MK2 is now required to get the sol/sleipnir. A MK2 to spawned, and then buildable up to a max of 2 when you conquer orban, lantea and have the daedalus.
- Fixed Indoctrination Camp does not increase income (resolves #3605)
- Set star- and ground base levels for moon base
- Disable spy network ability on M6R_867 and reduce Raspun structure slots
- Allow asteroid mine in asteroid field
- Make SG teams buildable on all human off-world bases in Galaxies
- Fix Missing ground and space structure slots on Rhenus
- Updated victory conditions for all three factions (issue #3606)

- Anubis has had a host of heroes added to his roster via event spawn. Before a hero can be recruited from their spawn world, said hero must be dead first. This has now been solved - no more multiple baal, for now ;)
- Fixed lack of shielding on Stealth Hatak

- Tauri Lantean satelite now fires 3x as fast with increased damage
- Balanced the BC-304 MK2 a bit more, and added it to the speed boost planet ability
- Balanced the MK2 upgrade - it worked out more expensive than the Oneill, and took too long to build.
- lighly buffed railguns for MK2, and replaced power to engines with a divert power to beam weapons ability. This takes power from rail guns, missiles, engines, and defences, and buffs the beams. Beams have been slightly modified in accordance with the new ability.
- Sleipnir is now slighty better balanced for the GC. Weapons have been increased to 80% the power of Oneill, and shield buff ability reduces weapon power further and regen is decreased more to reflect the 80% power reduction
- Slightly pimped Jumpers (land)
- Updated good/bad of SG-Team and Special Forces
- Fixed issue with Aretmis full power to weapons where it would fire 3x slower, but deal 3x damage, meaning ability had a net result of 0.
- BC304 refit added, which will deploy F302s. Requires Replicators to be active, an asgard shipyard, and an upgrade to an existing BC304 to be completed.
- Additional balancing for the BC304 refit and MK2. The X301 launching version will be discontinued once the MK2 becomes buildable, older ships can still be upgraded to the refit, meaning the main version becomes the refit, which can still be upgraded to the MK2 as before.

- Made ZPM Hive an upgrade unit like the MK2 and modified event structure accordingly. Now requires a hive ship, large shipyard, and ZPM in orbit. ZPM and Hive are removed after upgrade

- Re-add accidentally removed hangar hardpoints to repli starbase
- Replicator infobox now fires when invading Sateda
- Fifth now got the nanite missile as ability
- Replicator nanite missiles now correctly convert smaller ships, frigates and corvettes, and other replicator ships will stop firing on them. Heroes, and larger vessels will only be stunned by the missiles for a short period.
- Increase Replicator_Space_Projectile_Missile.alo collision mesh size
- Fixed an issue with nanite missile SFX and particles

- Fix Ancient_Satellite_Death_Clone scale
- Set max build limit per planet to 1 for Ancient weapons platform

Jaffa Rebels:
- Coded Jaffa Rebels Ground Building Barracks (with placeholder model)

- Fix Genii Gatling turret
- Coded Genii Fighter Land
- Added ground unit spawns to the Genii ground buildings

- Updated Adria code

- Adjusted the texts for the GTSWs and mentioned the regular ones have a build limit of two while the special ones can only be built once (resolves #3578)
- Added new spawn and defeat texts for Goa'uld heroes (resolves #3572) plus Adria event (resolves #3587)
- Changed text of Naquadah Generator and Biomatter Reactor so the player know it can be loaded into a choosen ship and what it can improve there (resolves #3583)
- Fixed the issue Ori Space Station had the wrong description (resolves #3562)
- Added text for BC-304 MK2 shield boost ability (resolves #3566)
- Added texts for Naquadah Generator MK2 and adjusted the MK1 desctription as well as the spawn text (resolves #3586)
- Adjusted some texts and fixed typos
- Changed name of Vanir Homeworld to Vanaheim plus every text that refering to it
- Added texts for BC-304 MK2's new ability Power to Beam Weapons (resolves #3594)
- Added texts for BC-304 Refit (resolves #3607)
- Deleted unused strings (resolves #3608)
- Many new texts for the dig site events, including unit/item descriptions as well as upgrade and event texts (issue #3612)
- Updated victory conditions for all three factions for Galaxies GC (resolves #3606)
- General text improvements and typo corrections I found

See you next time!

sgmg logo min

Open beta patch 3.0.4

Open beta patch 3.0.4


Hi everyone! We're pleased that we can share patch 3.0.4 for the open beta with you today. Our newest member ArceusMK3 contributed quite some changes...

Stargate Empire at War - Pegasus Chronicles Survey 2024

Stargate Empire at War - Pegasus Chronicles Survey 2024


We would love to hear your opinion about the current state of our mod in order to improve it further. This survey should only take a few minutes. We greatly...

Happy New Year & Open Beta Patch 3.0.3

Happy New Year & Open Beta Patch 3.0.3

News 1 comment

We start 2024 with yet another patch for our latest GC "Stargate Galaxies". Please keep your feedback coming. It helps us quite a lot to make sure everything...

Merry Christmas 2023!

Merry Christmas 2023!


Merry Christmas! We got quite a lot of feedback on our newest GC Stargate Galaxies! Today, we're releasing version 3.0.2, a minor update for our open...

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SG EaW: TPC Launcher [Installer/Auto-Updater]

SG EaW: TPC Launcher [Installer/Auto-Updater]

Full Version 246 comments

The Launcher downloads and installs the mod plus all released patches automatically. You don't need any kind of other installer/download. The launcher...

Stargate - Dark Jump, German Campaign by Selmak

Stargate - Dark Jump, German Campaign by Selmak

Patch 10 comments

Stargate - Dark Jump For classic Stargate - EAW 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 CAUTION: This is NOT for FOC or The Pegaus Chronicles! German FanFic, a space campaign ModMod...

SG EaW: TPC-Patch 1.4.1 [Manual Installation]

SG EaW: TPC-Patch 1.4.1 [Manual Installation]

Patch 17 comments

IMPORTANT: This patch is available as an update for the launcher. Do ONLY install this, if you can't get the launcher to work. This patch adds another...

SG EaW: TPC-Patch 1.4.0 [Manual Installation]

SG EaW: TPC-Patch 1.4.0 [Manual Installation]

Patch 8 comments

IMPORTANT: This patch is available as an update for the launcher. Do ONLY install this, if you can't get the launcher to work. This patch adds the new...

SG EaW: TPC-Hotfix 1.3.2 [Manual Installation]

SG EaW: TPC-Hotfix 1.3.2 [Manual Installation]

Patch 4 comments

IMPORTANT: This patch is available as an update for the launcher. Do ONLY install this, if you can't get the launcher to work. This patch fixes the non-working...

SG EaW: TPC-Hotfix 1.3.1 [Manual Installation]

SG EaW: TPC-Hotfix 1.3.1 [Manual Installation]

Patch 2 comments

IMPORTANT: This patch is available as an update for the launcher. Do ONLY install this, if you can't get the launcher to work. It fixes the the critical...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 23,706)
BagaturKhan - - 7,926 comments

Please make in future full races like Ori, Ancients (standalone faction), Free Jaffa and others. Thanks anyway and good luck with development!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
BagaturKhan - - 7,926 comments

Thanks for this mod!
Won today the Ancients Campaign in Pegasus prelude and crushed the wraith bastards by all technologies.
Really nice work. Like a new full game about Stargate universe

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Gene1995 - - 50 comments

Could you please release a version withOUT the launcher?

I'm asking because I have an OLD disk version, I had to create the registry file for it manually, it doesn't accept any of the patches, my game's directory goes like this:
C:// [...]/Star.Wars.Empire.At.War.Gold.Pack/Star Wars - Empire at War Gold/EAWX/swfoc.exe
,and when I tried out your launcher last year it "pretended" that it successfully installed the mod (as in it didn't say that it failed to install the mod correctly).
So... the launcher closed itself... and nothing happened.
Could you please make it either a .bat file or just a .zip that doesn't need the launcher?
Only if possible!
Thanks for reading my comment!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Sagittarius365 - - 65 comments

How the guardian on latona work in GC?
And i cant find first prime of Anubis in new update

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Gene1995 - - 50 comments

I've seen your mod last & wanted to try it.
The launcher got installed just fine, but it seems unwilling to launch the mod.

Is it possible to create a .bat file for the mod to work?
I'm using a digital image of the disk version of Gold Edition (it installed just fine on my Win10 laptop, though I had to create registry file in order to get the vanilla game working... and I can't patch it because the patches are too dumb to find the game)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
MapperLocutus Creator
MapperLocutus - - 985 comments

Sorry, we do not support illegal copies of the game.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Callahad - - 103 comments

Hey guys, Callahad here
I just wanna know: are you wizards? Because everytime you put out a new update you manage you make me feel the same wonder and amazement I did when I first discovered this mod almost 12 years ago. Like for real, I'm sure the Alamo engine is sentient (It has to be alive since it's evolved this much) and hates you guys for pushing it this far. Either that or your wizards for making this magic happen

Either way, thanks for keeping the magic of this game and this universe alive. You truly are legends and always will be in all our hearts

Merry Christmas and may your years be blessed and fruitfull

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
Klon116 Creator
Klon116 - - 721 comments

Welcome to "Stargate Galaxies"! Today, we are releasing our biggest galactic conquest yet. The name says it all: You can visit and freely explore four galaxies (Milky Way, Pegasus, Ida and Ori galaxies) with over 100 planets.


Reply Good karma+2 votes
Klon116 Creator
Klon116 - - 721 comments

Hotfix 1.8.1 was just released for the stable version. Changelog below.

The Alliance of the System Lords: Added the campaign to stable ... for real this time!

Reply Good karma+4 votes
CrimsonTip - - 201 comments

Was the Udajeet glider implemented for the System Lord Campaign?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
MapperLocutus Creator
MapperLocutus - - 985 comments

Very, very soon :)

Reply Good karma+2 votes
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