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Back for a 18th time, welcome to the 2019 Mod of the Year Awards. It's the time of year to look back on all the incredible mods that have been released by hardworking creators and celebrate their incredible efforts which bring us so much joy. For the next 4 weeks it is up to you to vote for your favorite mods so that they may make the top 100 which will be announced on the 11th of December.

Last year the impressive long in development Fallout: California claimed top spot followed by fan favorite M&B: Warband mod Warsword Conquest, and the captivating Half-Life: Echoes. If you need a refresh of how last year's awards went down head on over to the top 10 countdown's for both players and editors to see who stood out among the pack.

Show your support and start smashing those vote buttons for your favorite mods (and if your favorite mod isn't listed encourage the team to add it!).

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Welcome to the Editor's Choice awards for the 2019 Mod of the Year Awards, where we show recognition to the mods from the past year that we've found to be personally deserving of attention.

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moty editors choice

Welcome to the Editor's Choice awards for the 2019 Mod of the Year Awards, where we show recognition to the mods from the past year that we've found to be personally deserving of attention. We've chosen a series of award categories which range from best singleplayer mod, to multiplayer, to most anticipated and to several more unique and theme related categories.

Best Singleplayer

A mod which brings extra depth or significance to an engrossing singleplayer experience.

SPV3 For Halo Combat Evolved

For: Halo: Combat Evolved

SPV3 is a total overhaul of the original Halo, adding new weapons, vehicles, enemies, features, graphics, extended levels, new levels, new story terminals and much much more. Featuring a total playtime of over 24 hours on Heroic and Legendary difficulties, SPV3 is the largest and most feature rich Halo campaign to date. And to top it off, it is built with gameplay as a focus first and foremost, meant to expand on yet capture what made Halo Combat Evolved one of the best first person shooters of all time.

Best Multiplayer

A mod which offers a new way to play with your friends.

Heat Of Battle

For: Battlefield 2

Heat of Battle is a BF2 mod focused on delivering top-tier animation, sound, and lighting, as well as fast-paced, intense gameplay. Feel the impact of every bullet around you as enemies lay down suppressive fire on your position. Hear the death crescendo around you with the overhauled gunfire and explosion audio. Featuring 7 factions, each with their own selection of high quality, beautifully animated weapons.

Best Graphical Overhaul

A mod which focuses on beatifying an older game with technical and artistic upgrades.

Remako HD Graphics Mod

For: Final Fantasy VII

The Remako HD Graphics Mod is a mod for Final Fantasy 7. It uses AI neural networks to enlarge and enhance the pre-rendered backgrounds, FMVs and other textures in the game. This makes them look much higher resolution than before, helping the game look good even in 2019.

Best Overhaul Mod

A mod which overhauls a game, enhancing or changing it to be a whole new experience.

Far Cry 2: Redux

For: Far Cry 2

Far Cry 2: Redux is a massive overhaul of Far Cry 2. This includes bug fixes, balancing, and lots of gameplay improvements. From new animations, improved physics and weapon ballistics, more dynamic AI, patrols and NPC clashes, infighting and much more.

Best Crossover

A mod which smashes two or more completely separate games together

to make something unique and special.


For: Doom II

Bloom is a mod based on ZBlood/ZBloodX which merges Blood and DooM game series together to create an incredible new hybrid of enemies and world. Including more than 30 kinds of original and 22 new hybrid monsters combined from Doom and Blood and a new episode featuring eight new maps.

Best Continued Support

A mod which has continued to receive major updates and support, years after its original release

A Clash Of Kings (Game Of Thrones)

For: Mount & Blade: Warband

7.0 pictures

A Clash of Kings is based on the series of books by author George R. R Martin, "A Song of Ice and Fire" and the modification is named after the second book in the series, during which time the modification takes place. Originally released several years ago, A Clash Of Kings has continued to receive major updates ever since and has continued to in 2019.

Expansion-worthy Award

This is a mod that we wouldn't be surprised to see as an official expansion,

or be worth paying money for.

Realistic & Rezzed Maps

For: Battlefront II

Remastered Endor Flora & Foliage

Realistic and movie accurate improved maps for the original Star Wars Battlefront 2 with HD textures, general re-design and optimized graphics. From rezzed maps that replace the original and adds HD textures and new FX, or realistic maps which add new props, models and effects to be more authentic to the movies.

Historical Accuracy Award

A mod that dives into a period of history rarely touched upon by other games,

and does so with great attention to detail

North & South: ACW The American Civil War

For: Napoleon: Total War

20181125195659 1

North & South is the definitive "American Civil War" mod for any Total War game. Extensively researched and meticulously constructed, features 65 battle maps, 38 historical scenarios for up to 6 players, over 4,300 unique historical regiments, artillery batteries and leaders. Fight against the AI or friends in custom battles or scenarios where you may find 20,000 or more men on the field in 200 total units.

Best Adaptation Award

A mod that uses the story or universe of a film or television show to

accurately recreate its world and vibe

Star Trek Armada III: Uprising

For: Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion

Star Trek: Armada III begins with the first stirrings of the Dominion War and allows players to take command of five unique factions, the United Federation of Planets, the Klingon Empire, the Romulan Star Empire, the Cardassian Union/Dominion Alliance, and the Borg Collective. Explore strange new worlds, seek out new life and new civilizations, and boldly go where no one has gone before.

Continuing Legacy Award

A mod that takes a game from a franchise abandoned or ended by its original

developers and continues the series in a new and interesting direction

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Anomaly

For: S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat

Anomaly is a standalone S.T.A.L.K.E.R. mod powered by an x64 version of the X-Ray engine. Starting with version 1.5.0 Anomaly uses a custom engine build called the XRay-Monolith engine. After almost one year of development of the Anomaly 1.5.0 update, the mod continues its way on expanding and adding new features while maintaining a high level of quality and replay value.

Most Anticipated

A mod which, though not yet released, has spent 2019 building incredible anticipation for it

Dragon Age: Total War

For: Medieval II: Total War - Kingdoms

Dragon Age: Total War is a Dragon Age-themed total conversion for Medieval 2 Total War: Kingdoms. Featuring 23 distinct factions from BioWare's world of Thedas, each stocked with a unique, fascinating roster and gameplay, as well as familiar insights into characters from the Dragon Age world and more. The end goal of this mod is to create a refreshing new take on the intriguing world of Thedas, previously seen in renown RPGs such as Dragon Age: Origins, or Dragon Age Inquisition.

Sponsor Award

Special award presented by, for a game that has embraced modding,

is growing a great community and we look forward to seeing what's to come in 2020.


By: Giant Squid

From the developers of Action Henk, Descenders is a fast-paced extreme downhill biking game that's easy to pick up, but difficult to master. A Modern Take on an Extreme Sport Procedurally generated world: Take on different jumps, slopes and hillbombs every time you play.

Who would you have picked given the chance? Let us know in the comments and get ready for the next announcement in a few days, the most anticipated Indies and then the big one soon after that, the Top 10 Mods of 2019.

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Mod of the Year Awards


Wow. That's awesome. Thank you!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+18 votes

Thank you so much! Really motivated to keep working on Realistic & Rezzed Maps!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+14 votes

Congratulations are in order! Drink up, Monkey Fighters!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+7 votes

Yaaay, Anomaly won again

Reply Good karma Bad karma+12 votes

The Dragon Age: Total War Team is both honored and pumped in equal measure to see our mod make this list! Many thanks.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+14 votes

From all bloom staff thanks!!!! This makes us very happy! Thanks

Reply Good karma Bad karma+13 votes

Congrats to phale for making it in this list with his Heat of Battle mod! Great work my friend, you deserve it!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+8 votes

Wow! As the main developer behind Heat of Battle, it is an absolute honor to receive an Editor's Choice award! I certainly wasn't expecting to win Best Multiplayer, especially considering Heat of Battle is actually a singleplayer mod which doesn't have a fully-fledged multiplayer component yet... xD

Reply Good karma Bad karma+9 votes

It's deserved mate. There are few mods out there like Heat of Battle

Reply Good karma Bad karma+6 votes

Thank you Seamus, very cool

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

At 'Best Continued Support' I would have put the 'The Last Days' for M&B since it has some more years already. But 'A Clash Of Kings' is also a good choice ^^

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes

where's g-string and dark interval?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes


Anomaly needs to be kicked out because it is:

Not released, its early access (at best)
Crashes constantly
Bugs everywhere
Terrible experience
Literally just yet another generic stalker mod and not a good one at that.

Reply Good karma Bad karma-8 votes

I haven't had an anomaly crash since... IDK what version. It's relatively gameplay-breaking bug free.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes

I forgot to add:

Everything good about it comes from other mods that it merges with.

Reply Good karma Bad karma-3 votes

Congratulations for all this mods,but the mod that i want to thank than any mod is Anomaly for being a stand-alone game and a continued development and it's the first mod i have played between the others in S.T.A.L.K.E.R Series :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes

"A mod that takes a game from a franchise abandoned or ended by its original developers and continues the series in a new and interesting direction"

What a total insult to the hundreds of mod makers in the eastern community, let alone the fact that Anomaly is a BETA and GSC is currently developing STALKER 2..

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

You're absolutely right, STALKER 2 is a thing that is happening.

Reply Good karma Bad karma-1 votes
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